Rick Ross Details His Million Dollar Strip Club Spree

After a massive birthday party, Rick Ross tells Angie Martinez how he and his entourage broke King of Diamonds and needed a Brinks truck brought in.

Back in February, Rick Ross raised a few eyebrows when he reportedly spent a million dollars celebrating his birthday at Miami strip club, King of Diamonds. Such a claim usually falls under the category of ridiculous rapper statements, but in addition to Rick Ross, King of Diamonds’ talent manager, “Disco” Rick Taylor confirmed in detail that the club’s corporate offices had to bring a Brinks truck in to supply more cash.

“King of Diamonds is the biggest strip club in Florida,” Ross explained to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “It’s nothing to go in there and have 50 ballplayers and some street dudes. It ain’t nothing to spend some real change in King of Diamonds. Well that night, we broke the club. They did not have a dollar to give us as we requested more money…not one dollar.”

During an interview with Miami sports columnist Dan LeBatard, Taylor explained that patrons who frequent the VIP section usually have multiple strippers as well as bottle service added to their tab. Both can easily cause a wealthy club visitor to spend in tens of thousands of dollars. Taylor said Lil Wayne has been known to spend upwards of $50,000 at King of Diamonds. But apparently even Wayne’s exploits were no match for Ross.

“At some point, the dancers usually have to recycle the money,” Ross said. “We ran through so much money, the Brinks truck came, and that didn’t even help.”

Ross said that due to IRS concerns, he refused to confirm the exact amount of money he spent. When Angie Martinez asked Ross if he was investing and spending his money wisely, Ross speculated that he’s tripled his net worth since initially signing with Def Jam.

Video below contains nudity...NSFW




  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross does nothing but promote senseless indulgence in his music, and with ridiculous stunts like this. "A MILLION DOLLARS IN THE STRIP CLUB. OMFG!" How many kids are gonna see this and think they gotta blow money in the strip club when they should be investing that money? He's got some nerve talking bout how "real" he is. I know he didn't live through half of the drug dealer shit he's talking about on records. He was a f'n prison guard! Prison guards=police. Isn't that against everything N.W.A. taught us?

    • Chitch

      can you shut your fukn mouth with this prison guard shit? put ur head in some books and dont come out till you know what your talkin bout

  • Michael Rucker

    Yeah Ross definitely has some of the best beats out there on his albums...I thought I was the only person that noticed...his albums are full of DOPE instrumentals!! A million dollar strip club visit is by all accounts just stupid. So much for feeding the hungry, i'm too busy makin it rain at strip clubs!! What kinda message does that send out?? I don't make it rain in my new video but you should watch anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2EBCYkjW3k

  • bklynsfynest2000

    You know I was warming up to tis cat especially since his ear for beats on his albums is great but this dumbass spending spree in a strip club??? really? this is ignorant to the 20th degree...and to brag about it? If I see this fool 5 years from now using the same ole excuses for being broke he get no sympathy from me....

  • Ryan

    Lol this guy spent a million dollars to get his dick hard. Could have bought a premium hooker or sumin if hes havin trouble getin girls in a conventional way.. Alot cheaper and at least he would have got some real action!

  • Staten makes it Happen

    I dont hate on any black man with money....but i do hate on a black man wasting money. Lets be real, he is big in the world of hiphop, NOT OVERALL MUSIC. Dude is spending money to make his own videos and throwing away money in a strip club. he is literally spending his money to stay relevant. Teflon Don didnt go platinum. Stop it Ross. Live but dont be a fool. Despite all the hiphop money, he still holds no weight in the "Real World" The elites dont respect him. He is small time. Despite that hiphop money he is not even on the wealthy radar....and besides very few people in society take rappers serious. Teenagers take rappers serious!

    • Anonymous

      i agree , all that money and dj kool herc (the founder of this shit) can't pay his medical bills , as you said a small amount of people take rappers seriously but there are dumb rappers or GIMMICK rappers who you shouldn't take seriously but there are some serious rappers which spit some real lyrical shit!

    • John-Boy

      You make some very good points. Soon some of the teenagers that love Ross will be on here talking trash to you but everything you said was the truth.

