Danny Brown Talks Tony Yayo Collab And More In New Feature Story

Detroit rapper Danny Brown talks to the Detroit Metro Times about 'Hawaiian Snow,' says the album was released prematurely.

In a feature story written by Jonathan Cunningham for the Detroit Metro Times, Detroit rapper Danny Brown touched on everything from working with Nicki Minaj and Tony Yayo to continuously losing his two front teeth.

The 28-year-old rapper signed to Fools Gold at the top of the month and will join the likes of A-Trak, Cool Kids, Flosstradamus, Donnis, and more.  

Although a Detroit rapper Brown has worked with a number of New York City artists including both Nicki Minaj and G-Unit’s Tony Yayo.

“Nicki was my homie. Not surprised at all in the way she blew up,” said Brown. “When I met her, she was rapping like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. This was back in our grinding stage, eating chicken wings and fried rice together, you know.”

Brown also revealed that while his project with Yayo titled Hawaiian Snow did receive some attention the album was released entirely too soon.

“It wasn’t done when they put it out, in my opinion,” Brown explained. “The mixes weren’t finished. We didn’t have enough good songs, and by the time we got to the point where [Yayo] thought it was done, I felt like we had just started clicking…Yayo was trying to look out for me, in a sense, getting me some money. But where I’m at career-wise, it’s too early in the game for me to be releasing duds.”



  • Eric Fallows

    Nice promo for Detroit Metro Times. But why take the negative from that story and spin it to the forefront. This is about the music, not the beef.

  • yugang

    Danny Brown will definitely blow up in hip hop, thats all im gonna say

  • Anonymous

    danny brown is dope!! and yes yayo sucks at rapping but brown associating himself with yayo opens alot of doors such as being around 50 who is one of the most succesfull artist in history.. not just 50 but many other things such as djs ect..

  • Anonymous

    This dude lost the minute Phony Yoyo entered the picture.If you gonna be a success you have to make sure you don't surround yourself with suckas like Tony Gayo..those types of dudes know they're has beens who never were and are trying to leech on to anything that might blow and make them credible or relevant somehow..that man survives on an allowance his dad fiddy gives them..stay on grizzly though DB

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