DJ Drama & La The Darkman Have Falling Out On Twitter

The Aphilliates' star deejay and former executive/emcee have a public dispute, that leaves Drama apologizing to fans for ever doing a Gangsta Grillz with the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate.

Throughout the last five-plus years, Atlanta, Georgia-based The Aphilliates deejay collective has been led by DJ Drama, with the help of emcee-turned-executive La The Darkman. La, known for his 1998 debut album Heist of the Century, is also brother to Willie Da Kid, which released his debut album, Absolute Greatness with The Aphilliates' imprint in 2008. La had been President of The Aphilliates Music Group, and maintains that position according to his Twitter page.

This week, the public learned that Drama and La may not be on the best of terms, as the popular deejay apologized to fans for his endorsement of the Crown Heights emcee.

I want to apologize to the hip hop community, fans & artists, for ever putting la the darkman on a gangsta grillz mixtape.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

In 2008, the pair released the The Notorious L.A.D. Gangsta Grillz mixtape, believed to be the one Drama apologized for. La responded, calling the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania deejay's sobriety and financial status into question:

Mannnn I guess that's what the drugs & going broke will do to some people! Lolless than a minute ago via Mobile Web

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  • nina white

    This is really comedy. After you done let this man LAD be in control of your money and been around this man for years you don't think it would have been more GANSTA for you to approach him directly? We are now chaging the name to WANGSTA GRILLZ! And all of a sudden you and Cannon are back cool after he blasted your hus going into Foreclosure. Now tend to your WIFE SUMMER WALKER who take beautiful pictures and chill out because we all know beefin with that guy is not whatyou want

  • The Wu


  • Atl2Trill

    Drama is pushing the people who gave him his name. Gangsta Grillz has fallen off yrs ago.

  • oofgoof

    why does drama beef with everyone he makes a mixtape with lol.....fuck that nigga....LAD got that ice cold guiness baby

  • darius

    Ef Drama, I'm backing my Wu-Tang boy on this one!

  • Anonymous

    LAD >>>> DJ Drama LAD's dope!

  • GuttahMastah

    hahaha wtf is this? One of the most popular mainstream DJs going at it with one of the most obscure and underrated emcees of all time? Interesting.

  • 215 crazy live

    DJ Drama is corny, that nigga knows the difference between good music and garbage, but chooses to dick-ride the garbage faggot shit because it gets him money. He far from gangsta. He need to quit it and just do what he do, and shut up.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Drama apparently forgot who even funded the company for him to even get on and do this thing with those damn "GANGSTA GRIZZZILLLS" Everyone knows that nigga Drama is a d rider and a dopehead. Apologize for the watering down of the gangsta grillz series by giving everybody a gatdamn mixtape. You wack bastard.

  • Anonymous

    drama is a being a bitch with that apology, no on cares anyways but these guys were brothers drama used to play la the darkman on his aphilliates radio show every week for years

  • Anonymous

    la the darkman has some good tunes, dj drama ruined every mixtape he ever released by shouting and talking wack shit all over all the songs

  • MR. Wow

    Hey Drama how about you say sorry for even coming up with gangsta grillz. That shit set hip hop back with all the coon ass music you promoted. Crazy thing is Drama is a dope DJ and knows music well but he gets no love for the gangsta grillz ish.

  • Anonymous

    your ass better respect the wu tang clan bitch ass dj's

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