Nas Shares Thoughts On Libya, Updates On 'Lost Tapes Vol. 2'

QB's finest says he doesn't see Gaddafi as an enemy, and explains why he's partially pulled away from the 'Lost Tapes 2'

Nas is currently on tour with fellow collaborator Damian Marley, trekking through not only the U.S., but also Australia, Japan, Europe, and Africa. In an interview with, Nas said the Distant Relatives jaunt will see a finale in Africa, although the exact locations are not yet clear.

Nas also gave his opinion on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, taking a tone that is not at all popular in Western media. "I never saw Gaddafi as an enemy," he said. "I see him as someone who is misunderstood. I think a revolution in Libya is important and I just hate to see that the people are against him or he has to be against [them]…I just don't like that." He added that U.S. intervention may be a good idea as long as it is intelligent.

The QB rapper also said that he's quite interested in recording another album with Damian Marley, even as his Lost Tapes Vol. 2 has garnered increasing anticipation from fans. Unfortunately, he says changes to the Def Jam label thwarted his plans to release the album in December of 2010. "I kinda got away from [the album] and I started working on my new album," he explained. "…so maybe Lost Tapes later down the road but the new album first. Who knows, I'm trying to figure it out now."

Nas' newest project is as of yet untitled.


  • r

    Nas has got it way fucked up sayin a US takeover(that's what it would be) could be a good idea! fuk that. And Gaddafi is a motherfukin dictator who's killing his own people.. fuckin gettin his troops to shoot up ppl who aint even protesting too!

    • sadiq

      Nas never said US should take over, he said if they interveen it should be intelligent plus your reading a report that someone is so call quoting on nas US is a dictatorhip too who kills there own people they just hide in the shadows when they do it, cowards if you ask me. American media will tell you anything if you believe it shame on you to comment before you research or take a trip to their country to see what really going on.

  • pienman

    the homie is ill as fuck...hoepfully we will see anotha nas joint as well as a double joint sequel with the homie junior gong

  • Opinion

    it is an opinion. his opinion will not have any weight in any international stage probably. Just because it is an opinion not accepted in the media, people will label it as wrong. It is an opinion. last time I checked, an opinion is something anyone is entitled to. Whether or not it matters depends on the audience, so just let Nas speak. oh yea, by the way, this was an opinion too if you guys didn't know.

  • Anonymous

    Nas, choose the independet route. You have ALL the artistic freedom you can imagine. I can't understand why someone like Nas who already has such a big fanbase, wants to be major. Nas doesn't need a big company that makes him famous. He is established. SMH. He could achieve so much more. That's why i have so much respect for guys like Shad and Reks and countless others that turned down major label offers.

  • gutter man

    nas needs to get off the major label and do more with his money, like start a label, release lost tapes 2,3 and 10 and maybe start a social change network since he always injects his image with the revolutionary shit.nas is pretty dope, but he has compromised way too much over the years-gettin pipmped by sony- time for a change nas, change gonna come?

    • Sensaye252

      He's already doing plenty with his money, like giving a kings ransom to Kelis' bum ass every month.

  • Hopit

    Nas... smh. You've started a petition against Def Jam for the release of Lost Tapes 2 and now you don't feel like releasing it anymore? Get the fuck outta here. I'm really disappointed in you right now Nasir!

    • sadiq

      Really lost tapes come on havent you heard every song that nas put out or lost if not your not a true supporter of his music lost tape i heard all the songs lost go on youtube he should put out knew fresh music instead of old shit i already heard you guys are fucking lames.get off his dick. The Last Real nigga Alive thats offical ...Nas

    • Hopit

      He is trying to figure it out. So he isn't certain anymore.

    • lrn2read

      "I kinda got away from [the album] and I started working on my new album," he explained. "…so maybe Lost Tapes later down the road but the new album first. Who knows, I'm trying to figure it out now."

  • Vencire Damones

    Lost Tapes2 before any other release NAS!!!

  • Ikh-em

    Can't wait for the new album. But damn I really wanted Lost Tapes II to come out before his next solo album. It's all good though.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO. Nas is a rapper. Don't take and judge him for something he isn't. Your perspective is very ignorant.

