Lupe Fiasco's "The Show Goes On" Certified Double Platinum

UPDATE: Lu's single has hit the double milli mark.

Released in October of 2010, "The Show Goes On" is the first official single from Chicago, Illinois emcee Lupe Fiasco's third album, Lasers. Today it was announced by Lupe's spokesman, Atlantic Records' DJ Busy, that the Kane Beatz-produced single has surpassed 500,000 units sold, making it gold.

#theshowgoeson single sales up this week. 505k sold. aka gold status #lasers march 8less than a minute ago via web

Lasers is planned for release on March 8, through 1st & 15th/Atlantic Records. The album's second single is the Skylar Grey-assisted "Words I Never Said" . This will be Lupe's first album since 2007's The Cool.

UPDATE: According to The LupE.N.D. Blog, Lupe's lead single off of Lasers has been certified double platinum for shipping over two-million copies.



  • Augure

    You know what? The usual situation would be that "this dumb nigga sellout got success" (like 50, Gucci Mane or Ross) and this true nigga speaking the truth got none. But here, fuck yeah I don't care about the cocksucking haters who prefer fake ass sellout rap, Lupe is double platinum you bitchez....! Lâ’¶SERS !

  • ETK

    lol, whatever music is popular out there, niggas gonna call it trash. You'd think it'd be normal if this was Lollipop or Not Afraid or some shit, but this single actually got a decent message in it. niggas still don't give a fuck though. whatever, I'm glad Lupe is doin it big.


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  • Anonymous

    The worst songs wouldn't go platinum if you bitches would actually cop some real songs instead of complaining about the other ones.

    • ETK

      Yeah right, if the "real" songs were up there, niggas would still be bitching about em as much as it is now. Of course, there's worse material on top of the billboard right now but I still bet it'd be the case. Real songs only sound real cause the novelty ain't wore off. #truth

  • Anonymous

    I left out the word getting.

  • Anonymous

    Well despite most of Lasers being trash (thanks Atlantic) atleast Lupe is the money he deserves.

  • Hannya

    Cool. Good for Lupe.

  • joe5286

    if you don't like this song, you don't appreciate fun music. it's a good song

  • LastWordMobster Check out some underground shit^^^^, glad to see Lupe doin his thing, in music and on tv against O'Riley

  • comee

    it seems that the worse rap songs go platinum and the rap that make sense never do. im glad his album went 2x platinum

  • Anonymous

    It's cute how everyone hates on success in hip-hop. Since when was it a bad thing to move units? Ya'll need to shut the fuck up and just enjoy the music.

  • Anonymous

    when did it go platinum though? yall said he went from selling 500k to 2milli??


    damn that shit was wack

  • Goodman

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  • Anonymous

    it's kind of funny how all the worst songs seem to go platinum, what does that say about the general music buying public?


    The song is great, you all just too ignorant to see it. And he didnt steal a song, he didnt sample it either, the producer did for Lupe and he hopped on it. Gucci=trash, wiz khalifa=trash, rick "fatass" ross=trash, Lupe= greatest doin it LASERS!

    • Brandon Q. James

      That's not what happened. He was forced to do the song, and he was forced to make it the first single. If not, they wouldn't support the album.

  • Anonymous

    All I know is, Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper EVER!!! Better than any legend, veteran, newcomer or future artist! Best of all fucking time and don't talk to me about it or argue. My opinion, should be yours too if you LISTEN!!

  • MarcDog

    A lot of people like this wack ass song

  • Anonymous

    he had to steal someone elses song for him to go gold and appeal to the masses so it shouldnt count, not very creative bro

    • Anonymous

      lupe didnt produce the song. he had nohting to do with the beat itself u dumb motherfucker. if u wanna talk about stealing songs, talk to kane beatz u stupid dumbass

  • Anonymous

    i hope hes gonna give some of that money to modest mouse since he basically took their worst song ever from 5 years ago, made it sound even shittier with some pussy u2 guitar and then rapped over it, and convinced people it was a hit

  • Jeremy Orr

    finally!! a rapper goes gold that really deserves it..


    thats whats up song just aite to me nothing special lloyd banks single BBB went gold what was his first week sales?

  • riot

    I don't give a shit which song it is, Lupe went gold with a single. Hip hop is alive!

  • SuperGucciRap

    This song really sucks. He stole a song from some indie rock band and abused it with his whiny rapping. Illuminati probably bought 95% of his singles sells. Gucci Mane is a better lyrical rapper. Period. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      Hey guess what, your precious Gucci mane stole songs too, unless you r looking for the term SAMPLED. And how can he be lyrical if people cant even understand what he says more than half the time. You must be on his level lol, 1st GRADE ENGLISH

  • The Wigger Hater

    Hell Yeah Lupe!!! since you sold 505k buy me some shit at the Food n Liquor store lol Get Em Lupe!!!

  • Ruby

    Lupe totally deserves it. The track was overlooked by most of the "real" hip-hop fans. It wasn't one of Lupe's lyrical tracks though. It was more of a theme song to welcome him back to the game. It also was an inspiration to all those out there like him who haven't blown up but continue to make music. Cant wait to buy Lasers. Gonna be crazy. WINS is my jam for now.

  • Ruby

    Congratulations! Lupe totally deserves it. The track was overlooked by most of the "real" hip-hop fans. It wasn't one of Lupe's lyrical tracks though. It was more of a theme song to welcome him back to the game. It also was an inspiration to all those out there like him who haven't blown up but continue to make music. Cant wait to buy Lasers. Gonna be crazy. WINS is my jam for now.

  • SinisterMinista

    if a mediocre and terribly sampled song like this one managed to sell 500,000,I can only fathom how much real,lyrical,and controversial second single is gonna sell.. it hasn't even gotten any radio-play on the east coast..has it hit your radios up.then again i wouldn't be surprised if those phonies didn't give it any radioplay Regardless,Lupe's about to go in!

  • Anonymous

    Who said Lyrical Rappers ouldnt sell??? I'm not the worlds biggest Lupe fan but I hope he blows up and maybe these labels will realize that a rapper doesnt have to be Mildly retarded to sell records and start handing out deals to more deserving cats

    • lowprofile

      hip hop is dead! just lyk dat fat b**** notorious B.I.G... or and dont u fools underatand a marketing ploy, lupe hasnt sold gold cum on dummies who even lyks da s***

  • The MG

    Congrats to him. Waiting on Lasers just two weeks away, along with Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

  • A.S.

    Nice to see, didn't think the singles were floating.

  • G

    I agree the second single is better but lets not forget it has a ton of controversy and real life issues in it which is way too much for the radio. Im glad Lupe is getting the credit he deserves. Not as good as the old Lupe, but as he proved on Words I Never Said, he can have some club tracks and still be super lyrical. SLR all the way!! LASERS!

  • Anonymous

    "Thinks are looking promising going into March 8's "Lasers," as Lupe crosses the 500,000 mark of sales for his first single" read your fucken titles hhdx, seriously. didnt think this was gold though, shit has hardly been on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Riiiiiiiight! I like the 2nd single MUCH more!

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