Lil' Kim Leaks Snippet Of Nicki Minaj Diss Song, "Warning"

Lil' Kim goes full steam ahead in her beef with Nicki Minaj.

Lil' Kim's Black Friday mixtape drops today (February 14), but that didn't stop Lil Kim from giving fans a preview.

The Queen Bee elected to leak a snippet of a track titled "Warning," which disses Nicki Minaj.

Rapping over Minaj's "Did It On 'Em" beat, Lil' Kim gets aggressive. "All these bitches is my pets / I keep a tight leash around their necks / Bitches try to bite, take their ass to the vet / Put 'em right to sleep like they poppin' Xanex / Yeah, I be shitting on 'em, spittin' on 'em / Kimmy go in, I go extra hard / I swipe your whole life with my debit card...The Lamborghini turns into Megatron / Got 'em blue in the face, Avatar / I be shittin' on 'em, diarrhea / You bitches looking burnt, gonorrhea / Same bitches throwing shots, trying to be us / I guess it's all politics, Condoleezza / I'm the First Lady, her majesty / Rap's royalty, bitch, now you work for me."

The diss is the latest salvo fired in the scuffle between the two female emcees. Kim dissed the Young Money emcee in tracks such as "Black Friday," and on stage.

Meanwhile, it is speculated that Minaj hurled insults of her own at Kim on her track "Roman's Revenge."

Nicki Minaj has yet to address Lil' Kim's latest diss.


  • Teflon Long Dong

    Beef is good business and moves records. I wouldn't be surprised if Lil' Kim called up Nicki and said please help me move records by participating in this beef with me.

  • Michael

    I love how Lil kim can make a new career (since her real one ended 5 years ago)by JUST dissing and makin fun of the girl who took her spotlight. Jealous much??? Pathetic.... oh and Lil kim, i've seen fucking raccoons prettier than you....

  • fuck nikki

    ............./´¯/)........... \\¯`\ ............/....//.......... ...\\....\ .........../....//........... ....\\....\ ...../´¯/..../´¯\.........../¯ `\....\¯`\ .././.../..../..../.|_......_| .\....\....\...\.\. (.(....(....(..../.)..)..(..(. \....)....)....).) .\................\/.../....\. ..\/................/ ..\................. /........\................../ ....\..............(.......... )............../

  • Anonymous

    This probaly isnt that good...but id still put my money on it that its 1000000x better than Pink Friday... So what? Kim's ugly NOW...who gives a fuck? But...Nicki is just a overrated femcee who gets over on nikkaz bcuz of da sex appeal in her lyics (Lil Kim's style really) AND gettin over with her Mediocre/below average lyrics bcuz of her delivery Kim aint the shit or nottin but...Kim>Nicki But nicki gettin PAPER lmao or so we assume

  • Shaniqua

    Lmfaoo! This shit is wack as hell ! Kimyou making it so obvious your insecure inside.. All that jealously shit , is getting old . I am sick and tired of hearing about you crying cause nicki the bestest! Kim you need to go ahead and take your thirsty ass to the retirement home. Bitch you look like a damn blowfish ! omg michael jackson looking ass. Old washed up ass bitch you is done! Nicki is platinum and you so lame you making this diss mixtapes about a whole person?? Really bitch really? Gurl make a album then come back!

  • Steven Ireland

    Damn DX that Kim pic looks like a Jersey Shore reject. Can you say washed up cunt

  • Anonymous

    I recall she had one hot album "no matter what people say" pun intended she got hot when no other bitch was out like niki i dont think its a rap beef its a female thing when the new bitch come along let the hate start

  • urrmki

    Lil kim is doing this yes because she doesn't like nikki but also cuz itz all bout d money, she makes money cuz people like when it is disses in rapz so they wud buy the song from itunes cuz they wanna hear comebacs n disses

  • slapyobitchass

    Nicki Minaj sucks real hard. Her rapping is hot garbage and her punchlines suck ass too, Kim's rap is better but she is a fuckin mess.

  • Anonymous

    i love it. lil kim go hard.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Even though I hate Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim is so fucking stupid. Just stop this shit. She's not getting anywhere. Nicki Minaj isn't going to respond, she's a pussy ass bitch.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what Lil Kim puts out its not affecting nicki minaj's career. This is all jealousy- Lil kim is washed up,irrelevant,old,and ugly- Minaj is hot,can rap,and famous(and isn't biggie's sloppy seconds)

  • Anonymous

    God kim is so fat and ugly. She looks like Snooki and that bitch is ugly as hell. Hoe looks like Chewbacca. Lil Kim: Don't be mad UPS is hiring box boys!!