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Love Nas' music, but when it comes to politics he needs to stop. speaking.

  • Intellectual God-Body

    It's funny people commenting on this like they really read the facts know the history of that region and how it was founded, What Nas said wasn't an attack on policies and dictatroship it was an acknowledgment that there are forces at hand that many know nothing about in America, America is like the new kid on the block, and has alot of nerve poking her business in other countries that have existed for 100's of thousands of years!! Don't let the media fool you like they did with Saddam in Saudia Arabia, now look at the Middle east it was all wirtten and more is to come, just do your own research before you comment based on what you hear on CNN! LOL they brainwashing you, Nas probably is one of the most intelligient EMC's ever his opinion is his own, but he does his homework, and speaks with passion, how many EMC's went at Fox NEWS, yet they slander you everyday, Think outside the Box, get a book get educated

  • Poor Journalism

    I never saw Gaddafi as an enemy, like a deadly enemy that wanted to harm people for no reason. Basically he is saying he's not killing people for no reason. He came in the game as a revolutionary, so why has the man turned on the people?

  • Anonymous

    bahhahaah exactly why i hate nas. stupid ignorant nigger.

  • Anonymous

    nas reads alot and when you idiots are saying "nas should look at the subject before he speaks" im sure he did, and would not make those comments if he hadnt. its his opinion and every1 has one, so shut up.

  • ShowTimeNY

    Why are people hating on Africa. Cmon Really. People are Ignorant sheep. ] And citing 50 cent to make your point just show how lost and easily misguided people can be. 50's Music is so Stale right now its not even funny. His numbers have decline drasticaly and he's been in the game far less yrs than Nas. He actually thinks he has to give his fans the same music he did when he was a poor kid from queens and that there is no way he can show growth without loosing fans. Thats sad and more importantly a bad strategy.

    • Enlightened

      Exactly! For his last album, he tried to take it all the way back to that "gutter" original hood shit, but the nigga was on everything from MSNBC to Leno to Conan...this nigga was even on one of the top Business shows (can't think of the name) where they only bring on high-level successful entrepreneurs, CEO's etc. On these shows, the nigga had on nice suits, speaking very articulately, and represented himself very well. But in the music, he tried to come with some gangsta shit for the sake of it. You see the result. Flop. He needs to learn how to be the "new" successful 50 Cent on records. Rap about how muthafuckas in these boardrooms is scared when you come in or something

  • shottaz

    "so maybe Lost Tapes later down the road but the new album first. Who knows, I'm trying to figure it out now." Nas needs to get his shit together. Sounds like he has no direction right now. He needs to start taking control of his career. Start makin' moves. Other vets just seem to be dropping albums at will.

  • ShowTimeNY

    As usual when Nas name comes up people get to talking Bullshit. What do you really know about Gaddaffi? Really? Most are yall are not versed on the subject so stop it. I for one know Nas reads a lot So whatever oppion he has thats his business.

  • Polar Realcity

    Gaddafi is what Charlie Sheen would be if he was running a country. Nas is a great rapper n i always thought dude was smart but cmon

  • bluerazor

    He needs to get his lost tape 2 out first!!

  • love always wins

    I guess Nas using the word "misunderstood" to descibe Gaddafi is WORSE than Beyonce, Usher, Nelly Furtado, and 50 Cent getting paid millions to perform for Gaddafi? The Nas hate is unreal.

  • love always wins

    I guess Nas using the word "misunderstood" to descibe Gaddafi is WORSE han Beyonce, Usher, Nelly Furtado, and 50 cent getting piad millions to perform for Gaddafi? The nas hate is unreal!

  • REAL

    #1 Ya'll know Nas doesn't know the end all, be all of everything and he can't be a total ass with the music he's released thus far. Nas is a music dude who speaks like a politician, in interviews. Which means, he voices his opinion in his music but seems to remain cynical during interviews. Most of his responses are general - carefully plotted not to take sides - so the boy knows his place. You can't be traveling and touring to other countries talking reckless about politics then not expect animosity from the people or risk putting yourself & others in danger. Don't try to explain shit that's bigger than you although if choose to then just be prepared for the backlash. In this case, Nas would've been chewed out regardless of what he said because that's just how politics work.

