Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/20/2011

Saigon sells five-figures worth of his highly-anticipated debut, and the Grammy moments pull the pack ahead of Nicki Minaj, and bring Janelle Monae back to the charts.

In the weekly-round-robin of rankings, it was Bruno Mars that surged ahead. After a Grammy performance with label-mates B.o.B. and Janelle Monae, Mars' Doo Wops & Hooligans re-entered the Top 5. The annual Grammy compilation album, which includes Mars, B.o.B. and Goodie Mob member Cee Lo Green, also climbed for spots, nearly reaching the 150,000 mark.

Another Grammy performer and winner, Eminem and his Recovery, climbed a spot. The rapper ended the week by shooting a video for "Space Bound," co-starring former adult film sensation Sasha Grey.

Nicki Minaj fell five spots with Pink Friday, the only act of the pack that need make a Grammy performance or snag an award. 

Despite Grammy support and a long-legged NBA All-Star game performance alongside Kanye West and Drake, Rihanna's Loud fell two more sports from the previous week.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
5 Bruno Mars Doo Wops & Hooligans 61,000 727,000
6 Eminem Recovery 61,000 3,634,000
7 Various Artists 2011 Grammy Nominees 56,000 149,000
9 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 46,000 1,127,000
10 Rihanna Loud 45,000 976,000

Lil Wayne's digital-turned-physical 2010 release I Am Not A Human Being climbed eight spots to close out the Top 25. 

Down 11 places from last week was Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The platinum album remains a constant Top 10 and Top 20 performer week-to-week. Last week, 'Ye released the Hype Williams-directed video for "All of the Lights," featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi.

T.I.'s No Mercy slid eight more spots to #43. The emcee and label owner's latest album was released while he was incarcerated for probation violations earlier this year, involving drugs. The latest album from Tip features Kid Cudi, Scarface and Rocko, with production by DJ Toomp, Kanye West and Jake One.

After seven-plus years in the making, New York's Saigon finally released his proper studio album, The Greatest Story Never Told. Created and conceptualized on Atlantic Records, Kottonmouth Kings' Suburban Noize imprint worked with Sai to acquire the release rights to the album which sold 11,000 first-week units. Despite being on the independent label, the critically-heralded work still includes appearances by Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Black Thought, as well as production from Just Blaze and Kanye West. The album's FYE physical version includes a second CD with five unreleased songs.

After her Grammy moment, Atlantic's Janelle Monae climbed back on the charts with her critically-acclaimed The Archandroid. The Diddy and Big Boi protege - and DXnext alum new sits just above 140,000 overall units.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
25 Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 21,000 770,000
36 Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
17,000 1,032,000
43 T.I. No Mercy
15,000 440,000
58 Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told 11,000 11,000
171 Janelle Monae The Archandroid 3,900


Can Joell Ortiz get love on his sophomore album, Free Agent? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.



    You must be mentally retarded if you have not yet purchased Saigons album! That’s all I got to say!

  • Anonymous

    Em, Jay, Kanye, Nicki, Wayne, Drake and to a lesser extent TI and Rick Ross are the only rappers that matter RIGHT NOW. Given every other motherfucker flop like crazy. Big Boi's shit was wack and sold like it, Roots had a boring album last year didn't sell, Saigon just relased an album he should have called "whiny little bitch" and didn't sell for nothing. I think its a sign the rappers need to leave it up to the pros who can you know sell

  • Anonymous

    Mane Saigon just flopped and leave it at that. "Shit happens!" and you move on!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Saigon did not flopped you bitch ass pussy muthafuckas!!!! I WILL KILL YOU ALLLLLL YOU SON OF A BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    saigon sold more than slaughterhouse.. WOW! slaughterhouse aka wafflehouse

    • theleafsguy

      slaughterhouse dropped an EP, 3 remixes. Saigon full length LP. uhhhh.. see the difference, no shit he should outsell them.

  • Anonymous

    second disk with unreleased songs? i bought the CD.. dont see shit!! Mannn

    • EddieMurrrphy

      dont worry you didnt miss out on shit. none of the bonus songs on that disc were that good. not worth sweating at all.

  • Sticks Good

    I agree...Saigon's album is nice...I truthfully didn't expect it when I bought it but this is (not classic but) borderline classic...

  • FACK

    Man I just downloaded Saigon from Amazon and reading this, I find out that FYE got a double disc. FML. Oh well, Saigon is the shit man, go support!

  • Garvin Inoa

    I knew it. All ya talking that real hip hop this, real hip hop my dick. Ya be the first ones not supporting the real shit. Fuck outta. Saigon best album of 2011.

  • A.S.

    I know Saigon said he don't care about the numbers, and being on an independent he gets a healthy cut... but the album DESERVES to do heavy figures, modern classic. Imported the bastard myself, hope the positive word gets around.

