Raekwon Expresses Faith In Future RZA Led Projects

Raekwon tells iHipHop why it's important to have RZA production involved in future Wu-Tang projects.

Despite some of their previous disagreements over Wu-Tang Clan’s production style, Raekwon says he has no doubts in RZA’s production abilities in any future endeavors. Back in 2007, Rae was very outspoken about RZA’s production style, saying RZA was “trying to create too much of an orchestra, piano.” Ultimately, Raekwon and RZA reconciled, but there hasn’t been a proper Wu-Tang Clan album since 2007’s 8 Diagrams.

With individual members concentrating on solo efforts, or non-RZA led projects such as Wu Massacre and Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang, Rae explained that a project sonically led by RZA could still be successful.

“He would definitely have to govern it,” Rae told iHipHop, in regards to RZA taking the production reigns. “But more or less, we would definitely have to seek other ways of making it more classical. It’s just all about RZA being able to not work as hard as he has to.”

RZA is currently shooting his directorial debut, The Man with the Iron Fists, which has limited his production work. In the interim, producers such as Allah Mathematics and Bronze Nazareth, who Rae refers to as “another Wu disciple” have handled a bulk of the production duties. Ultimately, Rae says the long-since buried spat between RZA and himself turned out to be a positive.

“I think that’s what people want to see anyway,” Raekwon added. “They wanna see cats come together and rhyme over a Just Blaze or a Kanye [West] or whoever. Maybe even a new cat.”

As previously reported, Raekwon’s Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang will be released on March 8. Havoc, Sean C & LV, Alchemist, Erick Sermon and Bronze Nazareth are among the producers listed on the project.



  • Anonymous

    No Wu-Tang album without RZA.


    If you neva heard Bronze Nazareth's work, check out "The Great Migration". His production style is nearly reminiscent of RZA around the time he was producing Liquid Swordz imo........and he can spit.

  • Natasha Roye

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  • truthenola

    Rza startin to remind me of DRE,.. lazy and out of touch with hiphop.

    • Up North

      Not sure where you get that idea. Dre isn't directing/acting in movies or doing soundtracks all while trying to manage arguably the greatest group in Hip Hop history. If anything, RZA has too much on his plate and it's good that the Wu continues to move forward positively with or without his presence. You can't even put RZA and lazy in the same sentence.

    • Anonymous

      kinda sounds like your old lady...

  • darius

    This album will be great.Trust me!

  • Anonymous

    i heard so snippets (about 2 minutes each) of his new album from what i hear, kinda a letdown after hearing butter knives. not an immobilarity sized let down, more like a Pretty toney/Big Doe rehad letdown. lol

    • Slug-o, on the seventh floor

      Yeah, 'Holla' from pretty tone came on the ipod the other day, definitely had my head nodding on the train.

    • billy bob

      big doe rehab was on point man...but i respect your opinion....i agree with pretty tony though...even though it has a few tracks that i still keep in rotation today

  • Jeff S H Lee

    big ups to these two legendary emcees

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