  • BRu973

    When it comes to Nas I only care about 1 thing...his damn music! And since he is working on a new Solo Album, he should know that nobody wants to hear Nas do another "back to Africa" album! People talk about 50 dissin Nas, but if you actually had any sense, you would realize what 50 said was actually correct! He said Nas fucked up when he isolated himself from his core audience! That is the truth... Nas & B.I.G. are my 2 favorites...but Imma be honest if Nas has another disappointing "concept" album, with garbage beats and that's way too deep. I'll be done supporting his new projects...I'll never say anything about his lyrical abilities nor will I say anything about his talent or his creativity...but none of that means his stuff has been great lately b/c it definitely hasn't.

    • seek the truth

      50 Cent did not speak no truth about Nas...because the man has several platinum plaques and 1 gold plaque for all 9 of his solo albums. 50 cent needs to worry about less bubble gum singing and more substance in his own music instead of HATING on Nas because that is all 50 Cent does. G-Unit artists can barely sell 50k first week. Nas concept albums shit all over 50 Cents best work!

  • Dennis Ndiema Nynteensecondztomarz


  • akk

    gaddafi is a jew his mom is jewish they found talmud and all jewish books in his office,you gotta understand all these kings in middle east is agents from king of jordan who is a 33rd degree mason to kings of saudi arabia who are run by cia to hosni mubarak all of them are puppets of the west and zionist jews.its the truth muslim brotherhood was founded by the british and is a freemason muslim organization so no wonder they will be put in the chair in egypt ,at the end people dont get who they want its just a change of powers by the elite who use people to protest and in return give them back same guy just younger with a tighter grip on the your eyes people zionist are using american army and crooked politicians to go to war with all these muslim countries and control them.

  • Rick

    Yo Nas, you sounding a bit dumb smart nigga. Come on why do you say shit like that? Its like saying..."people who had slaves working for them back in the day were just misunderstood". you lose for this.

    • Maurice D. Randle

      @Rick I agree wholeheartedly! Nas should really look into a situation before he starts openin' his mouth to say some stupid ass shit like that! I love the nigga's music but damn, that was ignorant as hell!

    • Rick

      ^^ use periods, commas etc. you dumb nigga.

    • jumpoftv

      You could not wait to sound like a dumb nigga yourself but yet you are calling Nas the same thing you represent yourself to be in your coment a dumb NIGGA!

  • Nas Fan Since Illmatic but...

    Tell that to the victim's families of the Lockerbie Bombing...just sayin...research it.

  • KV

    Why do you people look up to these music biz people these rappers and actors and public figures. They have their opinions and it is btter to have a lot of different ones than a lot of similar ones. But get off of your bs people Nas is just a man. And even with this comment he is still the best at it bar none. You and I and Ben and Jay Z and Eminem and everybody knows that

  • Larry

    People in America are killing each other right outside your doors. Nas is a great lyricist and anyone who is upset by his response is just stupid because an opinion is like an asshole we all have one. Only a fool would call Nas a prophet. He never professed to be one.



  • Anonymous

    This is what a lot of you nas haters can't even see your selves You take everything the man says so seriously and love to scrutinize it I don't even agree with Nas here but I can still seperate someones obscure opinion on something and a catalogue of music You lot are faggots Don't Try hate on Nasty and ask why people are such big fans you complete idiotic fools. If you knew anything about 'Hip Hop' You wouldn't even ask why people are fans, seriously, it's cringe worthy to see those comments probably eminem fans

  • ek.

    nas is not a smart man

  • Anonymous

    This Ben cat is a straight up faggot I BET your a fan of Eminem? Please let me know that

    • Ben

      Not really that big of an Em fan...he is ridiculously skilled, I'm generally not interested in what Em has to say


    The US is the Lamb-like Beast in Revelation that looks like a Lamb but speak and doeth as a Dragon.!