  • hoosiers

    Lil' Kim's that young kid that keeps fucking with you- you know, the annoying one. She feels bitten on, right? Well, when I went to listen to Common, Chuck D and Joan Morgan talk about Hip-hop: Then and Now at UT, they talked about Nicki; they agreed that she should be allowed to live. She gets a lot of hate and attention because ALL the focus on WOMEN RAPPERS is only on her. Now, with that said, why are the women rappers fighting each other? Hip-hop has become greedy, has become exclusive, because the labels have made the artists fight to keep themselves signed and stingy for all the money. We all gravitate towards a fight, make the circle and watch, but Kim's not making music that makes me feel good, which is what I ask from my music. Nas, Mos Def, old Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip make me feel powerful. I also respect creativity, and Nicki sometimes has good verses (though I ain't down with love songs to dudes, no homo). At the risk of sounding presumptuous, Kim has her motives fucked up. Nicki's getting play cause of the novelty of being a woman in a man's world. If Kim would respect Nicki (cause Nicki never dissed Kim), and focus on making good music- she'd get shine too. Money makes the world go 'round. We as consumers don't have to listen to the radio- we can burn cd's, use iPods on the auxiliary cord, shit, even make tapes. All this will hurt the pockets of those making bullshit and be the biggest siren to the label execs, because according to Common, Chuck D and Joan Morgan- THE PEOPLE ARE HIP-HOP. This is our house, and we have to protect it. We have to set standards for the artists we like, and make them answer to us by not fucking with the radio, not buying bullshit albums. There's a difference between fun and substance. Subject matter is another story, but, if this sounds like too much work for you- then don't complain when people stereotype OUR music or the lack of diversity and creativity and progression as well. I AM HIP-HOP

  • Anonymous

    Lil Kim looks like Snooki and that bitch is ugly as hell.

  • Mackie

    Respect for the lady Kim. Nicki is good but Queen bee be the godmother of this thing.Period

  • Jay Gonzalez

    that pic of her scared the f*** out of me...

  • fetti

    ehhh actually on 2nd thought, that bitch ugly! But i still busssa nut on her tonsils!! BOW! FLOCKA!

  • Anonymous


  • fetti

    damn lil kim bad azz fuck yo! id bust a nut on her tonsils

  • Anonymous

    firee dont miss this is funny

  • bottomline

    bottom line lil kim, no matta how good has michael JACKd and SON'd herself she not only looks like someone i DONT want to look it (fake fake fake) have you seen the way she looks? plus if kim was the shit why would she even address nicki minaj she would jus do her thing and let her #s prove her point old ass bitch! i like her tho hahah

  • heflys

    The sad part is that Kim doesn't realize she's embarrassing herself.....Train wreck.

  • lion

    BOTH are Beautiful Artist.

  • Anonymous

    god kim is so fat and ugly, and she sucks at rapping

  • Robert Douglas Kaplinger

    This is getting ridiculous

  • Ben

    Black Friday was good, but if you think this is good you're obviously just on Kim's dick. And if you think this is better then Nicki's you're absolutely sick in the head.

  • fuklilkim

    she gotta stop, shes making herself look bad and badder and her songs are sooooo weak ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CL

    Lil Kim: Don't be mad UPS is hiring! The best way to get at Nicki is to make a hit record...not a diss record. Lil Kim is looin gjust as bad as Beanie Sigel.

  • felloMEL

    This is Garbage, this whole beef is Garbage who cares about this diss I've been over it. We get it Kim you the Badest that use to be. They need a 1-800-Hip-HOP1. To call in on this. LOL Make this stop please.

  • rob0

    thats a horrible pic of lil kim.but anyways shes already putting too much energy into nicki.lil kim might wanna acually drop a real album.what 5 or 6 years since naked truth?nicki blowin up and my girl kim lookin like a dic rider droppin a whole mixtape about one person

  • thetruth

    shes making her own ass drown nicki dont hav to respond

  • Tyler McConner

    Kim version is ass. She got to come better, stronger and harder.

  • magoo gee

    this shldt be hapning in d music world of tday.rapstars like nicki minag shld accept da fact that kim has been in dis game befor her and deserves some gotdanm respect,nd d music world aint no battle feild neither is it a house where u can spit ur shit nd kick it.if u cant agree to d fact dat he or she has been there befor me then i think u shldt even think of scaling to this music world.

  • magoo gee

    but that should not be hapning in the music world of today,music world isnt any musicians battle ground neither is it a house where you can come and spit your shit and kick it.female hiphop star lil kim has been in this game for long and the only respect you as a singer can give to your fellow singer is by admitting the fact that he or she has been in this game before me so knows many secrets about the music world and stuffs,if per say a law has been onleashed upon this music world that whoever steps on the toes of an elder i.e someone who has been there befor you,shall pay a certain amount,i think if this is done,there will be low rate of hiphop prosocutors.

  • Shaon Shamsul

    ok... but where is the actual mixtape...?

  • Anonymous

    Damn that is one fucked up picture DX decided to post. Did Minaj pay yall extra for that? Bc it worked! Hoe looks like Chewbacca.

