Diddy Reminisces On Notorious B.I.G., 14 Years After His Death

During a co-hosting gig with New York City's Power 105.1 Diddy spoke on Biggie, the Jackie Robinson Award, and Charlie Sheen.

Earlier today (March 8) rapper/businessman Diddy took to the airwaves as he co-hosted Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club with Angela Yee and Charlamagne The God. Diddy spoke on a variety of topics and of course took some time to speak on Notorious B.I.G. on the 14th anniversary of the iconic rappers death.

“It’s a constant thing. When it’s something like that that happens and somebody who is like music you listen to and is just a part of your motivation…It’s something that you relive, but to be honest March 9 for us is a day of celebration it ain’t really like a day of mourning,” Diddy explained. “It goes off in New York City. Like tomorrow everywhere, all the stations especially here. It’s gonna be going hard in the paint on Biggie and then at night it goes down. Even throughout the weekend so it’s really great when you wake up on March 9 and you just hear all his records and how up to date they sound.”

Diddy also gave mention to the Jackie Robinson Award he received earlier in the week. The Jackie Robinson Award is given out to those who “embody the humanitarian ideals of Jackie Robinson and raises funds for the Jackie Robinson Foundation.”

“I got an award last night, the Jackie Robinson Award. Shout out to the Jackie Robinson, the whole association and Jackie Robinson scholars,” said Diddy. “Bill Cosby was there, Russell [Simmons], L.A. [Reid]. It was pretty big. Ms. Wallace was there and that was a big deal to see her and my mom’s it was a beautiful thing.”

Diddy’s co-hosting stint didn’t pass without a few comments on former Two And A Half Men star turned “winner” Charlie Sheen.

“I think to fire someone they have to do really a lot. If he wants to party 72 hours, if he wants to smoke crack, do whatever he wants to do…I don’t think he’s crazy though," Diddy revealed. "I honestly don’t think he’s crazy. I think he’s just being so brutally honest.”


  • Nico 3

    Diddy shouldn't speak on somebody he doesn't know, cause an actor can be on all the drugs he wants, but when the camera is on, not miss a mark. What he does on his time is his business. How many drugs did him and Biggie do back in the Bad Boy heyday? Probably enough to make Charlie Sheen look like a beginner.

  • Anonymous

    for this article you choose a picture of diddy looking guilty as shit .......? suttle b.s.

  • dmize-one

    yall hate on puff for no reason.. the radio hosts asked puff about bigs death, he didnt bring it up... whats he susposed to do, ignore the question?? him and big were best friends for real and yall act like dude reppin him is a bad thing...

    • Anonymous

      see.... smart people know big would despise you for comments like that.. big said they are a team.. puff said they are a team.. thats the end of the story for any outsider.. also you wasnt there

    • Anonymous

      ey you gaylord who replied to that guy.. HE FUCKING TOLD YOU HIS POINT host asks diddy so he HAS to answer, you cant possibly be stupid enough not to understand this

    • Anonymous

      what are you his publicist?It always comes down to hating with you stans huh?Ask anyone on his roster past or present if he ever gave a fuck about any artist he's ever had?Dude wouldnt be giving interviews plugging himself if he gave a shit about BIG..Puff is a snake..plain and simple...

  • MPistol

    yea its always a good day when I cash a royalty check off my dead artist

  • Anonymous

    Puff promoting himself through BIG once again...shocking...

  • u dont know shit

    biggie died on march 9, cmon son

  • Anonymous

    release those unreleased biggie tracks you arogant prick.

    • Anonymous

      yup and if he does its gonna be "ashole diddy lives off big" again alot of you will just act like bitches no matter what he does

    • kalluminati

      Are you sure you want to hear any unreleased material by Biggie? that duets cd was terrible in my opinion except for a few gems. As anybody with half a brain knows... If there was unreleased material diddy would have released it long ago, after all he still makes money speaking on his dead "friend" right?

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