  • WRD

    Wow, way to waste all ur money on women IDIOT. Even worse, they all looked ugly. I wonder if he's still falling behind on his child support payments? And yes, I am most definitely hating

  • Wolfman

    Every generation needs a MC Hammer, we just got a fatter one. 4 years, foreclosed home. You're a rapper, Ross. EVERY rapper has a period of shine and decline.

  • Mike

    Good job, Ross. You could have helped a hundred black men get off the streets and into College with that money and you spent it on hoes. Great thinkin'!


    Like Jeezy said fuck bad bitches smoke big blunts who am i to tell you diff ya only live once! I DONT CARE IF HE SPENT 1 D0LLAR OR 1 MIL ENJOY LIVE STOP HATIN!

  • vboi

    A Big Fat Lie, Did he buy the club ??????

  • geico lizard

    I dont want to call Rick Ross a liar but that is alot of hard earned money to spend to watch women dance. Even if you won the lottery or were left the money from a dead family member in a will that would still be a reckless way to spend your money. Rick Ross and Birdman may be broke one day and end up on Behind the Music but as long as they spent it having fun the way they wanted to then they wont care if we all laugh at them.

  • R

    Yo i bet if ross got a nut at the end of the night after spendin the mill his exitement woulda died down like any man and he'd of been like 'Damn, I just spent 1 fuckin million dollars to get my dick hard'. Then again i bet he didn't even get any real action.. If i spent that in a strip club id be fuckin EMBARRASED ! how can u be proud of that shit

  • dc burner guy

    if you believe this story, you are a child.

  • John-Boy

    Pathetic. You will hear about this clown being broke in ten years. Instead of taking his million and investing it and making more money off of it, he blows it in a strip club in one night. And hes actually proud of it! The nigga probably didnt even get a nut. And young idiots follow his lead and go to the club and blow their entire Mcdonalds check thinking they acting like Ross. Sad shit. Real rich people are laughing at this clown.

  • wtf

    why does anyone listen to a rapper whom calls him self the kfc king?

  • shikiim

    50 cents got more money than RIck Ross but

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    What an idiot.... Why do some folks think it's cool when stupidness like this is done..... What a waate of money.. I don't care who you are this kind of ztuff is just dumb... 90% of todays rappers have no sense what so ever, including this fool..

  • fitzillaDAmonsta

    sick chain ross, even tho i dont fuck wit yo donut eatin ass, sick fuckin chain dude! hahaha

  • ross

    ross is richer than fifty.ross is the biggesr boss in the game.

  • Anonymous

    check the club owner chain...nuff said

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Ross provin he a real Boss, fuckin makin the club bring in a brinks truck. The boss is on top of the game, all you hatin ass niggas and 50 dick suckaz just hatin. The Bawse is on top of hip hop. Niggas can hate but don't deny. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Case worker

      When did they start teaching you niggas to operate a keyboard? Some brothers are so ignorant it is just amazing. And we wonder why we don't get anywhere.

  • g-up

    anybody who said this dude is a fool, is an idiot. this is how to launder money 101 muthafuckas. get your game up

    • Really tho'

      I wasn't feeling your speech in the 1st place, but I respected your right to say it until you said "ask John Gotti (who's happy in prison, away from the mafia that still wants him dead)". Then I looked at your name again and there you have it. You do realize John Gotti was in control of the Gambino crime family until his death in 2002. You must be the pride and joy on your short bus. I think you should read up and get some knowledge or at least try.

    • Special Ed

      G Up is absolutely right.. It's only in movies where the top dods get ate up.. In the real world, money will buy you security and immunity, ask Griselda Blanco, ask Pablo Escobar (the guy was allowed to build his own prison), ask John Gotti (who's happy in prison, away from the mafia that still wants him dead)... There's always someone winning when you hear that a seemingly top dog was caught... and usually the person ends up dead... Only because they threatened to sing like a hummingbird... Money is power, the sooner you get that into your head, the more you will start to understand why dudes will spend a million in a strip club without flinching... It's called flexing that muscle, POWER... Knowledge is freedom... not power, knowledge will free you from the oppression the lust of power brings, and this will bring you contentment and self actualization... You might died unknown, but you will be satisfied... Never confuse knowledge and power... Two different things... One (and whoever called G Up a fool needs to G Up and read up)...

    • Anonymous

      You talk like money is equal to immunity. Very untrue. There's plenty of people with wealth and power that's been stripped of both because of their actions. The power of the dollar is not as almighty as it's been ascribed.

