Diddy Will Be First Billionaire Rapper, Says Forbes

According to Forbes, Diddy may be the first Hip Hop artists to reach billionaire status.

Back in month, Forbes broke down the five wealthiest Hip Hop moguls, saying that the genre's top earners - Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Birdman, Dr. Dre and Diddy. Now, in a recent blog, Forbes's Zack O'Malley Greenburg explained why Diddy, who's worth a whopping $475 million, may be the first of the genre to make a billion dollars.

According to Greenburg, Diddy's extensive branding with his Bad Boy imprint and clothing lines like Sean John and Enyce have already netted him hundreds of millions of dollars. Experts indicate, however, that Diddy's involement with Ciroc vodka will prove to be essential to him reaching the billion dollar mark. Although Ciroc isn't selling as much as its sister brand Ketel One, Diddy's work with the budding vodka label may earn him nine figures in the future.

"The product is important," says one equity analyst from Edward Jones & Co Jack Russo. “But the name on the product is about ten times as important...Ciroc is a very popular brand, and it’s been growing. It has that cache. It’s in the right spot in the right sector.”

At the same time, Diddy's public image has proven integral to his immense success. His ability to reinvent himself as a mogul, a musician and an actorhas helped him create a multi-medium brand that consumers easily recognize.

"He makes his lifestyle coexist with everything else he’s doing,” said Hip Hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy. "The broad scope of his career and how he’s been able to stay relevant is one of the great examples of personal brand-building."


  • Anonymous

    Mo money mo problems

  • Bowski

    People can hate on Diddy all they want, but I've always said Diddy is necessary and good for hip hop/rap. (1)He's got an ill ear for music. If nothing else he brought us Biggie, The Lox, and Black Rob. (2)He's maintained his relevance in the game longer than a lot of people (myself included)could've ever imagined. (3)He's a symbol of hope for EVERYBODY that aspires to be succesful. He's opened doors for black people in places that those doors would've never been open for us years ago. He's brought corporations and white people into our culture and showed them that we're okay too, not just a bunch of animals, check out his birthday bashes, you see him mingling with power brokers in out society. He makes it okay to have that dream of success on some deep shit. (4) Bad Boy is the largest most sucessful BLACK OWNED COMPANY in New York City. Any real person has gotta salute that fact. By the way I'm a 100% backpacking Hip Hop head till the day I die but Diddy's last album "Last Train to Paris" gets a lot of spin in my ride. I can't explain it but it's a CD worth checking out. Call it what you want, but it's kinda hard to front on anybody that's behind these type of happenings, no matter your distain for Diddy.

  • R.I.P. HIP-HOP

    all at the expense of biggie's death. SMH

  • Vann Digital Networks

    Aint a Puff Daddy fan either but all this hate for the Black man a damn shame SMH!!!

  • Joshua Williams

    real niggas respect it #straight up and to say he aint hip hop, nigga quit playing. his credentials in hip hop is 10 times more than most. if yall really wanna take the conversation to the next level, think about this: diddy aint getting that bill gate money. lets figure out a way to that! ANYWHO, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Keep it 100

    Here's a history lesson for you silly rats on this dumb site. Diddy produced / managed the following artist: 1. Jodeci 2. Mary J. Blige 3. Total 4. Craig Mac 5. Notorious BIG 6. Produced Jay Z's American Gangsta 7. Mase 8. The LOX 9. 112 10.Managed Rick Ross 11. Managed Niki Minaj 12. Produced some of Jennifer Lopez hits 13. Dirty Money 14. Practically invented the REMIX AND THE LIST GOES ON. You can't tell me this man is not hip-hop.

    • Anonymous:

      Check out Biggie's last taped interview for your answer. Big said and I quote " I ain't got no problem wit' Puff he always make sure I got paper in my pocket."

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign 100. ^ Dumb fucks be quiet.

    • the gats cracked

      yeah and how many of them havent spoke about diddy and his robbing ways no one has ever went to bad boy and had a long good term relationship with puff hes a fuckin piece of shit and showed his true colors in the shyne trial (notice he wasnt on ur list) as soon as it looks like sumthing mite affect him in a bad way he drops the artist stops them getting the rite money wont let them put out an album or blames everything on sumone else and lets them sit in prison for 10 years without a even a phonecall fuck puff he aint hip-hop if BIG was alive do you think he would still be on bad boy and cool with puff i really fuckin doubt it

    • Anonymous

      more than half of that list is NOT hiphop needle dick. get off of his wood.

  • milehighkid303

    Respect dukes hustle and money, but strait up. Fuck him. Christopher prolly rolled in his grave 90 times seein how Puff done changed up over the years. Dude is a grade A cheeseball. The kid Frank White made Diddy look cool, and the man capatalized off his death, I can't stand Puffy. But I digress....keep gettin that bread, take that....take that....

  • Lima

    Are we still calling this man a rapper? I can usually tolerate a lot of entertainers, but I just can't stand Diddy. He's just one of those annoying figures that I change the channel every time he's on screen. I can't even feel happy for his accomplishments.

  • Anonymous

    "It has that cache. It’s in the right spot in the right sector" this feel miswritten and has a sprinkling of racism. i mean he is speaking of liquor stores right? i love those chilled bottles tho! pac said "dont support the phonies, support the real"

  • Nico 3

    Honestly, what is a billion dollars going to do or mean to this guy in the end? He already has everything there is now. When there's nothing left to prove, hearing about their worth is boring.

    • Business

      If you are ever involved in business the only purpose is to make a profit. There is no sentimental bullshit in the business world. The only goal is to make a profit.So yes for Diddy this matters because he has business ventures and the more profits he is able to make for himself the better.

  • Anonymous

    Does Diddy rap? yes. that makes him a rapper. Does Warren Buffet rap? no? well I guess he aint no mother fucking rapper then now stfu. props to Diddy for raping and pillaging Bad Boy artist over the span of two decades bringing us 156 artist and 9 albums. You deserve it. Btw he only has half a billion and he's on track to a billion? wat about Jay and 50?

    • Anonymous

      Before I read the article I knew it was going to be the explosion of Ciroc that was going to be the basis of this theory. And I understand. It's premium vodka and it's doing phenomonal(?) As a product that's co-owned by either him, Jay, or 50 Ciroc's the one that's the most profitable and has the most long standing viability.

  • Question

    What profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? -Jesus Christ



  • Anonymous

    "Back in month" What? Who's the editor for this site?

    • j

      seriously, why does this site have so many errors?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously!!! When I see an error like that in the first sentence it kills the article for me, I can't go on and read the rest because I'm afraid of all the mistakes I'm about to see

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