Eminem Wears Alcoholics Anonymous Necklace, Drops F-Bomb At Grammys

Eminem rocks a sobriety necklace, while CBS apologizes for his language.

The equilateral triangle on the necklace Eminem wore at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards isn't just another example of a rapper's self-indulgent bling, nor is it more fodder for the Illuminati theorists in the Hip Hop community.

Hollywoodreporter.com reveals that the symbol represents the Sobriety Circle and Triangle used by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The triangle represents the three-part answer (unity, recovery and service) to a three-part disease (physical, mental and spiritual). The report indicates that the circle represents wholeness or oneness.

It was a fitting night to wear the piece, as Em won two Grammys for his latest album Recovery, which dealt with themes of overcoming addiction.

Not all the news regarding Eminem's big night at the Grammy Awards was quite so positive, however, as one of Shady's F-bombs escaped the censorship of CBS. "Live events are unpredictable for network programmers as well as the audience," said a CBS spokesperson to The Hollywood Reporter. "Our Program Practices group worked diligently throughout the Grammys to enforce broadcast standards during the live telecast and for the edited West Coast edition."

The situation may have been particularly vexing to Cee-Lo Green, who was forced to perform "Forget You," the censored version of his hit "Fuck You."

In related news, the star-studded event was had the best total viewership since 2001's Grammy Awards, with performances by Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and several others.


  • Anonymous

    "the star-studded event was had the best total viewership since 2001's Grammy " because of the biggest rapper in history

  • Gulmira Chu

    it's not somebody's f-g bussiness what he wears

  • Anonymous

    @Lankh couln't have said it better myself. Go throw on a Justin Beiber album, and fuck yourself, indeed @anonymous.

  • lukeknocks

    did em and dre say Faggot at the end of dre's verse on stage?...i thought i heard it

  • Lankh

    @anonymous Go fuck yourself little arrogant then jump out of a window. have respect for pains of others. As what goes around comes back around, one day you'll suffer too. bitch...

  • Bullshit

    They release a statement for an excaped F-Bomb but don't say shit for Rhianna's performance as she repeatedly spread her legs in front of the camera, revealing her lack of clothing as Drake thrusted his shit into her? I'm not saying I didn't enjoy seeing Rhianna like that cuz honestly it was pretty nice but lets be real, I would rather have my little kids hear Eminem slip saying Fuck than have them see all that other shit that goes on. That's the shit that pollutes their minds, not curse words.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is a weak human being.... He is a addict at everything, cant handle his childhood ,relationships or the fame.... He is a bitch..........

    • Lucky Louch

      You truly are an ignorant Fuck!! Try living your own life instead of trying to pass judgement on others whom you have no fuckin clue about. Obviously Anonymous you must have some unresolved issues of your own so why dont you address those instead of talkin shit you dont know about.

    • honestly

      @anonymous Your honeestly incredibly ignorant. How would u know what caused his addictions. shit u dont my bad. you cant just make those accusations without having anything similar in your life. Fucking ignorant piece of shit

    • Anonymous

      G stfu tryna put that shit on Proof cuzzo dyin had nothin to do with his drug problem he was a fuckin addict for years when Proof was alive poppin X n drinkin all day n this is also while he was a multi millionairre who had nothing to worry about in his life his childhood woes where long behind him too

    • G

      @anonymous shut the fuck up. statements like the one you just made show just how ignorant some people are. you come from half of where hes from and i bet you wouldnt be saying the same shit. imagine your best friend dying. what would you do? fuckin ignorant prick.

  • Fosho

    Why does CBS have to apologize if someone outside the company swears on live TV? Fuck these hypocrite corporate devils and soccer momes who make up this sick America. It's 2011 and it's only a word, for fuck's sake. Maybe if you're so scared of the F word you shouldn't have Em (or any rapper for that matter) perform at your shitty galas. Like there isn't anything more important going on in the world than one fucking fuck word.

  • dontworry

    haert u em no matter wot u wear do or win ;-)

  • Krev

    He was wearing an AA piece when he was on SNL last too.

  • Bradley Burnett

    When keeping it real...still gets u two grammys. em still marshall mathers and no to many niggas with his type money could say they still dont give a fucc like when they 1st dropped sum s/o to em FUCC THE GRAMMYS lol

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  • G-zus

    This whole censoring is bullshit. What about the freedom of speech ? So what now ? we let the racists demonstrate in the streets but an artist can't execute his craft the way he wants on TV. FUCK YOU.

    • David Anderson

      you dont need to swear to get your point across. If your smart and you have a brain, you can easily find some other way of expressing your thoughts without swearing.

    • Smarter than you

      @$$mike...YOU couldn't be further from the truth youngin..you said "it has nothing to do with advertisers paying big money or a lack of funding for advertisements because of the F-word." Do you know anything about the TV? Few months ago Glenn Beck said some negative things about our president and the very next day he lost more than half of his sponsors. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech or anything like that. It's about the word FUCK, which is frowned upon, so they apologized, get over it

    • $$mike

      @ R. PGH... you actually couldn't be farther from the truth. The FCC determines censorship rules and regulations as well as when there is a violation of those said rules. The corporations have no rights or privileges when it comes to "bleeping" out a word. They can however designate certain programming for loosened censorship...however it has nothing to do with advertisers paying big money or a lack of funding for advertisements because of the F-word. The station broadcasting the grammys will most likely receive a warning for content matter..Check your facts before you make idiotic statements

    • Anonymous

      yee boiiii, rethink before you be postin dog, shiet.

    • R.Pgh

      freedom of speech doesn't apply when your own someone else's TV station and they don't want you to curse. If I'm putting on a TV show and I invite you to perform on that show, then you come out and say "fuck this TV show" do you think i'm going to air it? Advertisers pay big money to promote their products / commercials on the grammys. If it was chalked full of cussing they wouldn't pay as much. Part of the money from the grammy's goes into the performers pockets. If someone is paying you $50,000 to perform 1 song, they have every right to bleep out your cuss words.

    • Anonymous

      good thing we live in a "free" country

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