Lupe Fiasco Defends Obama Critique, Talks Commercial Success

Lupe tells New York Magazine why it was necessary to call out President Obama on wax and says, "I haven't made any money with my record label."

It seems as if each additional week on Lupe Fiasco’s press run brings another revelation about the embattled Chicago emcee and his label, Atlantic Records. This week’s sound byte comes courtesy of New York Magazine’s Vulture blog. Despite all of the controversy about Lupe reportedly being pressured to make his music more commercially accessible, the demand to crossover hasn’t translated to his bottom line.

“I don't really care about the success anymore,” Lupe told Vulture. “I don't really care about the fame. Three, four years later, I look at my bank account statements, and I haven't made any money with my record label. You start to think a little bit differently about your motivations and why you're doing what you're doing.”

Lupe also explained how the changing climate of the industry factored in to his label conflicts. He said The Cool, selling an excess of 700,000 copies was originally thought of as a success. But he was asked to compete with other Hip Hop artists that successfully crossed over, thus creating a demand for him to make more radio-friendly singles. The result was a gold-selling single in “The Show Goes On” as well as nearly a dozen interviews featuring Lupe discussing his displeasure with how Lasers was created.

One issue that remains clear however, is Lupe’s political philosophy. Standing by his opinion that America’s political system his fundamentally flawed, Lupe shrugged off any notion of being disrespectful to President Obama. Many of the emcees that were so vocal about Obama’s 2008 election have seemingly gone mute, refusing to speak or rhyme about anything political. But Lupe stood firmly behind his bars on “Words I Never Said.”

“Was I disrespectful to Obama for saying that he didn’t say anything when the Israeli military bombed Gaza for seven days and killed 900 innocent civilians?” Lupe explained. “'Cause he didn’t. So that’s not disrespectful...that’s exercising my right to not cast a ballot for a system that I don’t necessarily believe in. It’s more of a corrective critique as opposed to me just trying to be an asshole.”

To read Vulture’s full interview with Lupe Fiasco, visit New York Magazine’s official site.


  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    Words I Never Said word Lupe Fiasco word Words I Never Said

  • elle re

    Thank you for teaching the audience what the real source of global terrorism is and the biggest perpetrators of it: the United States of Hypocrisy. With over 700 military bases on other peoples lands worldwide (=military OCCUPATION) and in 2009 the US spent some $650 billion (46% of US tax)on its military. This is more than the next 46 highest-spending countries combined!

  • emiles

    the whole conflict is deep seeded and preposterous. It all basically boils down to "they started it!" Regardless there are conflicts and tragedies all over the globe in which violations of human rights are being committed, does anyone really expect Obama to make a list and wag his finger at every naughty country? We all know we can't afford conflict with anyone (the world knows this too) especially after Libya (which I fully support)

  • sharksbreath You can't debate if the healthcare plan was the Republican's plan because it is. It's the Bod Dole health care plan from 1994. The same plan that Rommney installed in Massachusetts. Your ignorance is stunning. Using Illuminati in your name was my first clue.

  • dun

    I'm down with Lupe's words on the President. I voted for him, though and am proud of it. I just hope that since he didn't vote for him, he just didn't vote at all. A vote for McCain/Palin would not have been a good look at all, and not b/c they were white and he is half-black. It would be b/c we would be in so much more trouble than right now with those two (you have to remember the things that they hinted and implied during the election, we very well may have been in WW3 right now...) Anyway, this album is a disappointment period. I still support Lupe the artist, but this really is way too pop for me. I don't mind rappers in that space myself (Kid Cudi, Kanye & Jay-Z case anyone didn't realize it, Blueprint 3 and Dark Fantasy are pop as F--k! And so was Graduation), b/c they make really great and meaningful music. But, at the end of the day their albums still have a Hip Hop stamp on them. What I mean is that alot of the pop stuff on Lasers has no trace of Hip Hop except Lupe rapping, which he is masterful at. That's not what's going to make it Hip Hop. Even wack ass BEP keep it Hip Hop on an insanely popped out tip. But the sounds aren't there, and even the grooves are not. I applaud certain tracks on this like "Words I Never Said"(Brilliant), "All Black Everything", and 2 or 3 others, but honestly I would have let this record stay shelved, leak the tracks I wanted out there on a mixtape, and went indie...

  • Gemini850

    Y'all are forgetting that Lupe is a MUSLIM!! So I know he was mad when Obama didn't try to help Gaza, and how he is letting people blow up Muslims.

  • teezy

    Lil kim had the same problem with Atlantic records... He needs a whole new team!! he is one of todays best!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is right. However he fails to realize that America is supporting Israel in the war against ISLAM. Obama does not have any say in it. He's just a puppet.

  • Dumilde Rangel Aka Jam

    Pretty much. America has sold/privatize their their sovereignty when the people showed signs that they couldn't govern themselves. Capitalism, just like anything else, in excess is counter productive. It's easier for the top .1% to get their way, than 99.9% of the population. CREAM. Lobby-ism is just the prettier side of a horrendous coin. I like Obama, but when I think of what goes on behind the scenes, it only saddens me to think that people actually think he is a catalyst for fundamental change. (Obs: two words: Wall Street) I command Lupe for speaking his mind, and speak like an independent mind should. As for LASERS, it's a 3/5. Lupe still has the lyricism but some of the subject matter and the beats lean too much towards the surface--at least the way he tackles them. A few great tracks, and verses, but there is too much bubble gum elements on some of the lesser tracks. And the fact that the album is short, compared to the number of tracks in Food & Liquor, and The Cool, I felt like it was over before reaching a climax. Instead, I have to mine to the core "Break the chain," and "All Black Everything," which aren't simply as inventive and focused as "Dumb it down," "Hello/Goodbye," and my fave "Put You on Game." I can't help but think that his own LASERS Manifesto may have been compromised in this LP. Still love Lupe, and hope that LupEnd will not be his last album, just the end of a period in his artistic journey. I'm glad I got Shaolin vs Wu-Tang on the same day. Raekwon really brought it, showed, and proved that OB4CL2 was no fluke. Another instant classic.

