Pusha T Responds to Consequence About Biting Lyrics

Pusha Ton responds to Consequence's Twitter attacks, saying he's never bit his or anyone else's lyrics.

Fans were shocked when Consequence attacked his G.O.O.D. Music label mate Pusha T on Saturday for supposedly biting the Queens emcee's lyrics in his latest single "My God." Now, in a recent interview with Complex, the Clipse emcee responds, saying he's surprised that Cons called him out and that he did not steal lyrics from him or any other artist.

"He said that I stole his lines? Wow," he said. "Nah, I haven’t really heard much about it. Everyone who’s been hitting me up has been telling me how crazy this song is. I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t taken anything from Consequence, or anybody else, for that matter. Just for the record. I’ve been in the studio with Cons, and we’ve talked, and numerous days we’ve laughed, and...I don’t know. I missed that one. The way I’ve got to look at it now: I don’t even know if that’s for me. I can’t even believe anything like that’s for me, very honestly. I mean, until, you know, he told me something like that. I don’t know what everybody else has got going on, but ‘My God’ is an awesome record. [Laughs.]"

Pusha Ton also talked about his upcoming mixtape Fear of God and his highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music debut. The Virginia rapper said that Fear of God should be out this month, although he's waiting for a few features to wrap up its production. He also confirmed that he working extensively with Kanye West on his currently untitled LP, and that he's aiming for a late summer release.

"The mixtape is done," he explained. "It’s 13 tracks. I’m rapping on some original production; I have some stuff from Nottz, Swizz [Beatz], definitely Kanye, and some throwback instrumentals. I’m just waiting on a couple features before I let it go. ‘My God’ is definitely going to be on Fear Of God. As you can see with ‘My God,’ it’s that sophisticated street hip-hop that people have come to know me for. It’s going to be more of that. That actual fanbase means so much to me, that I have a vision for how I want it heard, and the actual people that I want on it. And I reached out to them and they gave me their word that they’re going to do it. I don’t want to say [who I’m waiting on.] Everybody is busy, and everybody has things to do, so I just really want to wait on that. But February it’s definitely coming out."

He also added, “"The album is a whole other monster. That’s something that me and Ye have been working on. I’d like to say we’ve got a good five records. I don’t know how many we’re going to go for in total, but we’ve got five down, and we definitely have some more to go. We’re just going to create until we feel the project is a well-rounded one. This is my dream. [Kanye will be executive producing] and it has a lot to do with his creative vision, and what he sees for me, and it’s been coming out amazing. I’m personally hoping for a late summer release. That’s my goal."


  • Anonymous

    please get on a track with lloyd banks again!!! home sweet home was incredible!!

  • MonstaDon

    ROFL @ this whole thing. Cons need to knock it the fuck off. SMH. Green ain't a good color on you Cons. Secondly...this is the SECOND time Push diplomatically swatted Cons away. Seriously, the next time he opens his mouth, not only should he eviscerate him lyrically (Which contrary to what SOME of these cats on here are saying is not only possible but probable as well) but he might need to tighten up Con's jaw too and knock that under-bite straight. It's a problem when people don't know when they take it too far and suffer no 'CONSEQUENCES' for their actions. Enough is enough. Stop hating Cons. Not only do you sound nothing alike, no one is really checking for you like that. Knock it off. 100.

  • Alberto

    LOL @ this article crediting him as Pusha TON multiple times... great copywriter.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      well, that's what the t stands for, as in short for thorTON, because *gasp* his name is terrence thorton. Think about it before you type it.

  • truthenola

    Can't go wrong with Ye! a real producer. not some dude letting other Nigs make beats and you change shit here n there. Kanye creates the hook , the concept,. the sound ,. the flow, everything, which people dont realise, unlike Dre and his corny scott storh piano riff, hitman on instrumental,. and mike elonzando doing everything else,

  • yall are retarded

    if you cant understand his response you are an idiot lol like read it all it says is that he hasnt heard anyone talking about it, so he is gonna assume the comments weren't for him until consequence says it to him, idc either way song is good everybody gotta hate on someone

  • LaDarren Fshosaynomo Smith

    Pusha T album if it's done right could be a monster from production to promotion the whole 9 should be air tight for him, he's in a position to blow right now! reverbnation.com/fshosaynomo reverbnation.com/fshosaynomo reverbnation.com/fshosaynomo

  • You're All Biters

    I've barely heard anyone refer to him as Cons and as soon as this article does it all of you of you do it. So who's the real biter?

  • Angel De Peña

    Joe Budden feature would be cute

  • Tidomann

    Probably some publicity stunt anyway...what next niggas gon' be xchangin' words on Twitter & then off to the records. Nah we heard it all before...Clipse all day! Consequence was less known during the Tribe days anyways & he gon leave the game like that.

  • Bradley Burnett

    1st time i herd dis consequence nigga was on that cam/kanye track they did for Late Registration. he is just another rapper really. Pusha T lyrically is fuckin him up fuck dat nigga Push do ya thing he not even on G.O.O.D nomore

  • OKKK

    Fear of god is goin 2 b a problem. And his studio album is gonna b a monster pusha t is crazy way better than when he first came out

  • j8ailey

    Contrary to other opinion posted on this board I think that Pusha's response seems reasonable... he just defuses the problem by avoiding a war of words. Sensible.

  • Why does Pusha T have a deal?

