Lupe Fiasco Says 'Food & Liquor 2' is Half Done

During a signing event for 'Lasers,' Lupe revealed to a fan that 'Food & Liquor 2' is already half done.

Even though Lupe Fiasco's Lasers has yet to even hit stores' shelves, the Chicago emcee is already knee-deep in his next project. During a recent album signing event at a FYE in New Jersey, Lupe revealed that the sequel to his critically heralded 2006 debut Food & Liquor is already in the works. 

An fan from the KanyeToThe forum took his chance to meet the "Kick, Push" rapper to ask him about Food & Liquor II. Lupe responded, saying that the album is already half completed and that his label Atlantic Records will not be changing the LP's content. 

Q: "What do you think man, how many first week sales for Lasers?"

Lupe: "To be honest with you man, I have no idea."

Q: "Yeah, what do you think, they'll be a little more flexible on you with Food & Liquor II?"

Lupe: "Yeah, and the good thing is, F&LII is already half done."

Q: "That's what's up, and they won't change it up on you right?"

Lupe: "Naw man, we're gonna be good."

Last week, Lupe Fiasco put Atlantic Records on blast following the negative critical response to his long-awaited third LP Lasers, saying compromise affected the outcome of the album.


  • joey

    Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album 1.Intro 2.Food and Liquor 3.Go to Sleep 4.Memories (feat. Nas) 5.Pass the Mic 6.Up to the Top 7.Just Ain't Enough (feat. Sarah Green) 8.Lasers (feat. Matthew Santos) 9.Scream 10.Coolest Flow 11.Return of the Cool 12.Shy City (feat. Kanye West) 13.Superstar Part 2 (feat. Matthew Santos) 14.Rise (feat. Mos Def & Erykah Badu) 15.Kick Push 3 16.Electric (feat. Jay Electronica) 17.High Hopes (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 18.Scars 19.The Great American Rap Song

  • Joe

    Hey guys, I am the fan that asked the question and posted on the forum. This is 100% accurate. I have a video of me asking him, and you can see him waving his hands signaling the album is "set". I apologize you can't hear the sound, as my camera man was further back and just zoomed in. But you can read his lips and his body motions. I will be contacting the writer of this article soon. Thanks, Joe

  • Jae

    Damn, I copped Lasers today, and i'll admit its a huge disappointment. It is mostly wack with the exception of a few tracks. BUT, people turning on him aren't real fans. I mean, I'm not saying "BUY THE ALBUM EVEN IF ITS WACK". But c'mon wtf he had F&L and The Cool, two classics in a row, and he releases one bad album and everyone shits on him? EVERY artist has a point where they release a bad album, and it was even harder for Lupe. If he didnt release it, he never woulda gotten shit done ! He had to put out some bullshit to get the lable off his dick. If he just moved to another lable (cough G.O.O.D Music) he'd be able to release his real shit. Dont give up on him yet. Songs like "Words I Never Said" and "All Black Everything" show he's still one of the best lyrically out now. Read up on his interviews, the lable FORCED beats and hooks and bullshit and told him to dumb it down and get on this pop beat etc etc or else he wouldnt be able to do shit.

    • Panama

      I don't know if most people caught it, but that's what the song "Go to sleep" was all about. It was when he decided to do FnL2 and if you listen to the lyrics, he's basically saying "ok you guys tell me to dumb it down, here it is, go to sleep"

    • Jae

      Yeahhh man. In an interview he talks about some beats that were forced on him. He uses "Never Forget You" as an example, and he said that was a track John Legend just had laying around and the lable got it and told Lupe to get on it. (and thats actually one of the better-ish tracks on the album. imagine the rest of the shit the lable forced) And yeah, Lupe obviously knows the album was a disappointment, which is why hes getting right on with F&L 2. And yu mean he still needs to release two more albums AFTER Lasers till his contract is done?

    • Carlos

      It was a let down but even lupe didnt like the way the album was made the label had their fingers in basically everything on there and "the show goes on" was a track that was forced on to him. I remember reading an interview saying that he dosent really care if it came out or not but I'm definently waiting for food and liquor 2 the great american rap album and your right true fans dont turn their backs but 2 more albums and his contract with atlantic is over counting the days g

  • timothy

    To all the people hating on the LASERS lp; ya'll need to chill, and support this artist. after all the shit that atlantic put lupe through just to get this album dropped; if that ain't enough. i think he needs to go and sign to jay-z's new label, or russel simmons could offer lupe a contract with total creative control for food and liquor 2.