  • purplehayes

    I bought saigon's shit nd it's sick...i don't care wat the sales are, but 11k ain't bad. And that sure as hell ain't no flop...I'm white and this is some inspiring shit..I wish more people would listen to music like this..the world would be a better place..props to sai and all the other real rappers out ther

    • Anonymous

      @dal shut your dumn commercial face..faggot!!

    • da1

      That nigga flopped like a belly when you do a poor dive in a .pool. 11,ooo aint bad ha... yeah in a parallel universe. But in this reality that shit is still a dud, a blunder, a blooper mothafucka.

  • purplehayes

    I bought saigon's shit nd it's sick...i don't care wat the sales are, but 11k ain't bad. And that sure as hell ain't no flop...I'm white and this is some inspiring shit..I wish more people would listen to music like this..It would be a better place..props to sai and all the other real rappers out ther

  • Anonymous

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  • BWS-Fish

    considering the way The Grammys treat hip hop, i'm not really sure why the sales figures for their album is on this site. Take note HipHopDX, the fuckers running the grammys dont give a fuck about us, so we dont give a fuck about them or their shitty album so there's no need to let us know about their sales next week.

  • Keezie

    Janelle is on point. She just needs to stop singing about all that space shit. Concept albums are dope when you understand the artist a little bit better. It's good that she's staying sincere with her vision. I just personally wish I could hear her voice on some tracks I could relate to a little more.

  • datsiad.

    fuck yo thought's 11k on indie label that's good money. when more than half of you downloaded the shit. if saigon was white the album would be triple platinum from the gate. you have to understand this one point, the buying dollar of white america is much strong than urban community.

    • Anonymous

      Ill Bill Vs. Dj Muggs album - didnt sell Vinnie Paz- didn't sell Necro- didn't sell Yelawolf- didn't sell Asher Roth - didn't sell Haystak - never sells Lil Wyte- never sells I'm failing to make a connection or find a pattern with what your saying. Bottom line is...if radio doesn't play it a million times a day, and MTV or BET doesn't make an effort to promote it, the people don't know about it (black or white).

    • Anonymous

      he would never sell 3 milly out the gate if he was white. what were yelawolfs numbers??? yeah thats what i thought.

    • Anonymous

      so true people need to wake up eminem is one of the nicest but recovery sales are 3 million more then anybody else this year including drake , nicki , or even hov last year he's good but there is no way he's that much better than everyone

    • Anonymous

      lol, bum ass nigga, lol

    • Anonymous

      if saigon was white, niggaz would be jerkin off in stores!

    • BWS-Fish

      wat a fucking retard....

    • Anonymous

      shut up you bum ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    All that wack, gay shit in the mainstream you just can't judge an artist's worth on sales. Saigon is on some real talk,on a different level to what these kids are used too. No stuntin in my jeans shit. It's for people who actually want to hear good inteligent music with depth

  • Backpacker 88

    Every place I been to, Saigon's "The Greatest Story Never Told" is out of stock. Very frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    Saigon did not flopped you bitch ass pussy muthafuckas!!! I WILL KILL YOU ALLLLLL YOU SON OF A BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch


  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    and sorry lame nigz who bring JAY up in every discussion..his last lyrical album by no means was REASONABLE DOUBT..to me u sound like a lame when i hear so-called HIPHOP FANS ONLY talk abt an artist first album..that means to a real listener..u have no knowledge of what you talkin about..JAY GOT AN "UNCOUNTABLE" AMOUNT OF QUOTABLES AND CATCH-PHRASES..LINES NIGZ SPIT FOR WHATEVER REASON AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT PERTAINING TO ANY SITUATION.."IM NOT A BUSINESS-MAN..IM A BUSINESS MAN".."U WANT MY OLD SHIT BUY MY OLD ALBUMS"..I CAN GO BARS BUT THATS NOT NECESSARY..HOW MANY HEADLINES ON THIS SITE ALONE USE JAY BARS FOR ARTICLE TITLES..FUCOUTTAHERE..GIVE IT UP..

  • Andrew Helton

    So spitta sold more than soulja, slaughterhouse, and saigon #jetlife

  • da1

    Yeah it may be piracy as to the reason artist aren't selling... but you also have to admit music just isn't really that good anymore. This is the biggest reason why record sales do poorly. I'll laugh at you if you said the albums coming out now are just as good as the albums that came out in the 90's or even the early 2000's for that matter. If the album was really good and not just good for the moment, I mean timeless music it would sale regardless, with or without big promotion.

    • Anonymous

      All that wack shit in the mainstream, today you just can't judge quality on paralell with the sales. The industry is too gay

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    umm so-called "WORDY HIPHOP" STARTED DYING IN THE EARLY 2000'S BECAUSE the muhfuckas who was doin it started only talkin about SHOOTIN NIGZ IN THE HEAD..and then started doin it over outdated production..

