Tru Life Offered Plea Deal For 2009 Murder Charge

If Jay-Z's former artist cops a plea deal, he'll will spend the next decade behind bars.

Emcee Tru Life was offered a plea deal Wednesday on charges relating to a fatal stabbing in New York in 2009.

The rapper, real name Robert Rosado, was allegedly involved in the stabbing death of 20-year-old Christopher Guerrero during a fight, reports via

Formerly signed to Jay-Z's Roc La Familia label, the rapper was offered a plea deal by Assistant District Attorney Linda Ford, sentencing Tru Life to a 10-year sentence, as well as a 12-year sentence for his brother, Marcus.

The brothers both face second-degree murder, gang assault and assault charges for the incident, which left a second man hospitalized with stab wounds.

Investigators say the incident was the result of a dispute outside of Pancha nightclub, which occurred several hours earlier. The stabbing took place on June 15, 2009.

The rapper's lawyer, Alan Abramson, said he would discuss the plea deal with his client Wednesday (February 16). If it is not accepted, the brothers will go to trial on the first Monday in March.



  • Bradley Burnett

    music aint there...but the nigga a g forreal forreal jim jones can exhale now. but funny thing everybody dat oppose jimmy goin to the bing. first tru den max im juss sayin max b & tru life

  • chatz

    TRu life u wack ur corny n ur gurls a hoe...hahah ..u aint neva gon make it, u aint neeva gona make it!!lmao

    • Anonymous

      damn dude.that post was real personal ha...he usedto woop on ya ass or sumthin or he done fucked ur lil bytch...

  • Big D

    Tru Life is a bitch ass nigga he tried 2 fuck wit Dipset and get a dick in his mouth instead fuck The Roc Yo Tru Life go eat a fat monkey dick in a cell u dirty ass mexican- DIPSET DIPSET

    • YungRay19

      he knockedout jewels santana jim jones & stole camron chin so how dipset fuck him up & hes jay-z's right hand he goin 2 get good lawyers

  • DJ Emon

    is he currently in for life???

  • Atl2Trill

    Not a fan of Tru Life. Always thought he was smart dumb nigga. He betta take that plea and learn from this situation.

  • Vocab

    looking at the title "he'll will spend the next decade behind bars" does DX ever proof read their shit before posting it up for the world to read?

    • G(g)

      Good eye, you're right. Is this that nigga off of Beef with his huge fam in a tennis court shooting guns in the air? This seems fitting

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    and this is the guy who watched himself acting a fool on the BEEF dvd and promised to turn his life around. Dumb shit. And the only reason Jay signed this fool to get back at Dipset. Go to jail and stay there stabby york

  • problemz/problema

    I been a fan since he was in ghetto inmates..its fucked up he got hemmed up but you reap what you sow..I remember in the beef DVD he was saying how he was gonna change and leave that life can't be an MC and a gangsta..Can't have one foot in the streets and another in the studio..sad part is as far as hip hop lizzy was one of the realest in the game and that's why he's locked up now...all these studio gangsta's like fiddy etc are multi millionaires because they kept that gangsta shit on records but wouldn't squash a grape in a food fight but they have their freedom though..Hold u head lizzy..drop your nuts and take the plea..with time served and good behavior you'll come home in 7 tops and maybe give the fans the album they always hoped you could deliver...

  • Anonymous

    How this negro was livin it up so good, and mess it up. It's a sad case rappers with loot ain't supposed to be hardened criminals, that's why you doing this shit. But anything can happen in life and everything is possible. Stay up Tru-Life and hold it down

  • Anonymous

    pretty ass nigga ,ya doodie hole is at risk.he should take 10 years of geting fucked in the ass over the rest of your life .jeopardy,your ass is in jeopardy.

  • Anonymous

    dont be a stupidass nigga man.only he and the state know if he can beat the case or not.i think he should do whats best take ten come home in eight and its a done deal.if not watch out for the booty either way he gotta watch out for the booty know whos happy right now camron.this dude was giving cam so much hell he couldnt even concentrate on his shit.stay strong soldier

  • james

    better take that plea deal man if not than peace

  • Pimpossible

    Damn shame, all of this. Anybody who's heard "Tru York" or his version 22 Twos knows son had real potential. He could've been (still could be, I guess) one'a the greats.

