Canibus & Keith Murray's Undergods Full-Length To Release May 31

UPDATE: Erick Sermon will executive produce the full-length debut, with Tech N9ne and Crooked I also appearing.

In 2009, Long Island, New York emcee Keith Murray and Queens, New York's Canibus teamed to release The Undergods EP. Released on Sound Records & Entertainment, the seven-song project was said to be a preemptive release to a full-length from the Def Squad and former Refugee Camp All-Stars members, respectively. However, that never happened.

HipHopDX recently learned that The Undergods is planned for May 3 release, according to the Koch Distribution database. A rep for Keith Murray confirmed the project.

Last year, Canibus released two albums, Melatonin Magik and C of Tranquility.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

(March 3)

UPDATE: RBC Records has confirmed that In Gods We Trust by The Undergods will release May 31. The effort will be executive produced by Keith Murray's longtime mentor Erick Sermon of EPMD. Sermon also will appear on the album featuring Tech N9ne, Crooked I and Planet Asia, with production by Jake One.


  • Lorenzo

    After threatening Hailey (Eminem's daughter) on Air Strike and telling Eminem he wants to penetrate his daughter, Canibus now continues his pedophilia by telling Royce da 5'9 he is gonna rape his daughter...

  • rtj00

    Its funny how so many people think money or record sales equate to talent or success. Thats some stupid shit to say. Im not even going to go into detail. If you dont know by now you need to just stop listening to Hip Hop completely.

  • Nico 3

    Yet Recovery and Relapse combined have sold millions... I love it when people act like two albums out of an entire catelog must represent someone's entire skill set. His weakest efforts would be career achievements for most. Whoever is out there right now getting themselves all worked up over this Undergods release needs a hug and a straight jacket.

    • RTJ00

      People can like what they want. They dont got to dick ride people for there money or success like you. People who are anticipating Undergods are real Hip Hop heads! Not dick riders!

  • SlyWun253

    YO....... PAUSE!!!!

  • Cultures Clothing

    I'm not a guy who goes around saying "Pause" every 5 seconds, but I have to say, Murray does kind of look gay in that picture LOL Silliness aside though, I think that this will be a solid project. We've heard "Undergods Roll", "Show Em What Crazy Is" ft. Tech N9ne, and "Show N' Prove" ft. Crooked judging by those tracks, I think we're going to get a good 3.5/5 star album...maybe 4/5. It seems as if Canibus switched his style up for this album to compliment Murray. You hear more of the aggressive energy than the super depth that he's shown on his other projects. This is probably a good thing though, because it would be a bad look for the album if Canibus was blowing Murray out of the water lyrically on every song. I'm looking forward to this.

  • the undergods mad respect

    lookin at these dumb asses who comment on this with EM and Jay references...u stupid fucks hav any knowledge about hip hop, sales dont make u the hip hop god, all they do is get you in a vip set and let gay midgets to suck yo nuts, bar for bar a Canibus album outweighs Eminem..dont get me wrong Em is a beast but that was on INFINITE, SLIM SHADY LP, MARSHALL MATHERS LP, EMINEM SHOW...please dont ever listen to relapse and recovery and think Eminem is the sickest..we need collabs like this..Keith Murray and Canibus i fuckin co-sign this for that dude who's bored at souljah boy to come fuck u in the ass....

  • Anonymous

    The EP was quality, glad Erick Sermon will be playing a part in this.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Murray's lil brother fish grease will be on there

  • Anonymous

    Royce won't be happy about the Crooked feature.

    • Anonymous

      Royce doesn't give that much of a fuck, he just baits who ever cause he doesn't care.

    • ScOwL

      Both Tech and Crooked were featured on the Undergods EP (Sept. 2009) so it's probably safe to assume those tracks will carry over to the full-length. Also, why should Royce be mad? The DJ Premier thing was simply overblown by the media and the incident is now squashed. In addition, Royce was arguing with a FAKE twitter account, it wasn't the real 'Bis. Nuff Said...

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    I rather get a Keith Murray solo. i can't sit through a whole album with Canibus on it. =(

  • Anonymous

    either they are a WWF Tag Team from the 80's or that's one gay ass picture.

