Luck-One to Release Debut Album 'True Theory'

Portland's Luck-One prepares to release his debut 'True Theory' with Architect Entertainment.

It's been a long road for Portland, OR emcee Luck-One, but soon he'll finally get to see his work pay off. Architect Entertainment recently announced that they will be releasing the rapper's debut LP True Theory this March 22. 

Although True Theory may be his official debut, Luck isn't a stranger to music. The rapper has been a classically trained musician since childhood, and was also a member of the now-defunct collective Seventh Science. 

Luck and Seventh Science had actually been recording their debut album Live From the Underground when tragedy struck the Portland rapper. At the age of 17, Luck-One was arrested for robbery and gun charges and ended up serving over half a decade in prison.

While in prison, Luck dedicated himself to activist projects within the prison, organizing food strikes and even helping to break down the racial and political divides between other inmates. He also taught himself a second language and marketing and further honed his lyrical craft.

Just under a year removed from his release from prison, Luck-One linked up with producer Dekk for his debut free EP Beautiful Music. The project garnered acclaimed from critics and bloggers, including He has since gone on to release his second EP True Theory Outtakes this past October and has opened concerts for acts like the RZA, Game and others.



  • 97209

    Luck One is a dope and a class act. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. People make mistakes, some people learn from them and he most certainly did.

  • Chuck Scott

    I got $13,000 for my STUDIO EQUIPMENT I got a new HOUSE all because of FAM SERIOUSLY I made $7,432.00 in 10 days! N%*99A U would be crazy not to try this in 2011 the REAL HUSTLE is online

  • Akinjare

    Thats interesting for the young artiste. My advice for him is to keep his head up and he should never loose courage.

  • The Law

    "... tragedy struck the Portland rapper." What about the poor victim/s of his 'tragic' crime? Fuck that 'tragedy' bullshit - young dickhead robs someone and deserves jail time. Must have been a decent crime too, given the length of his sentence. Donate all proceeds to a 'victims of crime' charity and maybe I'll support your criminal ass.

    • Will J.

      Read up my man before you criticize. He was a stick up kid, his only victim was drug dealers. Not excusing, but come on. Our society needs let former convicts change. Hanif is an excellent example of someone who turned a negative situation positive.

    • Enabled

      Actually, all of the proceeds from his first release "Beautiful Music" were donated to fight poverty in Haiti.

  • HipHop

    All his music has been dope as fuck. I can't wait to hear his official debut. One of the few rappers who deserves attention. I hope he'll release his debut as a retail so I can support him.

  • Jack Johnson

    wow i first heard of this dude when i put his song Sounds of My City on my blog, really good song

  • julie

    his new song "sounds of my city" is dope also!

  • B

    This dude is dope. Support real hip hop. Check is single "More"

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