    • g-up

      True, that's if you have to face the consequences of your action. a lot of people at the lower scale of the economic system do have to face it because the system is designed like that. but alot of people at the top of the system who help in molding the institution have money to put out the fires before they ever get burned.

    • Anonymous

      Every bad idea's a good idea until you're faced with suffering the consequences your actions. Get your knowledge up...'g'

    • g-up

      crime does pay and in large amounts. slave trade, finance schemes, etc... many of the people who own the country come from criminal backgrounds. they might not be violent. but believe me they were extremely deceptive. one.

    • N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s. H.A.T.E.R.

      Fool? You're a fool with a name like "g-up". You haven't learned that crime doesn't pay? Stop aspiring to be a criminal before you be sharing a soap in the jail house

    • Anonymous

      You don't even know what money laundering is. Get off the keyboard.

  • N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s. H.A.T.E.R.

    Niggas. I swear they are the worst thing that ever happened to hard working black people. At least poor white people have enough dignity to stay out of site and serve the interests of upper class whites. Low-income niggas only bring black people down.They don't even have a lot of babies like most poor people do and increase our numbers; they just abort half of them. A lot of people won't like this but it's true.

    • thetrooth

      increase our numbers...lol you should have been aborted. this is why the planet is goin to be a flaming ball of shit in 100 years because we have dipshits like you thinking if ur poor you should shit out 8 kids. would black people (and white people but especially black) quit having 10 fuckin kids just so u can get more welfare money.

  • Keezie

    I understand ballers wanna ball but with all of the folks they know are hurting in the neighborhood why not have a birthday with kids that listen to your music. Take them out to enjoy a day. Fix something up other than for the sake of getting a tax write off. Dudes get money & let their accountants decide how much they will "care".

    • Anonymous

      I feel you, but believe me his accountant cares when he does shit like this... Cares about his future.

  • dat's right

    Man let those dudes spend that paper how they want,especially at KOD. I hope them suckers keep coming back. My baby momma paid the rent,baby daycare, car note and insurance for 5 months. Get me Mr. Diddy's and Mr. Ross's address so I can send them boys a thank you card. they just gave me extra money for my 401k.

    • dat's right

      See this is the shit I be talking about you don't even know my baby momma and you calling her a stank ass hoe. You need to say sorry because you hurt my feelings...lol. No dude you right she is a stank ass hoe that's why she not my lady, but my baby momma, but she got a good heart and a good head on her shoulders, no pun intended. I work and take care of my son, the loot she made allowed me to max the 401k match that my employer offers and add more money to my son college fund for those 5 months. You must not have read that in my original post or you don't know what a 401k is.

    • Your Baby momma

      Your baby momma's a stank ass hoe, son. She probably sucked that fat bastard's dick and gave you a kiss, talking the "baby we did it speech". Plus, you were probably boasting like these other fools on here screamin' "Bawse!" You dudes is clowns, yo. But then again she paid for shit you should've been doing all along. Get your mind right, daddy. *Deadbeat*

  • Foodstamp

    He tripled his net worth since signing with Def Jam, what he didn't report is that he had $12 and some change before signing a record deal.

  • BIG L

    man stop the hate. that man works hard for his pay. and for those who say o thats dumb nigga get ya game up, and it would be dumb for you cuzz you dont know shit about getting real money. you lame ass dudes

    • Special Ed

      Ross does work hard... Very hard indeed... No one, and I mean no one, not even you favourite rapper has achieved what Ricky has... From Port of Miami to Teflon Don, each album was better than the preceding one musically, in subject matter, and in substance... Even the hits got bigger with each album... Don't be fooled by the antics, the dude is the biggest BOSS in the game right now, having Diddy on one side, Jay on the other side, and Warner Bros. (Lyor Cohen) running things for MMG... Dude, he will only get better... give the man is dues... You don't achieve such by just sitting on your fat a$$ and smoking pot all day, it takes hard work, lots of it... especially bouncing back from that C.O. Ross scandal that almost obliterated his career.. Nah man, Ross has my vote, I don't necessarily think his music inspires any revolutionary or wise thoughts inside me, but when looked at from a purely artistic point of view... Ross works hard, and the results speak for themselves... read the reviews... BAWSE

    • What?

