Ras Kass, Kurupt, Canibus & Killah Priest As HRSMN Coming This Summer

Over a decade since the project was talked about, the 4 Horsemen to bring the apocalypse in 2011

It has been 13 years since Ras Kass, Canibus, Kurupt and Killah Priest first appeared together as The 4 Horsemen. "Horsementality" was featured on Canibus' 2000 B.C. album and talk of a full length project between the east and west coast emcees began. A promo video from the foursome says the Biblical-themed project will drop this summer.

Over the years the individual member continued to work together and kept the possibility of an album at arms reached. The group name was changed to simply HRSMN to allow the group to expand. Countless emcees have been rumored to be joining, including but limited to Pharoahe Monch, Keith Murray, Kool G. Rap, Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9, Rakim, Common, Vinnie Paz, Journalist, Pacewon, Young Zee, Danja Mowf, Pak Man and Lonnie B.

While an Internet only album was released in 2003 (a rare thing at the time), The Horsemen Project was cobbled together and wasn't the legitimate debut of the supergroup. In late December the group dropped a new track and confirmed they were indeed working on an album, which would feature a collaboration with fellow supergroup Slaughterhouse.


  • Gunn Starr

    If kurupt seriously steps his game up-and stops the 'rhyming words'style that he has addpted since 98 then it might work. 'impossible' had a horrible killah priest flow on it and Kurupt while sounding ferocious was just rhyming words with no real lyrical cohesion so I won't hold my breath on this one

    • Suge Knight

      As much as I like kurupt, I have to agree with you. He was an instant legend when he was the first rapper going lyrical over slow and heavy g funk beats. He does sound hungry but i'm really hoping that the kurupt of '92-96 is alive again. Killah priest was talking agility, but it seems like the beat just 'out-paced' him, he sounds complete sh!t on that track.

  • ry

    I can't see Royce doin any track with Canibus cos of his beefs with Em an Proof.. Hope he don't anyway

  • Anonymous

    I think this is going to be on point. Can't wait to hear the collabo with SH. There is a track out there that will probably be on this. Google HRSMN and look for Impossible feat. RBX.

  • gutter man

    vinnie paz kills slaughterhouse 10 times over- those clones aint got the balls- there a bunch of play it safe pseudo hard cats

  • Stretch

    like the miami heat of rap

  • dockevoc

    I was looking forward to this - TEN YEARS AGO!!! Now? Fuck that...everyone but Killah Priest has fell the fuck off so much I wouldn't use their music to interrogate terrorists.

    • dockevoc

      I feel you sensaye...I'll check that out and apparently that Poet Lauriet album is good too? I forgot to mention that I was actually was feelin' that Undergods shit with Keith Murray...it's not that I don't want to work hard to decipher shit it's just that his repetitive delivery makes me feel like he's just spitting directly out of some books with no regard for the flow or the beat, and that lack of 'cohesiveness', riding the beats and making it a "song," is what has always held him back in my eyes. I bought C-Hollywood Stories too cuz I was still such a fan of his style back in the days but that was 0-3 in my eyes and no one can blame me for giving up after that.

    • Sensaye252

      The 'Rip The Jacker' album is undeniably dope. Canibus is a ill MC. He's not for everyone, and he's not even necessarily for the people who used to listen to him 10-12 years ago. He makes reference to a lot of obscure things, he uses words and figures of speech that a lot of people don't understand. I'm not saying you're dumb and you don't get it, but some people just don't like to work hard to understand lyrics. Canibus is probably the most well read rapper ever, other than Killah Priest, and it makes for unusual content and subject matter. Personally, I love it. He's one of the only rappers who can be intellectual and vicious at the same time. He's smart as shit, but not preachy or self righteous. He's just an interesting guy and a deadly MC. Many if not most of his album were weak, I'm not gonna front. But that's what happens with a artist that's not just your safe run-of-the-mill MC. It's hard to be a 'smart' rapper. 99.999% of rap listeners aren't gonna understand a Kierkegaard quote about existentialism But for those of us who get it, it's great to hear a rapper that's not afraid of his own brilliance.

    • dockevoc

      I'm 34 homey so don't call me little boy. I was in line the day that Can-I-Bus and 2000 BC dropped and wasn't feeling them, no where near as much as his mixtape shit or remix appearances from 1996-1999. Matter of fact, why don't YOU check out the "Canibus vs DMX" tape and tell me if Canibus is still hot. Oh yeah, you never had 'tapes'...well I got that motherfucker and it's fire, unlike his official catalog...dude is the very definition of a mixtape rapper. His official shit sucks. Recommend me ONE Canibus album that you stand behind and I'll check it out, and I'll eat these very fucking words if that shit is hot. *waiting*

    • gutter man

      little boy- stfu! go suck moms tits- canibus has like 4 dope albums- where were you?

    • dockevoc

      You'll have to forgive me for skipping that one after being catastrophically disappointed in his first NINE(!) absolutely horrid albums.

    • Anonymous

      C of Tranquility is dope Canibus is still raw...

  • Sekond2NUN

    drop that shiiiit...

