Lupe Fiasco Announces Tour Dates

What do you do after dropping the number one album in the country? If you're Lupe Fiasco, the answer is going on a nationwide tour.

Lupe Fiasco will head out on a nationwide tour beginning March 27. While most of the Hip Hop world has descended on Austin Texas for the South by Southwest Music Festival, Lupe is on vocal rest per his doctor’s orders. However, the current owner of the country’s number one album, Lasers, will begin a 16-date tour in roughly two weeks.

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The Chicago emcee made the announcement via Twitter earlier Friday; Twitter has become Lupe’s primary source for news lately. More information is available at, but for the moment, tour dates are listed below.

Lupe Fiasco Tour Dates:

Mar. 27: Los Angeles, CA (DUB Car Show - LA Convention Cntr.)
Mar. 31: Durham, NC (Duke University)
Apr. 1: Ann Arbor, MI (University Of Michigan)
Apr. 13: Albany, NY (SUNY Albany - Washington Ave. Armory)
Apr. 16: Keene, NH (Keene State College)
Apr. 19: Oxford, OH (Miami University)
Apr. 21: Phoenix, AZ (Mesa Amphitheater)
Apr. 24: New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
Apr. 25: New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
Apr. 26: New Haven, CT (Yale University)
Apr. 28: Bristol, RI (Roger Williams University)
Apr. 29: University Park, PA (Penn State University)
May 1: Baltimore, MD (Meriweather Post)
May 6: New Orleans, (LA Congo Square--Appearing with Performance w/Band)
May 7: Boise, ID (Boise State University)
May 11: Lewiston, ME (Bates College - Grey Gym)



  • Bryant Carter

    The cali show is to soon for me to catch and if i was in my home state of maryland i'd hit the baltimore show foe sho Musician yes guitar player yes. Just moved back to Hollywood California. Material is done for an album just about, but I am also offering my guitar servies for studio session work, gigs for people needing a guitar player, touring, or even joining or starting a band. Don't ou know how many artists are going with the live band sound these days? I'm still all about the dj's and producers making beats but lets put some live guitar over that stuff rather it be in the studio or live on stage. Here is the link to my youtube channel here you will see things like soul from a guitar player, and a tribute to people like 2 pac, jimi hendrix, and yes even Michael Jackson. Check it out let me know if your interested. My email is Thank you, Bryant C

  • Mike Meraz

    Im kinda glad he's not coming to chicago. Wouldn't go see em either way. Well maybe if he performed everything except his new album. Well, "Words I Never Said" is epic tho0

  • Anonymous

    No Houston but he goes to New Haven, CT?

  • Anonymous

    No world tour? Come to england!!!

  • Jesse Ferrier

    wtf, y aint he coming to boston, lupe you do realize you have fans out here in massachusetts right, wtf is no one good coming to mass. this year or something???, that shit is wack

  • Evan Nielson

    Besides LA the West Coast got pretty fucked on this tour lineup....

  • Red

    Mgmt? Its MDMA stupid lol.

  • Anonymous

    VA got more Lupe fans than most of those markets... This is the land of Pharrell and The Clipse.. I been stopped fucking wit Lupe... You not Dr. Dre... in the 90s artist dropped albums like mixtapes.

  • Ernest Imaletufinish Goodwyn

    And Richmond, VA gets looked over once again. He came back in Jan 08 when The Cool had just dropped. Looks like he won't be back anytime soon...asshole.

  • illness_bigD

    how the fuck does this whiney little rapper get a tour with the whackes t album to come out since a jim jones joint dropped? what happened to this dude...i understand trying to get mass appeal and shit but you cant tell me his record company told him to do mostly all whack/pop tracks? i mean mgmt on two joints? this album was a fucking major disappointment to any lupe fan and he should be fucking ashamed..."I'm Beaming" was the best sounding garbage he put out since the cool for radio play and it didnt even make the record?? what the fuck!?

  • abe

    WOW Boise moF***ing Idaho?!?! that is AWESOME!!!! We always get passed over by big name artists, we only get some pretty good underground small shows. LUPE FIASCO are you kidding me? one of my all-time favorite emcees I CANT WAIT!!

  • kinghueber

    no Chi-city? dippin it on the hometown?! thats cold lupe brrr

  • Nick Crookshank

    no seattle?!? WHAT THE FUCK?

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    A shame it's not a world tour

  • Anonymous

    Lupe please come to Europe, Germany!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this man! No one you hope will come, comes to europe!! Sweden is always left out!!


    i fucking hate duke

  • Arcy P.

    No shows in Canada? Hopefully comes to Vancouver in the summer or something at least

  • Lex Diamonds

    April 8th--Wabash College Crawfordsville, IN Why are you the only site to neglect this date? I shouldn't even check here anymore, the reporting is amatuer.

  • Lex Diamonds

    April 8th--Wabash College Crawfordsville, IN Why are you the only site to forget that date? I should stop checking here.

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