Pill Plans To 'Patent' Catchphrases, Updates On Big Boi, Killer Mike Collab Album

The Atlanta emcee says his original terms like "Going Ham" won't be used so liberally anymore, and also talks about the possible collab with two of ATL's finest.

Pill recently said that he's planning on taking a more business-like approach to the catchphrases found in his music. The Maybach Music artist responsible for phrases like "Going Ham," "Go 'n get your roll on," and "No sleep" told BootlegKev.com that he's setting out to patent these terms.

"If you've bit off a term from P-I-Double-L, thinking I'm a dumb N-I-G-G-A, you'll be hearing a word from my patent attorney. And she's a beast. $700 an hour."

Pill and the rest of the Maybach "Power Circle," which includes Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill, will release a compilation album titled Self Made in May. However, Pill may also be releasing an album with Atlanta vets and long-time friends, Big Boi and Killer Mike.

"That's epicness rolled inside of awesome and add a hashtag plus 'Winning.' I just try to make sure that I remain relevant and that I stay in the box where they put 'greatness,'" he added earnestly. "Because that's what I'm shooting for. I'm not trying to say that I'm better than anybody, I'm not trying to say that I'm greater than anybody, all I'm saying is that I wanna be great so I'm gonna work towards it. And I wanna surround myself with other great emcees."

Although there is not date for the potential album, Pill says they've already moved toward recording it.

"It's definitely in the works. We got joints already recorded. I was just in the studio with them a couple days [ago]."


  • Jeremy Orr

    Thats a bold statement from Pill..thats jus apart of "street talk" im sure he heard that from some1 else... #noideasoriginal

  • forgive me for goin off topic but...

    i was jus catchin up on some nba the other night cuz i ain't watch in a minute. my team isn't ringing bells like i expected they would (the heat got' damn it). i didn't know that mike bibby was on the heat. the mike bibby, mike bibby from sacremento mike bibby. sacremento the team that stayed making the playoff's, the team that was givin dallas, san antonio, and the lakers a run for thier money year after year, because of point guard mike bibby, that mike bibby. you mean to tell me with all that fire power on one team, the heat don't have the best record in the league right now, how is that possible?

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    -_- GTFOH. I stay in the A and niggas been sayin "goin HAM" for YEARS B4 I even heard of this clown. "No Sleep"? are u serious dogs?

  • Kno3

    Is he gonna patent OK Denn? Honestly, this is a pathetic attempt to receive more royalties than he deserves. No lie, I just lost a lot of respect for Pill.

  • Anonymous

    you cant patent no sleep... its not possible and go in get your roll on was out before he was out the womb

  • Free

    word?? he really tryin to say he was the first dude to put the words 'no' and 'sleep' together ?? i guess he'll be hearing from the beastie boys lawyer lol and goin ham??? these south rappers come up with some corny ass phrases ...

    • Anonymous

      LOL, yeah the beatie boys said that when he was in his diapers still, if he was even born this is some of the dumbest shit i ever heard

  • Joe

    These rappers never cease to amaze me...You can't patent a catch phrase, only trademark or copyright it. These dudes need to stay in school because a fool and his money are soon parted....

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