DJ Premier Says Canibus Was One Of His Most Difficult Clients

One of Hip Hop's most legendary sound-makers recalls a rookie Canibus claiming Premo couldn't "hear his vision," and how while the pair has worked since, it resulted in a returned check.

Last year, Gang Starr producer/deejay DJ Premier and veteran New York emcee Canibus collaborated on C of Tranquility on the song "Golden Terra of Rap" . While the independent release may have marked the first time music was created together, it is not the first time the pair worked together.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Premo revealed that he and the Jamaican-born, New York-raised lyricist butted heads strongly in the rapper's major label days. "Me and Canibus had a lil' run-in; it was my minor," recalled the multi-platinum producer, and hit-maker for the likes of Jay-Z, Nas and Jeru The Damaja. The song, reportedly titled "Nigganometry," - a title that Canibus would still use on his 1998 debut, Can-I-Bus, was never made. Premier revealed that the musical composition he made would later become a hit single in D'Angelo's "Devil's Pie."

"[Canibus] said, 'I want some heavy, hard bass." Referring back to the beat that would become one of D'Angelo's biggest records, Premier said, "I could hear him [rapping in his own unique style on that]. [After hearing my track], he was like, 'Yo know, I just don't feel like you understand my vision of what I'm tryin' to bring out.' I was like 'Okay [grimacing].' I gave the check back to Universal [Records]. They actually sent me a letter after, that they appreciated that I took it that seriously. Again, I know how to make a record - I been makin' singles [for over 20 years]."

The VladTV interview is below:


  • Michael-Escobar Outlaw-the First

    canibus is a dumbass

  • Explicit-

    Doesnt Canibus have a track called "Stupid Producers"? Well if ya'll got time click on my name to check out my beat tape. Thanks

  • Bryant Carter

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  • cadilac grill

    chammabis is pretty good. i needs a sammich!

  • canibus

    canibus is one of the most difficult MCs 2 listen to / understand, so i cant imagine workin with him. i really wana know what makes people think hes actually any good? i can name 10 lyrical multi syllable MCs who r way better than him, who have flow, who tell stories, who make sense dont just ramble on using as many big words as possible: AZ, Nas, Ghostface Killah (or any one from wu tang), BIG, Kool G Rap, RA the Rugged Man, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli, Big Pun

    • Anonymous

      Canibus can't make an album to save his life. Sure he has a lot of good songs here and there, but how man Canibus albums are anyone talking about these days whether its mainstream or underground fans.

  • Anonymous

    Everything $WonDough$ spits is a world PREMIERe

  • real pimpin maine

    Check this out homies. Not signs from the east, I'm talkin real old fashion pimp time cooking. Greasy spoons and ish. Man this town was buzzing with excitement back then. Every year fireworks at Martin's stadium. People getting chased home after. The worst part about when people imitate your culture is that they don't even do it right.


    Nigga done made made a diss track now. Had respect for him but not after the shit

  • thesecret

    An artist that can real flow can do it on any track! Period.

  • ......


  • R.Pgh

    Devils Pie is my favorite D'Angelo song, so it's all good for me.

  • Doubl Negative

    I wasn't feelin' the Devil's Pie beat either, so maybe Canibus was right. It's a shame though that Bis hasn't lived up to his potential, 'cause his late nineties guest appearances with Lost Boyz, The Firm, Cool J and Pharoahe Monch were the hottest rhymes of that era. There's also a dope bootleg 12", where he's rappin' over Wu and other seminal beats. Maybe he can redeem him self with the Keith Murray LP, let's just hope he with works with producers of a high calibre that he's worthy of.


    " Just because no one can undertand what you speak/ don't necessarily mean what you be sayin is deep"- Talib Kweli After reading the article then actually seein the interview it seems to me that niggas is reachin' on this (think Mr. Fantastic). Ain't much to be made outta this other than Canibus wasn't feelin the beat.

  • Check

    This girl is gonna be a star!

    • Anonymous

      wtf was that shit? she gonna be a star cause some creep took a 5 second clip of her jogging in sweatpants?

  • xripperx

    Like this track, and no matter how much his output from the last few years has sucked, 2000 BC is one of the most underrated hip hop classics of all time. No shit. Every single track is destroyed.

