Blu Reveals Details Of Warner Debut "No York," Madlib, Flying Lotus Produced

Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Edan, Bilal and J*Davey contributed to Blu's Warner debut, and he says another full-length with Exile is on the way.

Los Angeles, California emcee/producer Blu has been largely quiet about his major label debut. After critical acclaim for 2007's Below The Heavens (with Exile) and 2008's Johnson & Jonson (with Mainframe). Speaking with HardKnockTV, Blu now provided details on his Warner Brothers debut, No York.

Asked about creative control within the label system, Blu said, "[Warner Brothers Records] is pretty open to my ideas, my different experiments - like I been trying to get into this electric Hip Hop feel, for like a while, since we finished the Johnson & Jonson album, me and Mainframe." Of No York, he added, "That is that that sound that I was digging for so long."

Blu revealed that No York, which is presently mixing, including contributions from Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Shafiq Husayn (and Sa-Ra Creative Partners), Madlib, Knowledge, Bilal, J*Davey, Edan, and Nola Darling. As for when Blu's next album will release, Blu explained, "We'll be sitting on it this summer."

As for the unique title, "No York is a deep reference to me," Blu said. "It's my west coast album."

Lastly, the emcee confirmed that he will make a follow-up to his Below The Heavens album with Exile. Contrary to reports, it will not be called Below The Heavens 2. Blu said that the sessions were initially not intended for public release, however, "Most likely, it'll come after [No York]."

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The full video is below:


  • John Stachowski

    If it's the same Exile that used to produce for AZ than the beats will most def. be on point. Be on the lookout for my single featuring Killah Priest & Trai Kennedi droppin' 4/20 !

  • Anonymous

    blu= all time favorite mc

  • PAverhart

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  • BluntedDaily

    One of the coldest emcees out, no doubt. Been bangin his Below the Heavens since 07 and it's still getting mad plays. Blu, Lupe, J Cole, Jay Electronica, Pac Div... we got a lot of reasons to be happy for rap right now.


    you forgot to list Knxwledge from the production list as well Dibia$e & devonwho have a beat on there too, "SLNGBNGrs!"

  • 718rob

    I believe in this man. Warner needs to wake up.

  • Anonymous

    release some damn music blu

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