  • saigon

    Greatest story never told!!! Out now cop it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Saigon sure aint no Eminem when it comes to Flow, lyrics, content and beats!!!! THAT IS WHY HE FLOPPED LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER. MEN LIE WOMEN LIE, NUMBERS DON'T

  • Anonymous

    Mane Saigon just flopped and leave it at that. "Shit happens!" and you move on!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you know anything about this music scene, you'll know sai did good, and would not expect much more than this. Good effort for an independant artist who has'nt done countless features on the latest top ten pop tunes out now. Instead this nigga went left field and came from the heart. So stop crying about numbers, jump off the mainstream bandwagon and enjoy the music ps i'm sure saigon is eating good!!

  • now and then

    lets face it wordy hiphop died when biggie started rappin over westcost beats and puffy wanted to remix all his singals. westcost dudes cared more for the music then the lyrics and the south cared more about hooks then everything. when the eastcost followed the formula for the sake of reccord sales that was the begining of the end for lyrisim. resobable doubt was jay z best album yet his lowest selling one and the last of that era.

  • verbs

    Stupid mainstream niggaz don't know anything about saigon

  • Mook

    Most impressive thing this week is that Wayne sold more than Kanye and Wayne cd been out...damn...well ye finally released all of the lights video so that will help his sales...

  • john filly

    why aren't lil kim's sales on here?lmao

  • Anonymous


  • jezzy

    Yo wheres lil kims mixtape sales?? lmao

  • SomeRealTalk!!!

    Mane dude just flopped and leave it at that. "Shit happens!" and you move on!!!

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Soulja boy's last album sold 13,360 in the first week so i am not surprised by saigon's numbers. Hip-Hop sales are at a staggering 95% piracy rate. Meaning sales only represent about 5% of an artist's listeners. Saigon sold 11,000 so there is probably 220,000 people across the country listening to the album by way of illegal download. Same thing goes for bigger artist. There are 8 million people in NYC alone, so that platinum plaque is just the tip of the iceberg for Nicki Minaj fans. Her actual fanbase sits at around 20 million. Why do you think MJ did 25 million in 82' but the biggest artists of this generation can't get past 4 million? Times have changed, and music is consumed differently.

  • G

    Sales doesn't matter. The way I see it, there are 1,127,000 lame middle school kids that listen to "rap" and 11,000 REAL people. Saigon is just too real for the world. GSNT is amazing. I am proud to be 1 of 11,000 who supported him. Bought the CD off Amazon and it's going in the same pile of CD's as the rest of my classics. Next up: LASERS.

  • bugzdre201486

    Saigon and Just Blaze look Alike for some Reason.

  • Nico 3

    There are alot of albums Best Buy won't stock. That's why you use Amazon.

  • Oaklands Own

    The sad part is that Saigons album is CLASSIC. I honestly never heard a album so well put together since Biggies "life after death". Every song leads into the next song flawlessly, and he touches a vast range of RELEVANT subjects in the ghetto community. Its a shame that people are sleeping on him.

    • King

      TRUE. The songs were really dope but the sequencing ? AMAZING ! I won't sit here and argue with anyone about what's real and all that, but I will ask: After listening to Saigon's album, didn't you leave with something?

  • Lankh

    Damn Saigon sold 11k ! We have to support our brother lol

  • e

    Saigon's too black to sell. Too many folks like their hip hop 'dumbed down'. That's why some of you ignorant folks give 'mad love' to the likes of Lil Wayne. For me, Saigon's will go down as a classic in my book. I hope Saigon does'nt follow the dollar on his next cd. Folks will be ashamed to say they have a Lil Wayne or Niki Minaj in their collection.

  • freepromo

    chek dis nigga out..he gon change da game bruh http://www.myspace.com/cflotentative

  • Anonymous

    Saigon shows why artist from the East coast shouldn't have a release date.. They all suck ass!!! They can't even sale a DUB bag without beefin and shooting each other for a buzz!!! Ignorant ass niggas!!!


      lmao at troop bra just stop you sound madd lame

    • Anonymous

      Who in the hell said I was from the south!! haha

    • trooper

      My guy. Nobody is selling records. Jay-Z, Nas, Fab, Nicki, Drake (Toronto is east coast), etc. all sell records. Because the south isn't except for lil wayne. Secondly, Saigon album is very very good and he has a message and social commentary with his songs which goes to show you didn't even hear the record. So please make sense next time tyou decide to type something.

  • The Ooh Child

    The only thing any of this proves is that the masses prefer shitty hip hop. And I went to Best Buy to pick up Saigiddy like 4 days after it was released, and those bitches didn't have it

  • Rick

    Saigon only 11k first week, thats sad cuz that was a dope album and I bought 2 copies. Hopefully, he continues to build his fanbase and signs to Roc Nation or something to expand his horizons.