    • dockevoc

      Ok, 2000 BC is an "underrated hip hop 'CLASSIC?'" Then what isn't!? C'mon man, that shit has a FEW bangaz but overall that shit is hot garbage truck juice. Afu Ra's 'Body of the Life Force' is an underrated hip hop classic, not that bullshit. Smarten up.


    Have any of you heard the beats on his album "Melatonin Magik.".?? That album production wise shit's on a lot of the records in 10' and it's a Canibus album granted some features were wack but tracks like "RIPPERLAND." and "Kriminal Kindness." and "Gold and Bronze Magik." with Bronze Nazareth and Copywrite are no where being weak. The beat for "RIPPERLAND" is one of my top beat's of 2010' if you think it's wack then you haven't heard it or the album. Melatonin Magik is the 1st time that Bis had a album full over dope production but most of y'all slept on it and still say he never had a album with dope production. PEACE.

    • Anonymous

      umm no, those beats where not that good. I guess im not that moved by the synthetic drums and endless cords, not to mention a huge lack of heavy-sampling. To each his own i guess

  • Anonymous

    canibus has rapped with kool g rap and rakim ..... and fucks wanna shit on his opinion and abilities. fuck off

    • Andy

      Yeah, and he's also worked with Jedi Mind Tricks, Pharoahe Monch, Slick Rick, Kurupt, The HRSMN, Black Milk, Jake One, Big Pun, Scram Jones, and Nottz.

    • anon

      he did it when hiphop was still legit. fuck off

    • shane

      If you really need a reason and you dont know yourself that canibus makes rick ross and maino look like woka flocka then you need to listen to more hip hop. Listen to that like nine minute video on youtube with all his freestyles or buckingham palace. His new shit can be kind of wack though. Not his content though just the concepts and production sometimes. Like the same the eminem does but alot better.

    • Anonymous

      yeah and rick ross rapped w/ kool g. rap and rakim rapped w/ maino, and because of that it does not make canibus more legit. Better arguement plz??

  • canibus is a hypocrite

    u talk about how he shouldnt of gotten on camera and spoken about and on ur facebook said he could of talked to u in private.....yet u put out a track for the public to hear you rap & rant about premo and how hes making u look bad. U could of left that rant on premo's voice mail but interestingly enough u release it in public. STFU and go holla at in person and talk shit out, it dont need to be put out for everyone to see smfh

  • ShowTime NY

    Phuk da Phukery. I Can listen to a whole album,of songs like, "The Golden Terra of Rap"..Did you hear that shit..I havent heard concentration like that..Since Pun was killing it. I can see remember why there was all this hype around Canibus and people like Nas said he a problem. Even his name is lyrical Can -I- Bus ? lol He was rapping recently with the kid who was hot Soundclick years ago, that white dude name DZK. Lets Advocate for a Canibus?Premier Album.

  • fastlife365

    This is so strange. I'm listening to the dj clue station on Pandora and Gang Starr's Mass Appeal comes on as I'm about the read this article.


  • yugang

    Canibus is extremely weak for dissing premier. Premier aint even diss him or anything, there's no real fucking reason for bis to go out of his way to make a record about premo. Canibus is a great lyricist but he seriously takes a l for this shit smdh

    • yugang

      ^(@ the jesus part)Fuck what i typed before, something weird happen with that....anyhow in my comment that i originally wanted to post Ok i admit i didnt listen to the track before i typed my comment and yeah he made some valid points...but still all premo did was answer the question, and now canibus wanna somehow blame him for the bad-stigma that he got all cause he talked about was how he and bis just didnt vibe, but in actuality the some of the bad-stigma was brought on himself with all those poor decisions hes made back in the day. Also he wants to complain about how premo shouldnt of went on camera and mention him like that but rather than get at premier and talk to him in private he goes and runs his mouth in the public too, which only makes him look much worse w/ that tell the truth track, ranting sounding all angry and shit.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus IT'S NOT A DISS PEOPLE!!!! What are the diss lyrics? "Tell The Truth?" "Why Can't you speak about something positive instead of stuff that happened 14 years ago"? How are those disses? He's speaking his point of view and the media is blowing this out of proportion!

