Even though Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers has yet to even hit stores’ shelves, the Chicago emcee is already knee-deep in his next project. During a recent album signing event at a FYE in New Jersey, Lupe revealed that the sequel to his critically heralded 2006 debut Food & Liquor is already in the works. 

An fan from the KanyeToThe forum took his chance to meet the “Kick, Push” rapper to ask him about Food & Liquor II. Lupe responded, saying that the album is already half completed and that his label Atlantic Records will not be changing the LP’s content. 

Q: “What do you think man, how many first week sales for Lasers?”

Lupe: “To be honest with you man, I have no idea.”

Q: “Yeah, what do you think, they’ll be a little more flexible on you with Food & Liquor II?”

Lupe: “Yeah, and the good thing is, F&LII is already half done.”

Q: “That’s what’s up, and they won’t change it up on you right?”

Lupe: “Naw man, we’re gonna be good.”

Last week, Lupe Fiasco put Atlantic Records on blast following the negative critical response to his long-awaited third LP Lasers, saying compromise affected the outcome of the album.