Cover Art Revealed To Tyler, The Creator's "Goblin"

UPDATE #2: Tyler says that the Amazon-posted tracklisting is not what will end up on his album.

Since the release of singles "Sandwitches" and "Yonkers", fans have been clamoring for OFWGKTA (a/k/a Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) frontman Tyler, the Creator's sophomore album Goblin. Now, Wolf Haley recently revealed the cover and release date to his highly anticipated project.

Slated to drop May 10 via indie imprint XL Recordings, Goblin's cover follows in line with with other OFWGKTA covers, featuring a colored image of western showman Buffalo Bill.

Tyler also used opportunity to get back at popular music blogs Nah Right and 2DopeBoyz. According to Tyler's Twitter, XL has been advertising Goblin on both sites for a number of days. When fans click the ads, however, they were directed to the album's teaser site which reads "Fuck Nah Right and Fuck 2DopeBoyz." He also reached out directly to Nah Right's eskay about the advertisement.

I've Been Advertising This On Nah Right And 2 Dope Boyz For Like 3 Days. They Had No Fucking Idea. =)less than a minute ago via web

@fucktyler i'm gonna use the ad money to rent out your mother for the weekend.less than a minute ago via web

@nahright That Come Back Sucked. You Lose This Time. Hahahahahahahahaha. O Yeah, YONKERS is At 3 Mil. Proud Of Me Yet?less than a minute ago via web

Odd Future most recently took the stage at last night's MTVu Woodies Awards, where Tyler and Hodgy Beats performed "Yonkers" and "Sandwitches." The performance can be seen below.

(March 17)

UPDATE: The tracklisting to Tyler, The Creator's Goblin has been announced:

1. Goblin
2. Yonkers
3. Radicals
4. She (feat. Frank Ocean)
5. Transylvania
6. Nightmare
7. Tron Cat
8. Her
9. Sandwitches (feat. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish / Boppin Bitch
11. Analog (feat. Hodgy Beats)
12. Bitch Suck Dick (feat. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (feat. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden

UPDATE #2: Contrary to, Tyler, The Creator says that the tracklisting is not official.

There Is No Official Tracklist For GOBLIN Out.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

HipHopDX will keep you updated.



    I know that most people don’t care anymore and that they are going to curse me out for saying this stuff. No wonder this country is messed up, when people listen to this kind of music with profanity, sexual garbage and violence, they think it is all right. First of all don’t give me that crap about freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not about behaving or acting like this, if the founding fathers who wrote the freedom of speech found out that it would end up like this they would be devastated. When I look at the kids today they all have filthy things coming out of their mouth with no respect for anyone, sleeping around with everyone, no wonder half of them are suffering from STD’s and other sexual diseases. This kind of crap has to stop, again I know you want to curse or beat the hell out of me, but I know that there are still decent people out there who think that this kind of stuff Is wrong and it is wrong. We have taken freedom of speech and threw it in a toilet ball with raw sewage swimming around it. The way society is going the way it is (Lack of respect, STD’s, Violence, Divorces, anything goes and nothing is wrong any more) imagine how bad it is going to be in another 25 years, we have to change our ways and become decent with high morals or this country is going to go down. Again I know most of you reading this don’t give a crap and are laughing at me really hard, but that’s the truth.

  • ____gvg

    i'm glad OFWGKTA are blowing up.. everything they do is on purpose.. they say "swag" and imitate wack ass mainstream rappers as a parody.. most of their fans don't realize it. plus Earl is one of the most lyrical teens i have ever heard (listen to "Deer Skin") i'm a hip hop head and i know talent when i see it.. much respect for OF..

  • Marcus Dibron

    ofwgkta all dayy ni99a..who fuckin wit my mans tyler the creator..none of yall so all yall hates can eat a sack of babydicks!

  • henry

    i rap better and i dont. they suck

  • rofl

    and PLEASE stop saying Free Earl! the nigga is in BOARDING SCHOOL, HAHAHAH, NOT PRISON. BOARDING SCHOOL. As in his mom sent him to BOARDING SCHOOL hahahahah. Fuck outta here with that Free Earl shit.

  • rofl

    Man everything these fools did is contrived as fuck. Talk about a gimmick man. What a surprise, they go for shock-value lyrics and visuals!!! How original right?!? I like a few beats on Tyler's track but for the most part these dudes are talentless clowns mimicking a young Eminem.

  • tail

    golf wang makes drake n cudi sound and look like the backstreetboys. kill em all FREE EARL!! swag

  • Andrew Helton

    This is not the black version of icp they are not horrorcore, why don't you go to there tumblr page, download all the albums, listen to em, and then come back.go.i'll be waiting.

