Lupe Fiasco Told By Label "Don't Rap Too Deep"

Lupe describes being held hostage by Atlantic, says next album is done

Lupe Fiasco struggled to release his third album on Atlantic Records. It took over three years and picketing from fans before Lupe followed up his gold-selling The Cool. Despite platinum singles, gold plaques and Grammy Awards, the Chicago native said his budget was cut and he was stiffled creatively.

"I was specifically told" -- Fiasco chuckled -- "'Don't rap too deep on this record.'" He laughed some more, telling the Chicago Sun-Times. "That was a specific order from the top. 'You're rapping too fast or too slow, or it's too complex.' ... There are consequences and combat that comes from that process and the eventual compromise. With me, though, I'm not writing about someone else. I'm writing about me. This is my life. It's very personal for me. So for somebody to kind of put their fingers in that and play with that, it becomes more damaging."

"I am a hostage," Fiasco continued. "I gave them what they wanted. If I didn't, at the end of the day the album wasn't coming out." The potentially good news for fans is that Lupe was busy recording his next album The Great American Rap Album while he was working on Lasers. He hopes to have that out before the end of 2011.


  • Timothy O Nichols Jr

    What the hell Lupe should have done, is find out what his contractual agreements were, and how long did he have before his contract runs out with Atlantic Records. Yes give them what they want as far is an couple of records; but save the good shit, and go independent; or Call up Dre, Kanye, Em, or Jay-z; to find your next deal on one of their labels. If you know Business,or take sometime off to get an Business Degree, you can call Atlantic on their B.S. and sued their asses for unfair business practices. That's why all rappers need to go Independent and create their own labels, so you can put out that real shit everyone needs to hear. Master P is a Genius when it comes to having your own best interest in mind. The only money these labels should be making, is distribution; with no say so in the product, and that's it. Our 1st amendment rights are violated when you are told; what you can, or cannot say in you music. you should always be free to express yourself. As far as i'm conserned; all you A&R's can eat-a-dick.

  • Just a Kid

    It disheartens me to read this. record companies are getting outta hand nowadays I don't consider "LASERS" a Lupe album, it's more like "Atlantic Records feat. Lupe Fiasco" Well on the bright side, we can look forward to Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album which might be coming sometime this year. I heard this one isn't touched by Atlantic at all.

  • ddt94

    I love lupe and his flow but I am tired about him constantly talking about how execs tell him to dumb it down everytime he comes out wit an album he is always commenting on someone told him to dumb it down you dont have to dumb down shit as long you got a record that pops and you came through on that your success shows that but please get off your soapbox about dumbing it down...Thats it

    • Emine

      You clearly don't understand how labels work. Did you read what Lupe said? "I gave them what they wanted. If I didn't, at the end of the day the album wasn't coming out." The album WASN'T COMING OUT if he didn't dumb it down. He didn't on F&L or The Cool. The most mind-boggling thing about the whole affair is that The Cool went Gold, (selling almost twice as much as BOB's debut), "Superstar" went Platinum, and it was also respected critically, yet somehow Lupe is unsuccessful? F Atlantic.

    • uh

      Why tho?It's true what he's sayin

  • SuperGucciRap

    Last nite after Gucci Mane got done tagging me from behind he also pissed on my face like R. Kelly. Thats how he came up with the song Lemonade....Is it time to play which hole feels the best Gucci???? Yes It's Gucci Time!

  • SuperGucciRap

    ooooooo I love Gucci's man juice on my face, it taste like ice cream. BURRRRRRRRRRRR!

  • Sis Erica X

    Seriously... they are so lame for telling him that. Well guess what?? He's going to teach more anyway sooooo Lupe... knock them losers off their feet. Allah(SWT) got your back !

