Kendrick Lamar Talks Dr. Dre Co-Sign, Detox Contributions

With an unexpected endorsement from Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar tells ThisIs50 about bringing together two generations of Compton Hip Hop.

According to Kendrick Lamar, his involvement in the upcoming Dr. Dre album, Detox, is a reward for being willing to go against the grain. The increasingly popular Compton emcee described himself as “a good kid in a bad city,” and during a recent interview with ThisIs50, Kendrick gave his take on why he and Dre worked so well together.

“He don’t like to get what’s hot, the cliché or what’s poppin’ now” Lamar added. “His thing is, every album you wanna bring somebody new and fresh into the game. He likes to see people from nothing make it to the top and be heard. Fortunately, I was one of the people blessed to be on that tape.”

Due to the multiple delays of Detox, much of the information about the album has changed. But with the two singles “Kush” and “I Need A Doctor” on the charts now, it appears as if the album will finally see the light of day, and Kendrick Lamar will be a part of it.

“I’ve been in the lab with him for the past two months, and it’s just another level of perfection,” Lamar explained. “I thought at one point I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to sound. But when you go in the studio with Dre, a legend—a genius—it puts you back on humble ground. Being the fact that Dre is from Compton, and me listening to him riding down Rosecrans. My pops and my uncles were putting me up on him, and now me being in the studio with him…showing me his craft and how he got to the point he’s at today fucks me up in the head.”


  • Anonymous

    funny the album name is Detox, refering a stop substance abuse, but the fucking single is called "Kush" which is marijuana, a drug. WTF DRE U FELL OFF LONG AGO, leave kendrick to make his own shit!!! GODDAMN!!

  • L-Boogie

    I honestly think people have forgotten what real lyricism is because everyone seems to have J.Cole's nuts in there mouth, he's ok but he's not great as the stans make him out to be. I'd put Lupe over J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar anyday. Ya'll don't know shit about real talent, you fucking dickriders you just follow what's popular....Fuck Off!

  • RICK

    Dre step you production UP!!! You belon on XXL's milk cartoon... youre WACK SON !

  • RICK

    Kush = hatchbach ASS...chinese womens ass I need a doctor = fastback ASS....taiwanese womens ass.... They both SUCK major donkey ass.....If this is whats on detox then DETOX might as well be shelved cause they are both WACK songs.

  • yugang

    I dont even care if detox comes out kendrick music is good enough for me. Also his boys ab-soul and schoolboy q make dope shit too

  • Anonymous

    some niggas still doubt the man (kendrick) but thats ok u same niggas will hop on his cock once his project with j. cole drops and all the other shit he & top dawg got planned. Yeah they will come out cause tde makes things happen for themselves they dont wait around

  • Anonymous

    respecttt dont miss this is funny

  • jack johnson

    dr. dre co-signed me too, he told me i was the most amazing rapper he's ever heard, then we did a record together i hope its gonna be on detox, dre really liked it so it probably will be. true story.




    snore.zzzzzzz.. aint even checking for Detox and i was born in 1978' gimmie that j.cole joint already. dis fool Dre still rappin bout kush and what not???smh,. you damn near 50 son..this supposed to be Detox.. like evolve dude,.still ryhming bout weed m shit.. you suppposed to be the greatest.

  • Anonymous

    F***!!! im getting tired of read about who worked on detox. it seems like the whole damn world has played a part in detox and they find this as news??? how about letting detox drop then make one long ass article with who really contributed to the final product!!!!

  • Phil

    Ehhh, not 100% sold on this dude yet.

    • Anonymous

      *make things happen

    • Anonymous

      you will be once his joint project with j. cole comes out (thats if your sold on j. cole at all), the black hippy project comes and his official debut lp comes out (mostly independent) then im sure you'll like him more by then, especially unlike alot of dudes who are signed to majors or whatever....kendrick and his team at tde consistency put in work to make this happen and put out new material throughout every year

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