  • Anonymous

    You morons really think the prez has any real power? They are puppets for the real hands the drive the united states....Obama is a dog and pony show

    • Simon Magus

      Of course the prez is a figurehead but inactivity is counterproductive. Lets say no one votes for obama this next time and the repub/tea party places their candidate forward this makes it even easier for corporations to get away with murder. Wisconsin anyone? Either stand up or lay down. Lupe is entitled to his opinion truth be told I wish Nadar actual attempted to really build a third party instead of just get on the ballot and split the so-called liberal vote. But all these third party guys never start attempting to win local offices in various states first.

    • DR Jam

      Pretty much. America has sold/privatize their their sovereignty when the people showed signs that they couldn't govern themselves. Capitalism, just like anything else, in excess is counter productive. It's easier for the top .1% to get their way, than 99.9% of the population. CREAM. Lobby-ism is just the prettier side of a horrendous coin. I like Obama, but when I think of what goes one behind the scenes, it only saddens me to think that people actually think he is a catalyst for fundamental change. (Obs: two words: Wall Street) I command Lupe for speaking his mind, and speak like an independent mind should.

  • 21

    Lupe's apart of the 5% trying to help the 85% of people in world who are deaf, dumb, and blind always overshadowed by the 15% which they subconsciously adhere to, contributing to their evil ways. The choice is yours.

    • Simon Magus

      Every action even inaction is an action. By not voting for the lesser of the two evils or even taking to the street to protest the unjust crap going on what are you doing being a quote unquote poor righteous teacher who tells the rest of us how we are being duped while they have all the knowledge and nothing to show because the system prevents them. whatever god body get off your ass and make something happen rather than talk down to everyone! or your true enemy wins

  • Simon Magus

    Fools like lupe play right into the hands of the right wing establishment and their attempts to supress the vote. The middle eastern issue is delicate even if Obama had come out against the attrocities committed by isreal what would that have done but solidfy his enemies over there and at home who just want to sabatoge anything he attempts to do. Lupe and most of these pseudo revolutionary/conspiracy wonks need to realize it is easy to call shots from the arm chair but when you step in the seat of power it is totally different.

    • Enrique

      Okay I can agree with you on most of what you said, but I'm not sure you listened to the actual song where he disses Obama. If you read the lyrics he actually states that he IS A PART OF THE PROBLEM(Right after saying he didn't vote for Obama). Which makes him NOT a fool. He knows what he is saying and the consequences of his choices, which he states them clearly in the song. Lupe is a lot more intelligent than you think. I don't mean down play your comments, because I can respect your view point. The only issue is that your case is brought up without hearing most of Lupe's music and seeing his interviews. Once you do that you will have more of a grasp on how much of a fool he is NOT.

  • nikker




  • Kenneth Crump

    This Thursday March 10 2011 Lupe Fiasco Cordially Invites You to Attend The Launch of The Lupe Fiasco Foundation The International House of Blues Foundation Room 329 North Dearborn Chicago, Il 9P-12A

  • allidoishiphop

    I rock with Lupe, but the Obama thing is a stfu moment for we expect the President to comment on everyone elses house, all the time, everyday? gtfohwtbs.. and btw the album is aiight despite im beamin and shining down DID NOT MAKE THE CUT, which is some bullshit, for that Atlantic needs to take the blame, since they control the release..if those two made the cut it would have balanced that techno/pop bullshit out. how do u let something that gets favorable responses NOT promote or sequeue the overall content of the record. oh, and Lupe stop cryin like a bitch, man up and get to work on fnl2..your making it worse by downing your own shit..we will be the judges , stop tainting the view b4 we get to see the picture, you had niggaz out there boycottin and shit , then turn around and release what u called (not me) a sub par product???!..

  • Fifthsunrose

    Im going to support Lupe No Matter What;its terrible how labels continue to look over the shoulder of an artists as he or she creates their personal masterpiece's. A&R's and executives who have no idea or truly embrace the Real HipHop culture...They should work in cookie factory's because thats what they do and did routinely to Our Culture,especially these past 9 or 10 years.We Need more Labels like the Classic Rawkus records,DuckDown,WuTang Records...Exects & A&R's Who Live,Breathe & Understand Our Culture...Who Could Tell Van Gogh or Salvador Dali how to Create...If "Im Beamin' & "Shining Down" made the Cut,then In my Opinion,that would have been a Better Compromise and maybe a couple other unreleased Lupe Fiasco Tracks..Laser's got my support by purchasing the LP. But I Pray the Great Talents like Lupe & Others get out of these Bogus Contracts and situations....Peace Everyone,I was just venting a lil bit. It was some slick Techno Beats on this album too...I take the lyrics but i need creating my Own Lasers Lp by adding Shining down & im beaming...Peace