  • Worse & Worse

    Did Atlantic make u pick trash beats too? Whatever Lupe. Your hipster tendencies made you make the bad choices. Don't blame it all on Atlantic. This album SUCKS ass

  • Icesolja

    To the people that keep saying "Lupe let them win..." and "He's a pussy for caving in...." you all are a bunch of idiots that obviously doesn't know the BUSINESS side of making a record. It was either he makes the album that he was contracted to do, and then be done with Atlantic, or keep rebelling and holding out, and not come out with an album ever, and hope that somebody would buy out his contract, and even that wouldn't be easy to do because Atlantic would have to AGREE to even let them buy out his contract. Even if he was to sign to someone else, i.e. Shady/Aftermath, G.O.O.D. Music, or Roc-A-Fella, he would still have to follow THEIR rules and they could still tell him "how to rap". Not saying that they would, but they still have the leverage to do so. And even if he decided to slide the album that he is making to release later on this year, and not release Lasers, that would be a bad move on him because Atlantic would sue him for breach of contract, take all revenue and gain from the album, and then make him release Lasers either way. Know the business side of things before you decide to want to call my dude Lupe a "cop out" or saying that he's making "excuses for shitty music..." Dumb F*cks....

    • Derrick Parks

      Sad but true brother. Sad but true. So many other artist have found themselves in his same trap. It's like a form of slavery

    • Maurice D. Randle

      Extremely well-said homie! That's exactly what happened to Dave Chappelle with the 3rd season. Couldn't have said it any better! lol

  • Anonymous

    Too many rappers make excuses for shitty music these days. A lot of the tracks on Lasers sound like the 2011 soundtrack to Dawsons Creek.

    • Marquiceon V. Haynes

      He is intelligent. That's why he's being told to dumb down his music. And they didn't mess with his creativity on the 1st or 2nd album. They messed with his creativity in this one, because they wanted more record sales. And if you actually knew about Lupe, you'd know that he wanted to release his final album with 3 discs to fulfill his contract. But he was forced to do this album because of a technicality. He didn't have the money to be independent in the beginning, so he needed a record label. He doesn't need one now, but he's stuck, by law.

    • Anonymous

      I understand completely how the record labels work. And the artists that sign deals with them should be more aware of this than myself as well. If Lupe was somewhat intelligent he would've dipped and pushed his music independently a long time ago. With his fan base he really has no need for a record label to push his music.

    • wolfman

      Foolish talk. You understand very little about the influence of record labels holding artists back. It's more the rule these days than the exception. Unless you have independent money, you're doing a joint project with a label cause they're providing the funds -- therefore dipping their hands in the albums direction.

  • acc04

    Cosign. Shit is ridiculous. There's plenty of quality MCs out there who may never get big because they never folded to the record labels demands... Atlantic may have put their hands in the mix, but at the end of the day Lupe let them do it. This album fuckin blows. Next one prolly will too.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think it was that bad the beats r commercial but i liked that the lyrics went after all the commercialism in hip hop and music in general


    so the pussy caved in and gave his fans a dumbed down album just another reason why hip hop is a quantum particle in comparison to what it once was.

  • T

    Lupe should sign with Shady/Aftermath

    • Anonymous

      No,it doesnt fit his style. G.O.O.D music makes more sense because u got Mos Def and Common signed to that label much closer to Lupe's style plus u have Kanye West producing,not Eminem's subpar production. And promotion is a lot better on G.O.O.D music and they'll release anything,Lupe on aftermath would be like Rakim when he went to aftermath,nothing got done

  • Gregor SelfHood Scott

    i get why he did what he did. His label wasn't going to come out if it wasn't for him bowing to label demands, and then he'd still be in his deal... Now he can go independent and make his best album yet


    yeah lUpe was less complex on laser nd almost all the tracks are radio friendly.atlantic records management are bunch of dickheads who cant decipher lupe's cyphers.LETS ALL UNDERSTAND THAT LASER IS AN ATLANTIC ALBUM,THE NEXT WOULD BE A FIASCO'S ALBUM.

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL Lupe Fiasco is forced to take it in the ass by the record deals. That nigga won't even sell shit. Fuck that nerd rap. Gucci Mane is where real hip hop is at. His lyrics are deep and have more meaning that everyone is influenced by Gucci Mane. It's Gucci Time!