  • Jacques Leach

    Canibus was then and still is a Bag of Shit

  • Real Talk

    Canibus could never spit over a hot beat. All the beats he spit on is WACK as fuck. Thats why his albums is trash. Lyrical tho

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ won't ask no one Can-I-Bus, I just bust

  • Set Em Straight

    Every song on Rip The Jacker SOUNDS EXACTLY THE FUCKIN SAME! Same tempo Same style beat Same flow Same vibe This guy can "spit" but he has no creative depth, he takes zero risk, doesnt step out of his comfort box, and is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. But hey! He's got lyrics! Hahaha you fuckin clowns. Canibus is an after thought.

    • wtf are u talking about?

      @david shut the fuck up, getting offended cause someone doesnt believe rip the jacker is a classic album. Its called an opinion asshole. And why do muthafuckas like u assume that the person who criticizes ur favorite rapper likes *insert mainstream/commercial rapper here*?? bringing up rick ross, for no reason, does not= a valid arguement lol

    • Loser

      David you look like a fag. Go get a girlfriend.

    • David James Robinson

      What a fucking hater. Go listen to some Rick Ross.

  • @Onemanbeats

    Thats not the first time i heard a Dj/Producer that worked with Canibus hand him his check back. I heard Dj Evil Dee had the same problem with Canibus and handed his check right back to him lol -Hit me for beats

  • Big Log

    Canibus rhyming skill is there,no one can question that, just listen to what the cat be saying, but that dude do not have an ear for good beat, check out all his records he made it shows just that.

    • twoholla

      I agree with you up to a point!!!...the beatz are pretty on his latest (C of Tranquility), then let's not forget 'Rip The Jacker' (with Stoupe), & the supposedly prequel (before Can-I-Bus)...

  • ExFan

    Lets be honest Canibus's career is going nowhere and never will. Maybe he'll drop a couple of more albums that absolutely no one will give a shit about (well maybe the Hardcore underground fans) But he's never gonna blow or anything. He's way past his prime years... So who gives a fuck what Premo says about him!??

    • Anonymous

      Ice T n your prolly jus another teenage boy who gets no pussy whatsoever n loves all the disrespect women get...also you completely missed the point being made

    • ice t

      beezlebud quit having a little bitch fit...u sound like canibus's girl or somethin...n u sound like little feminist fag talkin about its wrong to rap about abusing women...gtfoh wit dat bullshit...words from snoop "bitches aint shit but hoes n tricks" dat line probly made ur little feminist ass cry

    • one armed scissor

      Yo Beezlebud, I think you're the one who's delusional lol. You think in a hundred years "Rip the Jacker" is gonna be "reverred"? Like's it's some sort of aesthetic masterpiece? LMAO. Motherfucker, RAP isn't even gonna be around in a hundred years, get your shit straight. Get your tongue out of this has-been's ass, he IS way past his prime and why are you comparing him to Van Gogh? Lol.

    • G($)

      I agree with you both. I admit Canibus goes over my head all the time (Poet Laureate Infinity). I know he has in in him to make great songs without sounding like a mad scientist. He murders every song he's featured on, but when it comes to his own albums the scientific themes are just too least too much for me to want to hear on a daily basis. I don't need a fuckin science textbook crammed into an album. But c'mon. Canibus' freestyles are second to none. They have scientific hints/themes, but JUST the right amount.

    • Beezlebud

      your dellusional, who gives a fuck if the mainstream acknowledges him nobody acknowledged Vincent Van Gogh during his lifetime either but today he's one of the worlds most reknowned artists, the same can be said about Canibus, his music is ahead of its time. You think in 100 years when humanity has evolved anyone will give a fuck about the popular rappers of today like Eminem who rap about raping and abusing women, patricide and drug abuse lol of course not but Canibus Rip the Jacker will be reverred. Canibus is also far from past his prime his last album was fire straight through

  • audio tech

    canibus complaining to Preemo about how to make a wonder this guy never went anywhere and in all his albums the biggest weakness has been the production.Canbus need to stick to his strong point: Rhyming..And then beg someone of Preemo status to do his albums

    • Anonymous

      canibus is a overrated bitch talking about "i move like meteophisis techno-tonical lyrical kinetic cyclone pod ufo in lightyears accelerated 1000 times into the orbit like my third eye watch over 50 parrallel galacies" man fuck outta here with all that scientific bullshit and just rap, make songs. Stop bragging about how smart u are lol

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Rip the Jacker was great. Stop being a retard.