  • Ben

    Wow, PERFECT....I needed some good humor. Just got into the office and the first headline I saw reads 'Nas shares thoughts on Libya...' More prophetic pathetic bullshit from the God's Son....the Street's Disciple....who married the Milkshake girl...and then got divorced (That certainly sounds like the life of a prophet....someone who is a lot smarter than all of us). I can't even make my criticism without dwelling into serious hater territory, but this guy makes routinely simplictic astoundingly stupid statements like seeing "Gaddafi as someone who is misunderstood."

    • Anonymous

      An idiot that can't divide fiction and reality.

    • That Dude

      Nas talking Ghadifu dudes up hear talkin bout Kelis' what's wrong with that LOL that's his personal business, and the shit can happen to anyone, and him being single is another reason to hide your chick LOL, what a bunch of lames!! And they wonder why America is falling behind in education too arogant and judgemental, but lack many true facts and common sense, what a waste

    • Ben

      So...naming consecutive albums 'Street's Disciple' 'God's Son' and 'Hip Hop is Dead' doesn't mean anything? I would disagree. At a Minimum, he wants people to take him very seriously, which is fine. I prefer to listen to hiphop in which the rapper is actually attempting to say something. I am not placing titles on him, he did that to himself. I think I am holding him up to the standards that he created for himself. Thats all. The reason I am referring to his career and the album titles is because you need to view this issue in the context of his career.

    • so u are jealous of his success

      @Ben just stop it! Nas naming his album these titles do not in any way make him a prophet. You are trying to place a title on Nas and act as if his opinion on any issues is taking as gospel and that is not the case. Only a nut case like you would place Nas in such high regards. He is an artist and a damn good one...that is all! There is no perfect answer or human response to anything. So stop trying to make Nas the scapegoat of your warped perception.

    • Ben

      I promise you I am not envious of Nas' success. And this has nothing to do with race...I must say that comment is reactionary at best. My comments are meant to reflect a running commentary over the past few years, whereby Nas' has taken his career into the realm of being someone who knows what the average person doesn't know, or being aware of what most people do not see. This IS NOT a criticism. When you begin naming your albums Street's Disciple or God's Son or Hip Hop is Dead you are definitely putting yourself forth as someone who can see through the haze, someone who gets the whole story that other people DON'T GET. (This all not to mention an album called Nastradamus, which ironically enough, is probably the worst of his career). So for me to say that he is going in this disciple direction with his career, its not a criticism. It is what I percieve. Having said that, when you do that with your career, you put yourself out there for a lot of potential criticism. If you want to be a 'serious' rapper then you have to maintain that, especially when you make comments about international political situations. If Noreaga or Paul Wall or Soulja Boy made these comments, no one would care becasue they are not expected to be taken seriously. However, Nas is....thats why I feel compelled to write about this. The specific things that he said regarding Libya were ridiculous and I will maintain that position. I'm not sure he really understands the situation very well

    • so u are jealous of his success

      @Anonymous or Ben who every you are? You seem to be the only one flocking to Nas' every word and claiming him to be something he never stated he was in the first place. I understand that you are mad at his success because it hurts many people to see a man of color be successful at anything. Even people of color hate on each others success.

    • Anonymous

      And with "we are all God's children" I will conclude all comments here, not ready for adult make-believe....I must say, I haven't heard anything other than grow up and stop about you start thinking and get critical

    • Jon M

      You are the only one claiming that Nas is a prohet so because he named his album God's son means he is a prophet...get a life and stop trying to subject your hate on Nas...he does not even now you dumb ass for you to make such an assumption on what he thinks of himself as because truth be told we are all God's children (sons and daughters). This state is pure assumption "someone to claim prophet-status, he calls himself God's Son and named an album after that...." Grow up hater!

    • Anonymous

      I will admit that my reference to him 'marrying the milkshake girl' is a running commentary on how wack it is for someone to claim prophet-status, he calls himself God's Son and named an album after that....Even if he is COMPLETELY in the playful-mataphor realm, he can still be called out and made fun of for his marriage to a b-list pop singer. Prophets dont do that, neither do disciples. I don't think I am being a hater, I am simply making a broad criticism that applies halfway to specific retarded comments he made about Libya and halfway about who he is and how he has attained the image that he currently holds....its incredibly intriguing to me.

