Nas & Andre 3000 Possibly Featured On dead prez' "Information Age"

M1 of dead prez discusses details about "Information Age" and even has an intriguing list of potential features.

M1 of dead prez is announcing an interesting list of potential features for the next dead prez album, Information Age, a disc that he says will be a commentary on today's world. In a recent interview, M1 openly spoke about the album's theme and added information about possible collaborations with Nas, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000 and more. 

Fans waiting for the album can expect one with a concept. As M1 explained, this album will deal with the understanding that valuable information is out there and is necessary to have. 

"The next dead prez album, Information Age, just talks about the particular place we're in right now with society. [It deals with] how the world is spiraling towards the information secrets and what information you know being the most important tool or weapon that you have in life. It's what you know, not who you know and it's what you don't know that can really hurt you," he said in a video clip for Mikey T The Movie Star. "That's the reason why we came up with the concept for Information Age."

While the theme may be of interest to dead prez fans, some have also been wondering about who might be featured on it. M1 didn't shy away from announcing some of the potential guest spots, which will be taken by well-known names.

"We've been working with a lot of people throughout the years of working on Information Age. We've actually taken the time to work with so many artists. We started producing [for] Nas and helped him with his 'N-Word' album. So, he may be a potential feature," he added, before also naming Erykah Badu, Lloyd, Andre3000 and Stephen Marley as other potential features.

For more from this interview, check below. 


  • Guest We Killin It - Barton Block WE LOVE THE HATE WERE GETTING!!! Hahaha

  • ShowTime Ny

    That would be dope.

  • Ruby

    Wow, this day couldn't get better. Lupe, Busta, Chamillionaire, Big Sean, and now DEAD PREZ. This albums gonna be sick Dead Prez know what they're doing, definite buy. BUY! Cant wait, and a Nas & Andre features would be incredible.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i love dead prez i have purchased all i mean ALL of their releases. even the shitty outlawz collabs and the turn of the radio 1, 2 & 3. i have been waiting on this like the rest of their fans since like what 2006?!? its been a long time comin and i'm looking forward to it. trying to suppress my doubts about them hoping they are gonna do damage on this lp. but that stephen marley feature. *fart noise* thats gonna be obnoxious, not a big fan of his work. at all. and the lloyd track. righteous but gay and pop and boring? aww man. def. gonna be a skip a fews album

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