Dres of Black Sheep Speaks on DJ Kool Herc's Health

The Black Sheep frontman took to SiriusXM radio to discuss DJ Kool Herc's health crisis.

The Hip Hop community was saddened and shocked when DJ Premier revealed that the founder of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc was suffering from health problems. Although Herc's health has since improved, his trials put a spotlight on the problems that many Americans face in dealing with the health care system.

Now, another of Hip Hop's icons has spoken out on health care. Dres of the legendary Native Tongues group Black Sheep recently talked with SiriusXM's Backspin about Kool Herc's recent health issues.

"How dare us have these affluent careers that we all stand on today and look down on the world from and not make sure that this man is sincerely taken care of," he said. "It’s embarrassing...it doesn’t make a different who you are, I will ask from Puffy, to Jay-Z, to 50 [Cent], to whoever. What are we doing for this man?"

A number of Hip Hop's top musicians have already taken it upon themselves to aid DJ Kool Herc in his tim of need. According to Above Ground Magazine, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diddy and Russell Simmons have all contributed to Herc's charity fund.


  • rick

    the music business sure is fucked up! You know these music lables give "rappers" millions of dollars but cant offer them health insurance as part of their contract? Thats some bullshit. Yeah Herc isnt signed to no lable but still, they could offer him some type of health coverage. Fuck that, if I was a "rapper" and they offered me a certain amount of money. I'd tell them, where's my health insurance? health comes first, especially when you have a family. Fuck that. RAP IS OUTTA CONTROL! hahaa

  • Nico 3

    This sounds like one of those movie star telethon donation scams where people raise millions just to find out the money mysteriously disappeared. I just think it's Herc's responsibility to handle his own affairs. People have surgeries done everyday that they can't afford, but that's part of being an adult to realize that shit can happen, and to be prepared when it does.

    • triPAUD

      You're not taking into account the risks people make in order to enter the music business. The point is, its not the safest financial decision. Success isn't guaranteed and the business itself is shady as fuck, even if you are making the right moves. Now, Herc is the father of a cultural movement that made people millions, perhaps billions of dollars. Perhaps if he hadn't grown up in the fucking hood he'd had the opportunities to gain royalties from his innovations, but he wasn't. So I think those people who have millions of fucking dollars from his idea can pay is few thousand dollar doctor's bill. Honestly you're whats wrong with hip hop.

  • Bowski

    I totally agree. Even though no artists is obligated to care for Kool Herc, but with all the millions of dollars these rappers brag about nowadays, the elite few should put their funds together and take care of Kool Herc's medical situation. It's about PRIDE and we as a culture rarely stick together when it really counts. I read on this same website how Baby spent $1 million on a car in 1 hour from a Superbowl bet, how about send Kool Herc a quarter of that to help him out, so not to bring shame to the game. All these rappers talk about chasing money album after album, but when situations like this pop up and affect those who are the founding members of this thing we profess to live and die by, real g's should stand up and take care of our own. That'll be truly g....Just my opinion, sorry for the sermon.....

  • B.dot

    Glad that they donated even though it is not their job to take care of him

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