OFWGKTA's MellowHype To Release "Blackenedwhite" On July 12

UPDATE: Now that Tyler The Creator is smashing the charts, Odd Future's posse begins to roll out a plan.

From rocking the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" stage with the Roots to getting shout-outs from Justin Beiber and Diddy, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All has been on a roll the past few weeks. Now, OFWGKTA'S Hodgy Beats and Left Brain - collectively known as MellowHype - are now getting the chance to take their music to the labels.

The duo will join the Black Keys and the late Weathermen/MHz alum Camu Tao on indie imprint Fat Possum to re-release their critically acclaimed sophomore LP BlackenedWhite. The re-release will be remixed and remastered. BlackenedWhite, which originally dropped on Odd Future's website last October, will also find its way onto wax with a vinyl release, due out this year.

In related news, OFWGKTA also linked up with comedian and star of FX's "The League" Paul Scheer for a video with FunnyOrDie.com. The sketch video can be seen below.

(March 1)

UPDATE: Fat Possum Records has announced that Blackenedwhite for July 12 release.



  • jimmy

    wat'd jay-z say fuck i dont remember it was on renegade n it was something bout skimming through music anyway if u hate on tyler then u obviously just skim through it

  • Mixboi

    EVERYONE STOP FUCKING HATING ON OFWGKTA! Go everyone fucking listen to Gucci, or Waka dont fuckin kno wtf rap is so all ya niggas STF. These niggas r the difinition of what hip hop is all about.These niggas r guna be bring bck hiphop back how it used to be and wen i mean be that im tlkin about the 90's.

  • Jeffrey Burgess

    personally...i had a lot of shit to talk about them about being evil and blah blah...and that they did it with no purpose...but after listening to both tylers albums...i'd have to say that what he raps about seemingly is kinda where his head is at....which is kinda scary but i respect it...he's a very talented kid...so is earl sweatshirt (kid's lyrically disgusting)...and frank ocean is one of the most talented singers and songwriters ive heard in years...so overall...i actually have a large amount of respect for them...and i feel like until u check out their music fully...u can't get a grasp on it...i had to open my mind to open my ears...which is allowing me to open my mouth and cosign...their talented dudes...i dont like listening to tyler...but he does have a rite to be where he is

    • Mu

      Well said, bro. I get the sense that a lot of ppl are just hearing "triple 6, rape a bitch, kill people, burn shit, fuck school" and not taking the time to hear these dudes out. Tyler is stupid talented with the concepts he raps about and his production skills and Earl is absolutely the illest lyricist I've ever heard at such a young age.

  • cinavenom

    Everyone who hates on OFWGKTA you seem to really be on their dicks. What do you do, spend all day by your computer waiting for stories to drop on them so you can jump on them and bash them. You don't have to listen to them. No one gives a fuck if you don't like them. Whether you like it or not, tons of people love their music becuase it is not wack as radio bullshit. Just keep listening to your Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Soulja Boy...etc and get the fuck of there dicks.

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    I hate how everyone gives no respect to this group what so ever. Goblin sold 45k units with no airplay, no huge endorsment by a major label. They did on their own n yet ppl call it a flop. but no 1 says MMG album was a flop n that only sold 10k more than tylers n MMG is Ross Wale Pill n Meek Millz. Ppl can we stop the hating. All you "nerds" of hiphop wanted some spark well OFWGKTA and the New West is a huge spark so shut up n listen.

    • ismokerocks12

      not to talk shit because 45k is good if you on an indie label but the dude did have a shit ton of radio play he was all over mtv and shit and that yonkers vid had like 8 million views on youtube cuz kanye apparently twittered about it. these guys aint really underground anymore i consider them mainstream to be honest

  • John

    These kids are douchebags and deserve to have sausages inserted into their anus.

    • Mu

      I don't know if you have ever really listened to their music, but with a comment like that, you might be just like them GOLFWANG niggas...

  • Paul David

    Uhh...Goblin is failing in the charts sooo...

    • Mu

      Goblin debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200. That means out of all the music sold in this entire country, he peaked at the 5th spot. How many artists can say that? #justsayin'

    • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

      seeing as how he released it on an indie label, hes doing pretty good, ppl wit 10 times da budget barely sell anyway

  • Anonymous

    He must create some buzz. I don't see him pulling any numbers! I am a fan of their movement.


    No hate, but i think it's funny every time HHDX describes one of these Odd future re-releases its always, "critically acclaimed". by who? i've never read ONE review of any of these cats albums except for GOBLIN. and believe me i've scoured the interwebs trying to get info on these dudes.

    • Low

      I agree...To my knowledge they were releasing all these albums for free on their website before the commercial industry caught wind of them...So critically acclaimed does seem a bit far fetched...

  • @Deknowz

    Wu-tang clan v2.0

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    HHDX you're waaaaaaay late on that FunnyOrDie vid. That vid came out 2 weeks after Yonkers dropped.

  • Anonymous

    Yellow/White is better, plus this doesn't have Chordaroy which is one of the best tunes on BW

  • kinghueber

    BlackenedWhite is prolly my fav. record to come outta that OddFuture camp

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    God damn you! OFWGKTABCDEFGHIJKLMN's MellowHype! It's always been my life long dream to sign a recording contract with "FAT POSSUM RECORDS" yes, Fat possum Records, Dunny! Damn you! Damn you to Hellll!!!! My shit is more John Blaze than Dat! Urrrrgh!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How can you hate on this movement... this is some epic shit. I'll remember watching these guys blow up ten years from now.

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