  • Anonymous

    Saigon shows why artist from the East coast shouldn't have a release date. They all suck ass!!! They can't even sale a DUB bag without beefin and shooting each other for a buzz!!! Ignorant ass niggas!!!

  • Anonymous

    Saigon??? Who is that?? Did anybody or will anybody tell his story? I guess not!!! Great title!!!

  • Chuck Scott

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  • Madd Urban


  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    Just buy the artist you like. Why so caught up in numbers and most of y'all just download anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Saigon??? Who is that?? Did anybody or will anybody tell his story? I guess not!!! Great title!!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, who is still buying Recovery?!?! 61K when it came out on June? Insane. There's dudes out aren't anywhere near that in their first week (Saigon). It's a shame.

  • Anonymous

    ENTER A DIMENSION BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/xP6_EKHd0ak TOO HOT FOR TV OR THE RADIO

  • pro tool

    drake 1,250,000 in 6 mounths, nicki 1,127,000 in 3 mounths nicki album is saling twice as fast as drakes. if wayne don't do numbers wit the c4 it kinda makes you wonder who the biggist star is at YM lol

    • Anonymous

      I would want my Queen on top. Fresh female talent should sale and do great numbers when marketed correctly. Hasn't Wayne been in jail and haven't his two 2010 releases gone over platinum together???

  • Anonymous

    fucktards, if 11k people bought sai's album, 11k people like his music..i dont, so i didnt buy it, if 1mill people like minaj, then 1mill people gonna buy the album..its simple like that...its called a fanbase

  • Anonymous

    Saigon said his album was the best in 20 years, and only 11k sold. LOL. Also, people saying he's independent, and the sales are good. Cuban Linx 2 sold 130k independent. Fuck Saigon

  • CeeKayy

    Wish Sai could have sold more. I went to many stores and they didn't even have the album on the shelves, I had to ask them to get it from the back.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Em for 4 milli? Damn!!! Nicki Minaj over Kanye West in sells? God Damn!!! Saigon only 11,000??? Fuck Damn!!!

    • HipHop

      Co-Sign to the fullest! The wack distribution destroyed many sales. I know many people who went to the store to buy the album and the would've bought if they only found the fucking cd. GREAT album though. Kudos to Saigon & Just Blaze. You can only imagine the sells if the album dropped on schedule.


    albums that dont sale are instant classic to yall how who the fuck knows albums that do numbers they fans dont no real hiphop/gay/12 years old to yall gtfoh just enjoy the music an stfu


      from your reply my g i wasnt talking about people like you who buy cds but to the ones quick to called an album a classic just because it flop or didnt sale well thats what im saying

    • Mitch 3K

      Thats the typical Ignorant backpacker thing to say I bought physical copies of that Saigon album and the Eminem album, so which part of your clown ass argument do I fall on, Am I a 12 year old or a Real Hip Hop Head?? Maybe I'm just a 12 year old real hip hop head Fuck outta here with your arrogance, theres good shit in both the mainstream and the Underground, hypnotized Underground Zombies who hate everything on the radio just because its on the radio are as pathetic as the kids who wont listen to an artist if there not on the radio

  • Rodrick

    SMH, and the sad part is the lowered expectations of this generation will applaud Saigon for selling that tiny amount of records Thats a great fucking album, and everybody online who's heard it claims to share that opinion, how pathetic is it that an album like that can only sell a measily 11K?? Real Hip Hop Heads are the absolute worst fans you could ever have, there the hardest to please and even when you do satisfy there nit picky complaining asses they still wont break bread.......Fuckin Unbelievable

    • bizi

      Amen... I have dudes I work with who talk about 'real hip hop' and how todays music sucks blah blah blah but will never get off their fucking asses and spend a dime on music. They'll buy Justin Bieber and Nikki Manaj albums for their kids but won't support their own favorite artist like Joell Ortiz and Saigon. Instead of supporting their albums they just keep downloading WhiteOwl mixtapes. If cheaps niggas like this keep it up we are going to have nothing but cookie cutter/ fast food/ bullshit rap with zero content. The hit songs will be Brush yo teeth Nigga Kick that Bitch etc , etc


      thats why im a fan of good music wtf is real hiphop anyway?

  • j

    Saigons album is a classic

  • 718rob

    applaud Saigon. He did what few can do, and on a small indie label. E1 can't even sell fucking Slaughterhouse or Joell.

  • ROB

    Real hiphop don't sell...and that's fucked up!.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    Go head Em! Ye and Nicki are doing some THANGS. Damn!

  • MarcDog

    Em wack ass can't be stopped. Goddamn!!


      aye, i want everybody 2 say this in your (old school will ferrell voice when he got hit in the neck dy the tranquilizer gun)..."yall,.. yall... silly.... huh... wow.. youre funny... yall funny...

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