Nicki Minaj Reacts To Lil Kim's Mixtape Sales Claim

The Queen Bee says she sold over 100,000 mixtapes in 28 hours, Nicki Minaj seems doubtful

While countless former platinum artists struggle to crack 100,000 units in their first week, Lil' Kim claims to have sold 113,000 mixtapes in just 28 hours. The $10 tape, which continues her war against Nicki Minaj, comes in an era where virtually every mixtape is free. 

With that in consideration, as well as that her 2005 album The Naked Truth sold less than that in the first week (109,000 units), have left Kim's nemesis skeptical. 

Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

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  • Anonymous

    this is from In related news, Karencivil has posted on her blog site that Lil Kim's claims of selling over 113,000 copies of her "Black Friday" mixtape through PayPal in 28 hours is false. Apparently, after calling PayPal directly and asking about Kim's sales numbers, a representative told them they don't keep track of sales they just process payments. Additionally, the top seller for PayPal is an Ebay seller, not Kim. Womp womp.

  • dfhdfh

    Both are wack as was good when she was young but even in her prime foxy brown would roast these chicks with ease thats a headline id love to read "Foxy drops dis track aimed at nicki minaj and lil kim" oh yea bahamadia would roast them to shit probably even foxy

  • Ben

    Also, bullshit that she sold over 100000 in 28 hours. Lies!

  • Ben

    I feel bad for anyone that actually bought that piece of shit lmfao

  • yuckfou312

    everybody that is for nicki: get off this website. if you haven't noticed, it says nicki is a pop star. idk why she's even mentioned on this website. her and the rest of young money suck and they're fake. they're the biggest pop stars out there and people call them rappers? they're all about the money, not the music. yeah they have money, yeah they're famous, but in the end are they any good? NO! they all suck. IT'S ABOUT THE MUSIC. kim has my respect because of junior mafia. she's not my favorite rapper but i'd rather have her than anybody from young money or anybody else on the radio today

    • Ben

      you're the one that needs to go the fuck on somewhere - liking someone because of something they did ages ago regardless of how bad they are now is retarded. have fun riding kim's dick

  • Nico 3

    Regardless of whether it's true or not, she got her to respond.

  • Gary Rue

    They are both weak. Always have been. Foxy had some shit in the day off her first album and Jean Grae does destroy all of them. Heather B , MC Lyte , Bahamadia , Lauryn Hill , etc... To name a few .

  • keyz

    These Bitches are making up their on record sales and shit!!!

  • Will Ishiphop


  • Anonymous

    I don't know it's hard not to like both. Let these girls go at and create some crazy music. I would love for them once to get in a real fight though. It would be a great cat fight.

  • cditty78

    first i would like to say nothing in life is free.shit if you have to pay a water bill why in the hell you can't pay for a mix cd.ten dollars is a good price.everybody should sell there mix tape.and 4 nikki you wack ass hell you cant sing and you will never be lady gaga.yea I said it lady gaga.(did you see her on the grammys)lol what was that

    • goose

      i dont know about you but my water/electricity/gas/sewer bill is like $300 a month. excuse me if im not paying $10 for a shitty MIXTAPE. and there's no way that lil kim sold that many mixtapes. shit wasnt even advertised that well. and like the article said her last album (which she sucked dicks to get 5 mics for) didnt even sell that much. and that was in 05 when albums sold a lot better than they do now.

  • Andre

    GO Download ASAP

  • mu-mil

    say woooorrrrrdddddddd.........

  • just a thought

    Lim kim never came across as someone with shame. if she can piggy back off of nicki's success to generate a few dollars then more power to her. It not like she is the only one in the game doing shameless shit in an attempt to get paid. Hustlers hustle.

  • just a thought

    i give nicki one more album before people become bored and find a new chick.

  • R2die

    Jean Grae would lyrically kill em both..

    • Roc

      what the fuck do lyrics matter if nobody buying the shit to hear it. most of these cats on here don't even know who the hell your talking about.

    • TdotFrog

      @F**KYall, Real Talk. These dudes is fuckin retarded. That statement dude wrote, proves it all. He is acknowledging that Jean Grae is better musically but will continue to listen and support Nicki, cause she paid more? Fuckin Goof. Too afraid to stand on his own, so he conforms. Fuckin' weak nigga.

    • F**KYall

      ^ Rap fans today are so ridiculous and have everything backwards. Yall need to realize that we are the fans. The only thing we get out of the music industry is the music. A rappers money don't mean shit to us cuz we aint seeing any of it. I dont give a fuck how much money Nicki makes cuz she is still trash. Her money dont effect me, her music does. Yall are sticking up for these artists like you getting a cut of the cake. The statement you just posted is saying that you realize that Jean Grae is better but you like Nicki more cuz she makes more money. What is this world coming too? The industry got you rap fans blinded and are playing yall like puppets. I dont know what its gunna take for yall to realize this.

    • Nc king

      and they both commercially kill her...u take the props, I'll take the money!

  • Anonymous

    lil kim o desperate to appear as though she's as popular as nicki that she'll make up numbers she cant even prove or back up. damn. That's taking an L if I've ever seen one.

  • Jizzm Schizms

    Nicki Minaj is the one of the worst rappers of all time. - Fact

  • Anonymous

    idkkk check this out

  • Caucasian Rockwell

    both are lames.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    I'm with Nicki on this one, there's no way in hell that tape sold 113,000

  • ThisGuy

    Lil Kim used to be ill but is looking real dumb right now she needs to stop trying to diss Nicki. Nicki is wack anyway.

  • bi

    The day dat she sells dat many records deyll be rocking north faces n hell B-)

  • Rick

    Kim, just give up already. Instead of make some money by keeping it cool with nikki. You ether yourself. That plastic surgery has got to your head. Just stop and fade away quietly.

  • Nyana Maraj

    Lil Kim Aint Got Shxt On My Nicki ,Aint Know Whty In Hell She Sold All Of those Mixtapes , #LilKimDied #SITYOURASSDOWN

    • NickiIsACancerToRap

      Nicki = The worst lyrical bitch ever. The hoe can't even write her own damn songs #NickiIsFuckingWack #StankPussyHoe

  • Stanley Ipkins


  • Mr Flamboyant

    Someone needs to put that dog (Lil Kim) down. The black Joan Rivers just needs to stop.

  • white milk

    LOL... kim has no dignity left.. she lost that with the surgeries. the new music has moved her into the shameful realm...shyt is sad

  • Ju-osh

    The "reality" of record sales is now a joke. Remember when that Boston kid, Sam Adams, bought enough of his own single to make it a Top 10 iTunes single? Then there's the DefJam admissions of purchasing their own albums from record stores to spike sales figure. I sincerely hope that Kim feels this was worth depleting her already dwindling bank account for, cuz Dancing With the Stars isn't in the habit of letting has-beens come back for a second visit.

  • ar79

    10 bucks is exactly the amount of money you'd have to PAY me to listen to that shit 100k lol - i wouldn't have believed if she said she'd sold 5k

  • Reek Illie

    "Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*" My sentiments exactly Nicki.

  • Anonymous

    Thats how sad lil kim is at this point, got this wack bitch straight laughing at you. Kim should sit down while she still has some dignity, for real, nobody believes that sold 100K of a mixtape threw paypal Bullshit, just stop making a fool of yourself

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