    • X

      Hey Guccifaggot, gtfoh with that bs. If you like listening to dumb shit, then yeah gucci is the coon for you. The rest of us with a fucking brain will continue to aspire for music with substance. With that keep your monkey ass outta this forum when it comes Lupe.

    • P.z. Price

      Man Gucci Is cool in his own right ... but to put him in the same League as the emperor is like putting a lamb in a lion fight... no contest.... Know the business... They wanted him to make more radio friendly music... The beats were radio friendly... He pleased the label not his fans... cause we know th Real Lu... When Gucci Becomes a Grammy Nominated Rtist or talks about more than Ice and Dope I might agree with you but right now he is so one dimensional... We Live in HD.... Lasers!!!!!

    • John Stachowski

      Once again you're right man. Can't argue with you. Be on the lookout for my first single featuring Killah Priest & Trai Kennedi droppin' 4/20 H.I.T.M. Records Jersey All Day

    • L-Boogie

      I also suck Lupe Fiasco's micropenis thinkin' about Nas's black ass

    • L-Boogie

      Dude your trolling is getting old now and hasn't been funny since the first couple times so shut the fuck up and get a life!! BURRRRRRRRR BITCH!!!!

    • Qadir Hakim

      indeed no offense but Gucci is used to promote ignorance in the form of rap to keep the people thinking on a low animalistic level or state

    • neuronfire

      Gucci is where real hip hop is at? Right...Because Lemon is so deep. You need to go get yourself a Dead Prez album. Or Mos Def or something. Gucci...pfffft.

    • Anonymous

      who is gucci

    • Anonymous

      you foreal eh, you gonna start a gucci fan club.

  • Magicc

    Quit bitchin' LABEL HOE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lasers+beats= corny beats with corny hooks

  • ShowTime NY

    OH and I aint like they aint let him Do None of the Hooks.. That shit is stupid.

  • ShowTime NY

    I liked all his verses on that album. I think the label was right in a sense they just went to the extreme. Some of the hooks and beats were real cheasey. Their nothing wrong with making commercial records but Let Lupe Balance it out with what he wants to do. and dont make commercial records for the sake of making them let it happen naturally. They watered him down too much. I enjoyed all his lyrics More so than on the Cool. I just think they went too far with that. They went from one spectrum to the other spectrum. I love the first 3 songs the 5 + 6 the concept of 8 (not the Hook) And Ofcourse the 11th Song All Black everything. Thats 5.5 Songs The Label went too Far with the rest. But None of his verses were whack.

  • Alen

    I'm a huge fan of lupe and I will buy the album to support it.. To everyone who's saying he should have left Atlantic, he will get sue if he does leave cos he's not honoring his contract, the only way he could leave is if he releases album, when lupe was still unsigned jay-z tired to sign him to his label but Atlantic beat him to it

    • South Africa

      that was his mistake right there...but anyway i guess he was still a novice then who did not know beta and was brainwashed with promises

  • South Africa

    Lupe, just finish your contract with these Atlantic fags who don't understand we appreciate Hip Hop by amazing display of word play n' complexity, and go sign with G.O.O.D Music...fcuk Atlantic man,,,eat a dick bunch of white folks who don't understand the art, and they want is paper...fcuk them for real...they must sign Souljah Boy if they want a less complex rapper

  • jack johnson

    i bet the 5 comments below me are all the same person

  • Dope

    Lupe should sign with fuckin Star Trak... Now that would be sick

  • happyflip

    You boring me to sleep nigga**

  • happyflip

    I think they label record said "You boring me too nigga...Dumb it down!"

  • Anonymous

    that album ain't coming no time soon.

  • Ruby

    Good news to hear that Lupe will be dropping another album this year and it will definitely be the REAL Lupe. Lasers was mediocre but not garbage, so that and Shaolin vs Wu Tang should hold me off until the album comes out. And I think he'll also drop that FOTE mixtape this year too.

