Warner Signs Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group

Wale, Meek Mill, Triple C's and the rest of the Maybach Music Group roster will now be recording under the Warner Music umbrella.

After a lengthy bidding war, Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group has signed with Warner Music Group. Wale and Meek Mill joined Triple C’s, Magazeen, Duce Pound and Masspike Miles at the label earlier in February. On Saturday morning, Ross made the announcement himself via Twitter.

Its official!!!!!! @maybachmusicgrp has partnered with Warner Bros!!!!!!!!!!!s/o Lyor Cohen..Tod..Joey I.e..dallas..and mybrother GucciPucciabout 4 hours ago
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Def Jam was the original home to the Maybach Music Group imprint, and the label distributed the first release, Custom Cars and Cycles by Triple C’s. In December of 2010, Virginia’s Audra the Rapper also announced she would be joining the Maybach Music Group roster. Ross re-released his latest mixtape, Ashes to Ashes, to celebrate the occasion. The updated edition of the mixtape features the single “Man Men,” which features Drake as well as the single “Pandemonium,” featuring the latest Maybach Music Group members Wale and Meek Mill.


  • Ramjet990

    Naming your music group after an overpriced car? Acting like you're a Notorious BIG clone and signing with Warner Bros doesn't give you talent. Doesn't give you street cred and doesn't sell music. Time will tell if he has any. He just might be the Vanilla Ice of fat rappers. Either way, we'll be listening.

  • big one

    at least when rozay used an image you knew who he was, 50 tried to hide it as if the real 50cents never existed and then his bitch ass got upset when the original 50cent movie came out so stop acting like 50 is real dick riders of curtis jackson

  • Bradley Burnett


  • Rozay!

    "50 sold 100 million albums and the BEST he can get his artist is an Amalgam Digital and an EMI deal?" Who is CTE signing to???? HAHAHA Bawse..... I'm still ballin like I'm Bo Diddley!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for the new triple c's album there last album was slept on big time that hustla joint was some hood s***t fo real!!

  • c red


  • Rozay!

    "50 sold 100 million albums and the BEST he can get his artist is an Amalgam Digital and an EMI deal?" Who is CTE signing to???? HAHAHA Bawse.... I'm still ballin like I'm Bo Diddley!!!!

  • Brizz

    Im not even surprised Ross get major deals and sell alot of records. Thing is when your a fake, fake people can identify with you and feel validated for their own fake persona and can argue critics are haters for not cosigning. And when major labels see someone like him they know that this dude is easy to buy and control so of course they want in while hes hot. No worrys, in the end Ross will be remembered as Hiphop historys biggest phony.

  • Anonymous

    rozay stay winning

  • Anonymous

    gunplay is gonna go platinum for sure


    "50 sold a 100 million albums and the BEST he can get his artist is a EMI deal?" Who is CTE signing too???? HAHAHA Bawse.... I'm still ballin like I'm Bo Diddley!!!!

  • Apostle

    LMAO at dudes still hatin on ross because he lied about being a CO. News Flash: NOBODY CARES!!! And as far as triple c's album sales go, i would like to see any you sell 12,000 of anything lol FuckOuttaHere


    "50 sold a 100 million albums and the BEST he can get his artist is a EMI deal?" Who is CTE signing too???? HAHAHA Bawse.... I'm still ballin like I'm Bo Diddley!!!

  • The_truth

    Wow... I'm amazed at the crabs in a barrel mentality.... didn't Ross just do good for himself....??? Why hate cos someone has progressed? Would you rather the heading reads... "Ross dropped"? Are you spreading some negative energy? Then wonder why nothing works out for you? Regardless of how you feel about Ross..... This is a win for him.... If you dont care for him in anyway, don't click on a link with his name in it....

  • calico

    @ Realness121: Lmfao, Dude you are embarrassing yourself! Why go overtime trying to shit on Ross and his crew when the man is making MOVES.I aint even a Ross fan but it would be a total bitch move to sit up here a cry about another MAN gettin his money while legitimately improving his business. Remove the tampon.

  • Anonymous

    when you on top, haters everywhere

  • shone jones

    Officer Ricky was the one who got Ice-T dropped from Warner Bros!

  • ADP

    I don't give a damn what anyone says, WALE can rack up sales with the right push, right production and the right plan. He already has the lyrics and is strong thematically.

  • Nico 3

    It's amazing how labels will throw money at untalented dumb fucks. It would be one thing if Triple C's could go gold, but they can't even go wood. One more album and they're done.