    • G($)

      I think Poet Laureate 2 alone kills any Jeru album. THAT'S the Canibus I fux with. Poet Laureate Infinity went onto a realm that I don't even want to think about......ugh.

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here RIP THE JACKER BODIES THEM

    • Rick

      ^^^^ Do your homework ..SON! Thats shitty album doesnt compare to Wrath of the Math or The Sun Rises in the East. ..I'm calling your parent for not doing your homework.

    • beezlebud

      when premo makes an album on the level of Canibus Rip the Jacker produced by Stoupe he can bitch bout canibus vision...

  • blocka

    fuck premo. faggot ass nigga.

  • daam


    • Cultures Clothing

      @Rick actually yes I do, I have both Midnight Mauraders and Illmatic in my collection, and consider both of them classics as well. Yes, I still consider "Rip The Jacker" to be a classic. And as for your other point, I've heard of Mood. I haven't heard that particular album all the way through to be able to make a fair judgement, but just because people haven't heard of something doesn't make a classic. People might not have seen Picasso's best piece of work...maybe only a select few have. That doesn't take away from it's value. And my point before was that I'm well versed enough in Hip-Hop to be able to make a legitimate call on what classifies as a classic. I can recite verses from Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Rakim, KRS One, Kool Keith, KMD, Tribe Called Quest etc all the way up to the newbies like Homeboy Sandman & Blu. I'm not some Hip-Hop newbie who thinks that Eminem is the best rapper ever because I listen to the radio. I know enough about HIp-Hop to be able to say "This album is rare...this is something special".

    • Anonymous

      RIP THE JACKER IS EASILY ON PAR WITH ILLMATIC AND MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS and NAS and ATCQ are both some of my favourite artist but cmon son

    • Rick

      hahaha OK Next!!! Come on man!! Give me another list. I was born in 74 man. I grew up listening to ALL the TRUE classics. Do you really think that that album compares to Illmatic, Midnight Marauders, etc. It might be a classic to you but its not a classic to everyone man. OK, I like MOOD - DOOM, to me personally its a classic album but not considered a classic album to everyone else. Shit, some heads havent even heard of MOOD....OH and i've been a part of the Hip Hop Culture since 84, when i first started breakdancing. .....negroe please!!!!!!!

    • beezlebud

      RIP THE JACKER IS CLASSIC PERIOD... that shits a TOP 5 HIP HOP ALBUM EVER MADE... ive been apart of HIP HOP since 1990 so try n claim i dont know wtf im talkin about Rick, ive also been an MC for a decade Canibus has countless classic songs throughout his catalogue and a catalogue of albums that bodies mos rappers RIP THE JACKER C OF TRANQUILITY 2000BC CAN I BUS FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL ARE ALL FIRE BEEZLEBUD ON TWITTER

    • Cultures Clothing

      @Rick I guarantee I know a lot more about Hip-Hop than you do my friend. Ever heard of Macklemore, Blue Scholars, RA Scion, Qwel, Greyskul, Action Bronson, Zion I or Panacea? You ever listened to the Deltron 3030 album? Can you name 100 MC's better than Lil Wayne? I listen to everyone from Rakim to Nas to Kool G Rap to Kool Keith to Pharoahe Monch to MF DOOM to Ras Kas to Homeboy Sandman to Lupe Fiasco. Classics are few and far between. "Rip the Jacker" is one of them. "Below the Heavens" by Blu & Exile is another. So is "Illmatic" by Nas. So yes, I do know what I'm talking about.

    • Rick

      hahaha CLASSIC ALBUMM?!?!?! I think YOU dont know anything about hip hop.....Quick to call an album classic. C'MON SON!

    • Cultures Clothing

      This post just leads me to believe that you don't really know anything about Hip-Hop. "Rip The Jacker" alone was classic album.

  • amp_sample

    Don't know if I like Preemo bringing something like this up after the fact, but I mean Canibus' main reason he didn't stay popular in an era taylor made for his style, seems to be his professional choices. If you ask for a producer like Premier you're asking them to do them. There's no changing an established artist. Part of the reason I think the Rip the Jacker album was so good, was that Bus wasn't there to get in Stoup's way.

