Eminem And Lil Wayne To Headline Bonnaroo

Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Big Boi and others join Eminem and Lil Wayne to give Bonnaroo a decidedly Hip Hop vibe for the festival's tenth anniversary.

For the second consecutive year, a Hip Hop act will headline Tennessee’s annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. After Jay-Z shared top billing with Stevie Wonder in 2010, Eminem and Lil Wayne will headline the 2011 edition, which marks the tenth anniversary of Bonnaroo. Eminem is currently confirmed to headline Chicago’s Lollapalooza, and he’s rumored as the headlining act for the U.K.’s Glastonbury festival as well.

Should the pair perform their collaborations “Forever,” “No Love” and “Drop the World” together, it would cap off a string of public appearances that was only briefly interrupted during Lil Wayne’s stint in Rikers Island. Since lobbying to work with Em in 2008, Wayne has performed with Eminem at the Grammy Awards, “Saturday Night Live” and a few other venues.

The 2010 edition of Bonnaro featured acts such as Jay-Z, Damian Marley and Nas and Kid Cudi, the tenth anniversary keeps the tradition going. Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, J. Cole are scheduled to appear. For those planning to be in the Tennessee area from June 10 through 12, the full Bonnaroo lineup is listed below. For information on parking, camping and tickets, visit the official Bonnaroo website.

2011 Bonnaroo Lineup:
Arcade Fire
Widespread Panic
The Black Keys
Buffalo Springfield
My Morning Jacket
Lil Wayne
String Cheese Incident
Robert Plant & Band of Joy
Mumford & Sons
The Strokes
The Decemberists
Ray Lamontagne
Iron & Wine
Girl Talk
Dr. John and The Original Meters performing Desitively Bonnaroo
Alison Krauss & Union Station
Pretty Lights
Florence + the Machine
SuperJam with Dan Auerbach and Dr. John
Explosions in the Sky
Gogol Bordello
Big Boi
Scissor Sisters
Gregg Allman
Global Gypsy Punk Revue curated by Eugene Hütz
Warren Haynes Band
Old Crow Medicine Show
Bootsy Collins & the Funk University
Wiz Khalifa
Matt & Kim
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
The Del McCoury Band & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Mavis Staples
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Chiddy Bang
Bruce Hornsby
Loretta Lynn
Cold War Kids
The Walkmen
Wanda Jackson
Neon Trees
Portugal. The Man
Sleigh Bells
Amos Lee
Best Coast
Dãm-Funk & Master Blazter
The Sword
The Drums
The Black Angels
School of Seven Bells
J. Cole
Nicole Atkins & the Black Sea
Freelance Whales
Justin Townes Earle
Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses
Deer Tick
Band of Skulls
Sharon Van Etten
Abigail Washburn
Omar Souleyman
Twin Shadow
Man Man
The Low Anthem
Alberta Cross
Railroad Earth
Jessica Lea Mayfield
Smith Westerns
The Head and the Heart
Karen Elson
Beats Antique
Clare Maguire
Hayes Carll


  • Jesse Scotto

    I think im just going to start saying dumb shit like.... Gucci Mane is better than 2Pac... Just to see peoples reaction...

  • Lupe Fiasco

    I like men's cock shoved in my nerdy asshole. Fuck me sexy Darth Vader.

    • anonymous

      get a fuckin life losers.

    • Lil Wayne

      Yooo Em speaking da truth, i'm taking a break from making shitty ass music to get to business with Em. I love all my dickriding fans, Birdman has got to be my biggest admirer :)...IT'S WEEZY F. BAAAAABBBAAAY!

    • Eminem

      No wait let me have some annoying bitch sing on all my tracks because my singing voice sucks dick, after that i'm going to have get Wayne to deepthroat me. After that i'm going to go do a Pepsi commercial because the Lipton one isn't as gay as i wanted it to be, then I'm going to sell out again and do a Ford commercial because the Chrysler one isn't as corny as i wanted it.

    • Eminem

      No wait let me have some annoying bitch sing on all my tracks because my singing voice sucks dick, after that i'm going to have get Wayne to deepthroat me.

  • J Woodz

    J Wooodz taking ova 2011

  • sooo

    this year i would only go to the Roo to see Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Chiddy Bang, J. Cole, Ratatat, and Big Boi. I wish i would have gone last year to see Jay and Cudi, i could give two shits about Eminem and Lil Wayne, only dickriders are going to be psyched about them being there.

  • Dish

    Wow so many Lil Wayne dick riders. Lil Wayne has never put out a single good song. His lyrics just suck and he has no flow at all. Eminem is really good but overrated. LASERS>All

    • @CK

      no he's speaking the truth, Wayne is awful, i would say that 95% of the people that like him didn't even know about his shit before he started calling himself "The Greatest Rapper Alive". He was OK, not good but not terrible, but then he got insanely popular, now he sucks ass and isn't trying anymore because he knows how many douches will ride with whatever kind of terrible shit he puts out...case in point "Green and Yellow", can't even explain how many people were saying "Lil Wayne's BACK!" after that shitty ass song came out.

