Jermaine Dupri And Others Respond To Steve Stoute's Grammy Ad

So So Def Founder Jermaine Dupri encourages artists to become NARAS members, while The Hollywood Reporter fields responses from other experts.

The 53rd annual Grammy Awards took place February 13, but 10 days later, artists and executives are still weighing in on the winners and losers. After Steve Stoute’s $40,000 advertorial in the New York Times, So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri offered some opinions of his own. Unlike many others who have weighed in on the subject, Dupri served as a member of Atlanta’s Grammy board and had a direct influence on which artists took home awards.

“I was the youngest person in the room; not that being old has anything to do with it,” Dupri said via his Global14 blog. “Not only was I the youngest person in the room, but I was the only valid Hip Hop person in the room.”

Dupri added that R&B producer James “Jimmy Jam” Harris was one of the only other members with knowledge of urban music. And while Dupri quit NARAS in 2004 to protest the uproar over his then girlfriend Janet Jackson’s Superbowl wardrobe malfunction, he says other artists need to get involved in the process.

“We are not on the board as young executives,” Dupri added. “We have so many young, black executives that claim they’re executives, and say they do this. But they’re not out here doing the work. It should be more people like Steve Stoute on that board.”

In a round table discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Tommy Boy founder, Tom Silverman, echoed Dupri’s statements.

“Due to the nature of the voting body, there are voting blocks such as Country, Jazz, Rock, Classical and Urban,” Silverman explained. “These voting blocks vote as you would expect them to, for what they can relate to. Country is one of the more organized genres and have one of the largest voting blocks. The Urban voting block is probably one of the smaller ones.”


  • JackMothwa

    I stopped a while ago watching and following the Grammys. Take a look at 2 of hip hop's most notable artists, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. They never won anything but they have been nominated a couple of times. When "What's My Name?" lost to "U.N.I.T.Y" I went crazy, that was the worst decision ever made in the Grammy history. Same thing with 50 when he lost to Evanescense (sp)

  • Nico 3

    Steve Stoute is a fucking idiot. Donate $40,000 to a charity, instead of bitching about why more rap artists didn't take home awards. Aside from Eminem, nobody else deserved shit cause their sales were embarassing, and the voters probably have no fucking clue who they're anyway.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      No shit, I agree. Complaining about the Grammy's is like complaining about the lines at the DMV. It's pointless.

    • Anonymous

      You completely missed Steve Stoutes point. It wasnt simply because hip hop artists didnt win. He said it twice He doesnt like how hip hop artists were used consistently to promote the award shows by advertising their performances heavily through all the media outlets but give all the awards to people that werent even mentioned. For example Best New Artist Esparazza Spaulding won. Everyone thought it was gonna be either Bieber or Drake and as heavily as those two were promoted you probably thought the same thing. Hell anyone in their right mind would. But when she won it was also a double slap. She wasnt even nominated in her OWN CATEGORY. not even once! But yet shes supposed to be the best new artist. What kind of sense does that make? All they did was use these artists popularity to get ratings

  • thetrooth

    Music is like art...its an abstract idea. everybody has different opinions. awards are fuckin stupid and a waste of time. its all about egoes with these knit wits. who fuckin cares. who even watches the grammys?? its sooo lame and Politically correct. its like watching jay leno or that annoying mexican for comedy.

  • Chuck Scott

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about the grammys then, bullshit politricks ruins everything again

  • HRH

    Probably a bunch of country jewish kykes


    I think this dudes got shit like half right like he wants the right things for the wrong reasons. All this dude bitched about was how sales should be the most important thing, when every day numbers get less and less relevant. He only seemed interested in the impact on our culture, which to mean screams sales. The grammys will never be unbiased until all of those old fucks die and younger ears start to fill those seats maybe then every album can be judged on what it is a piece of art.

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    I spoke about this only the other blog. The awards won't ever be distributed correctly as long as the correct people aren't voting. You can't expect some 60 year old white man to vote for the Roots. I doubt they have even played the albums they are voting for they just look at what he/she has sold or how popular they are. Which is why people like Coolio won a Grammy over Tupac and Biggie and had to get on stage saying he knows he didn't deserve this award.

  • Curtis75Black

    I definitely agree with Dupri. We can't say we're executives and when it comes down to who wins and looses, we aren't there to support the genre and culture of Hip Hop. This shit is too big to just bitch and complain after the fact. If motherfuckers were acting like execs instead of just artist when It's due time maybe the ones that should've been acknowledged like Guru or Big Boi would've happened. Maybe a group like Slaughterhouse would be performing instead of wack ass Diddy !!

  • Anonymous

    Steve Stoute deserves props for standing up and saying outloud what we've all been saying for years......

  • Anonymous

    lol the grammys is for whites

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