Pac Div Updates On "Grown Kid Syndrome," Talks Signing To Universal

The SoCal trio says they still do things independently, and also talk about building their reputation.

Pacific Division has not allowed their signing to a major label distract them from staying focused on their grind. The Southern California trio explained that they still tend to take a grassroots approach to booking and performing shows.

"Even when we went and signed with Universal we always kept the mentality and that [work] ethic, knowing that we were still gonna have to do stuff on our own," explained member BeYoung. "Universal is like the muscle. That's like the steroids. But we still move on our own and put shit together. You gotta stay in your own working unit. It's like a team effort."
Universal will, of course, be more directly involved in the promotion of their upcoming debut, Grown Kid Syndrome, although the group says they don't want to rush releasing the effort.

"We're working with our first single right now for the album [called] 'Anti-Freeze' [that] just hit the streets," said Mibbs. "So we're going to see how that works and continue to just build a brand and build a name." The group did not give up any specifics about the album's content, but they have already put up an impressive showing with their recent mixtape, Mania.

Grown Kid Syndrome does not yet have a release date.

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  • gamechanja

    I fux wit Pac Div here in Detroit. I hope Universal really push these cats out there. They've been putting out way too much quailty shit to be keep under wraps by a major label.

  • Moses Patron

    These dudes been doing they thing...I first started listening to them with Church League Champs...I been a fan ever since...everytime I get a chance I put someone on to Pac Div...keep making that real hip hop shit.....We fukkin wit yall all the way in the DMV PGCOUNTY

  • Vinnie Brown

    This is Vin Rock giving them props for reppin the Naughty Hoodie!!!

  • truth

    Pac div is what hip-hop should sound like these boyz dope for real columbus ga in here bitch

  • hunkE

    Praverb the Wyse - 1Mic [hunkEmix] --- ---

  • real hip hop

    been impressed with these cats from the jump...shout out love from south africa...Pac Div is wat it is right now

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