Updated Evidence Supports LAPD Cover Up In Notorious B.I.G. Murder

Hundreds of pages of recently unsealed documents link two former L.A.P.D. officers with the 1997 murder of Notorious B.I.G.

Recently unsealed evidence suggests the lead investigator in the 1997 murder of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace had ties to Death Row Records and was at the scene of the critically acclaimed rapper’s murder working security. The new evidence is the latest finding in the ongoing legal battle between the Wallace family and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“This potentially explosive evidence involves an alleged conversation between former LAPD officers Rafael Perez and Perez’s cellmate in the L.A. County jail,” reports California news station, KCAL9. “The federal judge in the case writes that the inmate reported that Perez had told him about his and [Officer David] Mack’s involvement with Death Row Records and their activities at the Petersen Automotive Museum the night of Biggie Smalls’ murder.”

Within a year of Wallace’s murder both Mack and Perez were fired and convicted of separate crimes including robbery. The new evidence is based on testimony from Perez’s cellmate claiming Perez and Mack not only had ties to Death Row Records, but that Perez was also working security at the Petersen Automotive Museum the night of Wallace’s murder. The unnamed cellmate mentions communication between Mack and Perez the night of Wallaces muder about the wherabouts of Wallace’s SUV, but the testimony reportedly stops short of directly implicating either man in his murder.

The Wallace family alleges this evidence was intentionally hidden by the LAPD because if Perez was working for the city the night of Wallace’s murder and can be tied to the shooting in any way, the city would be liable for millions of dollars.


  • Anonymous

    The one thing that blows a hole in the cover up theory is that the LAPD put pressure on the FBI. It is hard for the President or the Attorney General to Pressure the FBI. Some big city Police Department wouldn't stand a chance. The FBI puts the pressure on other agencies it doesen't bow down.

  • Afi Keita James

    That is fucked up for real.

  • AnonymousUser

    I'll go ahead and copy/paste what I said last month when the word first got out about new details in the investigation: I know I've been posting too much here (yeah, whatever), but check out a quote by this dude "Ha'mmonds". He seems like quite the credible witness. Make your own conclusions: "The murder of Notorious B.I.G. had taken place not long before Knight was moved to the Men's Colony, and Ha'mmonds recalled that Knight hadn't needed much time after his arrival to take credit for the killing. "He said, 'My people handled the business. They took care of him … and he took it like a fat bitch.' He started laughing, and he said, 'We just missed Puffy.'" Whether or not, the shit's interesting to read. Can't doubt that. Also, check out this really interesting and detailed story Rolling Stone did if you care about the shit. It's really fuckin' good: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-unsolved-mystery-of-the-notorious-b-i-g-20110107?page=8 Last months HipHopDX B.I.G. article for those curious: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.13603/title.new-information-emerges-in-notorious-big-murder-investigation

  • Anonymous

    Both deaths, Biggies & 2pacs, have not just Suges but the governments stench all over them. Two killings as high profile as that and not one official suspect. Takes a lot more than a few crooked cops to stop the type of investigations needed from happening.

  • Jonathon gronvall

    Damn and we always saying them white cops be getting us...LOOK OUR OWN PEOPLE.....COPS

  • jack johnson

    check this out they even made a documentary about this, there's no doubt the lapd covered it up http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/biggie_and_tupac/

  • gametime

    I always knew Deathrow had ties with the police, there's no way you do as much crime as Suge Knight and stay out of jail.

  • T-Barz

    R.I.P Biggie! U gotta love original music! Listen to my music. Its Free, and it doesn't take long to download at all! http://limelinx.com/files/18bcc3830e3255da76caf6fb2d13329b

  • Anonymous

    LISTEN TO THIS SHIT MUTHAFUKA http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/pkYXTuFcdZI

  • Anonymous

    "Fuck the pigs/ i think they killed big and pac too/ if they didn't thry know who did they got to/ -Talib Kweli "The Proud" The Cops did it im 100%

    • Boi-C

      Wow, the cops killed biggie, those bastards, if they did, niggaz gonna get 'em good. if 'em were behind pac's murder, cops are as good as dead!!

  • André

    This is funny. Niggas talkin bout each other city. Come down here in Brazil to take some lessons.

  • Cogna

    suge knight is a fucking piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    PUT THIS IN YOUR CRACK PIPE AND SMOKE IT http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/pkYXTuFcdZI

  • reem


  • Anonymous

    rip B.I.G still bumpin last day on life after death

  • Anonymous

    fuckin gased....cops need to get bucked

  • tas

    Anyone notice the drawing looks like there guy on the right in the line up photos?