  • Ohh Snaap !

    See?? This is why this Lasers sounded like Soulja Boy album, the label threatened not to release his crap unless he became "less complex" smh...I bet when the next album he drops comes out I GURANTEE its gonna be more than SUper Lupe Lyrical. Atlantic, your are seriously about to pay the price of trying to dumb down one of HIp-Hop's Greatest Lyrical Masterminds....

  • twoholla

    Lupe is a monster on the mic when he wanna be...but screw emo-sensitive-ASS nigga...NO ONE & I mean NO ONE forced you to dumb down some of your content or concede with that mostly whack production that makes up 'losers'...oh I meant to say 'Lasers'...yeah, yeah, yeah, I're a 'hostage' & YOU had no choice...but you always have a CHOICE...whether it's one that will make the label act more PISSY or one that makes the label happy, for the moment (in your attempts to appease a label that will never be APPEASED) many wayz...FUCK're no different from the ga-zillion rappers, who point the finger at the label when your LP flops or disappoints the fans...AT THE END OF THE DAY...YOU CO-CONSPIRED & YOU WENT ALONG WITH THE LABEL & TOOK THE 'EAZY' WAY OUT...SO LIVE IT & STOP POINTING FINGERS...YOU'RE AN ADULT SO YOU NEED TO THE TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR MAJOR PART IN THIS...SCUD-FACE...

    • John

      If u were in the same position as lupe was, u would've done the same thing, I understand that u always have a choice but lupe wanted to release the album already but altantic didn't like, so he can't do ne thing else but to chance the way it sounded, if he didn't it wnt get release, so basically u dnt have a choice if ur lable dnt like the way it sounds it wnt get release, and lupe is under contract with atlantic base on the amount album he releases, so the only way he could get out of there is the change the album, release it then when the time comes get out of the lable.. So dnt write about this dnt have a choice crap when in reality you would've done the same thing if u were in his shoes

    • kiddzues_

      no son...he said himself he wasnt completely happy with the album about a week or 2 before it came out cos when if the artist isnt happy with his/her work we're not obviously gonna be happy with their work

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who thinks that Lupe can make more money by going independent.............Is LYING

  • Pedro GONZALEZ


    • john

      i agree with you, lupe will be a good fit with GOOD MUSIC or rocnation, giving that lupe wants I release the type of music he wants and kanye west dsnt give a crap about what he lable thinks

    • Ruby

      Agree, Lupe would fit perfectly with GOOD music, Kanye knows real shit.

    • Jeff Ch-ch Ch Chapman

      oh man Lupe on GOOD music would be too slick for words

  • hellrazor

    this only confirms that labels enslave artists, strip them of any creative freedom and thrive off stupidity just to make a buck. FUCK THE MAINSTREAM MUSIC INDUSTRY!!

  • Anonymous


  • NJ

    If you were such a "free spirited genius" then you would have told them to go fuck themselves.

  • NJ

    Ahhh give up Lupe, you're just sounding pathetic now, i'm a massive fan but this whole thing has been a bunch of bullshit, your name is on the cover end of the day, no one forced you to release an album and no one is stopping you from getting out of your contract.

    • Will

      i agree with T, he can't get out of his contract, the I Lu wag is to release albums cos contract with lables are base on albums release not years, so he only release just album so he can get closer to getting out of there, he even said it in a interview himself that he wsnt happy with the album, so what does that tell you, the lable changed everythig he wanted to release on that album.. Atlantic will find out the hard way when the sales dsnt come close to his previous album, and Mainly every artist who signs with a major label the contract are always 5-6 albums and that includes a greatest hits if the artist decides to go that way

    • THA GODZ

      For you ignorant people that bash Lupe for conceding to the label and don't know shit about how the music business works, When you're under contract for a certain amount of albums (lets say 5 albums for example and the label is financing your project (although you're gonna owe) either you do what they say or they gonna not put your project out which would've counts against that 5 album contract and you'll still be bound for 5 albums or however many albums you have left in your contract. And getting out your contract is not that simple. A contract is a contract the label is not obligated to let you out your contract, so they can shelve you forever and not put shit out and you'll be stuck and can't put out any music at all other than "free mixtapes". Thats how they get artists now. Also with the new 360 deals they making artists sign now they get a piece of everything you do. So its best nowadays to do it yourself. Because of the internet, You don't need a label anymore for anything other than distribution to put out music. You just have to put in more work and do shit for yourself but alot of artists are too lazy to do shit for themselves so they go to the labels with their asshole open.

