Birdman Discusses New Books On Cash Money Content

As Birdman ventures out into the literary world, he speaks on recent and upcoming releases including "Raw Law," "Justify My thug" and more.

Cash Money Content, the book company owned by Cash Money's Birdman, has been working hard of late. As a result, fans who were anticipating releases from CMC can be thankful for a slew of new books. 

The first of these releases was Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice, a book by lawyer Muhammad Ibn Bashir, that was penned to help guide people who are repeatedly going in and out of prison, according to Cash Money's boss. 

"It really speaks to the reality of our legal system," he said in an interview released by Derick G. "I think it's a book you should read, especially if you're in and out [of prison]."

Justify my Thug is another book being released by CMC. This one was penned by Wahida Clark. 

"Wahida also did time," Birdman was quick to note. "She did like nine and a half years and she did like a year in the hole but now she's the queen of thug fiction. Her books are incredible. I have a whole collection. I reads them all the time."

In May, CMC supporters can anticipate seeing Iceberg Slim books, since as Birdman notes, they recently "bought the whole Iceberg Slim catalog. Every book he ever wrote." 

When CMC was initially announced, Birdman noted he'd like to release five or six books a year, promising to promote them in new ways. The video for the promotional interview with Derick G. is below. 


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  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      DUDE YOU ARE AN IDIOT. CAN YOU READ???? IT ISN'T BIRDMAN VS JAY-Z 24/7 AND BIRDMAN DIDN'T EVEN WRITE THE BOOK AND THE BOOK ISN'T EVEN NEW. Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice, a book by lawyer Muhammad Ibn Bashir

  • Nico 3

    Now if only Wayne could learns how to reads.

  • Anonymous

    I have taken the 101 course in criminal justice with Mohammad Bashir's book, Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice. I have learned more about the justice system in 202 pages then I have ever known. This book provides readers with definitions and case scenarios that explain how the justice system works. It tells the good and bad of the system as well as who falls victim to it. The law can be very tricky. It is easy for criminals and innocent people to slip up and make mistakes. These mistakes can arise due to confusion and the misinterpretation of information given to the accused. Mistakes can also cause people to lose their freedom. Raw Law gives readers the knowledge they need to detect when something is wrong or when someone is setting them up. It is funny how the law can betray a person at times, but can also be of help in certain circumstances. Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice is a guidebook of useful information. The main thing I have taken from this book is to not trust anyone in the justice system because everyone has an agenda. The criminal justice system has trained individuals whose specific job is to use psychological training to convince you to agree to something that is not true. These trained individuals can spin words that will have you confessing to a crime that you know that you have not committed. Be careful, be aware, and remember that the justice system is not always your friend. I applaud the author for writing an educational yet interesting book that will help people become knowledgeable of the criminal justice system. This advanced reading copy (arc) was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

  • Anonymous

    About the Author Muhammad Ibn Bashir is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey. He graduated from Howard University School of Communications and completed his education at Howard University School of Law. He specializes in criminal and constitutional law and has been a sole practitioner for 17 years. During this time, he has also represented clients in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Kentucky. He has served as a Public Defender and was co-counsel in the defense of the infamous “World Trade Center Bombing” trial. As a criminal trial attorney, he maintains a reputation of a relentless cross-examiner and a tenacious advocate. He is a motivational speaker and lectures to high school and college audiences on criminal justice and procedure. Further, he is a dedicated community servant and is involved in many community-based projects impacting on the lives of the community’s youth. He also serves as Director of Policy & Planning at Image Makers Public Relations, Inc.

  • Anonymous

    Product Description A counterpoint to the Law and Order justice the public sees and believes in. This is the real criminal justice system, as told from someone inside, someone fights it ever day. This is not a manual for how to get off, how to be a better criminal. It is proof that the system will eat you up and spit you out if you dare to become involved or think you can beat it. Raw Law authoritatively addresses the legal issues faced by the hip hop generation, and offers a simple guide on how to avoid certain situations and how to learn and respond to others. Here readers will learn the truths and untruths of the justice system and how they can protect themselves from the worst of it. But most of all, they will learn how to follow the first rule of the criminal justice system: AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

  • Anonymous

    stunna keepin it real

  • Lemar 'Mista' Green

    "Her books are incredible. I have a whole collection. I reads them all the time." lmmfao @ that last line

  • REAL

    That's a good look for Cash Money - might seem like a oxymoron for them to release anything worth reading lol but at least is somethin' different & maybe a more positive way to capitalize. And I might checkout Raw Law by Bashir, he been holdin' DonDiva down for a minute. I used to cop the mag mostly to read his articles on the system. Not really into that thug fiction and love novel stuff though.

  • Anonymous

    god he probably can't even formulate cohesive sentences. the last half of it is probably a young money coloring book.

    • tdot1987

      hahaha! this shit is hilarious. Birdman is a straight clown. I used to think he was cool in like 10th grade, but this dude get's dumber and dumber. Ya he's rich, but he's still a fucking bum in my opinion

  • A Real Nigga

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  • Life's little simple pleasures...

    My favorite quote from the article... "I reads them all the time." It's oh so evident that Birdman "read" all the time.

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