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree with ya mostly. its funny how many cats are really getting their eyes opened to this because it happened to their boyfirend lupe. this has been going on for years. yes we need more labels like those. i would say more labels like psycho+logical- and creative juices and shit like that. but outfits like duckdown and rhymesayers are much better and well equipped to actually put their cds into stores, so i would love to see more establishments like those for hip hop. fuck babygrande records! fuck emi! fuck atlantic! fuck eone records too! despite all the jokes and shit i say about lupe. i am a fan of the dude and this album, despite being obviously a little more poppy and trendy and downgraded because of that, was the same overall rating in my book 3/5. his music is good but his albums have never done it for me... anyways cop this album you greedy fucks. any clown that tries to call me a hater: i bought this cd yesterday. i didnt download a leak cause i didnt want my opinion/experience ruined. i am curious to see the numbers for this and how it will perform on the charts. so if you feel his shit you can part ways with 9.99 for this shit. i wouldnt recommend any more than that, its not really worth it. support your boy so atlantic will put his next album sooner and he will be closer to being more "free". something to think about you limp wristed downloading fucks

  • Mike

    Lupe's got the right idea. Obama had his heart in the right place when he ran but the man's letting whitey make all his decisions for him. Criticism is due. A president should not have to be white or black to be in office but he should have to be good and he should have to be open to critique. If y'all don't like the fact that someone came out and spoke on something that actually matters and made a stand, give up those gats and those sharp comments 'cause you don't stand for shit.

  • papabearATL

    Y'all be killing me with the comments, lol. First Obama was a Muslim, then he was the Anti-Christ, now he's a Zionist puppet? Or is he all of those things a Muslim Anti-Christ Jew puppet! Tough decisions have to be made, they might not always seem ethical. We should turn our backs on one of the few allies we have left because the engaged in a skirmish that has been ongoing for how long?

  • Anonymous

    All of yawl are afraid of death that's why you're preoccupied with that illuminate shit. Hate to break it to you, you can't control life. Worried about what Obama's doing, LOL! Yawl all sound SO STUPID.

  • Dr. Lyrical

    I don't really care about the success anymore,Lupe told Vulture. I don't really care about the fame. Three, four years later, I look at my bank account statements, and I haven't made any money with my record label. You start to think a little bit differently about your motivations and why you're doing what you're doing. SMART MAN! Why dont we just set up our own distribution? FKC A LABEL!

  • Dr. Lyrical

    'I don't really care about the success anymore,' Lupe told Vulture. “I don't really care about the fame. Three, four years later, I look at my bank account statements, and I haven't made any money with my record label. You start to think a little bit differently about your motivations and why you're doing what you're doing.' SMART MAN! Why dont we just set up our own distribution? FKC A LABEL!

  • Dr. Lyrical

    “I don't really care about the success anymore,” Lupe told Vulture. “I don't really care about the fame. Three, four years later, I look at my bank account statements, and I haven't made any money with my record label. You start to think a little bit differently about your motivations and why you're doing what you're doing.” SMART MAN! Why dont we just set up our own distribution? FKC A LABEL!

  • black biddznis



    yo lupe is the man hopefully he will get dropped by atlantic and go independent and make some great music,fuck them devil worshiping elite.

  • Da Fattest Nigga

    Look at all these gay fake homosexual intellectuals writing titan-sized paragraphs. fisting assholes inc. here nillas. big black tits being sucked by big black lips WHOO!

  • Anonymous

    fuck lupe's dumb ass. do us a favor and go back to africa.

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Just like the previous and just like the next Obama is just a puppet for the 1%

  • Anonymous

    I can make controversial statements too Lupe. Now make better music. Last I checked Obama's been fighting to get corporations like yours off your neck. But as always a nigga like you come along and cloud the damn message. Palestine nigga, really?

    • 123

      aha you are right its the jews, they are responsible for all the troubles in the world! they are a devilish secret force! they must be exterminated! why wont u join the fuckin kkk nigga?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter if blacks vote, there's not enough of us in America. It matters if whites vote and that's how he won. Why you got him on this special pedestal anyway, you think he's magic? Yawl barking up the wrong tree.

    • aha

      obama is the biggest fraud ever jews just used his black ass to get their man in the office that was the only way,because the knew blacks would finally vote and him having the same bush/queen bloodline from his moms side just did it ,now the elite jews through obama/pelosi/bidden all zionist puppets,are changing shit in the constitution everyday and you just sit there and ignore it.your rights are slowly being taken away buddy ,soon all national id cards for everyone no more state driver licenses

    • Ado Cob

      you are such a fucking idiot, lmao.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously and dont know anything and havent checked lately.

  • sun_god7

    It's funny how Lupe brings up such conflict that is more political than about HipHop. That means that boy is doing something right!

  • Lrdjohnson

    Lupe is just a politically ignorant crybaby. If he really cared about to Palestinian plight he would critize Hamas who kills their own people. But that would mean he learns something other than what he is taught by the liberal left. He should love this country who got him rich and famous off his lame-ass/quasi-political/bitch made/ "I wanna be an elitist" raps. tight jean wearing, I hate coporate America, But ill get dumbies to protest for my album so i can make more money/ hypocrite BAMATIME

    • Enrique

      Just like Aziz said in the Reply I must reiterate. . . Lupe DOES criticize Hamas the same way if not more than Obama. Listen to the full song and read the lyrics. He pulls no punches. He clearly states that (hamas) "are not muslims. . . Jihad is not holy war, wheres that in the worship? Murdering is not islam! you are not observant!" Go ahead guys and please listen to the song before criticizing Lupe!

