Cella Dwellas' U.G. Readies Solo Debut "Portals" For May 17 Release

Ill Bill, Necro and Celph Titled will support the Dwellas album who will drop his first full-length since Loud Records folded, produced entirely by Ide.

Brooklyn, New York duo the Cella Dwellas (a/k/a The Dwellas) released two albums on Loud Records, 1996's Realms N' Reality and 2000's The Last Shall Be First. Largely produced by Nick Wiz, the team of U.G. the Imagination and Phantasm the Tall Man have remained relatively quiet through the last decade, besides releasing 2003 single "Who Killed Hip Hop."

Last year, Lone Ninja, of the Twin Perils, released "Enemy Base" featuring U.G.

The Dwellas' legacy will move forward on May 17, as Creative Juices will release U.G.'s solo debut, Portals. The album will be produced entirely by Ide (of Ide & Skavenger), and according to UndergroundHipHop.com, feature appearances by Ill Bill, Necro and Celph Titled.



  • Tidomann

    Another smile on ma face...since I ain't been doin' that shit a lot in the 00s. A round of applause for the U.G. album. I'ma get home & pull out both they previous classic shit + 'Ill Collabo' with Organized, 'Main Aim'...ma shit!

  • DrewDown91

    Last Shall be First is a classic. Both their albums are fire. I'm definitely copping UG's album, his verse on that Joint "Connect 4" on Shabaam Sahdeeq's shit was ill.

  • godilla

    proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc7X1tKCME0

  • godilla

    UG is a beast...trust me he on some other shit!!! Peace to all involved on this project. I know Ug went in on the bars and IDE went hard with the beats and post production. -illa

  • Dashaun


  • Dashaun

    Yo, Chek these artist out and tell me what the business is with them. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_7591438

  • Anonymous

    i'll youtube this shit to recall some memories, such a long time ago!

  • gutter man

    realms n reality -1996 is a slept on classic ahead of its time- well worth checking FOR- yeah you! check it.

    • Nike Champ 718

      ^^^"Line For Line" was my joint. I need to find this album. It's somewhere in my garage and I never got around to putting it on my iPod.

    • Doubl Negative

      True, their first joint on Loud is an under-rated classic, but I didn't know there was a follow-up LP. Mystic Freestyle was my favourite ish.

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