  • Nico 3

    Cultures Clothing This is my take... There's probably somebody standing outside of a liquor store right now rapping who if given the chance could be great. Point being... Canibus and Murray are like that person standing outside armed with all this talent that unfotunately never amounted to much. Of course there's always going to be someone out there who can best you. That's just the nature of the business. Fortunately, success isn't defined by one moment in time. Like LL. Did that one moment where Canibus came at him do anything to derail LL's life or career achievements? Canibus can't ever be considered the best because he's never achieved anything. Em's sold 100 million albums. That alone makes it very hard to dispute.

    • ultrakid

      like jayz who has sold 80 million albums, but to me hes definitely one of the greastest Mcs of our time, but since he has beyonce, rocawear,Roc nation,40/40club,11 #1 albums,FORBES list, other rappers who r less fortunate want to hate on him and call him sellout(dmx & beanie sigel,for example)....SMH

    • Beezlebud

      no it doesn't sales don't mean a fuckin thing Souljah Boy has sold more than Rakim KRS and Kool G Rap COMBINED does that mean he's greater than them? Of course not Canibus music catslgue bodies Eminems only people who don't know shit about rap consider him one of the greatest coz that's all he has sales nothing else Oh n he's sold 45 million son not 100 mill his 3rd highest sellin album has only jus pushed 10 million units global his last 2 have 7 mill combined so where's the other 80 million comin from LMMFAO at 100 mill ems catalogue is also 65% filler barrs n 90% bullshit content that's recycled over n over again the muthafucka isn't close to bein a top 25 MC top 50 MAYBE

  • Anonymous

    Keith murrays "Get Lifted" is one of my favorite 90's songs it is so laid back and has that redman fell to it (when he was good) if you guys havn't heard it look it up Canibus Sucks i got his first album when it came out and this dude is one of the BIGGEST FLOPS of all time Picture is mad gay

  • no disrespect but..

    that picture makes me uncomfortable, it looks pretty gay

  • Skywalker

    Thank the lord above for the return of the GOD. If you think Em's better than Bis, you are living in a little box. Real rap back from the dead!

  • Anonymous

    first thing i saw was that pic, i thought that was homo as fuck.

  • Okay

    Am I the only one who thinks that picture of them is gay as fuck or what?

  • Tidomann

    Another 'Amen' this year as far as my fav MC's is concerned.'129' 'Gotta Be Real' & 'Show N' Prove' are the sickest tracks off that Undergodz EP. These cats need to form a double-up chemistry fo' tha album & I wish Bis don't talk about 'cosmonaughts & all that space shit' cause he gon' cause an angry & frustrated Prodigy to talk about that shit and then Keith will run up on that, probably with a bottle in a club...big ups to tha Undergodz & oh Slaughter on there? Get Rae, Red, G-Rap, Copywrite with production from Marco Polo, Da Beatminerz, Large Pro, Illmind, Pete Rock, Erick Sermon...

  • the jeanius

    lil wayne addressed that shyt!!!!!

    • Tidomann

      we talkin' real men shit out here & u outta line talkin' some other shit...who gives a fuck, other than faggot bitches, when two fuck-niggas pull each other skirt? GTFOH wit' dat Lil' Wayne shit

  • h-Tine

    Fuck keith Murry bis and K rino need to drop a EP that would Be Murder

  • Anonymous

    Good, another canibus album to help me sleep better, fuck counting sheep, just throw in a canibus record and you'll be snoring by track 4

    • Anonymous

      Intellectual content often makes tiny minds tired it's because they work 100xs harder than usual tryin to comprehend concepts light years ahead of them

    • anon

      and that's where the term "sleeping on a nigga" came from

  • gnigga/pleeze

    keith murray is nice but can't hang on a track wit canibus



  • Anonymous

    been waiting for this. The EP was nice.

  • Jesus

    mkay call me a fool but i dont like Canibus, simply cuz he trys so hard to diss eminem. and listening to two of his songs. he cant fuck with him. and secondly i dunno who kieth murray is but maybe i should google his gay ass and listen to anything without canibitch?