    • Aziz

      If you listen to the song he does criticize Hamas as well, in the second verse, Lupe doesnt take any sides.

  • MPistol

    most racist thought ever made? "Things are gonna be different, the president is black" LMAO!!!! The f*ck outta here with that bullshit........... shit all I do is think "I'd have voted for a PLANT over McCain an Palin" LMAO

  • Life is a Doozy

    Anoymous if you read my list, the only thing you did was expound on the details of it. I NEVER mentioned I agree with everything on the list. BUT people on both sides of the ile got what they wanted WITHOUT considering the consequences. Why? Because Obama's original policies which if you have paid attention were more inline with your fiscally conservative beliefs. But it was all compromised because of the rights smear campaign of calling this man a socialist or Muslim sympathizer. You're not educating me on anything dude. I agree with you more than you think.

  • Michael Rucker

    Can't fault the man for saying how he feels! Check out my new video I promise you it's hip hop at its finest. If you think it's whack leave a comment and i'll stop rapping forever. HERE-->>

  • QB

    It's hard for me to care about Lupe's views when he made such a WACK album.

  • G'

    A system you dont believe in but still live in....well he say he moving to Africa so good for him. Make an impact out there if you feel you cant here

  • Anonymous

    Fear of A Black Planet. You are so right Chuck D.

  • Life is a Doozy

    1.Your taxes are lower than they EVER been. 2.The rich got ANOTHER tax break. 3.GM is still around. 4.Our standing in the world is back on talking terms again. 5.Russia signed an arms treaty. 6.We are just about out of Iraq and will be out of Afghanistan in a REALISTIC manner. 7.We avoided the total economic destruction of America with the bank bailouts, YES the bailouts saved a lot of your asses wether you liked it or not. 8.TARP has been paid back with interest 9. THE RICH SHOULD HAVE NO QUAMS with this President. Wallstreet has been bullish for almost 2 staright years. 10. UE benefits were extended for those who still need work 11. HCR passed wether you liked it or not. And if your really understood the emplications of that measure you be supportive of it. In fact if you knew anything about the HC industry you be angry at him for not pushing harder for Universal health-care. 12. Oh and there are MORE troops and agents along our borders than any other President placed in the history of this country. Shall I go on about what Obama HAS been doing? Let's look at the Republican list of accomplishments for the last 2 years... 1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3. FUCKING NOTHING! 4. Oh yeah I forgot, fucking raping your pockets and giving your life to China and India. Have fun paying those gas prices bitches!

    • Anonymous

      lol all you dumb ass pussies debating politics on a website like hiphopdx


      I wont even scroll down to make sure i get the name right. To the retard that stated the heatlh care bill was a Republican idea is obviously either a product of a school whom simply let him fail or the most un intelligent person to ever grace hiphop dx with a comment. let him chooose, either way, wow. u give us a negative worldwide reputation.

    • Anonymous

      The American people get what they SUPPORT! Obama is only doing what the loudest voices ask. You want less taxes YOU GOT IT! He tried to kill the Bush tax cuts but people went ape shit about it. So deal with it.

    • Life Is a Doozy

      Don't worry about how I feel. The LIST is what it is, facts. People throwing all this bullshit about Obama on the wall and hoping it sticks. I haven't even got into the thick of policy and litigation. Please this is a site mostly populated by kids who think Jay Z is part of the illuminate.

    • Anonymous

      The problem with taxes being this low is that the rich are not paying their share. Corporations aren't paying any. Your all for this. GE, ExxonMobil, Citibank, and the Bank of America haven't paid any taxes in the last two years. But both have gotten billions of our tax dollars. Taxes are at an all time low when we are still fighting two wars. If anything he should have implemented a war tax on the rich. Who do you think has to pay for that. I live in NJ. My real estate taxes are going up 3000 dollars. Why. Because the rich in my state got a tax cut. So those in the middle class are making up that money. Healthcare I understand the health care bill. The things the Dems got like HC companies not being able to drop patients or letting kids stay on their parents healthcare have nothing to do with giving the HC companies billions of our dollars. There were no cost control measures in the HC bill. So they get our tax dollars and you pay more. The health care bill is a Republican idea. Why would a Democrat propose a republican bill. Global Economic Meltdown. We avoided the meltdown by giving the banks 12.3 trillion dollars. That money is off the books. It has nothing to do with Tarp. Please go educate yourself to what Obama and the Fed did. 12.3 trillion. Why didn't Obama prosecute those who stole the money instead of lending 12.3 trillion in 0% interest loans. Unemployment. The 99ers did not get their benefits extended while Obama gave the rich a tax cut. Why would he give the rich a tax cut when millions of people are still unemployed. Like I said. 2 million people just went to 99 status. They did not get an extension. All the people that lost their jobs from Nov 2008 through Mar 2009 fell off the unemployment rolls. That's why unemployment dropped. Only 200,000 jobs have been created this year but unemployment dropped 1%.. Borders If you go after the people in our country who hire immigrants you wouldn't have to waste money on border control. Once again Obama has brought the GOP way instead of going after those who are responsible for giving them jobs. Americans. Iraq When was the last time you heard about troops coming home. Why are we still in Afghanistan. 2014. Really. That's the longest war in world history. 12 years. You support that. Obama is buying right into the GOP cut every thing BS. Please go educate yourself. It's not a Democratic or Republican thing. It's a fascist corporate military industrial thing. Which Obama has done nothing to change. The things you support now are the same things Bush supported. Low taxes for the rich. Wars with no plan to end them. A healthcare bill that transfers billions of tax dollars to the HC companies. Giving trillions of dollars to companies who robbed us when they should be in jail. They have you right where they want you. Sucker.

