D12 Returns With New Mixtape

It is the Return Of The Dozen Pt. 2, coming soon Eminem's Detroit crew

D12 has been fairly quiet since they released their sophomore album in 2004. But the Detroit crew is back with a sequel to their 2008 mixtape Return Of The Dozen.

The first installment featured the likes of Royce Da 5'9", King Gordy, Mastro, Monica Blaire and Rock Bottom. Pt. 2 drops on April 12, no word if Eminem will appear.

The Dozen has released a video for "Kill Zone" from the upcoming release.


  • Billy Lim

    wait wait. where's mr. porter? guess he couldn't make it

  • sdfhdfdh

    If he would ever drop that is..

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    D12 is dope you fucking idiots. You guys just parrot each other. It's ridiculous how little some you 'fans' know about hip-hop.

  • #

    Bizarre's verse was literally homo

  • Angel De Peña

    D12 is so fucking trash -___-

  • i'm At Work And Bored

    yeah, this is dope. Dtweezy!

  • SiXX

    Looks dope, lookin forward to it. Lmao at the shirt Bizarre was wearing lol

  • dontgiveafuck.

    please no more eminem nobody listen to eminem except britney spears, christina aguilera and justin bieber as far as D12 it's the same ol'thing ! tired of this white boy's band and shit leave the rap alone and go beef with elton john

    • dontgiveafuck.

      @ "u r so an idiot, eminem sold almost 3.5 and u continue saying he's music is trash?" so what ? lil wayne sold a million too, drake sold a million too, nicki minaj is about to make a milli to if she already didnt the number of sell does not mean shit !! if it would then you might say justin bieber is the bomb because he's selling big time now ! so shut the fuck up ignorant fuck face and go seat on your daddy's face yall sound like you're ok with this establishment thing ! once an artist has the major corporations and a few veterans in the game behind him all yall followers mothafuckas with no self critics are riding with it ! well as far as im concern i dont bite that shit !! dont reply to my post again and just limit yourself to comment about that article im tired of replying to your pussy ass comments again and again !

    • Anonymous

      i love hacking into these wordpress sites and peeping shit, most of you fools are the same person, get a fucking life.

    • Anonymous

      u r so an idiot, eminem sold almost 3.5 and u continue saying he's music is trash? common fat nigro pussy face it the most shady is back! fucking dick rider

    • sdfhdfdh

      Wow you really didnt understand my post at all. I said they still get spins from me..not that me playing them makes them relevant. I mentioned young money because people above my comment already did. Percee P should be the most relevant motherfucker in the game..

    • Anonymous

      Im guessin dontgiveafuck hurt some feelings of a couple slim shady d*ck riders with his initial comment. Well the dude who made these comments is def a slim shady d*ck rider "fact..both d12 albums still gettin spins from me" "...bitch get of(*off) D12's dick...they could rap circles over ur favorite rapper..even Bizarre with his fucked up flow" Just don't tell this guy that there are rappers outside of eminem and lil wayne's camp,he might have a nervous breakdown

    • dontgiveafuck.

      @sdfhdfdh "truth is anyone in d12 can rap circles around anyone in young money" why do you mention youg money in the first place ? who gives a fuck about young money ?!! "fact..both d12 albums still gettin spins from me" what kind of shit ass fact is this ??! just because YOU play D12 albums does not mean they relevant ! matter of fact i dont even know why i busy myself responding to you you're just a waste of time

    • dontgiveafuck.

      @BIGG DICK just shut the fuck up man



    • sdfhdfdh

      Who the fuck cares about relevancy? How relevant is nas? Still a sick rapper no matter whos got the spotlight..truth is anyone in d12 can rap circles around anyone in young money...fact..both d12 albums still gettin spins from me..fact..so yall keep lookin for relevancy enjoy ur shitty ass pop hop and leave real music to real fans.

    • dontgiveafuck.

      crying ?? nigga please ! i made a comment, just statin my opinion and yall bitch ass hoes replying by millions ! so who's crying faggot ? just admit some people might not like your favorite rapper and learn to respect that

    • J992

      You retarded hater stop crying.

    • dontgiveafuck.

      to the three bitches catching feelings man up a little bit would you ? eminem is a punk and D12 is not relevant ! face it and get over it ! maybe yall some professional dickridaz but i think it's time for yall to take some vacation and get some rest before yall say anything more stupid punk ass groupies !

    • darren43

      You clearly know nothing.

    • war22

      what are u a YM hoe...bitch get of D12's dick...they could rap circles over ur favorite rapper..even Bizarre with his fucked up flow

    • Anonymous

      LOL, why would he stop when people like you cry about it online?? Watching people bitch and moan online would be motivation enough for me to keep rappin forever

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