  • Anonymous

    Bawse!!!! I'm still ballin like I'm Bo Diddley

  • Realness121

    FUCK RICK ROSS,AND HIS LAME ASS MayWACK Music Group,ooops i mean MaySACK Music Group


    "Why would anybody sign with fuckin Rick Ross anyway, dude can barely go Gold himself" lol yall crazy ross went gold but it took B.O.B like three more months to go gold and his album came out months before ross and yall all on B.O.B dick

    • MikeDub469

      @Realness121. Triple C's aka Carol City Cartel members are: Gunplay, Torch, and Young Breed

    • Realness121

      Exactly,Now signing with Jay-Z,50 Cent,Wayne,and even Game is a better idea.At least Game messed with some ill lyricists with BlackWallStreet,unlike a lame ass Triple C NOO,NOO,Wait,lets compare MayWACK Music to Shady Record(CANT AT ALL,BUT HUMOR ME LOL) Eminem >>>>>>> Rick Fawse D12(Mr.Porter is a monster rappin & producing,and the rest of D12 R.I.P. Proof is pretty good) >>>>>>>>>>> Triple B'(Triple Bitches hahah,BET NONE OF YALL CAN NAME THEIR NAMES OF EACH GROUP MEMBER LOL) FUCK RICK ROSS,that Warner Bros shit isnt gonna work,if Def Jam didnt like those lame ass niggas,why would Warner Bros be any better,YALL SEE THE BULLSHIT LUPE WENT THROUGH WITH ATLANTIC RECORDS

  • Hype Hunnets

    ☆ⓟⓡⓞⓜⓞ☆ (FOLLOW&GAIN)) #mustfollow F-O-L-L-O-W !!! #teamfollowback *¨*#Ŧυkиfσℓℓσω☆*¨*]╚► @MYMAYBACHMUSIC http://bit.ly/eukI8v

  • Anonymous

    More rappers who aint gonna sell shit signing to major labels when they'd be better off going indy Why would anybody sign with fuckin Rick Ross anyway, dude can barely go Gold himself, Fuck is he suppose to help anyone else Sell Records??........What did Triple C's sell, like 10,000 copies or Summin??

    • fhdffh@dfhdfh.com

      What I dont get is why the same hiphop fans who say numbers arent shit can only use numbers to proove rappers we all already know are whack to be whack. Shit if i ever make a cd and i sell 10k or even 1k id be exstatic and your calling gold "getting by"? Dont get me wrong tripple cs is some of the worste music ive ever heard but shit use real arguements like how they dissed krs-one or their complete lack of technical skills because now more then ever numbers dont mean shit good or bad.

    • Anonymous

      cool story bro

    • Realness121

      Look you dumb ass niggas,its called a Business,and if an artist can barely go Gold,thats called being decent,or just getting,by.Yeah 50 Cent just went gold for the first time,but,before that he sold 35 million records,and only three of albums were his own solo albums,not to mention his crew G-Unit sold over 9 million records with combined sells from Beg For Mercy & Get Rich Or Die Trying Soundtrack.Ok yeah T.O.S.(Terminate On Sight)didnt sell to well,but it still had solid music on their,and selling 250,000 copies is waaaaaaaay better than Triple C's selling only 12,000 copies(owwwww,ouch,thats bad Ross) Now Im sorry FUCK everybody who gives these lame ass muthafuckas a co-sign,i would never produce,or rap with Rick Ross in my life,hes just to fake,and fradulent,hes luck Dr.Dre's new artist Slim Da Mobster didnt Fuck him up over dissing 50,and stealing HIS UNCLE THE REAL FREEWAY RICKY ROSS'S PERSONA,AND LIKENESS FROM HIM,THAT FAT BITCH. I mean lets face it,i know some of you like Ross's rapping,and not him,but his rapping is mediocre at best,hes not a lyricist AT ALL.I mean Maybach Music Group is got to be the worst rap label in history next to the juice crew or something.NOBODY ON THAT LABEL WILL NEVER GO PLATINUM,AND ROSS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL GO GOLD,IF HE CAN KEEP THAT UP,WHICH AFTER A COUPLE MORE YEARS,ROSS'S SALES WILL DIMINISH VERY QUICKLY.Now yall saw how Ross' punk ass dissed the great Eminem,and took it back twice right,he knows better,simple as that.Now 50 Cent clowned the hell out of Ross,and won that Battle,no in order for something to be a battle with 50 Cent,the opponent has to sell records,and have some platinum plaques under their belt,Ross has none of that.G-unit clowned his ass to FUCK RICK FALSE,FUCK FALLE,FUCK TRIPLE BITCHES,AND WHO EVER ELSE IS ON THAT WACK ASS LABEL,FUCK WARNER BROS,FOR SIGNING THOSE WACK MUTHAFUCKAS

    • Anonymous

      LOL. It's always about sales...

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