Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/13/2011

Slaughterhouse's E1 farewell hits the charts, but where? Kanye West crosses the million-mark, and Nicki Minaj gives up #1, but will it last?

Nicki Minaj lost her monumental #1 accomplishment earned last week with Pink Friday. Still, the Young Money heiress topped all urban acts, coming in at #4, behind Now 37, Mumford & Sons and Justin Bieber.

Atlantic’s Bruno Mars fell two spots to #6 with his Doo Wops & Hooligans. Alongside label-mates B.o.B. and Janelle Monae, Mars had a top performance on this past Sunday's 53rd annual Grammy Awards. Expect a surge in sales next week, as the vocalist and drummer demonstrated his abilities in front of millions of viewers. The annual Grammy compilation album, which includes Mars, B.o.B. and Goodie Mob member Cee Lo Green, sat at #11, selling a few thousand below the six-figure mark.

Eminem's Recovery climbed three more spots to #7. The big winner at the Grammy Awards, Eminem's Recovery took Rap Album of the Year, as "Not Afraid" took Rap Song of the year. The controversial Detroit, Michigan native proved to be back to his old antics, saying "fuck" on national television. Eminem also performed "I Need A Doctor," alongside mentor Dr. Dre, Dre's first such televised performance in close to a decade.

Down three spots from last week, Rihanna's Loud album continues to climb towards platinum, with features from Eminem, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Rihanna also hit the Grammy stage, alongside Em for her album's version of "Love The Way You Lie."

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
4 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 47,000 1,081,000
6 Bruno Mars Doo Wops & Hooligans 39,000 666,000
7 Eminem Recovery 38,000 3,573,000
8 Rihanna Loud 37,000 931,000
11 Various Artists 2011 Grammy Nominees 33,000 93,000

Down three spots was Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The platinum album remains a constant Top 10 and Top 20 performer week-to-week. The album crossed the domestic million-mark, as has been done by all previous Kanye West solo albums.

Lil Wayne's digital-turned-physical 2010 release I Am Not A Human Being returned to its #33 spot from two weeks ago.

T.I.'s No Mercy slid seven spots to #35. The emcee and label owner's latest album was released while he was incarcerated for probation violations earlier this year, involving drugs. The latest album from Tip features Kid Cudi, Scarface and Rocko, with production by DJ Toomp, Kanye West and Jake One.

Diddy, who sported gold fronts at the Grammy Awards, sits at #70 with his Last Train To Paris, Dirty Money album. The work features Rick Ross and Drake, and recently crossed the 200,000 mark. Last week, Diddy was under fire from former Bad Boy artist Black Rob, who claimed Diddy and the label "left him for dead."

Eminem's newly signed veteran lyricist quartet Slaughterhouse debuted at #132 on the charts with their second release, an EP. The group of Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I and Joell Ortiz are expected to leave E1 Entertainment, where they released their 2009 self-titled debut and head to Shady Records, through Interscope distribution. The six-song EP features two new remixes, as well as appearances from The L.O.X. and Black Sheep's Dres. The throwback-minded album also has a song, "Son Doobie," that takes its name from Funkdoobiest's lead emcee.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
22 Kanye West My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy
16,000 1,015,000
33 Lil Wayne
I Am Not A Human Being
15,000 748,000
35 T.I. No Mercy
15,000 425,000
70 Diddy-Dirty Money Last Train To Paris 7,600 209,000
132 Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse - The EP


Can Saigon get a Top 10 debut with his The Greatest Story Never Told? Will icons KRS-One and Showbiz get the love they deserve for Godsville? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


  • Anonymous

    Hoe buddens haha. don't Eva fuc wit wu tang stupid

  • Waffle House

    Damnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Flopppp!! HAAHAHA JOE BUDDEN SAID WHO IS YOUNG MONEY BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS, WHO IS SLAUGHTERHOUSE???? Slaughterhouse's T-Shirts will be reading Waffle House by the end of the year!!!!

  • RealMofo

    The reason why slaughterhouse hasn't sold as well as young money or the rest its because people now listen more to hip pop pussy music and not real hip hop. Fuck young money and the rest of that cunt music. Kids nowadays have no idea what real hip hop is. Peace!

    • mrnoluv

      Well that's because hip hop is dead. Not many people support hip hop unless it's an artist that has been in the game at least 10 years and that's because it reminds us of when hip hop was still alive.