  • Pimpossible

    Damn, Tru. Unless he's got some serious evidence exonerating him of this, I say take the plea. Don't do like Max B, fight a case with evidence completely stacked against you and get put away for life.

  • Brizz

    The price is high for bringing a knife to a fist fight, sometimes its better to take small loss like a man then lose your whole life. I hope he feel he can beat this case and take it to trial but if its a longshot, go to prison, study for ten years and get out ten times smarter. Im still bumping yep yep from time to time so i wanna hear more Tru Life & Saigon collabos, even if i have to wait ten years. Pz.

  • ziploc

    I'll ignore the dumb comments and wish Tru and his brother good luck and hope they beat this case,after that i hope they get on their knees and thank God for giving them a second chance..sorry to say though,even if they beat the case,that will be more verses about how they beat the system and are not to be fucked with..I'm a big fan of Tru and Ghetto Inmates,but at some point you have to grow the fuck up.If you are a boss Tru,start acting like one..hope they can come home soon..

  • gnigga/pleeze

    he's 100% fucked pretty much yep. we never got that album and never will (even if he beats the case) shame cuz he was supposed to be part of bringin new york back

  • Missy

    R.I.P ATL true got what's coming for him

  • Chris P

    Tru Life is nice on the mic and but more importantly he has never been a coward. Now is not the time to backdown from a fight! He needs to go to trial!!! What is he going to do when he is free after being in jail for ten years? Rap? No one listens to 40 year old mixtape rappers. No one buys music today, imagine in ten years? So music isn't an option. Get a job and do a 9 to five ? Nope, people don't hire cons. He needs to fight for his freedom now or comeback to a society where he has no place ten years from now. Take your chances and go to war! Hopefully he gets acquitted or they don't have enough evidence to prove him guilty beyond reasonable doubt! god bless Tru Life and give him a chance at freedom and redemption. 1 By the way a lot of you are lame for encouraging someone to give in. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemies to be incarcerated.

    • JG3

      Just b/c they offer a plea deal doesn't mean they can't prove he did it. It could mean that they don't want to no longer waste tax payers money by going to trial when the edvidence speaks for itself...who knows. I don't know much about this situation but they do have someone who survive the attack correct? If so, that's called an eye witness, which is all the prosecution needs to get a conviction...maybe unless the witness isn't creditable. But this is about a murder, not someone's character. I say he should take the deal, get those 10 out the way and move on.

    • Chris P

      He should go to trial if he has a chance to win. If they offer a plea, it is because they think he has a chance of winning this case and they don't want to go through a long legal battle only to loose. I see a whole lot of people saying he should just give in but that is foolish. If the prosecution can prove that he is guilty of killing someone without any doubts, they will do that. It's easier to back down and cop a plea when your facing 60 years than it is for me to tell Tru to face trial. 10 years is a long time to contemplate whether or not you should of fought for your freedom.

    • Anonymous

      Kool G Rap an offer you can't refuse!

    • gnigga/pleeze

      its easy to say take it to trial when you aint facin 60 years huh? so he would be riskin 50 years of his life cuz you think he's concerned about his rap career at this point? thats stupid bruh

    • Anonymous

      Fuck outta here with your internet tough guy act, the guys a stupid fuck for pulling some shit like that and getting caught for it, he deserves whatever he gets for being a dumb fuck

  • Jesus Ruiz


  • Bend Over Trick

    Scumbag gang banger

  • That's Right

    Go to Trial. If you lose, become an inmate! Hell, you got Inmate tatted on your arm. Live up to your Tats, Fool! Rap Dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's Right

    Go to Trial. If you lose, become an inmate! Hell, you got Inmate tatooed

  • damnhomie...

    he better take it...

  • Anonymous

    Watch this stupid fuck not take it, get a long ass sentence and then have clowns on here screaming "Free Tru Life" Common Sense tells me the guy who went on the Beef II DVD and Bragged about runnin in Mobb Deeps Studio with shotguns isnt squeaky clean and Innocent, lol, not only is he not innocent but he's stupid as fuck

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