Jeru The Damaja Working On Sixth Album, Wants DJ Premier Reunion

After 15 years apart, Jeru hopes to reunite with DJ Premier

Few rappers have albums produced entirely by DJ Premier, even fewer have two. Brookln native Jeru The Damaja is one of the lucky ones, have the legendary producer handle his first and second albums (1994's The Sun Rises in the East and 1996's Wrath of the Math).

Sometime between 1997 and 1998 the two had a falling out, leading to the Gang Starr track "B.I. vs. Friendship." Jeru denied a beef and said the longtime collaboraters just elected to go in different directions. Since then Jeru has released three albums and is preparing his sixth album for release in 2011.

"My new album is coming out soon. I'm not going to let the name out. Its a lot of biters," Kendrick Jeru Davis told Much Music. "I have a lot of dope rappers lined up."

The album should be a return to his 90's New York roots with production coming from Large Professor, Pete Rock and JuJu of The Beatnuts. Hopefully, another shot with Primo as well.

"Hopefully I get the Premier track on there," he added. "I spoke to Premier not too long ago."


  • Anonymous

    Preem and the prohept!

  • Tidomann

    another round of applause...i hope jeru don't leave out afu on his shit. 'me or the papes'; 'too perveted'; 'ya playin' yaself'; 'one day'...str8 classic shit from the two [preemo & the prophet].

  • F. Rap


  • The MG

    Yeah, it's nice to see them reuniting. Sun Rises and Wrath of the Math are classics. These two had such great chemistry together. But like Micheal White already said on here, after Wrath, his albums became less appealing mainly because of the production. I give some credit to Heroz4Hire because Jeru tried to produce songs on his own on there, but Divine Design and Still Rising were very lackluster. Those albums could've been a LOT better if he got people like 9th Wonder, Alchemist, Buckwild, Large Pro, Salaam Remi or Pete Rock on the boards. Lyrics were there but production needed some serious work. So I'm interested to see what he puts out with this one. Hopefully, Premier makes more than one track on there, but hell, one Premo track is better than none at all.

  • miodan

    @makk, BEKA Z CIEBIE

  • Makk

    Check Peja feat. Jeru The Damaja - Oddałbym

  • Micheal White

    I wish Jeru Luck with his next album.I personally stopped buying his albums after he and Premo split...nice topics,mad jewels on his albums..but wack beats distracting fans.According to Premier,he and Jeru fell out after Jeru(and Group Home)sued him for publishing royalties on their albums he produced for them back in the days.He said in an interview(early 2000's)..that he would never work with them again.If anyone remembers that episode of Rap City when the entire Gang Starr foundation was in the Basement..Jeru was the last to arrive,He even brougt in a copy of his album that featured the track-"99.9%(which is nice)anyway,you could see the tension in the room between him,Guru & Preme..with Group Home playing the wall.There is even a track-"Friend Or Foe" Jeru released dissing-Gang Starr after he left.So this should be interesting.

    • Rick

      yeah true. But i think theyre over that now. prem was also dating Jeru's sister. Anyway, I think these two had the best combo. Wrath of the Math is in my top 5 hip hop albums EVER! One day- WOW!, Frustrated Nigga- YIKES! Invasion!

  • bluerazor

    yeah dirty rotten scoudrel, one of the best hip hop tracks of all time!!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    hopefully you do get the permo track. should be trackS, but oh well. i figured everybody would come together a little bit more with guru's passing, its only natural. but yeah heres hoping its a step from still rising. cause that sabor cat you had producing every tack was ehh.

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