  • Anonymous

    clearly it was suge..had sumthing to do with those 2 guys cuz didnt biggie die during the east coast vs. west coast shit??...i bet suge got niggas to follow big n then bust at em or w/e happen but suge is def. involved in this shit.. idk about tupac though..cuz wen pac died he died the night of the fight..he beat up sum crip dude..and that crip dude's uncle or sumthin was like an OG and had connections or sumshit..so he got ppl to get him or sumthin..but idk i cud be wrong,...maybe suge was involved with both...but y wud he want pac dead?..pac was still down with him..

    • Anonymous

      biggie had nothing to do with pacs death. suge set pac up because he was going to leave death row and suge owed him something like 2-3 million which was alot back then

    • wolfman

      To 1st Anonymous, Biggie was trying to be the bigger man in the situation. Pac was gone, and he represented that he had nothing to do with it. He went on LA radio stations and openly discussed and answered questions 2 days before his death. He felt like he didn't need to hide because people were making rumors about who killed Pac. Personally, if he had anything to do with Pac's death, I think he would have stayed out of LA.

    • psh

      why would he want pac dead? easy, Pac is worth more dead than alive.. and so is b.i.g. when Pac and Biggie died they sold more records then they did when they were alive. and who do you think was making money of both rappers?

    • Anonymous

      pac was gonna leave death row. one of the reasons he was even on death row was because suge offered to bail him out of prison if he joined

    • Anonymous

      He may not have wanted Pac dead but Pac was playing with fire going around talking shit and reppin Blood (Suge was Blood) by stoppin niggas out. Murder was the only way he was going to go out. If anything Pac got killed trying to impress Suge. Big got killed by not respecting how serious LA was about set trippin. Diddy was a fool to have him come out here.

  • Anonymous

    Look people regardless of who did it, BIG should have NEVER come out to LA when he did. He's dead because New York niggas thought LA Gangs were some movie shit just like they do today with all the red flaggin, suwoo bullshit they reppin now. A rag don't make you gangsta dawg. That shit get you killed out here. Keep it 100, NY got Dope boys but LA is serious about that set trippin. It's ignorant shit but you have to respect the codes. Same shit got Pac merked too. Stay in your lane.

    • Anonymous

      HAVE YOU LOSTED YOU MIND? Biggie and Pac have always had the freedom to come and go. personally i believe biggie saying (he had nothing to do with pac's shooting.any person whom knew biggie at that time, knew biggie had nothing to do with pac's murder.. pac was shot 2 yrs early in new york,HEADING to A recording session with DIDDY & BIGGIE. IT DID NOT HELP MATTERS THAT PAC JUST BLOW HIS TOP AND POINTED THE FINGER @ DIDDY & BIGGIE.That was hard on them all,feeling double crossed.@ rightupthere,Biggie was at the top of game in 1995( READY TO DIE), ONE OF HIS BEST records.Plz let me know if i am wrong on this, BIGGIE WAS SIGNED WITH DIDDY, UP UNTIL HE WAS KILLED, HE WAS NOT WITH JAY-Z.@ everyone on mack & perez,hit the internet, look up ( rampart sancal), officer gaines was shot by another undercover cop, which gaines and proven to has ties with death row records, gaines was married with kids, also chilling with suge's x lover/girlfreind.nov 1997 david mack robbed los angles bank of america for $722,000.. mack and perez had a good time in vegas.plz peeps chk your info first,we all want the truth, for some it will be put to rest and for others,always searching the truth..

  • HereWeGoYo

    I see all the little Twitter Thugs is out in full force today.

  • M

    So some random guy claims Perez said he was "on scene." This isn't even evidence its just heresay

  • Anonymous

    WELCOME TO MY CRACKHOUSE....PUT THIS IN YOUR CRACK PIPE AND SMOKE IT http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/pkYXTuFcdZI

  • Feed

    I say, cops went to this "informant" told em they could knock off a couple years from his prison time if he testifies that Mack and Perez were involved. I mean, you're talking about two cops convicted of crimes...who better to take the fall than those two bums? Meanwhile Dr.Claw keeps playing with the kitty on his lap in his office. =)

  • Brandon Charlesworth

    amir muhammad*

  • Brandon Charlesworth

    u guys are dumb as fuck suge did not kill biggie it was muslim hitman amir muhammed.

  • Anonymous

    suge killed both pac and biggie, we have known this for years, we dont need an official verdict (although it would be fantastic) because we have known this from the start. the real question is who killed Big L?