    • mega

      "Part of the reason I think the Rip the Jacker album was so good, was that Bus wasn't there to get in Stoup's way." Agreed one hundred percent.

  • Cultures Clothing

    From Canibus' Facebook Page: "I'm beggin' you Preem. Don't let these spineless magazine writers and fake ass journalists frame the pictures wrong and divide us. I ALWAYS treated you with respect and loyalty. Take 5mins and look at the videos of the shows on my reverb page where I big you & Guru up and listen to the interviews where I spoke on what you mean to me and HIP HOP. If you really felt that way then why did you say that on camera instead of hollerin' at me? If you can't understand why I would be confused by your interview with Vladtv then I don't know what to tell you. I never knew you felt like that fam. Word. They running with it and it's not a good look. please turn it around for Hip Hop. I been trynna' pull the stick up for 3 days now. I'm gonna' crash Preem." Then there's this recent pic posted with Canibus, Ras Kass, and Preemo chillin:

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^and its premo's fault for all of the wrong decisions canibus made in his career that contributed to making him look bad?? canibus needs to stop whining and take care of business, its his problem his responsiblities, not premos. Premo answered the question honestly like a grown-up should (and btw he isnt the only producer who said bis was difficult to work with), he aint no politically-correct play it safe "oh im worried about saying something offense" type of guy. He could of named anyone but cause he named canibus he should worry about making him look bad cause of mistakes Canibus HIMSELF made right?? canibus stfu dont blame premo or anyone for ur problems blame yourself, and take care of ur own shit smh

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that it made Canibus look really bad, especially when the biggest Hip-Hop site on the net blasts a title like "Primo says Canibus is hard to work with". He's already had a struggle with his career. The biggest producer in Hip-Hop saying that does not help at ALLLL...

    • ExFan

      The interviewer asked a question, and premo answered it. WTF is the problem!??

  • Anonymous

    canibus is one of the illest of all time from a lyrical point of view, problem is he would be the first one to tell you also. fact is premo did bis wrong throwing him under the bus like he always does with these half truths, because its really not even that important right now

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    Bis has already responded to this on his FB page. He's pissed but he wants to talk to Preemo personally before going to media outlets. Guess Bis has finally learn that hip hop beef isn't worth it anymore.

    • ChrisAllah

      word Premo and Bis should Talk about it in private cause all these fuckin stans are just tryin start up anotha beef like da wit ll and em and fuck Dj Vlad this nigga always questions that he know gonna start a beef now dat Vlad sparked a beef he gonna ask otha niggas how they feel now everybody in dat vlad interviews gonna shit on bis like he did to joe budden when he got punched

  • Anonymous

    I'll give cannibus this The biggest upset in the history of rap!

  • bluerazor

    if you hear the beat, devil's pie it has a bassline which is pretty nasty

  • Sensaye252

    That Devil's Pie beat was pretty weak though. Canibus is a NASTY MC, but I don't think him and Premo are a good match. I'd rather hear Canibus over beats that are a little more...mystical.

  • spitsmith

    Cant believe my i realy reading these fools dissing preem?! The man is hiphop he is the best producer in hiphop of all time, thats not dick riding its the truth. canibus is ok lyrically but no where near legendary status

    • fuck it

      no it's not true it's your opinion there a difference.

    • Anonymous

      Canibus LYRICALLY has more quotable barrs than any other MC in rap period n that shits fact, guess the shits been goin over ya head

    • Cultures Clothing

      Here's the thing though...if he listened to the ideas given by Canibus, maybe they could have come up with a different product. I think that he was offended that an up-and -comer didn't think the beat fit his song. Also, I'm sure Canibus would've had no problem if Primo ended it with "But, you know, that was minor, and since then me and Canibus have worked together a couple times and we came out with a couple of dope products, like "Golden Terra of Rap". So we're tight now". Or you know, something like that. He doesn't do that. He had this air about him the whole video like, "This crazy n**** turned down a PRIMO beat...what's wrong with him?" and everybody in the background was laughing. So yeah, it made Canibus look bad. And since they're supposed to be friends, that a bad look on Primo's part. Just look at the outcome...the biggest Hip-Hop news site on the net blasting a headline saying "PRIMO SAYS THAT CANIBUS IS HARD TO WORK WITH". How is that a good look at all? Primo's a legend, but that wasn't cool, I'm sorry.

