Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Breaks Record For Consective Weeks In Top 10

With 14 weeks in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, Pink Friday becomes the female rap album with the most consecutive weeks in the Top 10.

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj is continuing to break records with her debut album Pink Friday. According to a Tweet made by Nicki Minaj earlier this week Pink Friday has broken the record for the female rap album with the most consecutive weeks in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

“Now 14 weeks ; PINK FRIDAY BREAKS the RECORD for MOST CONSECUTIVE weeks in the TOP 10 by a female rap album on Billboard's 200,” Nicki Minaj Tweeted on Wednesday, March 2.

Weeks after its release Pink Friday sold 33,000 copies last week and managed to secure the Number 9 spot on the Billboard 200.

Not many albums by female Hip Hop artists have reached such accolades. Lil Kim’s The Notorious KIM, which debuted at Number 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2000 only managed to remain in the Top 10 for two consecutive weeks. Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill comes close to Nicki Minaj’s new record with 10 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200.

Pink Friday was released on November 19, 2010 through Lil Wayne’s Young Money. 



  • Anonymous

    point blank this album sounds good and she rap better than 80% of the new dudes out now!

  • Michael Rucker

    Man...I'm happy for a matter of fact I wish any rapper well for the most part, unless you suck. Then I wish you well, but I also wish you'd do something else for a living. I kill beats for a living. Don't believe me check the link. I've had several people from this site tell me they were glad they did... -->>

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    Haters Gonna Hate

  • Justin Milligan

    git that money girl...

  • edubb1977

    Let me guess kids between 23 and under bought the album because i dont know not one goddamn person who bought this wack bitches shit. Than again I think I know why the album is doing so good. The reason the album is doing so good is because people of non-color are supporting this non hip-hop bullshit. Its the age old story why do you think N.W.A. albums did so well. It wasnt because of black people we already knew what time it was. PAY ATTENTION MY PEOPLE OF COLOR BECAUSE BIG BROTHER IS PAYING ATTENTION TO US!!!!!!!

  • makingmoney

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  • J27

    Real talk, her album was better than Lasers...says more about Lasers than her album tbh though.

  • Anonymous

    Seruiously who bought this, it went platium and I don't know anyone who as liked it, listen to it, or bought it.

  • Anonymous

    is this really considered a rap album

    • EddieMurrrphy

      dont worry fuck lauryn hill. i dont rocks wit that pretentious bitch here

    • Malik

      There's more rapping on this album than Lauryn Hill's and people still consider that a rap album for some bizarre reason. And before an commenter starts whining, this has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the albums in comparison. It's about the quantity of actually rapping.

  • Hopit

    She poppin right naw. She's huge, a truly great artist. Nicki is that bitch! haha I wouldnt mind to hit that ass lol ;-) just kiddin

    • EddieMurrrphy

      dont worry jesus you got zero talent to kill. wait jesus you aint dead? you came back again and you are renouncing your previous faith/movement? rejoice! or lord has returned and he is actually a human not a little pussy like he was before. but seriously fuck you jesus.

    • Jesus

      id tear that asss up then cut it off with a chainsaw so noone else can have it. no kidding involved. oh yeah ima have to double jimmy it too. this girl be sexin wayne and Drake, i might catch the Talent killer disease


    the same lame cryin azz comments

  • ST

    Well, i dont think Nickis album is garbage as you said .What you like as a taste in music might not be what i like.Some people like rock music,others prefer pop while some hiphop.And in hiphop some may like hardcore while others mild R and B.Just because you dont like pinkfriday does not make garbage .I myself i like hiphop but i find it boring sometimes that is why i love pinkfriday because it never puts me to sleep.So dont say is garbage because you dont like it and you clearly cannot know what everybody is playing in their house or car. IF you claim to know then you are jobles.s

  • John-Boy

    This proves that people buy stuff without actually listening to the product. Nicki is super hot, I'm not gonna deny that fact but her album is GARBAGE! If an artist is hot people will spend money on it regardless of the quality of the music. I live in Chicago and I do not hear a single car going by bumping Nicki. None. All her singles are garbage. Yeah they reach number 1 but that has nothing to do with the quality of the music. And I know several people that bought it and not one of them actually listens to it. People need to wake up and stop letting the masses choose what we music we purchase. You should not buy something just cause everyone else is. No one should be happy that this trash has been on Billboard for weeks. It shows how programmed people really are.