    • WHAT

      You guys talk so much shit on the internet it's funny, and really you're gonna stick your ass up my ass HAHAHAHA you must be 12 years old and severely brain damaged. Like I said, I don't generally like his music with the exception of a few songs. His lyrics are alright, but his style/flow.... well to put it simply it sounds like he is retarded.

    • Anonymous

      ha his fat ass didn't have to make up a dance to get famous you faggot. he did it though his words and his charisma. fucking fag, who would say that?

    • superhova

      The "soulja boy of the 90's?" Boy, if I ever saw you on the streets's I would put my ass so far up your ass, you would spit corns outta your mouf. Dont ever say that comment at a real live event or you would get murked. For the safety of your faggot ass.....smGDh...

    • Anonymous

      soulja boy of the 90's haha you got to be fucken joking me, "stay far from timid only make moves when your hearts in it and live the phrase the skys the limit motha fucka's" notorious thugs "armed and dangerous aint to many can bang wit us straight up weed no angels dust label us notorious," c'mon man fuck all you biggie haters, I dont even bump biggie on the daily but he got skill, and thats off the top didnt look up lyrics.

    • What

      I personally don't like Biggies music, he's the Soulja Boy of the 90's. Though it is nice to see some very small progress in the investigation of his murder.

    • Right up in There

      It had to be a street dude that killed Big L. Don't say it was the cops and don't even assume it was the cops because Big L hadn't even endured the success of stardom at the time he was killed. Big L was in the process of approaching his way towards stardom through the likes of negotiating a deal with Jay-Z and he hadn't even hit the mainstream yet. So to predict or even say that the cops had killed Big L as well would be absolutely dumb and foolish. A venomous-jealous street dude took L out.

  • Hip Hop Fan


    • Dee Jay

      Of course Suge Knight wanted Biggie killed but the question is do you believe, Russell Poole or Greg Kading? So far I don't know who to believe and whose telling the real story.

  • Anonymous

    fuck the police fuck the government.

  • sundown

    hhdx, you guys need to start proofreading your articles before they come out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah we've been saying this for 14 years now. Unfortunate but no surprise

  • Brizz

    "and the news tell you cops is on the block for people imma put it simple and plain cops is evil" /Vinnie Paz. R.I.P Biggie.

  • Choice

    Wow, Ain't that some shit. Follow Me - @DefinedByChoice

  • Tidomann

    DX, u need 2 employ sum1 so literate to check these writing fools' spelling & grammar. It's dismal & annoying, shit! We had 'Anonymous twins' bloggin' here wit' a bunch of bullshit & now they 'small brother' anonymoose is here talkin' his shitty mind...I'm deeply appalled & fucked off. Family of young faggots who need to get smacked with a back of a hand each. On some real shit, I hope Mrs Wallace finds the real truth & my prayers are with her & the family. God will eventually let all them skeletons out the closet, very soon I believe. My views is R.I.P Biggie the GREAT & FUCK THE LAPD, str8 UP!

    • Sadr22

      Yah, that sort of thinking got him fired from apple thereby causing him to lose his house and savings forcing him into the ghetto. Very thorough. I'm sure your mommy is in your nice kitchen making you some hot oatmeal for your tough day ahead at Monroe academy for future fluffers. Fag.

    • word?

      funny how people dont like it when niggas be trying to pimp in the hood and put their own kind down. but if they do it in a video with a video ho like biggie did, then it becomes acceptable just because he has money. people begin to praise that motherfucker. niggas be dumb as pig shit, nowonder you in the ghetto

  • Sadr22

    This case will be solved.....in 2066. I think it was jack the ripper. Either him or the night stalker. And Kriss Kross knocked off PAC. Oh yah, and soulja boy and ja rule are working on a new album together with appearances from young black teenagers, kid n play and mc hammer with production from wyclef on Koch records. Look out for the new coolio album! Man, fuck the lapd.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Biggie was still alive. Best ever!

  • Anonymous

    whole lot of disrespectful 12 year olds on the site these days, lol

  • Peace to da GOD

    @Orangepezzz if i may include new jersey in this you have Brooklym: Brownsville, Crown Heights, East New York, Bushwick, Bed Stuy Queens:Jamaica, Cambria, Woodside Bronx: both Tremont and East tremont, Williamsbridge, Hunts Point Manhattan and above: Co Op city (where im from) yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Harlem NJ: Trenton, Newark Elizabeth, Elizabeth ave., C'mon man really? Brownsville and Newark is all i really had to say, Bay are is soft compared to these 2.

