Havoc, Prodigy And Alchemist At Work In The Studio

Mobb Deep and Alchemst link up after Prodigy's release from prison.

Wasting no time after his release from prison, Prodigy quickly made his way to the studio, ready to record with the other half of Mobb Deep, Havoc, as well as frequent collaborator Alchemist.

As previously reported, Prodigy was released from prison yesterday (March 7) after spending three years locked up for weapons charges.

Havoc posted a picture of the reunion via his Twitter account, giving fans yearning for more music from Mobb Deep some encouraging news.

Alchemist has collaborated with Mobb Deep on numerous occasions, producing tracks on the group's albums Murda Muzik, Infamy, Amerikaz Nightmare and Blood Money. He also produced on both of Prodigy's H.N.I.C. albums and Return of the Mac.


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  • Anonymous

    i want P and banks to collab again. they got mad chemistry

  • Dethbender

    hopefully they make something grimey like the infamous or hell on earth and not some ol' bullshit....

    • Deathbender

      exactly bananas. the new sound isn't grimey and sounds too clean. i want that raw shit again, which i know all these old school rap niggas can do- just look at raekwon

    • Bananas

      Perhaps it's because todays music in general sucks and people are missing something?

    • Anonymous

      Why do people constantly expect artists to hop in time machines and make the same records they made 15 years ago??

  • Anonymous

    awwwwwwww wonder if the yardfather was right and he spent all his time in the hole

    • Da Fattest Nigga

      Saigon a gay fag. i used to stick my fist up that bitch ass at roshanne's apartment on 125th and lennox.

  • murdock

    good shit cant wait to hear some heat

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    1st- Return of the Mac 2 (with The Alchemist) 2nd- 8th Mobb Deep's album 3rd- H.N.I.C. pt. 3

  • Rachael Misek

    Hey Al your eyes look SITH

  • aspect

    Nico - go teabag a beartrap... obviously family is important but the dude isnt successful because he's not dedicated to his music, wtf u doing on DX if u cant understand that? 'these felons' hahaha woooww.

  • ojnbcvindv

    looks like weird al

  • Anonymous

    CO Sign Nico If I got out of jail first thing I would do is spend a few weeks with my family

  • Nico 3

    Why is recording new music always the first thing these felons do? You just spent 3 years behind bars. Go see your kids.... Reflect on your life.... Go do coke with Charlie Sheen.... So many better choices than just making the same tired songs he was making before he got sentenced.

    • Da Fattest Nigga

      that last comment was @ mikey mike by the way. aka faggy fag. as for prodigy love to see you free homes

    • Da Fattest Nigga

      Dat's why his last album was weak as supple black buttcheeks. shit was gay. free agent, gutter rainbows, lasers, shaolin vs. wu-tang and even the slaughterhouse ep were better than that as far as hip hop releases this year. i bought all those albums on cd bitch. schooling y'all niggas. you even know how to update a cd into itunes lil titty sucking smooching lipped bitch

    • Allah Math

      how do you know his fam ain't there with him? these studios are bigger than your house and if i'm not mistaken, lil prodigy is always around the mobb, especially alchemist, sort of like when alchemist was learning his trade with DJ Muggs. get your facts straight before commenting on shit like that

    • murdock

      that comment is why hip hop dont need fans like you

    • Anonymous

      artist record

    • yra

      yea dumb ass, u write rhymes in jail, then when u get out u spit them on record. whats the problem with that?

    • mikeymike

      Saigon - The Rules: "I wrote all those raps cuz i was in jail. Now that im out, writin rhymes is like last on my priorities.

    • Yeah I said it

      He probably feels like he has stuff to get off his chest after three years.

    • Anonymous

      the're music artists thats why thats what they do its not rocket science go read a book learn something!

  • Shift017

    My favorite hip-hop duo is back! Long live MOBB DEEP!

  • Mr. Flamboyant

    (Jordan Fist) Yes...

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