Busta Rhymes Working With DJ Premier For New Album

After several failed attempts in the past, Gang Starr and Flipmode Squad may finally get in work, as Premier says he's made the last track for Busta's next album.

Both Long Island, New York emcee Busta Rhymes and Texas-to-New York transplant DJ Premier have been professional musicians for over 20 years. After numerous attempts, the Leaders Of The New School front-man and Gang Starr member have never collaborated - despite Premier's continued efforts.

That may have changed, according to DJ Premier's Twitter. The legendary producer was recently working through the night at his Midtown Manhattan HeadCourterz Studios to perfect a beat for the Flipmode Squad founder's next album.

Pullin an all nighter at HEADQCOURTERZ makin the grand finale Busta Rhymes track to close his LP out.....HERE WE FUCC'N GO !!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Busta's last album was 2009's Back On My B.S., released through Universal Motown. HipHopDX will keep you posted.



  • Bowski

    Busta is definitely relevant in the rap game today and has been having a good run album-wise until he dropped that "Back on my B.S". That was the wackest album Busta has ever dropped in my opinion. Hopefully he'll bring that heat back for the Heads/fans on this new album. Busta's cameos on other rappers albums has been absolutely crazy of recent, he's been coming correct. Preem's beats (drum patterns) only sound the same cos he sticks to the same drum sounds. If you've listened to his beats over the years you'll definitely be able to appreciate the detail he puts into chopping up his samples and what parts of the sample he chooses to chop up. But to actually use the same drum sounds over and over again used to be common back in the 90's and was fondly nick-named "Trademarking". Everybody did it back in the 90's so Heads would automatically recognise the producer of the beat. Pete did it, Erick Sermon did it, and even the Neptunes did it heavy when they first came on the scene. I think it's cool as long as you do it CREATIVELY, unlike Lex Luger who uses the exact same beat programming/sounds/chords/hook-type and all, for every damn beat. I'm sure it's partly a business move, (A&R's normally seek out the most popular sound as long as it's a hit), which I consider lazy & annoying in my opinion...

  • True Talkin Bitch

    Fuck Busta Swines. Hypocrite ass nigga is washed the fuck up, nobody gives a fuck about him.

  • Anonymous


  • Doubl Negative

    Jigga, Em and Kanye all recorded tracks with Premo, but none of them saw the light of day. I'm not holdin' my breath waitin' for Preem's latest hook-up with an A-list rap star.

  • Anonymous

    i say fuck that!! It's about time preemo did whole albums again, but with some international star's or some underground legends or anyone new who's killing it on the street's lyrically. Or anyone who's capable enough to jump on a preemo track and kill it with the exception of blaq poet.

  • shone jones

    I hope that Premo doesn't make the same beat that he's been making for the last 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    busta aint no joke!!!definetely in my top 10 of all time ..........but has'nt impressed me since the big bang(album wise) busta if you read this please just fuck the charts and REALLY get back on your bullshit!! peace premo is flawless

  • ignitemindz

    I dont even believe it when I hear that no more, labels are always cutting that shit off the album or something. People are always saying theyre working with him and the album comes out without it. All these interviews where he says he had joints with people that never came out. Its sad.

    • Dick B.

      Nah, it's real. Here's the a video of them in D&D (now refered to as Headqcourterz.) http://rapradar.com/2011/02/25/busta-rhymes-dj-premier-in-the-studio-pt-1/

  • Tyson Bret France

    I guarantee you it will be the only good track on that album too.

    • Rick

      ^^^^ you need to finish your homework.........now, go bck to your room!

    • Anonymous


    • RICK

      nah man, Scratch will give him some heat. I love DJ SCratch's production. His beats are way out there but fit Bustch perfectly....see GIMME SOME MORE!! That Psycho sample was simple but his drums were B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

  • Anonymous

    i wish Busta could do more than just one preemo banger!

    • Troy

      He's got 2 cuts from his album, DX is late on this notice, when Preemo's blogspot was up and running Preem said he was doing 2 cuts

  • EddieMurrrphy

    why why why did they even mention back on my b.s.? put a sour note at the end of such a great and exciting piece of news. i hated that album

  • Rick

    Good shit here...Premier needs to give him some off the wall bangers. IMO Busta wont sound good over Premiers heat unless he provides him with some Wrath of The Math types beats.

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