M1 of dead prez Confirms Upcoming Collaboration Album With Stephen Marley

As "Information Age" wraps up, the RBGz are hard at work on a stic.man solo, and doing a full-length with Stephen Marley.

Hip Hop duo dead prez is at work on their tenth album, Information Age. Speaking with Mikey T The Movie Star, the group's co-founder M1 confirmed another higher-profile project in the works. "There's a number of albums we're working on, simultaneously. Being that we've been in this [industry] for a minute, we're able to work on more than one project at a time. We're also working with Stephen Marley on a project."

Stephen, who worked on Nas & Damian Marley's Distant Relatives album last year, has recorded with dead prez previously, on the Black & White soundtrack for "Dem Crazy." Last year, Marley signed another respected New York emcee in Lost Boyz member Mr. Cheeks.

M1 revealed that partner stic.man is also presently recording his second solo album.

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The video is below:



  • omariissa

    The author is definitely including mixtapes, solo, and outside projects. dead prez have the following cd or mixtapes out: 1) Let's Get Free (2000) 2) Turn of the Radio The Mixtape Vol. 1 (2002) 3) Turn of the Radio The Mixtape Vo. 2 Get Free or Die Tryin (2003) 4) Confidential - M-1's solo joint (2006) 5) Cant't Sell Dope Forever - dead prez and the Outlawz (2006) 6) Soldier to Soldier - Stic.man and Young Noble of Outlawz (2006) 7) Manhood - Stic.man's solo joint (2007) 8) Turn off the Radio The Mixtape Vol. 3 Pulse of the People (2009) 9) Turn off the Radio The Mixtape Vol. 4 Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz (2010)

    • Brizz

      Ok thanks. Personally i dont count mixtapes and solo ventures into a groups discography but whatever. pz.

  • Anonymous

    yup i was thinking the same thing or in other words FAIL hiphopdx they got 2 albums

  • Brizz

    Tenth album? Really? That was like 8 more then i was aware of, and maybe 4 if you count mixtapes/streetalbums. Anyone know what they talking about? pz.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i was pretty confused too. last time i checked they got let's get free and revolutionary but gangsta so information is their third. i think somebody cliked on the wrong wikipedia article when he did the research

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