    • Orangepezzz

      @Peace to da GOD: I think you misread my first post, so I'll clarify. I said... "i could keep on and on and on naming places that are bad out here...but whats that prove anyways... the point is, maybe you don't hear much about other parts of cali...cause you don't live in Cali..." That was in response to the other guy who was saying Compton is the only bad part of California and the rest of California is like Beverly hills. And just for fun...Google "most dangerous cities in America" and i guarantee Oakland and Richmond are gonna be right near the top...so how can you even make the statement, the bay area is soft compared to Brownsville and Newark? Again..don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Cali is worse than NY or the other way around...I'm just saying, don't judge somewhere you never been...

    • Dr Skeptical

      You must be like 12 years old.

  • Anonymous

    Souljah boy tell em! ! ! ! rep that nigga all day! !

  • Anonymous

    Big is wack! Most horrible emcee in the game. . . Souljah boy all day! Crank That Souljah boy!!!!!!!!!! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    fukkin disrespectful ass niggas on here fuck all yall trying to shit on Biggie and Brooklyn..Bed Stuy in dis bitch faggots!!!!

  • Nico 3

    Neither of those officers pulled the actual trigger, so unless Suge wants to finally confess to his role in both Pac and Biggie's murders, let this tired shit rest.

  • HiphopDXFac

    Hip Hop DX Will like to tell you if you haven't checked out the hottest song on youtube for the past 2months http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCk79SBe3mU

  • Anonymous

    fuck shit pure fuck shit.

  • Jimmy

    OMG BIGGIE is dead? R.I.P to his family man

  • murdock

    I dont understand why all them brooklyn goons that are on Bigs side didnt just go to cali run up on Suge tie his ass up and beat it out of him.They are out there buckin on the streets for sometime no reason at all so that dont sound like too much to do to get anwers.

    • Jesus

      firstly. Cali is rougher then NY. look up the worst places to live and likee most the list is Cali. as for this biggie thing? who cares. the nigga had two cds, you guys know him more for being shot and killed for his albums thats why i dont respect him. oh yeah and mafia's were started by Italians who hated niggers gettin they money, then they migrated to new york and you black guys were terrified. get shit correct. watch the fuckin history channel. and maybe youll be a genius. like me

    • Bradley Burnett

      lol nigga be on the video games too much Pac frm NY how he gonna shit on us? i mean the nigga use to call himself mc new york. gangbangin started in NY most of dem blacc g'zz frm them american gangster shit copped frm the 5 families the gangs in la that turned into crips and bloods was influenced and tryed to copy the ny white ppl gangs like off the movie the warriors r.i.p to big one of the hardest outta brooklyn niggas on here dissin is childish cuz yall wouldnt say dat shit to cuz face if he was up and about rite now soooo stop it slimee

    • Tidomann

      @ fuckyou nigga the Dogg Pound went to New York & dissed the shit outta the whole city for the video of the same name...check the 'Dogg Food' album youngin'. Fat Joe & his entourage went to do a show in L.A & Daz started wildin' out & all them crips were @ them shuttin' the joint down. Crack mentioned that in one of Rap City the Bassment's episodes that I still have, think '98,'99 when they was doing Thicker Than Water. 'Pac shitted on the whole of New York after he beat the shit out of P & Hav...who said WHAT? Nobody! Then he rolled to New York for some awards, think MTV videos. Guns, Gangs, Bang Bang = L.A, CALIFORNIA ALL DAY ma nigga

    • Jay.R

      LOL yall act like you know about the shit your typing about cause of the music and movies you have been exposed to. We're on the internet typing back and forth. Ain't none of us living that rough shit.

    • Orangepezzz

      @rydersix10 oh...just re-read your comment...you said in the late 1800's..ok Cali was a state by 1850...so guess you win that...but last time i recalled...we were given the nickname the "wild west" and i don't think it cause the people were being very polite to each other...

    • Orangepezzz

      @rydersix10 WOW...i come on this site all the time and never comment cause its never worth my time...but your comment was sooooo outlandish i had to step up and say something...Have you ever been to California? Or did you just watch an episode of the O.C. and make your judgment from that? My ex made me watch sex in the city before...so does that make me an expert on new york? You forget California is the size of most COUNTRIES...and while there are some really really rich parts...they are also located almost directly next to some of the worst ghetto's possible. so lets play the city game..Oakland, East Palo Alto, Richmond, Pittsburg/antioch, vellejo, not to mention the parts of SF you probably should never go to...and thats just a few from the bay...now lets not forget Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento...just to name a few more randoms with high gang activity...and lets go down to so cal now..Compton, East LA, San Bernardino, National City...and well, you get the point...i could keep on and on and on naming places that are bad out here...but whats that prove anyways... the point is, maybe you don't hear much about other parts of cali...cause you don't live in Cali...cause guess what...other than Bedstuy..i never heard of those other places either... oh and yeah i agree...NY had gangs way before Cali did...but umm...back in the 1800's...California wasn't even a state...just saying...