    • Truth

      @Rival X Jordan - Canibus tried to "eat Eminem's ass up" several times, and failed miserably. You know who's ass Canibus ate up? LL Cool J. "Second Round Knockout" was a win. You know what's not a win? "Stan Lives." Eminem dissed Canibus a bunch of times, and his responses were idiotic. "Poet Laureate II" is still a masterpiece. But the reality is, Canibus couldn't make an Eminem diss song to save his life. Or his career. And he could've used a career-saver.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      thank you cultures clothing. basically summed all the issues i had w/ jesus's post up. i knew i woulda had to dig in deep and you already took care of that shit. thank you for putting this clown jesus to bed. Amen.

    • Cultures Clothing

      @Jesus No Hate, but I have a few points: 1) Hip-Hop fans have been calling themselves "Hip-Hop Heads" for YEARS. When referring to a Hip-Hop head, it simply means "Person who is really into Hip-Hop Culture". It's in the Urban it lol 2) How can you listen to two songs and automatically think that one MC is better than another? If you want to make an accurate comparison between MCs, you have to listen to enough songs to make a proper judgement of each person's catalogue. You can't listen to 100 Em songs and 2 Canibus songs and automatically say that Em is better. And for the record, "Poet Laureate II" by Canibus son's Eminem's whole catalogue itself. So does "Pine Cone Poem" does "Lunar Deluge". Em's dope, but he doesn't have Canibus' depth. Em was at his best with his clever punchlines and wordplay back around 97-98. EM was at his dopest around the "Any Man" time. 3) What does Canibus & Eminem's beef have to do with anything? Canibus is probably my favorite MC, but it doesn't mean that I can't like Eminem. I still listen to Em's music as well. Saying that you can't like Canibus because he dissed Eminem makes you look like a stan. 4) Not knowing who Keith Murray is makes you look like a Hip-Hop newbie who found out about Hip-Hop listening to Eminem on Pop stations lol. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but when you say certain things, people probably aren't going to take you seriously. It's easy enough to YouTube Murray though...either his Def Squad and solo stuff. You can also just wiki him and check out his discography.

    • mayhem

      how the hell you dont know who keith murray is... you must be young lol look him up one of the illest lyricists listen to "wguts happenin off Enigma

    • Rival X Jordan

      Canibus would eat eminem ass up.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Jesus, you make me sick and sad. i'm pretty sure thats not what you're supposed to do. please leave. you do not fully understand the hip hop movement/culture.-fact.

    • Jesus

      and your a retard for taking the Metalheads term for fans? hip-hop was based on originality and poetic expression. soo why be a hiphop head? it isnt original and im glad i aint one. fuck off

    • mcmastermind

      You ain't a hip hop head if you don't know Keith Murray.

  • Nesto Bencosme

    how many eminem disses do you predict from canibus? and how many prodigy disses do you predict from keith? they have to try to spark a little controversy since they havent been in the limelight in a few years. hope this shit is good.

    • Cultures Clothing

      Why would they have any reason to? That wasn't the point of the Eminem diss. Canibus felt slighted by something Em said or did, just like he was by what something KRS-One said or did, and he aired it out. And that was it. You seem to forget that Canibus just dropped an album in October with no mention of Eminem. I don't think that he'll mention him again unless Eminem says something else.

  • Jamal Shane

    Canabis is from CANADA !!!!!! ya think the writer would know better..

  • CulturesClothing

    A May release? That's sooner than I expected, and very good news. I'm curious as to who the features will be for this, as I remember rumors swirling around about Method Man & Redman being on there, and a bunch of other people. We shall see! Looking forward to Canibus' "Lyrical Law" album coming out this year too!

  • Bilal A. Siddique

    pretty cool but damn, look at that picture. #pause

  • Philip Henery

    Just hope Keith doesn't pick all the beats, lol.

  • John Stachowski

    No sh*t, really? Keith Murray & Canibus.I like the combination. Def. an ill lyrical combo. No gimmicks just hip-hop. Hope they flow back and forth like Smif-N-Wesson or Styles & Jada. Be on the lookout for my brothers first single featuring KILLAH PRIEST & TRAI KENNEDI droppin 4/20 !

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