    • Rick

      the thing is that they asked him a questiona dn he answered with what you hear here. Im sure Prem has other stories like this but this one here is what pops out in his mind. And maybe instead of canibus telling him ..i dont think you understand..blah blah blah...He should have approached him with ideas on how he wanted the baseline to sound. Prem is a PRODUCER not a beatmaker. Theres a difference. The PRODUCER is NOT going to allow a MC tell him how to do a track. He will listen to the ideas given tho.

    • Anonymous

      No one's dissing Preemo. Just because you're a legend, it doesn't mean that you can't F up. He threw Bis under the bus. it wasn't a good look. He just recorded with Bis on "Golden Terra of Rap" (which was released in 2010), but instead of speaking about the positivity of that song, he said something negative that would effect Canibus (something that happened 14 years ago, mind you) while making him look good. If you're being unbiased about the whole thing, it wasn't a good look at all. Doesn't take away from what Primo has done. He's still one of the Top 5 Hip-Hop producers of all time...probably even Top 2...but in my opinion he still F'ed up here.

    • Rick

      hahah thats what i said in one of my comments. prem is like the HIP HOP GOD! Dissing him will bring you misery in life. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    I was about to post this, but someone beat me to it. Premo was actually 2-4 hours late to every sesion that they had building this track that they're talking about, so if anything that means that Premo was the one being difficult to work with. And Canibus' top 20 songs lyrically sons the majority of your favorite rappers' top 20 songs. Fact of the matter is, the majority of the people posting in this thread talking bad about Bis couldn't name a Bis song outside of "2nd Round KO" even as a reference point for argument, so that pretty much makes your opinion on the subject null and void. If I'm going to talk about a rapper sucking, I'll at least have evidence to support my point. Anyway, --> "Truth: Damn PREMOOOO stop lying!! Here's the truth.... listen to tell the truth: Canibus himself speaks upon this after some barsss hiphopdx should post this, dont be one sided, they are both legends and heavyweights of the game. Premo is shady because canibus just did a GURU tribute tour. Let the truth be told!!!! Tell the truthhhhh!!!"

    • Anonymous

      nas talks alotta dumb shit too i own his catalogue hes dope but lyrically he cant touch canibus n thats why he didnt spit a verse on the Desperados track the firm did with Canibus and Canibus Rip the Jacker is easily on par with Illmatic

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ claiming that the most complex bullshit (that someone with a better understatement of writing could say in one sentence) is also the best lyrically.

    • Rick

      Whos talking about careers? Nas says more in 4 bars and makes sense than Canibus does in an entire song. And yeah i understand "scientifical madness". Nas is not a battle rapper. Yeah he killed Jay on ether but that was war. Nas paints a picture with his lyrics as clear as anyone or even better. See One love, I Gave you Power, rewind etc.