    • Anonymous

      they flopped because Joe Budden is a hating ass bitch!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is people acting like they expected that EP to sell with like 3 new songs and a bunch of remixes, that was an E1 "Lets try to cash in before we lose them" type deal, SH aint even really promote it for shit, SMH, Ya'll always looking for summin to hate on


      SLH will not effect anything YM/CM on any artist does from here on out just be happy EM signed an put these dudes on damn flop is a flop some of the best cds flop in 2010

    • Anonymous

      if somebody from ym$ woulda sold 5k copies you and the rest of you haters would be shittn on them 2 the 5th power!! so fuck u and wafflehouse aka slaughterhouse!! hahaaaaaaaaaaaa lol www.FLOP.com

    • war22

      let them hate...Marshel will make them big...ohhh and fuck YM hoes...all of them

  • GV3

    lol at slaughter house #s... lets be real even when they put out a cosigned album by shady they still will only sell 30k or less the first week.. and joe budden had the nerve to question gudda gudda from ym$'s following.. even he sold 20k units off of his guddaville mixtape, and he gave his mixtape away 6months b4 he started selling it... point????? they will never be on ym$ level!!! lmao

  • da1

    Hell naw bruno mars week total sales look like some santanic type shit. lol

  • you fake

    where is all the slaughter house fans now they always talkin but never support their artist unlike me i support my favs like freeways,eminems,young jeezys everytime they drop but theze fakez neva support their fav artist thats why they gonna get dropped from shady after one album

  • cleezy

    did someone expect it to sell with like 5 songs, and 3 was already released.. why would someone spend money for 2 songs. and even then they were old songs still that were rmixed.

  • BWS-Fish

    why is there no mention of how many copies Lloyd Banks "The Hunger For Cock 2" is selling these days?! Those numbers are always good for a laugh. Just a reminder that all Banks/G-Unot fans were on here sayin he was gonna do a 1/4million in the first week.....and he still hasnt. :(

    • And What I Say Goes!!!

      not dick riding w/ Jeff

    • Jeff S H Lee

      cosign w/ Kash

    • Kash Brown

      by ur name u seem like a Game fan my niggaz Game aint done shit since he was wit them niggaz 4real and far as Banks flopping its just niggaz aint fuccin wit lyricist nomore....u probaly the same nigga that fucc wit soulja boy, travis porter and mawfuccas like that. Hunger 4 more 2 was a good album but u bullshit as fans dont respect real hiphop nomore yall love that sugar-coated shit now.....lol!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that fool flopped!!!!

    • Young Illyrian

      hey at the end of the day he still make more cheeze fuck more hoez drive more carz spend more shopping travel the world preforms at clubs can you say the same for your self ?didnt think so bitch at least you can blog like a hoe azz hating azz nikka u iz you the king in that bitchhhhhhhhhh

  • Jay Gonzalez

    5,000 is low, but it only had like 3 new songs anyway, and the other 3 were just remixes. i'm sure it'll sell more on their next album (LP).

  • Anonymous

    slaughter real shittt check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w

  • Anonymous

    They did get Slaughtered by Joe Budden's shit talking!!!!! Bitches need to sit down somewhere with that wack rap and just maybe they wouldn't be doing wack numbers!! 5,000 split between four people???? SMH UNEMPLOYMENT LINE THAT WAY!!!

  • piggface

    couldn find slaughterhouse ep or saigons album anywhere in texas thats some bullshiiit

  • Ruby

    I am actually surprised Slaughterhouse was able to rack in 5,000. They got absolutely no promotion. I thought it was aight, but their albumis gonna be fire, 4 of the best rappers alive. I still bump their first album. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

  • stuntmoney

    but on another note I didnt kno bruno mars was so hot wtf lol

  • stuntmoney

    EP's are pointless to me I never bought one and never will i'd rather spend my money on full lenght albums besides i didnt even know they were dropping a ep lol

  • snakes

    Slaughterhouse album was garbo thats why they sold so low, FLOP.

  • war22

    oh by the way..for all u dick riding Eminem faggots who talk shit without knowing...this is an EP and it has nothing to do with Shady...

  • war22

    fuck it ...who would buy 4 new tracks from SH??no one...i'm still waiting for the real album...and im gonna buy 10 cd's like i did on the first album

  • optimus rhyme

    Nothing wrong with those Slaughterhouse EP numbers. They matched Sheek's numbers on his Defjam debut.

  • Mook

    Kanye needs to release Monster and All of the Lights video da fuck is he waiting for? that could help album sales SMH

  • lol

    wow 5k well didnt expect much from them now when they sign with shady and release a real album they will get more attention because they deserve it

  • malick


  • real

    it dont matter how much slaughterhouse sells..its just an EP..chek out the next shady artiste http://www.myspace.com/cflotentative



  • white milk

    cant believe IANAHB is still selling.. slaughterhouse is finish before they even begin with those numbers. maybe once they have an official shady release things will change... i personally dont care for them but wish em success.. cant wait to see what yelawolf do tho...

  • bibo


    • macray

      Slaughterhouse was signed to E-1 Entertainment so for them to sell 5,100 copies what the fuck did people expect? Plus it was a miniature EP that people absolutely knew nothing about and could care less for...If anything Slaughterhouse just seems like a group that just came together in regards of Joe Budden's idea and the idea was to help them pop off on a larger scale individually as solo artists so that they could sell even more records...I don't see this group having much of a larger life under Shady so I don't see what the major hype is for just because they are with Em now but good luck to them to say the least...

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Bruno mars selling 666,000 copies

  • Angel De Peña

    5,000 people know what's up

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