    • Tech Support

      People love to make list. The President has very little to do with domestic affairs, he jus like most new age Presidents hasnt done much for anyone. Your post is longer and angrier than mine but I have more of a point. For the record, I like F&L, but I wasnt really feelin this album. thaas jus me tho.

  • AnyWay

    I got no problem with Obama. Just another black man being demonized by white conservative America for no real reasons. What else is new? I do have a problem with Lupe's bad music choices. He makes corny music. PE was political and made truly thought provoking music but kept it FUNKY! Lupe is wasting his talents on wack production.

    • G'

      first sensible thing I've heard in a while. 100% agreed....just cause you toss a concious line here or there dont make you thought provoking even in this dead aint no W.E.B Dubois even by hip hop standards

  • DJj

    There are definitely some gems on Lasers... All Black Everything, Words I Never Said, Never Forget You, Till I Get There...But I remember when I first got Food and Liquor and absolutely loved every single song....MAN this is disappointing. Why O why Atlantic...Why did you do this to LU....WE WANT REAL Hip-Hop not these commercial radio songs for little girls...

    • kalluminati

      I respect your opinion, DJj, but we all know that especially in the current state of the music industry that touring money is where Artists make a large portion of their money. With that stated, how is Atlantic to blame? He could of done whatever type of song he felt like doing... eventual label problems aside, eventually they would have dropped him. After all they aren't Diddy, they let Artists that arent filling their pockets go with little to no fight what-so-ever. So Lupe is the one to blame at the end of the day because he could have kept his artistic integrity intact, and if Atlantic refused to release it, he could have put it online as a free download, and continue making money through touring. But now that he released a terrible cd his tour money may become fucked up. It'll certainly decline now.

    • G'

      WE WANT REAL HIP HOP....y'all niggas got it if you look for and stop bitching....the mintue real hip hop get on the radio it becomes not real. So shut your mouth and go get it....stop bitching and moaning the same tune niggas been saying since the West took over in the 90's Broken records.

  • Truth Hurts

    ANYBODY that actually believed Obama was going to into Washington, as old as it is, and change shit on the fly is STUPID period. Lupe is stupid and those that agree with his childish point of view are stupid as well. This man is presiding over tremendous problems, 100 year old problems. All the while with little to no help in doing so. And this bitch ass nigga, Lupe, Fox news, and every other wannabe pundit are riding his nuts like he created the fucking problems. All yawl do is sit on your ass and cry about shit and hate on blogs EVERY FUCKING DAY! That's all you do. Obama was an American who ran for office and won. He could of just said fuck everybody I'll just get a comfy job. You think he likes being shitted on everyday by the very same fuck heads he's kept employed. Look at the fools in Wisconsin, they elected a Republican and now they will burn for it. HE IS HAVING A HARD TIME IN WASHINGTON BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO DO REAL THINGS not because he's getting a long with those good ol' boys. They hate him and they always will.

    • Anonymous

      Yo Earpiece, how the fuck can you NOT be emotionally invested? What country do you live in? Did the recession just skip over you?

    • Earpiece

      Calm down killa. Do you know the prez personally, because you seem very emotionally invested. I donated to the brotha's campaign, gave speeches in SoCal on his behalf, and mos def believe he's been a better option than any of the Republicans would have been. Having said that, I am disappointed with his overly centrist demeanor and constant efforts to make overtures to those on the right. The facts are, he bailed on increasing taxes for the richest 3%, he didn't fight for a single-payer healthcare system (nor for a public option), he has yet to close Guantanamo and still has not pulled us out of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. More drone missils have reportedly been dropped under his administration than under the 8 years of Bush! Wow! Sadly, he is not as liberal as I thought he was when I gave him my vote, and with that, I'm disappointed. That doesn't make me childish or "dumb," it makes me unhappy with the fact that we have a guy in office who's closer in governing style to Ronald Reagan than he is to FDR.

  • gutter man

    lupe will redeem himself. obama never can. people who think obama isnt another puppet conspirator are brainwashed.

    • sharksbreath

      Lupe sees clearly. If you think Obama is doing a great job they have you right where they want you. We need our own revolution here. The Democrats are in charge and Bush nor any CEO's who robbed us are in jail. We are still in Afghanistan. We are fighting secret wars all over the globe. If Obama would have done the things he was supposed to do like close Guantanamo, end the war in Afghanistan, prosecute Bush, the CEO's, close the not so secret prisons around the world, and tax the hell out of Wall Street for robbing us his hands would be clean. But he didn't. Let's keep it simple. Refusing to prosecute crimes. Or making it look like you will prosecute those crimes when those investigations are dead on arrival is a crime under our laws.. Yet the Republicans can't and won't use those arguments because that would implicate them. Since they are guilty of those crimes them self and wish to do even worse things to this country they won't use them. Since most republicans are mentally ill they don't have to. They just have to wave the shiny object in the air and republicans become hypnotized with stupidity. See the propaganda station Fuc News. Calling Obama a socialist makes them feel nice and warm when our government is full of fascists. Both sides. Yet the republicans throw so much monkey shit against the wall it forces us who should not be defending Obama or our Government to do just that. It's a vicious cycle. Notice how the left is utterly silent on Afghanistan. We just killed 9 kids last week with our drones which Obama has increased. Those drones are being used for war crimes. If any other government or that was happening in our country we would be ready to go to war. Obama is going to increase military spending for the third straight year. His HHS secretary is sending letters to states telling them how to cut Medicare. While millions of people are still unemployed with no help for the 99ers. He's brought the Republican position every time. Last week he signed a bill that would end the "Reading is Fundamental Program." He's bringing up spending cuts instead of raising taxes on the rich. Which he didn't do. It should have never come down to last Dec because those tax cuts should have been reversed the day he walked in office. 2 million more people just became 99ers in the last 3 months. That's why the unemployment number dropped. This system is not a system for the people. And Obama is just a brick in the wall. Surrounded by other bricks who were, could have and should have stopped the global economic destruction and prosecuted the crimes of the Bush years. Timothy Geitner and Eric H. Holder come to mind. They have done nothing. They have allowed every Republican crime that was supposed to be prosecuted off the hook. At what point will we the people see the true light. It's not Republican or Democrats. It's the system that is corrupted that keeps us fighting on who which side is wrong and which is right. Our country is not a democracy anymore. It's a fascist republic ran by corporations. Obama has done nothing but play the pawn for his corporate masters. This has nothing to do with Illuminati. It has everything to do with corporations having more rights and being above the law in America.

