Papoose Gives His Take On Remy Ma Appeal

Remy Ma's husband voices his thoughts on Remy Ma's failed appeal.

It was announced on Thursday (February 24) that rapper Remy Ma's appeal to overturn her 2008 convictions on assault, weapons possession, and coercion charges was rejected.

Accordingly, her husband, Brooklyn emcee Papoose, had insight to Remy's state of mind, and was able to give his own take on the matter as well.

“She wasn’t happy about it, but she understands the situation that she’s in,” he said in an interview with “Mentally she’s free, her mind is right. She’s a strong person [and] she’s got strong family around her so she gonna be alright. We just gotta continue to fight.”

Papoose indicated some hope, as two of the seven judges ruled in her favor, including the chief judge. “That’s definitely a good sign that somebody is definitely seeing the truth of what’ really going on here, which is the fact that she’s innocent,” he added.

If no other channels can be taken to reduce Remy's sentence, she will remain in prison until 2016.



  • HiphopDX

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  • A

    There are some really nasty and ignorant comments on this site. I respect Papoose for standing by his woman like that. A lot of people would have left but that man has her back. I hope that she gets out. The details of that case never made any sense to me.

  • RalhpeiRalphie

    Uh theres actually someone waiting for a remy ma record? Who would have known.

  • Anonymous

    Only time this nigga gona be in the news LOL

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    you do the crime you do the the time

  • Meh

    Damn. I remember when Pap was relevant. Times are rough.

  • Anonymous

    Although we love Remy, we gotta keep it movin

  • Anonymous

    ...of course remy has to get out of prison first...damn 2016

  • Anonymous

    They need to release a mixtape, if they package it right and w/ the right marketing it could be dope. remy has the swag and punch pap needs, and pap has the complexity and intelligence to compliment. and it would be a crazy gimmick, almost like bonnie and clyde, but obviously more hard than jay z and beyonce. damn if the industry wasn't babylon maybe i could give these artists the direction they need

  • aNonEMus

    So many intelligent comments here lol..don't do shit that lands you in jail is the end of the story..or you suffer the consequences; simple.. fuck both of them and their shitty music, this isn't real news

  • Anonymous

    on point try again

  • Anonymous

    My biggest concern is there are still people waiting for him to drop..shit im looking for a new remy cd more then I am a papoose record.( But im not lookin for either)

    • Anonymous

      this nigga just says, Im looking for a remy ma cd more then a papoose joint, then he says Im not lookin for either. You contradicting ass nigga. your the same faggot on the other topic riding kanyes dick. LOL. you prove my point of you being a cutty ass fag

  • Anonymous

    get some album buzz and drop that shit boy.

  • Thuggacation

    dam PAP if u drop dat album u can afford a whole team of lawyers drop da album u slowly losing yo fanbase drop dat album im fed up wit da bs from a fans perspective

    • Anonymous

      REMY+ JAIL= PAP+REMY +JAIL= 2016

    • sc3

      My dude those people are facing real life drama and all you can comment on is your wish on a debut LP? Have you ever known of someone closed to you locked up? Flips their world upside down, I doubt Papoose is more concerned about record deals.

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