    • T

      The only way Lupe can get out of his contract is by honoring the contract, i.e. making whatever amount of albums he signed on to do or if Atlantic releases him. If he dosent fulfill his end or just walks away from the contract the label can/will sue him. I think he put this album out to basically get closer to finishing his contract

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      and if he is can you blame him...if you was told not to rap the way you wanted you'd wunna bounce too. food and liquor and the cool have there differences but both very good albums...this new shit i'm hearin is totaly diff. wich would be cool if it was sum japanese cartoon shit but it aint. shit for all i care he can move to an independent label like Pharoahe decided to do. his tru fan base will follow and i garauntee he will still develop a larger one in the process

  • Anonymous

    he probably hopes it want sell so they will drop him.

  • anon

    he rly should have left Atlantic yrs ago

  • Meh

    I wonder if Lupe, and to an extent, his fans realize that this shit happens to to other artist too? Keep it moving, shut up and hope the album sells.

    • anon

      This industry hates innovation, it hates change and thus will eventually end up falling to the way side because of their narrowminded ways.

    • anon

      I'm talking specifically about their policies against napster and youtube. they could've easily been apart of it, helped move it along, used the system that was in place. But they immediately went to suing it and you know what? they got fucked, ask tower records. It also opened the flood gates for people to just illegally download as they please. They went after youtube for allowing it's users to listen to songs, not even download them, but listen to them. It's like that jackass that owns teh rights to the happy birthday song and expects royalties from it.

    • Meh

      When you say "getting tired", you mean fed up with getting up and paying? If so, you're right. That's why people DOWNLOAD. Lol. I don't think record labels are losing money because people are tired of what they do to artists, I think it's people are tired of paying for said artists.

    • anon

      nah change will come once these labels aren't able to do business anymore. They're already sinking lower than ever in terms of money, more and more people are getting tired of doing things their way. Either they change the way they do business or eventually all this bullshit is going to come to an end.

    • Meh

      The only change you'll get is the change from the cash you use to buy this album. Unless of course you use credit or debit. :)

    • anon

      fuck that, it's time for a change.

  • Mike Meraz

    FREE LUPE!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we get The Great American Rap Album earlier then expected and hopefully we don't have to wait another 4 fucking years. Lasers was the label's album. The Great American Rap Album will be Lupe's.

  • Anonymous

    I lost any and all respect I had for this kid because of this temper tantrum. Only reason he's saying all this shit is because people dont like the album, bottom line, if that album had leaked and gotten a positive reaction he'd be keeping his mouth shut. At least one thing I'll give Eminem is that when everybody hated Relapse, he didnt blame Jimmy Iovine for it, he accepted that it sucked and went in a diffrent Direction, this kid on the other hand makes an album, it leaks, everyone hates on it so he's blaming everyone but himself, the person who actually made the record. Man up and take responsibility for your actions, nothing in the world I respect less then a Full grown adult crybaby

    • HAHA

      You do know that his original food & liquor album got leaked and was downloaded nearly 1 mill times and he complained about that? I dont think it has anything to do with the reaction or reviews from others. Lupe just isn't happy with his contract.

    • Brad

      You do realize a lot of the reasoning this album was delayed for so long was because of the creative direction they were keeping him from going right? He HAD to give in to get this record you. The mans a fuckin genius and his genius is being "held hostage" i agree 100% It's ignorant motha fuckas like you thats whats wrong with the hip hop industry

  • G($)

    Lasers was disappointing no matter how you look at it, but the more Lupe the better. Label politics are to blame not Lupe. Now I'm hyped for next album! Wish I could tell Lupe to take the best few tracks off Lasers put them on his next release and scrap Lasers. Its his personal Electric Circus and The Cool was his Like Water For Chocolate.

