Shyne's Sophomore Def Jam Album "Gangland" Gets May 17 Release Date

Po's first LP in seven years is coming sooner than you might think.

One of Def Jam's flagship artists, Shyne, will release his first album in seven years on May 17, according to the label. Gangland, the emcee's third album, since he released Godfather Buried Alive on the historic imprint in the summer of 2004. Shyne was incarcerated at the time of that release.

Gangland's first official single, "King David" released yesterday.

The label has yet to announce any guests or producers. HipHopDX will keep you posted.


  • that

    i actually like this, got a bootleg of gangland, most the tracks on it probably wont be in final release, but i like it. of course it aint the 23 year old dude we used to hearin, hes 32 now. lots of shit can change in the span of 10 years. i will buy the album regardless if it sucks or not, our favourite nigga went away for 10 years, one of the few REAL gangsters deserves it. 3 guns went off that night and there was no possibility shyne did it cuz he fired warnin shots in the air. i will pay my tribute to a real gangster, especially one who is innocent and kept it real. I owe this dude alot, he instilled some pretty solid principles in me, i look to him when my backs against the wall. the realest motherfucker who ever lived, love it or hate it.

  • John Doe

    It's May 18th. Where's the album, or at least some news about it?

  • hey

    may 17 has past and i see NO ALBUM!

  • kennyken

    i'm looking for this. i think shine has grown with the times, and made his own lane instead of submissing to somebody else's lane.

  • warpath

    Not looking forward to it.

  • sosa staccs

    Damn Shyne aint been rhyming or sounding da same. Wat happened 2 that Bad Boyz or More or less flow? I heard him on a rudeboy remix that was trash a song on da def jam site that was garbage and now this? Da rap game miss da old shyne. Checc me out at real lyrics no garbage rhymes

    • that

      your tracks are wack homie how dare you talk shit about a legend when you're a little white dude rappin wit a lisp, go to school and leave the rap game behind. theres no room for you in the crowded gorilla cage, you would just get trampled. and no one signs a dude wit a lisp. sum up the whole comment, shyne rocked, still rocks and you suck now and always will.

  • Gregory Vicente

    Is it the shyne we all know or is it this fucked up version Cuz if its the fucked up version i ain't buying shit! They should save their money and sell it only as a download!

  • Anonymous

    shyne had very lil buzz for a while but is wack as hell now and will be lucky to sell 500 alumbs. its over

  • Anonymous

    shyne that dude go get the album!!!

  • Concerned

    Shyne, Why did you do this to yourself? You have some great attributes as an artist that should have made your reentry into the system seamless. Here are some: -A great first album with almost no filler tracks. -An alright second album, which can be justified due to the stress of trial and potential jail time. -A solid street rep, the whole "riding for puff, defending your man in the club deal". Loyalty -Not a snitch. -Did your time like a man, a lengthy bid also. -Landed a deal with one of the best rap labels out. -Support of most of your peers. You could have really came out and really built on this tremendous story you have lived over the past ten years. The momentum was there. You got the resume and the support system (Def Jam) to get your music to the people and you are fucking wasting it. You're coming out with this dog shit music that is so bad that when I listen to your first album, I actually enjoy it less because I know what you have become. I have NEVER written a response to one of these columns on any website. You gotta get your voice together, nobody likes it the way it is now. Also, hire an A&R or be very discriminatory when choosing your beats. What I've heard you rhyming over is garbage. Thats pretty much it. If you are really going to release this album in May, you need to get these affairs in order.

  • integra83

    How is this possible, no strong single and almost all negative reviews, why would Def Jam waste all that money?

    • Anonymous

      They wasted the money when they gave him all that money for a signing bonus LA Reid said to himself "He Shot Somebody, thats a platinum record automatically!!!!!!" Then the songs came out and got laughed at......Now they got a guy they gave a million bucks too already that nobody wants to hear, lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I wonder who he will blame when it flops, they all blame somebody And I said WHEN, not IF, because this is a definite flop waiting to happen, when this shit tanks LA Reid might be looking for a job

    • okthen

      He will probably do what alot of other floppers do and blame the illuminati and free masons. And start a gang of conspiracy theorys and then blame puffy or jayz instead of fixing that wack voice and getting better quality beats. SMH

  • gnigga/pleeze

    prepare for the hate...... get em shyne!!!!

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