    • Anonymous

      You guys are ridiculous and get so emotional. I still like Preemo...but the fact of the matter is, this isn't the first time that he's thrown artists under the bus with half-truths, as someone else who posted here already stated. Let's lay down actual facts instead of just emotional opinions. Mr Flamboyant for one, LL's Diss track was weak, and 2nd Round Knockout was far superior lyrically. For half of the song, he isn't even dissing Canibus directly. If you think any different, then I just don't trust your Hip-Hop opinion. Two, it sounds like a lot of Canibus' lyrics are going FAR over your head if you're saying it's just scientific ramblings. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean that it's rambling. From a poetic standpoint, a song like "Harbinger of Light" by Canibus (a song that you've obviously never heard)sons the majority of the songs that you could even name. We're not talking about how much the guy sells. I'm talking about pure lyrics. Name the songs that you think are the best lyrically and I'll name a Canibus song better. You have all of these Hip-Hop greats, like Rakim, Kool G Rap, Slick Rick, Masta Ace, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, etc. and a lot of other dope artists like K-rino, Chino XL, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, etc agreeing that Canibus is one of the greatest lyricist ever...guys who do this for a living. But, You know, they must all be wrong too. Come back to me when you've actually heard 10 Canibus songs to actually argue the point. @Rick is this the same Nas you're talking about who flat out stated that Canibus is somebody that he'd be worried about battling? Or is this the Nas that didn't put a verse on the original version of Desperados that Canibus destroyed? The same Nas who also got ate by Canibus' verse on the remix maybe... Also, lyrically, "Poet Laureate II" > "NY State of Mind". You obviously haven't heard anything from Canibus since he was battling LL. Now I'm not arguing that Nas has had the better career, mind you, I'm talking strictly from a poetic standpoint. You see, I listen to more than just Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie & Tupac. I like Nas a lot, but I don't just dick-ride artists and say one is better than the other because they have a bigger name. I judge artists on their work. A lot of people think Lil Wayne is one of the best ever, but I can name 100 MCs that are legitimately better off the top of my head. We're not talking about the 90's...a lot of my favorite songs from Canibus are from 2003-2011. And you're saying that I fail because Preemo was 4 hours late to recording sessions? How is that again? So it's ok & not unprofessional to be 4 hours late to recording sessions without calling and using common courtesy if you're a big shot? It's like people automatically give legends a pass for their BS just because they're legends. KRS-One is a Legend and he's a dope rhymer with an amazing catalog. Is he still arrogant as hell? From what I've seen, yes. Primo's one of my top 5 favorite producers of all-time...that doesn't mean that he can't fuck up.

    • ExFan

      "Fact of the matter is, the majority of the people posting in this thread talking bad about Bis couldn't name a Bis song" That statement alone deads your whole arguement...

    • Rick

      says he anonymous guy!!! Nas' NY State of Mind shits on Canibus' Career! ...are you from the 90's? or are you really Canibus? hahaa!...and of course Canibus was always on time..dude didnt have anything going for him go check Prems catalog. LOSE!!!

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Uh... Dude. Stop lying. We all know that Canibus is a potent liar for one. We all also know he can't pick a beat to save his life let alone his miserable career. Just stop it. Seriously. The nigga LL ended up sonning the shit out of him and ending the little career dude even had. Canibus has been a huge fail his whole career and damn near life. He has severe delusions of grandeur and just rambles these "scientifical" long winded ass raps that equals neither a song nor just straight hip hop.

  • rick

    CANIBUS= FAIL!! Dude is or should i say has been DONE...did you see the cypher with dude, DMX, Mic Geronio, Big Pun and john Forte? Canibus wanted to be the anchor so bad but once Pun laid his, Canibus was like WTF did i just do. hahahaha couldnt fuck with Pun! ....but htis here will make people hate Canibus even more. Premier is like the Hip Hop God. You disrespect him and people will FUCK YOU UP!!!

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does it seem like every time i hear about premo hes always talking about the next muther fucker premo i love ya beats but stfu son we like yr instrumentals but yr gimmic sucks


    Preemo s best beats are with Guru, them two had it down, lol, cant even believe I just heard Preemo & Bis in the same sentence... them two dont blend...Bis is ill one of the most underrated hard core MC's ever, but he aint got no jazz groove in him, preem always samplin jazz

    • rick

      you air are wrong! You are reading wikipedia too much man...his jazz sampling was in the early to mid 90's.

  • gutter man

    bus is dope but the beat preem made for c of tranquility was weak. get off preems balls, his beats are dope, but crazy repetitive.

  • L-Boogie

    You betta call Jesse Jackson, for some affirmative action!!!

  • Brandon Payne

    I've always said this Canibus is an arrogant prick, even when he was at the round table meeting with mos def, big pun, dmx, and john Forte, he was like "I deserve the right to not spit my verse" that mufucka is a straight up faggot

  • Anonymous

    hate to be sac-relig but i liked the nigganometry beat better than devils pie just fits canibus better

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree, i couldnt picture that track w/ a diff. beat. especially devil's pie. huh? that kinda boring primo anthem would not work at all

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    ahahahaha, he turned down the devil's pie beat? Not surprising at all, Canibus can't pick a nice beat to save his life.