  • stack that cheese

    this nigga is so dumb, he is crying about something else everyday trying to get in the news to makes people buy his album out of pity!!

  • anonLUPE

    what you guys don't understand is what lupe is trying to say. tell me any artist who has gone platinum or gold without a record deal between 2008-2011. NONE. he is saying that his label is trying to control his content rather than his marketing. you people have no idea how the music industry has corrupted music. money over content, i respect lupe, going independent is a harder road to follow but if you have good music, you shouldn't be held back especially by your label.

  • anon

    yeah fuck atlantic, assholes need to eat a dick. This is why the music industry is in the toilet, because of bullshit like this. Mothafuckers are always complaining about how the internet hurts sales, fuck if you was smart executives you'd have figured out how to utilize it as a tool. instead you morons dismissed it, you sued napster, you sicked the fbi on little kids who just wanted to hear the new song from their favorite artist, and you fucked up youtube with that vevo bullshit. You get no sympathy when the shit hits the fan, ya'll days are numbered.

  • Anonymous

    If you want the money, stay to it. It's nothing wrong with it. But then have the balls to tell the truth and not these lame excuses. I dumb down for my audience and double my dollars, they criticize me for it; but they all yell 'holla!'"

  • Truth

    Both Nas and Lupe have two more albums to complete till they leave their respective groups?

  • p[tone814


  • terrell

    don't worry he got two more albums on his Atlantic contract than he can do what he wants

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Cicero4patpro

    I'm glad a few peeps here see the bigger picture, but heres my question. Since Lupe is showing he really isn't a lyrical revolutionary here to save us from all things wack, who do you think helped make that his brand through the first 2 albums? That's right the LABEL... Lil suburban kids wouldnt even be able to feel superior if they hadn't seen Kick Push on MTV2... So at the end of the day all these people that thought they were bucking the system by championing Lupe were just buying into it...You don't see Mr Lif or Immortal Technique signing a major deal and then crying about censorship, they acctually stand for their message so they remain independent...Look em up kids..

  • Randy Ramrattan

    jus do it independent or stop complaining...he should already know the label will try and control things. apparently the checks he's getting is worth more than respect and creative control...hopefully he does the right thing as soon as his contract is up

    • DLake

      thank you!!! people act like it's 1995 with record labels and they have so much control... independent... twitter... your own site (radiohead) to sell stuff, facebook, itunes (tunecore is a huge distributor), etc. There are so many more ways to get your music out to the masses without the label.


    so where is the lupe tracks at that he wanted to record? put them joints on a mixtape nigga for yo fans a drop it since this is the label album gucci maine do it all the time all his mixtapes be fire an album be wack azz hell

    • G($)

      Gucci makes music for an ENTIRELY different reason from Lupe, but I see what you're saying. The mixtapes are a gift to the fans and his albums have him on a leash. Gucci is a trash rapper over club beats (or any beat for that matter), but excellent point JOE6PACK.

    • kingzilla17

      Joe, perfect way to say that. Dude not comparing the two just making it clear that if Lupe has songs that he wanted on the album and not the label, just put them out on a mixtape. Let the fans enjoy the "real" lupe and quit making excuses for the way lasers turned out

    • Dazzmond Hill

      Yeah, Joe was really making a good point, and I think it's something Lupe should definitely do. war, you saw Lupe and Gucci in the same sentence and just went in. I know we rap purist want things to be better in hip-hop, but it doesn't get any better just attacking each like that.

