Rick Ross And Maybach Music's "Self Made" Set For May 24 Release

UPDATE: Wale, Pill, Meek Mill and the rest of the Maybach Music Group will make their Warner debut on May 24 with "Self Made."

UPDATE (3/10/11): Rick Ross along with new additions Pill,Wale, Meek Mill and the rest of what Maybach Music Group is calling their “Power Circle” will get a chance to test their collective selling power when the compilation album Self Made is released on May 24. Over the weekend, Ross announced via Twitter that a compilation was in the works. As the week has progressed again, Ross secured a date to coincide with his latest single—a reworking of Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain” featuring Wale.

After first dismissing the idea in an interview with rapradar.com, Ross later revealed via MMG's Twitter account that his collective would work on an album together.

New album "SELFMADE" instores & online MAY24 the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @wale @meekmill @pill4180 @maybachmusicgrp41 minutes ago
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Maybach Music Group recently signed with Warner Music Group. The imprint additionally houses Triple C's.


  • Anonymous

    who the hell is pill lol

  • Anonymous

    rick is tha shyt meek is the walking truth an wale is nice but together that shyt is dangerous

  • John Kinlt

    if nothing else, Im looking forward to Wale's verses on this album. I'd agree that Ross is overrated, but Wale brings it hard and he's just on the rise. WALE and Rockville, MD reppin.

  • Anonymous

    maybach music is gonna get big like no limit was

  • Anonymous

    Great, more award show bitching on the way... #fake-fatass

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Rozay dominatin the game. Pill is ill, triple C's hot on the streets, Wale solid, Ross making bawse moves. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    shit gonna be fire

  • L-Boogie

    Ross is decent at best, his beats are better than his rhymes.

  • pffffttttttt

    The Triple C's Album Was Horrible Ur Right They Made History For Making One Of The Lamest Albums Of All Time, I Fucks Wit Ross But Them Bum Ass Triple C's Should Just Stick To The Background Of His Video's He Got A Better Shot With His New Line Up Toss The Bum Squad Away Already LoL Rick Ross YES..Triple C's NO!

  • Heat357

    I hope its as good as the Triple C's album.. Triple C's made history with 30,000 records sold in 2 years!! This album might exceed 15,000 copies sold in the 1st week! Rick Ross is so popular right now..

  • Anonymous

    this will be the new movment fo sho maybach music !!!!!! all them arstist can spit

  • yung_tune

    wait a sec. isnt carter IV comin out on da 24th? cuz if so dis wont do any units for ross & his mmg smh


    wtf is roc nation doing shady gave us 2.0 that whas hot and im not even a fan of the label ross signed these dudes a couple of months ago an bout to drop an album wack or not all j.cole get is a few R&B features

    • Jarrett David Grimes

      The way i look at it, even tho its dope that rozay and eminem have their artist at their side all the time and jump on records with them like its nothin, they're really crippling the artist when they do that. J. Cole and J. Elec are building solid fanbases on their own, which is better in the long run. They have the cosign and the $$$ from Hov, w/o Hov dancin around in every video or jumping on every song they put out. That was the prob w/ the Roc B4. People were only checkin 4 a Bleek song to catch a Jay-Z verse.

  • Nico 3

    Jay used to build his artists up (Memphis Bleek, Sigel, Freeway), but they got lazy. When it comes to business approaches, Jay is probably of the mindset that he only wants to do something that will benefit and/or challenge him. Ross is insecure because despite putting everything he has into these albums, he still can't push platinum, or win any major recognition at the award shows.

    • okthen

      I cosign that Nico 3. As far a anonymiss where did you get your info did you used to work for rocafella. Oh yeah that was dash and biggs using there star power doing all those guest verses for bleek, freeway, and sigel.

    • Anonymous

      Dame Dash and Biggs did all that work

  • lmaaaaaaoooo

    he took the name and the beard thats gangsta lololo

  • G

    It'll be aight. I dont think I'll even download it. Wale and Pill are decent, Meek Mill is on and off, and Rick Ross is complete trash. I would not be able to get through it with Ross' wack ass.

  • Anonymous

    ill def be gettin this i like all of the artist on this label MAYBACH MUSIC ABOUT TO TAKE OVER!

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    if it sounds anything like perfectionist its goin be classic. My nigga Meek Mill blowin up!!!

  • Prevster

    That last Torch sound was nice.. will Ross leave them off the official lineup?

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  • Musa Esan

    Rick Ross is determined to get to the top and run this thing. Following in the footstep of Lil Wayne and others that have done it before. Respect.

    • kalluminati

      Determined to get to the top? Sure, I aggree. But who is Rick Ross to even think he is gonna take over with these guys? I think Em has a better chance wit Slaughterhouse, you kno cuz at least Eminem can do #'s by himself. Ross cant even go platnium. And when we're talking about a takeover, sales do matter. Even tho personally i go by the music itself sales dont mean much, cuz it aint me buying the Bentley. But taking over? Not happening. Sorry. Jus wont be going down like that. Eminem or Jay z will sell more as a solo artist than all of MMG will sell combined if you add up their solo albums (if they come out), an their compliations too. proove me wrong ross. oh ya, i generally dont enjoy your music, to me crediability is important, but ur songs with Raekwon are crazy.


    wack or not this cd dropping this year my ? is why the fuck jay z is not doing anything with his artist EM just signed them dudes made A hot record wayne put drake and nicki on while jay doing a album with kanye an not doin shit for the label

    • Anonymous

      jay electronica is not going to come out until he is like 46 years old, LOL

    • Ayo Orlando

      that's a good ass point if i ever heard one... if anybody has the star appeal to make somebody hot it's Hov, he needs to be building his artists! maybe he just wants them to create a buzz on their own first

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • realaaaa.

    mo burgers music, triple cheese please... that fuck boi music............. spend yo tax return money on on real hip hop.

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  • I love hating

    good for him. zombies love mindless music.

  • Lilworm

    cant wait! and all da haters...u clicked this link to hate?....lmao

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