Petey Pablo Sentenced To 35 Months In Prison For Firearm Charge

UPDATE: The "Raise Up" rapper was sentenced for an incident from last year where he attempted to get a stolen firearm through airport security.

North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo may soon face up to 10 years in prison now that he has pleaded guilty to a weapons possession charge stemming from an incident last year.

According to the Associated Press, Petey Pablo appeared in court on Wednesday, March 16 to enter into a plea agreement with prosecutors. While the rapper plead guilty to possession of a stolen firearm two other charges were dropped by prosecutors.

Petey Pablo is scheduled to appear in court in June to face sentencing for the charge.

On September 11, 2010 Petey Pablo was arrested in the Raleigh Durham Airport after airport security found a pistol in his carry-on luggage. The rapper was headed to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards upon being arrested.

Petey Pablo currently works under his own label titled Carolina Music Group. His last studio album, Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry, was released in 2004. It is unclear if or when a third studio album will be released from the rapper. 

[March 7]

UPDATE: Petey Pablo has been sentenced to almost three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to possessing a stolen firearm.

According to The Sacremento Bee, the rapper, whose real name is Moses Barrett, will spend 35 months behind bars following a hearing in the U.S. District Court in New Bern, North Carolina earlier today. 

He was arrested last year after attempting to smuggle a firearm past security at Raleigh-Durham International Airport for a flight to Los Angeles, California. The gun had been stolen back in 2005.

Last week, HipHopDX spoke with Pablo about his impending prison sentence. "I mean, I always feel confident. In the end, the truth always comes to the light," he said. "And, regardless of what the outcome is, I’m a man. And whatever has been written in my book of life is written in my book of life. So whatever the outcome of any situation is, I have no choice but to handle it."


  • mav

    you know this nigga dumb how the fuck do u get petey pablo from moses barrett? he sounds like a mexican rapper or some shit

  • Bet

    This nigga is a fool and to any nigga out there right now trying to get on a plan with a gun they are stupid after 9/11 they dagg near strip search you man, that got of easy 3 year aint nothing i did 7 easy with out complaining

  • Kassis

    Damn 3 and a half is better then 10. I had just read that interview he did with DX like last week. I thought he was going to pull through. He said he had some new tracks waiting to be released too, guess we won't be hearing those any time soon.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Moses tried to get a stolen gun thru the airport in his hand-luggage? After 9/11? After being Petey Pablo the Rapstar? Pure stupidity. 3 years is better than 10.

  • Nigga nahledge

    Damn I read that interview with DX he did. I was hoping he was gonna pull through this and not half to do jail time so he could focus on a comeback. But he's stuck for the next 3 years, why the he'll would he bring a gun to an airport let alone on the anniversary of 9/11 too?!?! Cmon petey...

  • Nico 3

    I'm sure he'll spend this time reflecting on life and atoning for his mistakes. Then he'll be released, meet up with DMX, get arrested again, and be sentenced to life. RIP to Pablo's shitty career.

  • Hypestyle

    "And whatever has been written in my book of life is written in my book of life. So whatever the outcome of any situation is, I have no choice but to handle it." But what the hell all does this even mean? Cats would be better off just saying "Yo, I f___d up!" All of this semi-intellectual semi-metaphysical jibber jabber that they engage in just makes no sense whatsoever. Is it really worth throwing away roughly 3 years of your life because you wanted to bring a gun to an airport like it was a pack of gum? Come on, cats is way over 18, they should know better by now, unfortunately a lot of them don't. federal trials ain't no joke, and sentences are harsh. if pablo has a good enough lawyer maybe he can appeal, but I doubt it.

  • k-roc

    Man he got lucky they gave flesh n bone damn near 10 years in the feds

  • Anonymous

    damn 35 months is kinda too long

  • Big

    This was no accident on Peetey's part. He thought this would be a boost to his career, you know - "I'm a gangsta." Now he has to spend three years thinking about that one moment of dumbness. Why can't these cats appreciate freedom?

    • bkstylz

      word...I am over here trying to figure out who is dumber, this dude or T.I.? I think T.I. still holds the crown only because of consistency, but this one act beats out any single act of stupidity by T.I.

    • ???

      Petey's already done a long ass stretch in the bing. He's got his card stamped. This was 100% retardation. This dude surpassed dumbness when he signed with Suge Knight.

  • Up North

    Some say the end is near. For Petey Pab, the end has COME. 3 year bid with literally no notable music out in the last decade?? Cot Damn. We saw how that bid damn near erased Mystikal....

