Tracklist Revealed For Pusha T's "Fear Of God: Let Us Pray" EP

UPDATE: The G.O.O.D. Music rapper taps Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West, Diddy, Jeezy and more.

UPDATE #2: The tracklist has been revealed for Pusha T's Fear of God: Let Us Pray EP, releasing to retail on August 23rd. Check what tracks made the final cut below.

1. Changing Of The Guards (Feat. Diddy)
2. Amen (Feat. Kanye West & Jeezy)
3. Trouble On My Mind (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)
4. What Dreams Are Made Of
5. O There It Is
6. Feeling Myself (Feat. Kevin Cossom)
7. Raid (Feat. 50 Cent & Pharrell)
8. My God
9. I Still Wanna (Feat. Rick Ross & Ab Liva)

UPDATE (04/18): Monday, Pusha T announced he wil re-release his Fear Of God mixtape as a retail E.P. He made the announcement via his Twitter feed, and the news coincided with the release of Fear Of God’s second video, “My God.” After checking out his labelmate Kanye West put on an epic performance at Coachella, Pusha T dropped the video at noon Monday. Fear Of God is scheduled to be released on June 21.

Fear of God EP coming out June 21st!! GOOD MUSIC! #LetUsPray.about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Of course, Pusha T is not the first emcee to slap a barcode on a previously free mixtape. In 2010 Drake decided to test the retail waters with a proper release of So Far Gone. Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain—collectively known as MellowHype—will employ the same strategy with their BlackAndWhite mixtape. For his part, Pusha promised to change things up with what he referred to as “some suprises on there too.”

Friday night (March 11th) Pusha T unveiled his long-awaited mixtape Fear Of God to journalists and bloggers at New York City’s Pull Studios.

The Clipse emcee joined the media in a play-by-play of each track, explaining most of the songs were freestyles, including the collaborations. “I picked the joints where I felt the artists were the best,” Pusha explains. Fear Of God has some brand new beats from teams like Hit-boy (Surf Club), The Inkredibles, The Neptunes, as well as Nottz, but also tackles classics like Jay-Z’s “Can I Live”.

Cameos include Rick Ross and Ab-Liva on “I Still Wamma Rock”, as well as Lil Wayne and Kevin Cossom. A snippet of a Kanye West song “Touch It ” leaked a while back, and that track will be included on Fear Of God as well. However, Pusha was very animated about two specific collaborations: one with 50 Cent and the other with Soulja Boy.

“50 is one of my favorite rappers in this whole Hip-Hop shit,” Pusha explains. “I like his principles.” 50 Cent joins Pusha T on the track “Raid ”, produced by the Neptunes. “[50 Cent] is amazing,” Pusha continues about the G-Unit forefather turned multi-millionaire. “Nobody’s done what he’s done in such a short period of time.”

A Soulja Boy collaboration though? “I just admire what the fuck he does,” Pusha shrugs.

Since formally aligning himself with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music back in September, Pusha T has been inching his way into the spotlight. His track “My God ” (the opening track on Fear Of God) had jaws dropping and ears open for what was next for one half of the Clipse. According to Pusha though, his inspiration on the mixtape title was derived from a genuine fear he was holding. “[Fear Of God] was me feeling the fear of God knowing that my brother [Malice] wasn’t going to be with me,” he admits.

Fear Of God drops on March 21st.

Tenative Tracklisting:
My God
Money On My Mind Freestyle
I Still Wamma Rock ft. Rick Ross & Ab-Liva
Untitled ft. Kevin Cossom
Cook It Down
Open Your Eyes
Can I Live Freestyle
Raid ft. 50 Cent [Prod. Neptunes]
Touch It ft. Kanye West
Speakers Going Hammer
Alone In Vegas


  • Tilt

    Did a remix to the song "Trouble On My Mind", check it out if you want, thanks.

  • Its Um

    It might not do as well as Drake but I think it could surpass a 100k.

  • yo9

    fuck this faggot he used to be dope now hes doing songs wit soulja boy....dats gay as fuck

    • southendhash

      To each his own but Pusha-t be makin dat shit but I gotta agree wit you about Soulja Boy. I don't know what the hell dats about. Not to sound like a hater but Soulja Boy aint got no lyrics. If I ever wrote shit like dat it would be on a crumpled up piece of paper. Black Spit Records

  • Anonymous

    so im paying for 5 new songs(the other 4 came out for free on the mixtape)$11 for 5 songs smh

    • i'm sure...

      i'm sure they changed some shit in the songs already that they already had on FoG, like Kanye did to Dark Twisted Fantasy, like Big Sean did to the re-release of Finally Famous vol. 3 mixtape (the no DJ version). I'm still going to buy it, it should be dope, especially "Amen".