    • Jah

      Ya, I'd like to see a mixtape from him but please don't bring up Gucci around here...


      see you read me wrong fuck nigga he was just example like i said he (gucci maine)makes fire mixtapes and (wack albums) like i said lupe cryin bout that album where is the fire a mixtape at with the songs he wanted on the album

    • war22

      hahah good one...GUcci Mane...the same Gucci who gets killed by the beat every time he opens his mouth...dude u need to get the hell outta here...stay in school and get off them drugs and eat some vegetables maybe it helps

  • Angel De Peña

    What happened to "Dumb It Down"? Nigga just needs to go Independent and stop complaining.

    • G($)

      Yeah I agree, but only time will tell if he cares about the major label more than his music. He COULD do the mixtape thing but lemme stop talking as though I understand label politics.

  • Mrwiseman Dawiseman

    lupe need to leave atlantic.

  • 2dahiphop

    Ayo fuck atlantic and the entire music industry


    give this nigga some tissue

  • dynamicproducer

    if you know the situation dont go along with it, then complain after its all said and done. Lupe has the resources to drop without the use of a major. He chose not to.

  • george

    You cant blame record companies you have to blame the people not buying good quality intelligent music. Blame yourselves if your not buying it, blame the stupid people who think soulja boy is good

    • emiles

      I get what you're trying to say but I disagree, people are going to by music regardless, if intelligent music isn't put out then of course no market is going to develop for it. Drake had to fight with his record label to put out his type of personal music and now people are eating that up. Labels signed these artists because of their creativity, they should let them use it.

  • AP757

    That's the difference between being AZ and being Jay-Z: cater to the sliver of society that 'gets' rap music (and be broke doing it), or keep shoveling the garbage that feeds the much larger audience that just listens to the beat. This is nothing new to rap or any other kind of music. Fiasco's statement does sound a bit like a cop out, though. It's as if he's saying, "The lyricism might not be what you're expecting, but it's not my fault."

  • Anonymous

    lupe... go independent...

  • Jonathan Alexander Cooper

    This is sad, you would think they would want a better product and not the same thing everyone else has.

  • Moe Cash

    The industry doesn't want Artists waking people up or talking about things that matter, nope, they want artists that are willing to be puppets, do what they're told so they can be used to dump down the masses. That's why, on the radio and on TV, we hear more of Lil' Weezy than Lupe. RealTalk.

  • Greg

    Yeah...this is why rap is so dumb. Watered down sound for the masses. Don't be dumb for the people. Label Exec to Lupe: We've taken great strides over the years at making rap listeners dumb. We push Wackie Flackie and Young Burgie..whatever their names come on Lupus.. Don't be complex with your words. Be dumb like the others and lets make a boatload of money off these kids. Heck if you want to rhyme about your doodies go long as the beat is good they will not even listen to what you say....hahahahaha!! -Exec at Atlantic

    • Anonymous

      Yall kids are dumb as fuck. I mean you have the right idea but you actually think a record labels concerned with dumbing people down? No. They make this shitty ass music because 15 yr old girls sing along to it and beg their parents to buy them a cd thus why they keep doin it. you think a 15 yr old white girl from the suburbs wants to hear deep hiphop? naw. They want a beat and a shitty ass chorus they can sing along to thsi plus most labels treatn hiphop like pop and thats the problem.

  • nibs

    how can anybody respect such a whiny fruit? I agree with hiphop. be indy and do whatever you want and make a solid income, or go major and sucks cock. its been that way for at least 10 years what was he expecting? I can never listen to a lupe record now knowing I have no respect for the dude or what he has to say

    • wtf

      Are you saying you lost respect cuz of what he did? He would probably be locked into his contract and unable to switch labels for a while if he didn't.

  • joe5867

    I don't understand all the hate for Lasers... yes, its a little poppy, but its still really good music. Plus Lupe comes out for 911 Truth on this album; gotta respect that. First first songs are classics; the Trey Songz joint blows; then the rest of the album is solid. 8/10

  • HipHop

    I can't hear this shit no more. He wanted the major money and fame, so deal with the consequences. This guy singed the fucking contract and heard many things about atlantic. If you want the fame, take the compromise and if his only purpose was music, he would have went the independet route.

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