    • Anonymous

      Who isn't a puppet then smart guy? You think you're not a puppet? Maybe you think Lupe isn't a puppet hmm? Maybe you think you said something original. Oh wait, it's the illuminate right? Gotta' be them. Heard they got Jay Z too. But not LUPE! He's can do whatever he wants! Once that contract he signed is up, LOL!

  • Daniel Heap

    the modern day Nas, stay strong Lupe.

  • Arcy P.

    What's with all the hate on this site? I mean, Lupe just voiced his opinion about the situation and everybody is like "f*ck you Lupe." And anyone who agrees with Lupe, you guys are like "f*ck you too." And anyone who disagrees everyone says "f*ck that person too." Like Seriously? Why does everyone hate everyone else? People have opinions, so what? I've never hated anyone that has disagreed with me, so what's with all the "STRONG" words?

  • Anonymous

    Lupe going the Palin route to get attention, attack Obama. Kinda' popular for losers these days.

    • Anonymous

      The tea party is a side show while Obama does everything the Republicans want him to do. That healthcare bill transfered billions to the Health care companies. That bill was the Republican bill in 1994. Why would a Democrat propose a Republican bill. Tax cuts for the rich. Did you ever think when you voted for Obama the rich would get a tax cut while the middle class and the poor get tax raises. The tea party is nothing but the car wreck your watching while Obama sells out the middle class.

    • Anonymous

      So says the two sheep above me. If Obama hasn't done anything then why was the Tea Party formed? Why all the uproar on the right? Oh I think Obama's doing a whole lot of things motherfuckers like you don't like. Fuck outta' here losers.

    • gutter man

      actually you fool -in a (socalled) democracy its important for people to pay attention and be critical of leaders decisions and actions so as to put pressure on them and inspire other people to do the same. also obama hasnt changed shit and dosnt only the misled masses thought he would. educate yourself and do the knowledge -dont be a fuckin sheep.

    • huhh

      Are u serious!?? Why the fuck are people still so blind. like you

  • Pro

    I like that Lupe is not fooled by his label wanting him to move away from his core base and not showing him the money to do so.

  • Shaon Shamsul

    go head lupe. thats a real artist

  • fakeeddie

    @eddiemurrrphy well in that case, see u in a year or two when the nwo comes, maybe then you'll wake the fuck up

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i didnt even read what rygay said. i just like to insult him because he is a pretentious defensive pussy. and he reacts like a girl every time i say something.

    • fakeeddie

      oh btw an a-list actor called and said he wanted his real name back

    • fakeeddie

      isnt it obvious i responded to your comment to ryan or are u so stupid that i need me to literally spell it out for u?? Judging by ur response to him it seems as if u rule out the possibility of anything ryan has said, therefore u do not believe in global elites (illuminati is the name ppl usually go by) who want global dominace over the world. In my response to u all im saying is if thats the case then when the new world order comes in (and it will happen whether u believe it or not) maybe u wont try to insult ppl who talk about that and thus..will wake up. There, is that clear enough for u to understand?? i hope so

    • EddieMurrrphy

      what are you trying to say to me you stupid shit. huh? retard fuck

  • Ryan

    the USA will NEVER do anything about or speak out against any bad that Israel does ever. Israel are their masters. The real powers i.e The Rothschilds, The Rockerfellers etc. are Zionists. And all US presidents are puppets who ultimately serve theirs and others purposes. That's why

    • EddieMurrrphy

      @wow yes jews are a race. i got expelled for being a "racist" for fixing jew beaks

    • icer

      @Wow.. 'Jews aren't plotting behind the scenes' -OK wake the fuck now yeah. Do some real motherfuckin research on what the fuckin Rothschild family are all about! I suppose u beleive everything u got told in school. Why the fuck are there still so many Blind Sheep exactly like you!??

    • wow

      you're idiots. Zionism is a movement that justifies the right of the jewish people to live in the holy land of Israel with Jerusalem as it's capital. Judaism is a belief, not a race. Jews aren't plotting behind the scenes, it's just a fuckin religion that believes in the Bible. the Rothschilds were a rich family who supported jews living in israel. and Israel is the one who licks obamas ass for a yearly financial aid of a few billion dollars (U.S supports israel since they are the only democracy in the middle east and since they can help in future oil-wars).