    • Anonymous

      No youre paying for 9 songs from an artist that you support.

  • Anonymous

    that 50 pusha track is dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • betta watch what you say to me

    amen is gonna be dope nigga

  • Anonymous

    wtf a mixtape then an ep what happened to the album. wats going on here

    • Anonymous

      They're dropping Watch the Throne, so Pusha ain't dropping yet. Plus, he needs to build the hype for a while.

  • ReLL

    I listen 2 his mixtape everynight...Pusha T iz nice "Fear of God" got so many quotes,but some of u idiots will nvr understand it.LMAO



  • NJ

    Fear Of God would have been better as an EP in the first place, all the "Mixtape tracks" on there were the major let down but pretty much every original track was hot.

  • the whole Soulja Boy thing...

    is pretty sketchy, i think Ye just tells everybody on G.O.O.D. to talk positively about Soulja, I love Ye (no homo), he's the shit, but i really think it's kind of bogus when Big Sean, Pusha, and CyHi are saying that Soulja is dope, when everybody knows how shitty Soulja Boy is, everytime any of those 3 say anything about SB, it's always a single sentence with no real explanation on why they like him. Also the girl in the "My God" video is sexy as hell.

    • shane

      Sounds like some one who's offended i mean ur pretty much saying the real ? is why do you have an opinion. I mean its pretty ask any one kanye is a borderline great artist. Soldier boy on the other hand literaly writes worse stuff than vanilla ice. So its one thing when some ones your friend but when you say wack people are good just to potentially get a couple hundred thousand $s ontop of the millions you have your a douche. On a more relevant note does it piss any one else off that he didn't just drop one mix tape and take alot of the better songs he's got and put it on the cd. I mean maybe it is but i dont that his cd could ever could have enough songs and be good enough to justify dropping 2 mixtapes good ass songs on them.

    • Anonymous

      the real question is why do you care who kanye thinks is dope. what does it matter at the end of the day

    • Anonymous

      It's just a business move. Don't talk bad about someone who maybe able to aid in generating revenue for you. But you know he thinks SB sucks as an artist.

  • Anonymous

    good luck getting people to buy something you gave away 3 months earlier

  • Christopher English

    Shit his mixtape was better than 90% of these cats album...

  • Al Regal

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  • Anonymous

    50 and pusha killed that track!!! 2 of my favs n that ousha and banks track home sweet home was classic

  • Anonymous

    pusha t is dope, but i always thought malice was just as nice, in fact better on till the casket drops. hopefully malice will keep the clispe tradition and work with pharell and pusha will work with kanye

    • Christopher English

      Malice has an album about to come out as well. We interviewed him for Hoodgrown. The first hip hop magazine for the iPad

  • pienman

    much props goes to dude for doin him...the game has evoled on such a incredible level now! mixtapes are now ablums, while ablums appear to mixtapes props to drake on that one! but the dude is gonna kill the game....i heard the track with 50 its was "raid" indeed....crazy

  • Mardigraz718

    Typos reflect a lack of quality, lack of quality reflects a lack or caring....Pusha T and the fans deserve more. That said. Welcome to the halfway point Pusha! We'll be waitin for you at the finish line! This is gonna be sick!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy????? flop!!!

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    "I Wamma Rock"? Does anyone on this site actually edit their shit?

  • Anonymous


  • Its Um

    Surprise nobody mentsion him and lil wayne doing a track together even thou they forgot to put it on the list.

  • jack

    ziplock p is by my favorite rapper. he will murder your favorite rapper any day.

  • edubb1977

    I think that Pusha T album will do okay. I would rather see him and his brother together as a duo. Im also leary of people who decide to work with that evil bastard Kanye. I hope Pusha T is not leaning towards sellin out.


  • Crack Man Milton (V.A.)

    Why Kanye sign this heap of shit rapper from VA.. Only God knows?. Pharrell, fam you aint lose shit, cause this niggas (pusha T) trash.. This nigga will not even go gold on his solo debut, I'm hating... Yea just a little. I just hate a gargage ass fake coke powder selling nigga.

    • Anonymous


    • edubb1977

      Yeah your right your are a hater. Everyone knows that Pusha T is not that best lyrically but he is good at what he does. Sound to me like you hatin on a more personal level. Im not saying that it is the right thing to do but it seems to me like your crack sales were not as good as Pusha T's.

  • Anonymous

    50 and Ross on the same album wow!

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