  • Brandon Payne

    For ya'lls that don't know the real reason he got so much time as well is he has a lengthy criminal record and already spent mad time in prison before he got famous... I've been to most of the same brown clothes camps he was at.

    • Brandon Payne

      @ fuckouttahere Congratulations.. you have increased your go kill yourself faggot Factor by 99%.. happy suicide :)

    • Up North

      You call 3 yrs alot of time for a repeat felon attempting to sneak a pistol on an aircraft on Sept 11 of all days? This clown is lucky they send his retarded ass to Guantanamo Bay. Better yet, he's even luckier he wasn't in NY.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      you're respect in the internet thug community has been raised by 5% for all of us now knowing you've been in prison. Congrats to you.

  • Anonymous

    A gun. At an airport. On SEPTEMBER 11. Because THAT'S a logical decision. He needs an additional 5 years just for being this fucking stupid.

  • SutterKane

    What kind of idiot tries to sneak a gun on a plane?? They should give him an extra year for aggravated stupidity

  • Petros Marinho

    What The Fuck??? Petey Pablo is KILLUMINATI!

  • Petey Pablo

    My real name is Moses but the only ones using their staffs are the other prisoners. They always make me shout FREEK A LEEK and ask them "how you like it daddy". Now I got to give a shoutout to toilet gin cus I drink it

  • Lucky

    He's lucky that they didn't hit his dumb ass with a terrorist charge. Attempting to smuggle a stolen gun into an airport; in post 9/11 times. Lucky...

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    It's a damns hame. Another rapper getting locked up.... Who's next let me see..

  • hudes

    they just interviewed him on DX.. didnt he say he had a song with J. Cole coming up? DAMN not anymore who brings a gat to an airport.. you wanna get caught!

  • Brooks

    I bet his diary is filled with words spelled incorrectly.

  • Rip7

    Yeah another dumb rapper bites the dust.

  • cealix

    It's not the fact that he brought a gun with him on his luggage. No. It's not the fact that he brought it with him to an airport and it's not even licensed to him. No. It's the fact that his stupid ass brought an unlicensed hand gun with him to an airport on 9/11.

  • Warren Mazengwe

    don't forget about former G-Unit member Young Buck. He got added to that list last week. Dumba ass nigga.

  • Lankh

    here is a jackass. I think rappers are the most stupid race in music industry lmao that mofo really thought an undisaggregated pistol could fuck airport security ?! Nah! I can't believe he thought it consciously...

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    10 Months is ok... but 10 Years??? Wow!!! God Damn!!!

  • wolfman

    Gun Charge Chart T.I. - 1 year Lil Wayne - 1 year Ja Rule - 2 years Prodigy - 3 years Petey Pablo - 10 years Lesson: If you're going to carry a heater, make sure you go at least triple platinum before you do so.

  • bballslim42

    A fucking Airport. Jesus Christ people in the southern states are fucking retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Generalization of an entire region attributed to one person's fuck cum junkie fuck-tard!

    • G($)

      Tons of non Christian Roman historians have documented Jesus like any other significant person at the time. HE EXISTED. Whether you have faith or not is an entirely different argument. But everyone knows airports are equipped with tech that'll make a paper clip show up. Petey Pablo is either extremely dumb, or he forgot he had the gun altogether. I think its the latter.

    • gutter man

      you cant proove this dude jesus ever existed so shut the fuck up you naive robot.

    • Why

      Why do you say Jesus name in vain? He died on the cross for your sins and mine and rose from the dead in 3 days. Show some respect for your Savior. He is coming back one day. God bless.

  • Bob Barker

    Forget about "rapper". Another (celebrity-famous)person being caught up in the airport. What the hell is wrong with people. His defense should simply be the classic "that's not my gun yur honor". IDIOT!

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    WOW....What a foolish dumb nigga.U bring a stolen gun(Not even a gun he owns legally) To the airport where 85% got metal detectors and security is 110% and u expect not to get caught....When will this ignorant rappers learn.Then now he gets sent to jail he will be screaming the police r out to get me bcuz im a rapper.!!!.Thats ignorance at its best.WOW JUST WOW....... I blive the foolish rapper of the day award goes to petey pablo.

  • Justin Farrar

    ...and to know this dude stayed at my grandma's house one time when he was coming up. smh

  • Judah

    Was it that serious to bring a weapon in an area like that. Gotta be smart with our choices. They looking for black males to mess up. DOnt make it ez for them.

  • Heh

    I'm guessing nobody really cares about this article, so I'll ask a good question....why the hell does HHDX change it's layout more than Facebook?!

  • Angel De Peña

    No one cares

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