  • Anonymous

    The Cool is the greatest album in the history of music. Of all time bar none!

  • gutter man

    f&l 2 will be solid no doubt. lasers has issues- i feel for lupe cause that would hurt. seriously he just dropped an album and he's already talking about his next one cause he knows his fans are pissed. fuck the industry and the major labels for fuckin up rap for decades.

  • FiascoHead

    You are NOT are fan of Lupe's work if you have turned on him after the albums release, it may not be the same style as his other albums or mix tapes but its still really good, I wouldn't have cared if the album was awful I would have bought it anyways just to support him!

  • Roger Rabbit

    People honestly Lasers is not all that bad I rate it a 4/5 only 3 songs are really bad which are "I Don't Wanna Carev Right Now" "Out Of Mt Head" "State Run Radio" everything else is pretty solid IMO so why all the hate yeah he made some Pop songs for the mainstream fans but who hasn't after all Atlantic made him do it it's not like he wanted to overall it's a good album just a few tracks ruined it still worth the buy.

  • Anonymous

    PEOPLE HATIN ON LUPE ALL OF A SUDDEN....FUCKIN FAKE ASS MOFOS...WE'LL SEE WHEN F&L2 drops...yall gon hop back on lupes dick

  • anon

    sorry mr. fiasco, I may have to buy that raekwon album instead of lazers. He stayed true to himself, you had to comprise on that shit i understand but I just can't support wackness.

    • Anonymous

      ptone quit riding lupe's dick so hard

    • ptone814

      fuckin loser.....think outside the box....anything lu puts out is good whether its catchy, dumbed down or even in greek....u should appreciate it....fuckin moron.... why cant he make jingle catchy music huh? cause u said so? fuckin moron.... jay-z does....biggie did.....2pac did....fuckin ignorant small brain dumb niggas...... think b4 u talk dick breath .

  • Jeremy Orr

    #Lasers was better than what ppl thought.. I think its more of a complete album meaning more than jus complex songs full with lyrics that the "average" rap fan want understand"..i guess u can say Lupe dumbed it down on this 1........IMO

  • Anonymous

    Great, another rapper ripping off his best work because he's run out of original Ideas *Yawn*

  • Anonymous

    Food & Liquor cant be topped... Lupe doesnt have the lyrical prowes or the voice to do that again. Food & Liquor was my illmatic and I really need him to hold off on that title

  • Mike Meraz

    If he says it half done...that means it's far from done. Won't be out for more then a year the way things are looking. If this album doesn't have any radio hits, His label's not gonna want put it out either. Their gonna wanna switch it up and have him remove all the dope dark deep tracks and throw Lada Gaga and Usher on that bitch.

  • DonMagicShawn

    If it's like Food and Liquor 1 I'm looking forward to it. Especially after this BULLSHIT that Lasers is.

  • NYYstateofmind


  • stretchdollaz

    Yeah right. Gtfo

  • pienman

    damn, let the lyrics hit em in the gut with the next ablum lupe! i alread pre-ordered the lasers joint.... i hope he kills it on the sequel to the classic...they can't fuck that one up

  • Mr. Truth

    Hahaha this is the worst reporting ever. There is no proof whatsoever that Lupe said this. Hey, Hip Hop DX. I went to a Nas concert yesterday and talked to him for a few minutes. Here's our conversation: Q: Hey, Nas, how's the new album coming? Nas: Pretty good, you know. It is what it is. Q: You going to work with DJ Premier again? Nas: Oh yeah. I got three songs with him for Illmatic 2. Q: Word? You're recording Illmatic 2? Nas: Yeah, it's half done right now. There. Report it as news.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait to hear him cry about his label deal when he tries to put it out

  • G

    Great news, we'll probably have The Great American Rap Album and F&L2 within the next 2 years. Although Lasers was a disappointment, without the the faggots of Atlantic ruining his shit Lupe will be on fire like usual.

  • kingzilla17

    Should be another great album...cant wait

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