    • serious music and talent here are WACK! The dude @Ben stated "I can't even make my criticism without dwelling into serious hater territory." Nas NEVER called himself a prophet only his haters do and what does him marry "milkshake" and divorcing have to do with the topic. The dude is a hater and he knows it and you are wack.

    • Anonymous

      I even admitted that I was going into hater territory but only in the sense that I am questioning the popularity/influence because I don't get it, I don't understand it (I do the same thing everyday for Lil Wayne, I simply can not understand the popularity and influence of the music).....However I think the comments here are relevant. I'm not sure what this guy has done to be someone that people flock to for serious questions about any given international affair. Not to mention that the response he gave just shows that he does NOT understand the situation/history of that country...He is still pandering (quite succesfully I might add) to the pseudo-revolutionary crowd who seem to just swallow whatever he gives them

    • grow the fuck up

      The people whoo hate on Nas use this as a tool to bring up things that have absolutely nothing to do wit the article...SUCKERS!

    • gametime

      you are so wack somebody expresses reasonable criticism and you just call him a hater wihtout explanation

    • Hater u are

      Yes you are a TRUE HATER!

  • L-Boogie

    Anyone else notice how Nas gets criticized way more than other rappers. If this was Eminem or Jay-z ya'll would be dickriding everything they said or did. Nas gave us classic after classic and ya'll bums still hating. Illmatic-Classic It Was Written-Classic Lost Tapes-Classic Stillmatic-Classic God's Son-Good Untitled-Great Distant Relatives-Great. What more does the man have to do??? Esco Let's Go!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      every1 hated on it was written because he could afford better beats and producers, but the dude spits his ass off and imo is deffinetly considered a classic.

    • Rick

      Yup, very true. And about your list, I liked God's Son more than Stillmatic. It Was Written is a slept on album in terms of not being considered a classic. That album rite there shits on lots of others that came out at that time. I think it shits on Reasonable Doubt...yup, i said it bitches.

  • Ze

    This nigga Nas needs to come back to what made him hot. Evolution is great but this nigga is known for spitting slick rhymes and wordplay. I miss Nasty Nas Man. Ima go listen to It was Written and I am.

    • Anonymous

      i am sucked, it was his second worst album next to nastradamus, so obviously your not a true nas fan.

  • joe5286

    What Nas doesn't realize is that by him advocating US intervention, he's essentially advocating neo-imperialism. The Libyan people don't want us coming in there; the Egyptian people don't want us coming in there. They see our track record, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its imperialism, just under a new name.

  • joe5286

    That was a schizophrenic statement from Nas on Libya... out of one corner of his mouth he says that Gaddafi is good, and then out of the other corner of his mouth he says: "U.S. intervention may be a good idea as long as it is intelligent." What the hell does that mean? If the West intervenes, Gaddafi's definitely gone -- and likely to be replaced by a more pro-NWO puppet. Gaddafi sucks and is a dictator, but the man who replaces him might be worse, especially if the US gets involved

    • joe5286

      he said Gaddafi isn't an enemy - which is fine - but then he contradicts himself and says the imperialist US should come in and "intervene"

    • no he didn't

      Nas never said "Gaddafi was good!" People place words in people mouth is what you call crazy! He said he didn't like the violence between him and the people.

  • maryBmoore

    Click on the word "interview" labeled in red if you want to hear and read the entire interview by Nas! It was a good interview!

    • stop being judges

      Nas also stated "I hate to see any violence between him and his people, I just don’t like that."

  • reallymusic

    This entire write up is misleading...if you are going to post something Nas said don't copy and paste parts of the interview post the interview because it was available to be posted!

  • ko

    Nas you're a fool for saying something stupid like this

  • Anonymous

    Nas isn't all for the fans like some people think. Seriously, he could drop Lost Tapes Vol. 2 as a free release. I'm sure, he has soo many unreleased tracks. But as of late it's not even gonna be a bonus cd on his new solo LP. The fans are BAGGING for a collabo with Premo, Premo is open to do it and this nigga is doing another cd with Marley. SMH.