    • d-triplett

      First don't yall know that for someone's song to reach number one they have to keep buying that specific song and requesting it on the radio. If no one listens to it then why would they request it on the radio. pause and think for a moment. and if no one really listens to her album then why would they buy it, just because they think she is hot. no, its because she makes good music and because she isn't acting like a thug or a gangsta doesn't mean what she does isn't real rap. at least she hasn't been rapping about nothing but sex on her studio album (real rap). look up public appearences by nicki minaj and you will clearly see her crowds of fans lining up for miles. and if you look closely you will also notice that there are black people there also so obviously not just white people like her. she is one of the most successful female rappers, even lil kim is fueding with her she admits that nicki minaj has some game and can rap, if lil kim can admit that then that should show you that nicki minaj is a real rapper.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i forgot you know everything and your taste in music describes everyone else's taste..ur dumb motherfucker theres 9billion people on earth in 1.5mil people like her music and buy the album so be it, you dont have to you dumb monkey bitch

    • Anonymous

      yeah its pretty sad what they suits can shove down peoples throats

  • Baby

    Did i just read that is about image not talent?Pls dear commenter ,let this be the last time you will ever mention that whenever you are saying things about Nicki because she is full of talent.How many actors of today will brace the light on a live big screen but Nicki showed the world that she is an actor on a live tv during her sln appearance. She writes her songs ,raps etc.She is equally a commedian.And recently she has been writing RIHANNAs songs .So how is she talentless when she will soon join WILL SMITH in making his upcoming movie.PLS dont put people down to make yourself feel better and untill you get out of your computer and do something with your life then you can talk.Bye.

    • Anonymous

      Lol wow ive yet to meet one person who actually bought this album..oh yea thats because most the people I know listen to hiphop. The only reason her album reached number one is because 14 yr old girls had mommy and daddy buy it. If you actually think this girl has even a bit of talent when it comes to hiphop you need to listen to real queens mcs like nas or kool g. Shes awful in a hiphop sense. She shouldnt even be glad she writes her own rhymes she should lie about that shit. And honestly i dont see why everyone acts like shes the hottest chick theyve ever seen..i mean she aint ugly but shes def not a 10 and im into her ass as much as im into pam andersons tits..just shows the bitch really has no confidence in herself.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yeah rep peterpan. i'd rather be an anonymous cunt than fantasize my name as being peterpan. you cypher w/ that name?

    • L-Boogie

      I find it funny how people think Nicki Minaj has talent because she's average at best. You really think Nicki Minaj is good??? Seriously open your eyes and go listen to Lauren Hill a real artist who can sing, rap, and act! Nicki Minaj has the the right image so she's popular for now, in a year or two somebody new will come along and take her place.It's not hating its TRUTH and Nicki is WACK!!!!!

    • Peterpan

      ^^^^ Gay That's why he won't put his name

    • Anonymous

      PLEASE, WILL SMITH? RIHANNA? you are on the wrong website

  • JG3

    I'm just waiting for Lil Kim to say some shit like, 'I sold this, that & the third'...20 weeks straight...LOL...

  • st

    Congrats Nicki,i personally wish you more success in all your endervours.Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    It is her Moment of Life. The Single is Number 1 on Billboard too!!! #Winning

  • L-Boogie

    I guess it's all about image over talent these days because Nicki Minaj is wack as hell!!

    • Anonymous

      yall kids retarded as fuck. Numbers do lie when labels and artists buy thousands of copies to make them lie. yall seem to go buy numbers and not by the fuckin product yall just lame ass sellouts support real music. Any motherfucker not hating on this bitch is deaf or just has an awful taste in music. And if u cant hate on a female ur ass is a fag. ur one of the fuckin idiots that goes by image and shit and not what they spit. her shit is whack as fuck and i dont give a fuck how big her fake ass is or how many kids had their parents buy her album because the materials traash. listen to bahamadia and tell me nicki minaj is a good female rapper..or classic lil kim, foxy brown, left eye etc alllll would shit on her.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      unless you pimpin 20 of em and one wont stop getting out of line. OPEN HANDED SMACK

    • Anonymous

      any nigga hatin on a female is a fag. that should be reason enough not to.

    • NC King

      @Devante...these suckers so used to losing they don't recognize winning when they see it! They call winning wack and then argue that the losers they like deserve better! Numbers don't lie bitch niggas!!!

    • anonymous a dick. all of you cunts who like that garbage respond the EXACT same way. that goes to show how fuckin brainwashed your wretched collective is. fuck you and stinky minaj and young dummy records.

    • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

      how are haters always the first to comment... nigga you gay...

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