  • Angel De Peña

    That Slaughterhouse track is gonna be a PROBLEM

  • Cultures Clothing

    I wouldn't be worried about the beats guys...from what I heard of the snippets so far, this project sounds BEASTLY!!! I'm really excited for this...especially for the Slaughterhouse collab. I'm not even a huge Slaughterhouse fan, but just seeing 8 solid MCs on one track is worth the price of admission.

  • Beezlebud

    now a Wu feat would be SICK Deck Meth GZA GFK Rae over some RZA or Stoupe production would be bananas throw in a Black Thought feat n we good...

    • arryboi

      yeah slaughterhouse are sick as fuck, don't get me wrong, but saying they're better than the wu tang? naaaa man, fuck that shit, that's fuckin ridiculous. i love slaughterhouse and all but wu-tang take multiple shits on them

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here Slaughterhouse havent made a single song on the same level as anything on 36 Chambers, they have ZERO chemistry together and are incapable of making dope songs I love them individually but as a group they cant make dope songs, Wu bodies them Money Making Jam Boys>>> Slaughterhouse too n anyone tryna claim theyre iller than Wu is retarded

    • Angel De Peña

      Slaughterhouse > Wu-Dicks

  • Beezlebud

    fuck Ras Kass racist ass I'd drop him now n replace him wit Vinnie Paz n have Stoupe produce the whole album that shit would be sick but in no world will you find me buyin anything with a racist on it n fuck a Slaughterhouse feat I love them individually but only Crooked would fit on this project the others aren't suited too the style

    • Anonymous

      get off vinnie's dick. NO HE DOESNT KILL EVERY RAPPER. he cant kill pharoahe monch, cant fuck w/ big l (alive or dead) cant fuck w/ elzhi, cant even fuck w/ celph titled from his own crew army of the pharoah's lyrically, he'd probably resort to rapping about scientific shit w/ big vocabulary words and references to conspiracies and god in order to sound like hes out rapping mofos. How is that faggot-overbite line rapping ass slob kill every rapper again?? dude NEVER switches up the flow EVER, and face it he was more lyrical on when he was ikon the verbal hologram so stop hyping him up like hes a rapping god or something, he aint that amazing!

    • gutter man

      the sad fact is that vinnie paz kills every rapper.

    • your dumb

      Ras Kass's Soul on Ice >>>>>season of the assasin, jedi's first two albums could stand up to soul on ice tho, and ras kass isnt a racist u dumbfuck he was/is afrocentric, big difference!

    • Anonymous

      Vinnie Paz hasn't got a catalogue with 1000s of racist barrs in it like Ras Kass

    • HipHop

      You can't stand Ras for some shit but in the next sentence you're praising Vinnie Paz (?!).

    • Anonymous

      lol Vinnie >>> Ras hands down when Ras makes something on the level of Season of the Assassin or half of the Jedi Mind Tricks albums hollah back

    • anon

      honestly vinnie isn't on ras's level.

  • curbstompa

    sounds illy. Vinnie Paz would be a crazy addition to this. how fuckin insane would a HRSMN/AOTP/Slaughterhouse track be? itd be like 20 minutes long but the verses would be top notch, believe that

  • DR Jam

    I love the rappers in it and all, but this looks satanic. Just saying...

    • curbstompa

      i'd say apocalyptic, not satanic... wikipedia the four horsemen of the apocalypse real quick, you'll get it

  • WeAreTheResistane

    Beast1333 should have been included in this group, hes like these guys X10

  • HRSMentality

    Fuck yes. Looking forward to this beat. I think they could have went a bit harder on "This Shit Right Here", but the track overall was ill. I like that dark-apocalyptic vibe that they bring. I'm definitely coppin'!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i hope my favorite horseman on this album is kurupt. he is one of my all-time favorites to listen to when he goes off. when he does he goes in like a mothafucka.

  • nuc

    canibus over a em beat perhaps for that slaughter/hrsmn collabo? i wonder if those two can squash the riff.

  • Anonymous

    this album will have probably shitty beats and only battle rhymes. Can they really do it??? I mean they are old as fuck! Its not 2000 anymore

    • titooo

      I'm just worried about the beats. For sure they willl have wack beats, for some reason nice mcs use to do really bad beat choices. And people, come on... I won't say Em is wack as a producer because I dont wanna sound disrispectufl, but he is really worst than the average producer.

    • dockevoc

      No, they can't. Kurupt, Canibus & Rass Kass haven't made a quality project on this side of the new millennium.

    • Anonymous

      Ems a wack producer

    • NJ

      Listening to all of their rhymes lately i'm confident they will be as hot as ever but yeah I think we are all worried about the production, would be cool to see Bis over an Em beat for the Slaughter collab.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    thank god will be listening and excited at first when i get the album regardless of how it turns out. for that moment i cant wait.

  • Mal Moe

    let's get some production by Purpose of Tragic Allies on this album. www.tragicallies.com could really put some real hiphop on an album like this. Regardless im looking forward to this and hope they dont do a whole album of dark sounding music.

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