    • Thisishilarious

      i did, sounds like a rip off of about 10 other artist that have done it better, and reading dudes interviews gives you a real incite on how educated he is. All he talks about is selling drugs to little kids and swag. Shit is just another gimmick that you dumbass High School kids can grab onto for awhile because everytime you little kids see something different you automatically jump on it like its the best thing ever. I don't hate, i listened to their shit i read interviews and came to the conclusion they are just wack. That's it so unless your sucking these dudes off or your apart of their team you shouldnt be getting all pissed that i said they suck. I work in the industry and record people everyday, it's not bias the shit just sucks, techincally, instrumentally, lyrically, all around just sucks. These dudes are fake they're just acting ridiculous to get a name and have a bunch of dumb fans that will spend money on their merch. Have fun listening to them, but me i'm a grown man and i'm going to listen to some real shit, anyone intelligent about the music industry can tell this is a gimmick from a mile away.

  • Anonymous

    finally there are both white and black juggalos



  • aksdjh

    Is this the black version of ICP. They serious with this?

  • Tony Guedea

    That isn't the real tracklist, Tyler hasnet released it yet, When he does it will be dropped on (click the cross)

  • SuperGucciRap

    I'll cop this album because these guys dissed that faggot nigga B.o.B in the Yonkers song. Just like when Hopsin dissed that faggot Lupe Fiasco twice and Drake. Seriously all these fashion faggot internet rappers suck dick. Gucci Mane will murk those niggaz. It's Gucci Time!

  • Sergio

    lol Whoever says: they suck, they are satanist, and they try too hard just need to realize that every other rapper is known for one thing that they are good at. Wiz = Stoner. Kanye = Rebel . Big Sean = Fashion . Cool Kids = Beats . Like damn man let these dudes just do their thing, if you don't like it at least give them props for accumulating 3+ Million views on youtube on one video.. Sit there and listen to what the fuck they say! Break every line down and there are always metaphors and badass punchlines. To have the balls to straight up call FAMOUS people out and have other FAMOUS ppl like it, is just fucking dope... When Tyler performed on Jimmy Fallon (before OFWGKTA got so much attention) Mos Def was there supporting them. fuckin haters.

  • Icey

    There Is No Official Tracklist For GOBLIN Out. 37 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® from

  • Anonymous

    true tracklisting or not im gonna buy this album when it comes out. i really dont like ofwgkta's group material but their solo material is dope.

  • Rob Johnson

    not sure what to think of these they style and energy...but their "weirdness" seems forced and formulatied...huummm

  • Nathan Kerce

    Who announced this? This matches a tracklist that Tyler said was fake.

  • SWAG

    C'mon, DX. Tyler already said this tracklist is fake.

  • John Carter

    these niggas are raw they remind me soo much of wu tang when they first came out

  • Andrew Helton

    to anyone that calls OFWGKTA garbage, do you not remeber when hip hop was nothing but snap music and dance songs?

  • Kashif Ilyas

    check the dude out man. he's mad talented and the next BIG thing in hip-hop. Their style is very refreshingly different from all the bubblegum crap out there. hardcore hiphop too.

  • Angel De Peña

    These dudes are garbage.

    • CaliKushBlunt

      Go Suck a Fucking Fuck you Fuck. OFWGKTA is fucking tight you fuck. Fuck.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Quit dick ridin Joe Budden on this site you fuck. These guys have right now what no rap group of their size has had in years. They act like a family. Look at G-Unit, even Wu-Tang, it'll happen to Slaughterhouse too.

  • William Katzki

    ok well first off ofwgkta is the future they r great performers nd rappers....they do their own thing nd i respect that....the ppl leaving negative comments can "eat a pimpled covered dick" if ur hateing on the jesus lines and all that shit then go listen to some church songs cuz if u were that into religion u wouldnt listen to rap.....cuz 99 percent of rap is abount material things nd ur religion tells u to give up those material things nd worldly desires....nd also y when pac nd big l were tlkn shit about jesus no 1 had a problem but jay z drops one line nd all of def jam nd good music r dwn wit Illuminati?????fuk all the hater wolf gang or die 666 golf wang free earl fukers

  • damn

    There's being different, and there's trying to be different and sounding like straight ass. Ima go with the the second one, if i brought up logic and pro tool right now and through my keyboard at the wall i would produce a better track then this shit.

  • rtrtrtrtr

    excuse me but i think theses rappers are ok it jus 1 thing.....THEY ARE SATANIST.....and i aint talking about all that illuminati bull im talking about real jesus haters...i mean look at the picture with the mask...its a uspidedown yonkers he said he be dissing Jesus wtf i personally cant listen to music like that i think that the direction their going is different but the whole devil stuff is stupid....and im not talking about that stuff that people think is hidden in music videos that people debating over im talking about how tyler be jus straight saying he a satanist and rocking a upsidedown cross like he real.....i jus cant do it

    • illpsychz

      Did that Jeff guy just call rape and murder ''natural disasters''..You have got to be fuckin with me right? Possibly one of the most disgusting and ignorant comments I've ever read on this site..

    • que

      jeff, youre an idiot.. murder and rape not natural disasters. you say "true" hip-hop lyrics is based off mentality and feeling, but eminem rapped about rape and killing his mom/wife. he has never done any of that. so because its not his true mentality he has now lost your respect as a rapper. you can apply this logic to most rappers who talk about killing too.