    • CK

      What are you, stupid?

  • G

    Lil Wayne is garbage. Lupe Fiasco and Joe Budden ARE hip-hop

    • WU

      @G(g) Yo man ima huge lupe fan but you must be smoking pcp. Lupe better than maybe U-God and Masta Killa. Ghost Rae Meth GZA and Inspectah Deck are legends. Lupe will eventually be a legend but not after two lps

    • G

      @ above I put the G(g) cause I'm not the G at the top who said Lupe and Joey are hip hop. I'm a different person. I'm not a Wu fan, never have been, so my opinion is a little biased admittedly. Always thought Wu was legit, but fucking BORING. BUT, from what I've listened to over the years, I think Lupe is better than any individual WU member. Best member of Wu being GZA IMO, Lupe would still son him.

    • @G

      I like Lupe and Budden but lets not get ridiculous. Lupe aint better than at least half of wu's members. Neither budden nor lupe are hip-hop.

    • G(g)

      No, No. Lupe Fiasco is better than any Wu member. Only one even remotely close is GZA. I'm not even a Rae fan, so eh. Anyone who calls Joe an "emo" rapper probably listened to one song and said "he's too emotional for me." JOE BUDDEN GOES WHERE OTHER MCs ARE SIMPLY TOO SCARED TO GO. Mood Muzik 4>>>>>Anything Raekwon will release in the next 5 years Lupe Fiasco>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any individual member of Wu

    • no

      No, Joe Budden is an emo rapper and wouldve been laughed out of Hip Hop in the 90s, Lupe Fiasco is a nerd and wouldve been beaten up in the 90s, both are nerd/emo kid Hip Hop, Raekwon who was accused of punching Joe Budden is Hip Hop.

  • FNF^

    Lil Wayne is the worst rapper alive. He isn't Hip-Hop he's the opposite. Get of gangsta rap it's destroying our nation with all the non-sense. Lupe fiasco is Hip-Hop get that straight.

    • nuc

      hate to break it to you, but bigs dead holmes,,,,, and his wordplay didnt compare to lupes,,, completly different artists.

    • G(g)

      "Lupe Fiasco is a giant nerd" Aw man I remember when I said that when I was a kid 5 years ago. "BIG would crush that nerdy fuck" LMFAO BIG is a legend no doubt, but Lupe is on another level of level of lyricism. Muthafuckin right I said it. At least listen to his mixtapes so you're not on that "Super Lupe Lyrical" talk Soulja Boy was on!

    • no

      Lupe Fiasco is a giant nerd, thats not Hip Hop only nerds on here who like star wars think that, BIG would crush that nerdy fuck, he dont belong in hip hop...better he writes sci fi novels or something

  • oiuwhoew

    Don't Forget about Atomsphere

  • G(g)

    Man, I see J. Cole's debut being worse than his mixtape classics. Wayne Jeezy and Ross dumbasses are gonna be all over it about time he lets it out.

  • muffin

    Lil Wayne >>> jesus and god combined

    • Jesus

      duude. im listening to wayne right now. and uhmm noo. i can rap better then him. and im pretty damn sure this nigga went to school to "Master" poetry get off his dick. or atleast tuck your balls between your asscheeks and ride it like a pornstar.

    • bwee

      PaulBeezyndBigO, your fucking retarded and ignorant. LIL WAYNE HAS MORE SALES? PLLLEASE do the world a favor. Look up the 2 highest selling rap albums of all time. Come back here, and apologize for your ignorance then.

    • T-Mac

      haha funny the only people that buy lil wayne's TRASH is 10 year old girls who think it's cool. So Im assuming you're a 10 year old girl or just a simple minded pussy.

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Lil Wayne does not have more sales than Eminem. Get your facts straight.

    • PaulBeezyndBigO

      muffin is right, lil wayne is the hottest rapper/hiphop artist in the game right now. He's 10 years younger then eminem and still has made more sales and more money.

    • G

      I understand the joke, but that's going so far that there's no more humor in it. I could see if you said Lu and Electronica combined, which would be a god MC.

    • ytrytry

      muffin, you're ignorant

    • muffin

      u mad beiber fan?

    • SiZZle

      muffin = dick riding follower that listens to shitty music and most likely has the intelligence level of a 10 year old...bitch

  • Mylie

    LIL WAYNE NEED TO FUKK OFF!!! he is sh1t live. im sick and tired of see his name everywhere.

  • Anonymous



    I need these tickets.

  • nuc

    i can see the Bonnaroo crowd being realllly disappointed in Wiz Khalifa. we'll see i guess.

    • Anonymous

      damn shows how much yall kno wiz catalog yea blk n yellow is his mainstream shit n its hot garbage just like his new shit but evrything before kush n oj is fire n how fly is a fucking classic imo!!..i think he should do that n not play blk n yellow hopefully well see!!

    • nuc

      hahaha! thats what im thinking too!

    • Anonymous

      he going to be playing black and yellow for the next 6 years

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