    • EddieMurrrphy

      dissing me on my name. hah! i have never seen a name as boring and forgettable and arian as ryan. what a loser. man up rygay

    • Pico Presi

      Stop hatin, Ryan has a point and its evident... US does lick Israels ass and will continue to do so.

    • r

      an btw u dont have to be jewish to be zionist. and nah i aint even in college, wat kinda person calls themselves another Known mans name as theirs !

    • ryan

      i know they aint i was usin examples of who runs things, If u think Obama has the final say on the important decisions then ur wrong. Stop pickin one part and ignorin the whole u cunts! an Use ur real name u tool! fuk u callin uself eddie murphy for

    • EddieMurrrphy

      shut up ryfag. college boy dweeb.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^oh and that disproves them as global elites??? fuck outta here!

    • DRock067

      repeat after me THE ROCKERFELLERS ARE NOT JEWISH!!!!!!

  • Shut Up Please

    Is Obama the only fucking dude in America that's actually TRYING to do something constructive these days??? Jeezus the wining of GROWN MEN in America is becoming an epidemic. Bitch made to the fullest. You deserve to Lose Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^no ppl dont think he will snap our lives back together cause he has no real power. It dont matter if it's bush or obama republican or democrat, their all in the pocket of the higher power over the us government. Stop letting the politicans and news media lie to u and wake up and do ur homework on what their actual goal is for us.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck anybody hating on Obama, do you like that answer? You motherfuckers swear you got your shit tight on how the world works don't you? HOW MANY OF YOU IN HERE ARE DISSAPPOINTED WITH OBAMA? A lot of you. Why? Because you really thought dude could just walk in there and snap your lives back together. No clowns I know exactly what he was facing and still is. Obama is doing phenomenally well considering the odds and the odds are considerable.

    • Cealix

      @Shut Up Please, just you....just stfu. Can you name any branches?

    • Anonymous

      obama has NO power u idiot, hes just a puppet for the global elites. name me 1 thing as president of the us hes changed in america effectively???? u cant cause hes for the corporate banks, everything hes done has been for THEIR benefits, not yours....and ur a fucking idiot if u think otherwise. WAKE UP u sheep. PS fuck anyone who hates on my opinion and defends our bullshit government as if they give 2 shits about us and fuck anyone who believes we live in a real democracy (which is a lie!) for that matter

  • Anonymous

    we in the projects, most of us is lab rats voted for obama, hoping he wouldnt have that -styles p

  • Anonymous

    BTW FUCK YOU LUPE, and your bullshit song. Get mad at what's going on right here in America! Shit that's been going on before anybody even knew who Obama was clown. And you have a bad ear for beats on top of everything. NOT Lasers, LOSERS!

    • Already Silenced

      The song mentions many things that are going on domestically, in AMERICA. The point, as he explains in his full quote, was to not idolize a new president as if he is a savior (as other rappers have done.) 900 civilians, many children were killed with our dollars; they are now silenced; Lupe has a right to let his listens know that the most powerful man in the world said nothing about it. IMPLICATION? While he didn't make it, it is there. The fact that both sides can fill in the implication is a testament to the truth in his words.

    • uh

      What!? .. I just don't get people like you.

  • ASEE

    Yo Lupe, you haven't made any money because your new album is a piece of shit.

    • pico presi

      Lupe is the most complaining emcee in the game. We get it! I guess he really aint listen to tribe; consequently missing "industry rule number 4,080.."

  • Anonymous

    funny how its a problem in hip hop to call out Obama (cause he's doing such a great job(sarcasm)) but i was alright to call out George W. when he was in office. Heck at least Bush didnt try enforcing socialist shit on us(something this country fought against for 40+ years)

    • sun_god7

      Neither you or Obama would know what socialism if it smacked the both of you. Neither does the Tea Party. In fact - read some Karl Marx before you talk about socialism. Better yet - read some Huey P. Newton and others in the original Black Panther Party.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yeah but bush gave us the patriot act and gave mad tax cuts to the 1.7% of our nation that has an income of 250,000$$ or more.... that was dope.

    • Anonymous

      Man GET THE FUCK OFF THIS SITE with that Tea Party, Conservative BULLSHIT. You know shit about this country's conditions and how the system works. Fucking uneducated moron.

    • Kelz

      Shut the fuck up. You probably don't eve know what socialism even is. If you did you'll be complaining about more than just the current administration.

    • Anonymous

      your the reason why america is so fucken dumb today. just because fox news says it true doesnt make it

  • In defense of the truth

    ...excuse me? Lupe always struck me as a really smart dude, and I had a lot of respect for him - but I just a great amount of it. Now he's condemning Israel for something it didn't do. Allow me to explain. Lupe is talking as if Israel bombed Gaza out of evil motives with the intention of killing Palestinians - he neglects to mention that Hamas has been shelling Israel for years. Furthermore, and this is the point where Lupe's logic *really* fails, Israel would never cause civilian casualties if they are avoidable. For example, during Operation Cast Lead Israel called off several bombings (of which she had given substantial forewarning) because Hamas had directed civilians to the rooftops where they would surely be killed if Israel were to proceed with the bombing. Similarly, Hamas has on multiple occasions used civilians (including children) as human shields during ground fighting against Israeli forces. Israel's military doctrine strictly prevents the IDF from harming civilians when avoidable. Lupe should be condemning *Hamas* (an internationally recognized terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State) for their foul play, not Israel for acting in self-defense (an unfortunate result of which has been collateral damage, in unavoidable situations - but such is war). I expected such a smart, honorable man to understand the truth on the matter, and who's really at fault for the civilian deaths. Mr. Jaco has proven himself to be a very intelligent, honorable, and talented musician, and I retain a respect for his art and the noble causes he has taken part in (such as relief for the earthquake in Haiti). He is entitled to his opinion, but should base it on facts. Following this statement of Mr. Jaco's, I will no longer show my support for him, and I will no longer listen to his music. With Respect, Your fellow average American citizen