    I aint feeling Pusha T. In no way am I feeling fam.. Understand fam, CONS know what the fuck he talking about. CONS been on this rap shit, with Tribe Called Quest since back way back. CONS know his stolen material when he hears it. Even this picture of Pusha T looks like some Milli Vanilli biting shit. Fam has sold mo' powder and crack in his music than Griselda Blanco and the REAL Rick Ross combined.. lame rapper..

    • biglousko

      I'll tell you what's lame, Cons stating that niggaz biting his lines!!! That nigga ain't spit nothing credible since his tribe days! And speaking of tribe, his own cousin Q-tip BARELY fucked with him, how dope is he?

  • Slam Dunk

    That response made pretty much no sense at all. lol, he must be retarded. Cool style though nigga, it's that gutta street shit with a refined edge to it. Like talking about chopping crack but than ending off with some shit about fine wines and going sailing with old white folks. Nice formula

  • Anonymous

    allhiphop forums got hacked, go to it right now. lol

  • Shezaan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 Pusha T responds to the accusation of stealing lyrics. Must See! Pusha also talks illuminati.

  • Illseed

    www.allhiphop.com best site in the world. HHDX looks like poop compared to this.

    • SOHH sucks

      They're both better than that shit of a site called SOHH.com, which is more bullshit gossip than actual hip hop news.

    • Dub_Es

      yeah except for the fact that AHH has perhaps one of the worst site designs out there, shitty images and lame content

  • riyaan hussain

    yo consequence is a corny ass niggaaa with no talent.......!

    • Tidomann

      @ riyaan true...i agree Cons is just another 'forever underground' cat who to me has been a mumblin' ass nigga & is trash. just cause he rolled wit' 'Tip & them don't make him nice & shit. Pusha T is one of those niggas who can make dope records whether underground raw shit, gangsta rap or str8 commercial club shit...fuck Consequence, he should apply for a 9 to 5

    • bhaiju (thugfromuic)

      Yo, ITS the cons fool. Cons be in my top 3for sure after nas because illimatic is a little bit doper than his album. Riyaan is so awesome. I think he is me.

  • Malice

    Ya boy pusha yes you got caught for something. I am no numero uno. You got caught finally, i have been praying for this day! The spotlight is on me baby wooot

    • Pusha T


  • G(g)

    I honestly don't understand Pusha T's response. I still can't wait for his album, but that response was kinda......WTF?

    • Anonymous

      HAHA! yee that's exactly what I was thinking, no one seems to see that shit. That response made absolutely zero sense. Man, these guys need some better improv skills cause that was the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my lifetime. that was a george bush response.

    • deziboy5150

      i feels you on that one bruh his response was hellsa sketchy

  • VA Transplant

    Pusha's crew-hopping...he needs to cut it out...GOOD music is a worse look than where he was at Star Trak...(Pharrell sux as does Kanye, but at least it was home team)

  • Anonymous

    wooww crazy shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w

  • gaboy247

    The nigga cons been on for 20 yrs and still aint popped. Aint nobody bitin them weak ass rhymes, Pushas verse on "so appalled" crushes cons whole catalog

    • dun

      Consequence rapped with Tribe but he shouldn't have. If you were even alive back then, EVERYONE was pissed that he was all over the Beats, Rhymes, and Life album. His verses on there were hot garbage, made no sense, and sounded like he had a mouth full of spit and marbles...He's decent now, but Pusha T/The Clipse have made way better music that he has.

    • SErV

      you are a dumbfuck pusha cant fuck wit cons , the man rapped with ATCQ!

  • dryanalblaster

    Nice editing. I like how they put both the stolen lyrics in the article and the song in question. It is also extremely refreshing, might I add, to see not one single grammatical error throughout the "story".

    • Dub_Es

      no one knows the lyrics cus they're from a song cons hasn't released yet. if you checked the link in article above you'd have known that

  • oofgoof

    who the fuck is consequence lol.....pusha t killin the game right now...clipse for life

    • I'm A Work And Bored

      Someone asked, "Who's Consequence?" He's the troll from the Fantasy Island TV show that used to say "Boss! Ze Plane! Ze Plane! And He's Q-Tip's talentless cousin who destroyed A Tribe Called Quest. Also he's the only loser on G.O.O.D. music with co-sign from Kanye West with No Buzz whatsoever. He also got dropped from G.O.O.D. msuic and he thinks it's because of Pusha T "I have inspired so many" - Consequence ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Apparently, he is also a comedian

    • oofgoof

      being sarcastic dumbfuck...in comparison to exposure, pusha t is more well known than consequence will ever be....so wipe your tears bitch

    • Anonymous

      who's consequence? LOL

    • sean t

      obviously you not a real hip hop fan if you didn't know Consequence was heavily featured all over (mind as well call him a temporary member) Tribe Called Quest's 'Beats, Rhymes, & Life' album released back in the mid 90s, like 96 or 97...but hey, whattaya know, you just know mainstream...youngin.

  • Anonymous


  • BMORE2011

    Pusha is by far the best lyricist in the game right now. I dont know what Baby be talking about I guess he dont listen to Pusha.

  • Anonymous

    lol i believe him, no one listens to consequence so how would they bite his lyrics? just a co-incidence i imagine

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree, no way that is the case. evrybody bites now in some way or another. its just the point hip hop has progressed to. im not making a public serivce announcement. i love every recycled rendition of shit by diff artists. but whining and claiming og over lines, and even beats now, is trivial and silly and not hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      i use to listen to some cons songs but cmon do you think the clipse is bumpin that shit why they mixing up pancakes and borrowing lines for their own shit???? NAW BRO

    • EddieMurrrphy


  • EddieMurrrphy


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