  • Nas must be high

    There's no way he was sober or maybe dx twisted his words but there's no way he said that knowing what Gaddafi has become now. Gaddafi went from being a rebel with a good cause to becoming the dictators he once fought against. Power has changed the man to a monster. He's destroying the country he fought for and killing his people. The man has definitely made sure we understand him, he doesn't want to give up his power. Frankly, he needs to die.

  • Al Regal

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  • gutter man

    release lost tapes ya fuckin pussy. not another cry baby album with bobs 2nd rate bro.

    • gutter man

      wow you 2 sure showed me. lost tapes 2 any day over a new nas/damien or mainstream nas album.

    • Gary Rue

      Bob's bro ? Its his son .

    • fuck outta here

      1. Distant Relatives was nearly flawless. 2. Damian Marley isn't Bob's bro, it's his son. 3. Damian isn't 2nd rate, as he's one of the most popular, if not the most popular, of the Marley siblings.

  • Nasisconfused

    How can you say that Gaddafi is misunderstood and at the same time you say a US intervention might be a good idea. Nas is stupid and confused, do your research before you open your mouth.

  • Krome

    Nas you my dude, but you been blowing me lately... this next album better come out THIS year and it better be fire nigga

  • jack johnson

    i can see why he would want to do another album with damian marley, i went to his concert when he came to auckland and it was amazing

  • SuperGucciRap

    I told you niggaz that Nas was straight out illuminati. He supports Gaddaffi, nothing but a puppet. Gucci Mane murked that Nas nigga anyone on GucciMatic. Go cop GucciMatic in stores now with superstar collabs with Justin Bieber, MattyBRaps, and Christian Beadles. The album was rated 5 mics on the Source and XXL rating on XXL. It's Gucci Time!

    • Balck On Black

      My Point exactly alot of Lames!! just read their comments Gucci is not even an EM-C he's a street hustler who got lucky in a time when lyrics don't mean shit anymore, dude is wack!! FolKs UP

    • SuperGucci Is a Sisqo Fag!

      Nigga the only thing that's getting merked is yo face when Gucci Mane rapes it!U pussy wit yeast, you a Sisqo fag! We all know that you don't like Gucci and you're just looking for attention! Bum ass nigga lol, go eat Gucci Mane's cock meat sandwich...Gucci's best success is Nas's worst blunder, dumb nigga!



  • Anonymous

    nas is an idiot gaddaffi is killing his own people.

  • Sanity

    Special Ed, fitting name, seeing as the dude is more retarded than Gaddafi and Nas combined

    • Dennis Ndiema Nynteensecondztomarz


    • Special Ed

      Living in your comfortable home and typing on your computer not worrying about tomorrow... Come to my side of the world, where nothing is certain... The Congo... Where kids are sold as slaves for less than nothing... Let's switch for a day, then reiterate...

  • Anonymous

    Gaddaffi is misunderstood? Gaddaffi is misunderstood? NAS!?!?! Gaddaffi is misunderstood? you just say that shit? i looked up to this nigga tho? I lost.

    • Special Ed

      Yet you live... Shouting online from your room yes??? Every man is different, and most of you read the paper and the news, and all ends there... Look beyond the veil that is put up by the media, see between the words that are forced before your eyes... and you'll realize that the same people that are backing these revolutions are the same people that helped these so called 'dictators' get to their positions... Once these presidents start to really think about their people and what's best for their nations, there are sidelined as this means they don't help advance the interests of 'The Empire'.. I'll end there... Listen to Distant Relatives... and reiterate...

    • Tidomann

      u don't fuckin' rule for decades...nobody owns a country where other people live. look @ Zimbabwe, that stubborn muthafucka of a president don't be wantin' 2 step down but the country is in turmoil, str8 trash because of him. Fuck Gaddafi, Fuck Mugabe, Fuck Mubarak & a shout out to all those Tunisia cats who got knocked while petitioning for some positive shit

    • Special Ed

      Gaddaffi brought pride to the Libyan people at a time when their country was far worse than it is today... Read their history... A revolution is often based on disagreement between a leader and his people... A disagreement... A misunderstanding... Nas is right, the guy is misunderstood... Sad, but true...

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