Jimmer Fredette's Brother TJ An Aspiring Rapper, According To CBS Sports

Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze has some competition, and CBS features an "aspiring rapper" that'll be in the crowd throughout March Madness.

Recently, Tom Hanks' son "Chet Haze" was filmed performing at a Northwestern University concert. Now, another celebrity association is pursuing a Rap career. Brigham Young University's star Shooting Guard Jimmer Fredette's brother TJ was featured on tonight's CBS Sports coverage as "an aspiring rapper."

The Glen Falls, New York native, TJ Jimmerson, is in attendance for tonight's game Wofford College. TJ, who uses TJFredette.com to post and market his music, released the single "Amazing" last year, an unofficial anthem to his brother and BYU's March Madness run, posted below:

Presently, Brigham Young University is the #3 seed.

Additional Reporting by Stephen Klim.


  • Tyson

    Check out the "official" releases from TJ on TJ's Official Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/tjfredette

  • Zach

    stop hating on tj...i know him and hes a very good kid. he doesnt speak one word of violence or drugs or anything..i play bball with him at his church. you guys are the fuckin assholes, hes good whether or not Jimmer is a star basketball player

  • Angel

    Let me get this straight. You are highlight a college basketball players rapping brother?? I know a plumber that has a sister that raps. Think you can write a short two paragraph story on her for your site?

  • Zai

    Garbage!!!! I bet 2 pac and biggie would be so disrespected hearing this shit!

  • Duke

    this has to break the honor code some how. "you nor any family member can be associated with vulgar music that degrades women and glorifies drugs and violence"

  • Anonymous

    Who keep letting these white boys in the game

  • Anonymous

    i feel white rappers could be popular just as much as black rappers, but they have to be good, goddam. the best rapper should get the deal and be pushed, color should mean nothing. and this guy, webby, novak, chet haze all blow dick.

  • aroklaysocks

    Ashers dope... webby/novak/tj fredette/chet haze... not so much... wish most white rappers werent usually wack but its the truth

  • BigAdeCalleIsla

    Stop giving attention to these douchebag celebrity related white rappers. Honestly. As I white MC trying to make it I get pretty frustrated by all this wack shit that gets shine for no reason at all. You arent TMZ, so fuck the celebrity bullshit. Have some respect for the art form, damn.

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