    • Neill Terror Maultsby


    • waka

      jeff no hate but OF is gonna keep grinding and your opinion doesnt really matter

    • jeff87333

      to que...first off i dunno who ur talkin bout? cuz realistically i dont kno u from a hole in the wall and the way u proud to say that...i said nothing about myself being influenced by media or the way rappers speak or dress...that was a broad statement of this friggin 23 years old...way past the days of needin to fit into ne thing...what im saying is that people DO find a relation in music...people DO follow musicians...people ARE influenced by music...and thats friggin reality...not my opinion it's how things work...and so when you're writing songs about things the way that they are...all that they're doing is glorifying evil...which there is no reason to...and being ur opinion u mustn't be an artist yourself becuz u obviously don't understand the way that "true hip hop" lyrics are formed....everything written is based off of ur own mentality and feeling...some fake it...but it's fairly obvious in their music...jus the way i can tell that odd future is being honest...and i dont respect that...and when it comes to natural also talkin bout chem trails...murders...rapes...the things that are actually going on and matter...and i am not saying listen to cheerful saying listen to music that isn't so evil...i dunno man say n do wat u done wit this stupid argument...i ain't gainin nothin bloggin like this

    • waka

      ^ at the end we all become dust

    • RealMofo

      Real talk, they are disrespecting the King! Anyways at the end they will all become dust.

    • que

      just like i said, youre following the views of fucking musicians.. if you want a role model then look at great leaders or humanitarians on the flip side, can atheists be mad at religious music since they praise something they don't believe in? that's why lyrical content is fucking stupid.. everyone feels they have to relate and this media influencing bullshit? grow a spine and be yourself. not our fault you have to copy someone elses style and LOL!! when a natural disaster hits you gotta listen to cheerful music?

    • jeff87333

      ^ that's a ridiculous comparison...if u believe in jesus...then u believe he is the son of god....not the president...n if sum1's bad talkin the reason by which this person is saved...there is absolute reason to not listen to it...and also...look around u...look at our generation...the way we dress...the way we speak...the way we react to it or not music is a lifestyle...and the most influential media tool known to man...there is nothing else that does influence lives more than gunna have to agree wit rt...they can do wat they want...but in the end all this music doesn't matter...not to mention...with all that's going on in the world...disasters...wars...etc...why would u wanna listen to stuff so blatantly dark? we live in a world that's bad enuff as it is...

    • que

      its not like you have to share the same views as them. its music not a fucking lifestyle, you dont have to relate otherwise bling/gangsta rap wouldnt be popular lupe dissed obama so now i have to dislike him too just because i listen to lupe?

    • jrg

      haha. god doesnt exist and jesus was made up before people found science. so i wouldn't worry about it dude. GOLFWANG666

  • cinavenom

    Anyone who is hating on them it's just because the industry hasn't told you it's okay to like them yet. These dudes are blowing up that's why people like Mos Def and Skyzoo go to their shows when they are in New York. Soon they will get big, the industry will realize they can make money from them, then you all will be riding their dicks, guarantee it.

  • thetrooth

    the beat was pretty dope..dudes weren't bad at rappin... kinda weird but i guess its a different angle..only thing i don't really like is the whole wolf gang't there enough names with wolf or wolves in its a corny metaphor to compare yourself to a pack of wolves

  • ziploc

    It's a breath of fresh air from the cookie cutter stuff...But..They will have to find something else then shock tactics to be around for more then a couple of years..Tyler is talented and will be a force to be reckoned with,But their appeal at this point is teenage rebellion..shit like that will garner movements but shit like that can get away from you..I can imagine a 15 year old sitting at home listening to these guys and taking all the wrong messages from are gonna get hurt over this shit...mark my words..(screaming at the judge"WOLFGANG!"...)..lmfao..WU Tang on acid...

  • just_a_person

    master master the minds of the average young adult. and since hype is all the rage these days...these kids will clean up... till the end of next year tops; when the hype wears off. or not. they ok. like good 3.5 outta 5 rappers.

  • M33K91

    OFWGKTA= Play that shit at church :P

  • jamiles33

    yo...don't hate on this comment, but does anyone out there think that the mask is a rip off of doom. don't get me wrong....doom isn't the only one who can pull a mask isn't "his thing." but idk....i just feel like that weird mask shit is def inspired by him

    • waka

      lol def not. he only wears it when they perform their opening song sandwitches, then he takes it off. if he wore it the entire show, that'd be a different story

  • pienman

    dude i was like who the fuck are these weirdos until i started goin through to listen & i can did the that ole eminem off the wall shit...they went all the way left from Wu-Tang! just the kids doin their on thang, make that bread: WOLFGANG...WOLFGANG

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I don't like how this guy is so off the wall. Just weird and I don't dig it.

  • Real HipHopHead

    Wow, this guy and OFWGKTA are a disgrace to hip-hop. This is the anti-thesis of Jay Electronica, Nas, Blu, Mos Def ... REAL Hip-Hop. Fuck these lame gimmick rappers.


    How does this dude in the green ski mask, pink sweatshirt, and hipster pants - surrounded by rainbows, go harder than all of the mainstream rappers combined??

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