    • blargh

      you do realize that it's a whole half-a-hemisphere away, right? who's gon up and go get someone on the other side of the country for someone they didnt know

    • rydersix10

      @HH and @bom919, Brooklyn is way way bigger then Compton...1st of all..compton is a lil ass ghetto suburban neighborhood..Brooklyn is 1 of the 5 boroughs of New York City...one of the most populated cities in the world...as big as California is the majority of the areas their are soft...which is why out of all of California you only hear about a couple of towns in the whole fucking state when it comes to being dangerous. Most of California is on some beverly hills,hollywood type shit. keep it real niggas...as far as the gangbanging tradition...california had the crips and bloods which was formed in the 70s...New York's gang history goes waaay back to the late 1800s when the irish and the europeans were knocking eachother over the heads with clubs and stabbing eachother with daggers and shit...look up the dead rabbits and shit...then there were the italians..and besides that i'm sure you all have watched american gangster on bet...The majority of the drug/gangster kingpins on that show came from New York not Los Angeles....bottom line is New York has more tough areas then Los Angeles has...Yall got south Central L.A...compton,watts....N.Y has Flatbush,Crown Heights,Bedstuy, which are all areas of Brooklyn that are known for being tough and rough...and thats just Brooklyn were talking about...1 of New Yorks's 5 boroughs...

    • just a thought

      Can we all agree that if you go to any city and start shit with the wrong locals you might get the opportunity to ask biggie and pac "who shot you"

    • Kieran

      @bom919 LOL! horribe fuckin name. Made my life!

    • fuckyou

      I agree wit murdock but hh is a dum fuk. The real reason brooklyn dont do that is because dudues everywhere is only tuff in there own hood. I mean the midwest, south, and west dont come to brooklyn poppin shit and get out alive either. It works the same both ways fuck boy!

    • bom919

      Thank you HH. Brooklyn is actually kind of nice in some parts. Compton on the other hand is not. and theres plenty of cities/towns in the south that Brooklyn dont fuck with. if you dont believe me. look up a documentary called Welcome to Durham if u have the time and no life. which you probly dont...cuz your user name is Murdock...horrible fuckin name

    • hh

      r u serious?????? u know why they didnt do that? cus the only ppl scared of brooklyn is on the east coast, they woulda went to LA and got swiss cheesed by a bunch a fuckin assault rifles. nobody in the west, south , or midwest give a fuck about no brooklyn, they'll get it jus like anybody else

    • Anonymous

      i like in cali and stockton is more dangerous than any part of NY, turst me look it up. the most dangerous city in america. them mexicans don't play

  • Omar Burgess

    I don't think anyone, especially a fellow minority, would be surprised by corruption given the LAPD's history. But the proof of corruption as opposed to just the perception of corruption are two different things. If they now have proof, that's major.

  • Anonymous

    what serious!?!?!************sarcasm! step up your journalism!

  • Anonymous

    This wasn't about curruption or a coverup to quell controversy. This was about money. Once hits the fan, esp if Perez was on duty as reported, the LAPD will be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. voletta Wallace should look at Jsy's net worth and sue for exaclty that amount cause big would be close to that right now. now if only we could solve 2pac murder, we can close this chapter.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie!!!!! Nooooo

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    LAPD covered up Biggie murder? Really? It took them 13 years to tell us something we all already knew? ahahahahaha This is worse than Fatmaster Flex dissing Pac after 14 years.

  • tu madre

    @puffy you shouldn't be surprised, everyone knows how corrupt the L.A.P.D is just like the C.I.A. introducing drugs to the ghettos of america.

    • Una

      yea that damn C.I.A introduced coca cola then they broke down the compound not to mention the inclusion of baking soda same shit they did with meth same shit they do in modifying house hold cleaners to get high overall the C.I.A encouraged us to produce these "products" and sell it to are own "people". : P


      The only organization's to introduce drugs to the slums of America are gangs and foreign drug cartels. Look inward instead of blaming "They". As for LAPD covering this up it isn't much of a surprise considering their long history of corruption. But I don't give a shit who covered up what all I want to know is who murdered him and bring that person to justice for robbing us of more years of great music.

  • puffy

    how am i not surprised?

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