  • Edi Kajmolli

    i mean i guess you can say that bus is a legend just because we know about him today when hes been in the game for almost 20 years. He is by no means successful tho and his scientific rap is really above the head of most people.

  • dockevoc

    Why is this not surprising? Can-I-Bitch is the most hard headed (no homo) self absorbed douche bag in hip hop. Kwame Brown is a great comparison.

    • Rick are a homo! homo ..O_o

    • zimbabweboy

      for sure something is wrong with cats that say no homo does your paps say (no homo) no you bloody idiot. Just because u cannot restrain your homoerotic fantasies does mean we want to hear them sicko go choke on an elephant's appendage.

    • Anonymous

      to say no homo because you said heard-headed proves where where your head is at you're a retard who has homo fantasies

  • Truth

    Damn PREMOOOO stop lying!! Here's the truth.... listen to tell the truth: Canibus himself speaks upon this after some barsss hiphopdx should post this, dont be one sided, they are both legends and heavyweights of the game. Premo is shady because canibus just did a GURU tribute tour. Let the truth be told!!!! Tell the truthhhhh!!!

    • HAHA


    • Beezlebud

      anyone who says Canibus isnt a legend is retarded plain n simple, MC where terrified of him in the 90s, Nas was scared to hop on the desperados track coz Bis barrs were so raw. He has a top 5 rap album of all time with Rip the Jacker, and his catalogue shits on 90% of MCs and @haha Canibus has had Eminem shook for years, Em wouldnt dare diss canibus now and his Canibitch track he recorded only got leaked once bis was over seas in the army n couldnt respond 2000BC RIP THE JACKER CAN I BUS FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL C OF TRANQUILITY AND WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE RAPPER CAN DROP A 45 MINUTE TRACK OF HOT BARRS LIKE POET LAURETTE INFINITY HOLLAH BACK

    • Brass Knuckles

      Any nigga who says Canibus is a legend is super stupid. F outta here.LOL!!! 2nd Rd Knockout was a cool song.... Only to get dismissed once LL ended his career afterwards.

    • Well of Truth

      The reality is that Canibus did it to himself. Whether or not you like heads in the industry, the minute you start burning bridges, your career as a very successful act will be grossly limited. But even in the last few years this man continues to diss people and anger people. Eventually, nobody will want to work with him. Its not jealously, its karma. The only problem is that you can't tell him that. He refuses to believe it or reflect on how his actions put him in this situation. I like dude, but when you start dissing people like KRS ONE and dissing Eminem late with D-12 verses mixed in, as if they were dissing him too, you are making bitch moves that lose fans. I am not mad at you Bis. This is just fact. Be a bigger person and stop blaming others. In fact, if you tried to apologize to everyone, then perhaps your career and life relationships will be better off. Just something to ponder. Peace.

    • RICK

      I stopped reading after "they are both legends"...............FAIL!!!!!!!

    • HAHA


    • shutthefuckup

      Got his ass handed to him bey LL and Em. LMAO! Are you fuckiong kidding me. That 2nd round knockout is the best diss record of all time its hard as fuck. Eminem cant evn stand next to Canibus. eMINEM IS A WACK EMOTIONAL POP STAR like justin bieber. Canibus will murk the shit out of corny ass eminem. Canibus is inconsistent but he's a legend for the good tracks he did make like buckingham palace and 2nd round knockout and for the fact that he will murk most of your favorite cornball emcees like Eminem and Nas in a live battle. Think any differently and your a delusional stan who is lying to youirself.

    • problemz/problema

      lmfao...2 legends?Only if its Preem and his shadow..Bus should have not have sh*tted on everybody and his career wouldn't have ended up where it did...He dissed LL,Em,Wyclef etc..He is the definition of a mad rapper..A guy with obvious skill but an unwarranted ego and terrible,terrible ear for beats.

    • HAHA


    • B.Dot

      lol@ both being legends of the game. Canibus is a "Legend" sort of like Kwame Brown. Flashes of brilliance but just could not put it all together consistently and is just "ok"

  • Edi Kajmolli

    lol thats why bus is cleaning toilets now shoulda listened to preemo

    • Mal Moe

      Lol. Everything Preem duz is not a hit tho. What worked for D'angelo may not have worked for Canibus. But Canibus does have very good track record for picking awful beats.

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