    • asshut

      The Palestinians are locked in their own territory since the managed to kill 700 Israeli civillians with suicide bombings, since the wall was built almost no one died and the suicide attacks stopped. a few days before the gaza attack, 80 rockets (!) were sent to Israeli territory. And it's a fact that hamas bases are located between civilian population, so they are actually responsible for the high death toll of civilians. Israel supplies the Gaza strip with water and electricity - another fact mothafucka. and for the end here is a little rhyme : which army doesn't conquer enemy territory/ and which news channel doesn't fix up every story?

    • Already Silenced

      Mr. Truth, I feel as though you have the truth that the state wants you to have. ----Israel's military doctrine strictly prevents the IDF from harming civilians when avoidable.---- This is laudable. First we are talking DOCTRINE. Facts on the ground are irrefutable. The amount of Palestinian innocent casualties is IRREFUTABLY greater than IDF soldier and innocent casualties, combined. Please. Secondly, you are nice enough to inform us that policy prevents the harming of civilians WHEN AVOIDABLE. Lol. Thanks, but no thanks. Join the rest of American citizens who are ignorant to the fact that Palestinians are imprisoned on their own land. I don't know what facts you are talking about; you obviously are not getting an unbiased look at the situation. I invite you to read up on the leading academics, all the human rights groups, and the views that the rest of the world shares on this topic. As an American citizen, you have the right to not listen to Lupe. But don't resort to facilitating propaganda. Israel is one of the leading human rights violators in the world.

    • Asafo

      Lol ur a stan...just cause u don't agree with his PERSONAL political views doesn't mean u should miss out on his dope ass lyricism. Thats just dumb...and u sound like a groupie who worships celebs. Lupe ain't no political scientist so why u puttin so much clout into his opinion on politics? Just enjoy the music and shut up....dude ain't askin u to be his friend. I hate stans..

    • EddieMurrrphy

      "But such is war" you see, neirr.

    • Pat

      Chill you are a fucking retard

    • Chill Is A Moron

      You're an idiot. Join Hamas. Asshole biter. Uninformed dickless typer

    • Chill

      This has to be the most ignorant post of the day... You mean to tell me Israel is defending itself? You clearly are blind to the fact Hamas are the ones defending themselves. Please leave your FOX News comments on another website.

  • DriftGirl

    I wanna hear the bars he dropped a few years ago when we went to a fake war and OUR soldiers/fam and friends were killed. wheres that track at?

  • Kendall Walters

    lol @ rappers n politics / lol @ politics

  • Anonymous

    politically, i've said this before, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He still pays taxes (and more than the average person), so now he's funding the flawed american system without having a say in how its run. From his logic, he's just as contributing to those palestinian deaths than obama. What rhymefest is doing is way more impressive, he's sacrificing the career for serving, at least he's trying and a force for more change.

    • Asafo87

      @Anonymous....its less corrupt than 40 yrs ago? Dude u've really been fooled by the gov't. Pick up some books dude.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. If he believed what he said, then he would stop paying taxes. And do it publicly. It would be like civil disobedience. I understand if he's abstaining about the particular politicians, but he disregards the whole system with an argument that isn't based in the reality. The system is corrupt for real reasons, and is in fact less corrupt than it was 40 years ago because people made efforts to change their lives. To ignore that is to ignore the gains many people died for - that we now take for granted. Obama isn't effective now simply because he has no real political support from the people who elected him. The president is not a king, he cannot simply declare laws, therefore it is also up to the people to support and educate the public. Something hip hop, one of the ways he got to power has terribly failed at. THATS THE FUCKING ANSWER, READ A FUCKING BOOK.

    • GSDboys

      You cant say "Voting or participating in the lower levels of the political system has no lasting effect on anyone." Where do you think these politicians get there start? They don't wake up one day and become President. You start at being a Senator or Government. Before that You may be a Mayor or State Senator. Local politics is the ONLY place we can make a difference. By the time these politicians run for president we have a Obama vs Palin in 2012 and its too late to do anything by then.

    • Thomas Lofaro

      I cant stand ignorant people like you. You want Lupe to just refuse to pay taxes then?!? Lupe hates what his taxes are being used for & hates the world as it is. Voting or participating in the lower levels of the political system has no lasting effect on anyone. Lupe is very intellegent & knows this. It is a losing battle. Thats what he means by he doesnt "believe," in it. Rymefest has not changed anything of significance & NEVER will. Obama himself cannot change anything. Lupe has waged war on the battle of information. He has used his talent & success to get a message out to the masses to think critically & do your research. He is making more of a difference than any mainstream american artist ever could. Please do your research on the political system before you spread ignorance!

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    that sucks he isn't making that money.

    • Da Fattest Nigga

      fuck you fat ass niggas hatin on the lil cracker for? he aint done shit but put his face up on the internet and sit back with limp wrists

    • Heat Glazing Fat Nigga

      yeah this nathan cat is two guy. the fucks up with your face? you chinese or something gay boy?

    • Poppin Automatics

      you suck little fairy boy. keep your gay hipster mouth shut. we can have a brawl in white tank tops and i will drag your face through the gravel

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