      Did you just say that that man works hard?! Go kill yourself. You're truly delusional. You're mother agrees with me too.

  • MikeJack

    All I saw was this guy spending Puff's money...

  • Anonymous

    lol look at it this way he paid for some chicks college tuition, and probably fed those strippers kids for the next fiscal year

    • And the truth of it is...

      Paying for everyone else shit, while neglecting his...we'll see this motherfucka with Uncle Sam saying you owe me bitch! Yeah, that's Bawse status right? Clown.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Gotta get paid for all that snitchin huh Officer Ross?

  • Livin the High Life

    There's not enough whores nor alcohol worth spending that much money on in one night. That's not ballin'. That's a fast pace to fallin'. Drugs. Man, I tell you they are bad for the brain.

  • YoungCosby

    You slave niggas will never learn. The White man is giving yall money to set up your financial security and yall giving the shit right back to him. None of that money will be invested in anything logical. Rap contracts should not be given out until a rapper can pass a simple Econonics course.

  • @Deknowz

    You only live once, even though I wouldn't do it, i can't knock him for enjoying his life and hard work.

    • huh

      Why do you people keep insisting this guy works hard? What's so hard about writing fairy tales that rhyme? Dr. Suess did it. I guarantee you no one exclaimed he had to work hard on those books he made. Dude gets high everyday and writes about a fantasy life that he wants to live. Damn, that's some brainbusting work there!

  • word?

    this nigga be packing some major fat

  • truthenola

    what he supposed to do ,. walk around with a sac like santa and hand out money to ungreatful criminals and crackheads and thats supposed to help..he worked for it let him do what he pleases, only god can judge dis nigga


    thats big right there thats his money so let em do what he do we print money and people still hungry,homeless so stfu please

  • mhunterjr

    "they shoulda never gave you niggas money" only a fool could brag about this type of bullshit when the economy is fucked, and the state of black Americans is even worse. The crackas got him trained real good.

    • G'

      Yea, its mad foolish to waste that much on strippers...know him and his crew all got somethin' somethin when the cameras were off. Women be schemin on the stupidty of the nigga. But they be just as trainned too.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    people starvin in the streets orphelins without a christmas kids suffering from a lethal decease hoods infected with slums and officer fat motha fucka ricky spendin a million in a strip club WTF ?!!

  • freshyboi

    yeah for realz, i could buy out the bar, buy lap dances for the whole club, get dome from every ripper in there and still not be anywhere near 1 million dollars, get the fuck outta here!!!! dude stop exaggerating so much, its making you look like a fool

  • Steve Rio

    yo.. I got love for rick ross as a rapper, but that is total bullshit. HHDX should know better than to report on this garbage.

  • John Dough

    What you all don't realize is that each one of a blue 1 dollar bill band is 100$.. so ross blew prob 15k the whole night filmed it all and got way more in press then he spent.. so he will not go broke because all these niggas playin you for press views these days.. suckas eatin this shit up all day 1

  • Woody Harrelson

    Rappers should be required to pass an IQ test before getting a record deal.

  • Anonymous


  • word?

    ive said it before and ill say it again....this nigga fat

  • sharksbreath

    Rick: You did it man. Now your the biggest trick in history. Whoever told you it ain't tricking if you got it had to be a trick or a damn fool. Your both. Congrats. You people need to follow my rule. If all a rapper talks about his how much money they have don't buy their record. They don't need mine.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i follow that rule , fuck this guy hes ballin outta control he dont need my $10 for his shitty albums

  • Heat357

    "Ross speculated that he's tripled his net worth since initially signing with Def Jam." Rick Ross Net Worth before signing with Def Jam-$0.0

  • L-Boogie

    People are losing their jobs and homes but don't worry because Ross is ballin outta control lol.

  • Trick Troll

    Damn, if that doesn't leave you with a weird taste in your mouth... Ballin' out of control, in the baddest possible sense of the word. Idiot.

  • Nico 3

    Between Ross and Charlie Sheen, the strippers and hookers of the world are finally moving on up.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like kimbo without the muscles

  • Trippledoubles

    @ Ross hopefullly you won't have to regret that night anytime soon.

  • DONZ

    Shout out to Rozay... When we read how he is broke 5 years from now then it will all make sense. Community Center, books for local school, PAL football/basketball gear/league .... just saying.

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