  • anom

    lil kim look like a character off clay fighters

  • Big Log

    You know what, love both Mc's man, but we all not Nicki and hold it when it come too Lil kim, we all no that, this battle is all one sided man, it all Kim, everybody know Nicki minaj, is not on kim level, she cant hang, oh well nicki keep doing what you doing back to Pink friday day part 2

  • rick

    This bitch needs to stop ASAP!!!! let Nikki do her thing man... yeah shes gimmicky but she can spit when she wants to. Shit, she spits better than half the dudes playing on the radio right now.

  • Matthew Swan

    damn lil kim is ugly lol





    • Wat tha h

      Wat is a Bahamadia fucker cuz if u r talkin bout people frm d carribean cool tha fuck out nigga cuz i aint tryna hear all that prejudice n bias shit round her aint no body badda den no i unless ya a westside pussy

  • Vanno Davis

    ok when it comes to rappin nicki will never be ready for lil kim but kim time has passed and need to try and make it without all this beef shit cuz it gets on my nerve u to lazy to try and make the best song u could but want to go takeing shots and people even tho nicki started it i say kim be the bigger person i walk away but no she acting like a 13 year old bitch on her period

  • white milk

    LMMFAO @the snooki comment... hilarious

  • Anonymous

    that fat bitch needs to sit down hes horrible

  • FukDX

    yo ya'll mad grimey for puttin that pic up

  • Anonymous

    if your tired of pop rap wiot abc rhymes check out real lyrics real music

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lil Kim looks like Snooki and that bitch is ugly too.

  • a-one

    lil kim is a fucked up bitch!

  • EssDot Fuller

    Who Leaks A Snippet Of A Diss Track...just put that shit out!...Hopefully Nicki will respond

  • LeJames

    just ignore this punkass bitch has been. starting beef w/ nicki just to get some attention.

  • Anonymous

    this chick keeps getting more scary looking everyday, STFU

  • Anonymous

    please please go away noone gives a shit about you or anything you have to say!!!

  • BringDaRuckus

    Great. All these years I've been waiting to hear more about Lil Kim's rectum problems and diarrhea, now my fantasy is finally fulfilled. Thanks, Kim! Yuck!!!

  • Conrad

    Don't respond Nicki, don't do it....That tranny tried to get you on your beat, but you bodied that beat...She was fuckin terrible, that just proves AGAIN how much better a rapper you are..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • TheFucks

    Trying soooo hard to stay relevant. If i were Nicki i wouldnt give this hoe the time of day.

  • Lit

    Does anybody else notice how she is biting Young Money's flow? Got 'em blue in the face, Avatar / I be shittin' on 'em, diarrhea / You bitches looking burnt, gonorrhea / I guess it's all politics, Condoleezza. The punchlines are one word, at the end of the line, with a pause in between. That is straight out of Wayne, Drake, and Nicki's playbook. She's barely clever, borderline corny. Why don't you trade your Lambo in for a retirement account? She had one hot album 15 years ago and a few singles in the last ten years. I didn't hear anyone begging Kim to come back, she just saw her way in. By riding Nicki's coattails. Whether you like Nicki or not, it's shameful.

  • Captain Commando

    Remove picture, keep lyrics please

    • Ju-osh

      Seriously, she looks mad messed up due to all that plastic surgery. And to think, I used to jerk off to this woman!

  • Anonymous

    i like both but kim is the og!!!

  • bulevard

    I lose my appetite every time I see a picture of lil kim.

  • Mitch 3K

    *Yawn* Kim, please sit down, nobody cares about this shit, Your making a fool of Yourself I dont like either one but Kim has no room to diss anybody, she's had more plastic surgery then Pamela Anderson and is well known to use ghostwriters. Lil Kim was always a gimmick, and now she's throwing a temper tantrum because she got replaced by a new gimmick, like a 45 year old hooker pissed because a 20 year old hooker is taking all her customers away SMH........

    • Atl2Trill

      LMFAO at like a 45 year old hooker pissed because a 20 year old hooker is taking all her customers away. Too damn funny.

  • Malcolm Corley

    thats not even fair>>nicki took shots at her 1st in Romans revenge and try to act all innocent but when Kim gets mad and wanna retaliate its looking pathetic?? its always good 2 see a healthy battle in hip hop as long as it stays on wax>but right now lil kim about 2 be 2 up on nicki cuz she aint release shit but oh well

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    This bitch keeps latching on to this beef 2 remain relevant, and it's just making her look pathetic. Pink Friday's gone platinum and Nicki stay winning right now. Kim really needs to give it up, she don't have anymore

  • Frankie

    Kim looks BAD, id still hit it

  • ad

    Kim, just retire already. This is embarrassing. Attention whore beefing with Nicki, get over her. SMH.

  • rin

    LMAO this site is real wack! first off how are you all going to post up a throw-back lil kim pic! you all are real bogus... and wtf do you mean speculated nicki did insults...its not speculated its a damn fact! idiots! maybe you need to go back to nicki interviews where she said it wasnt about lil kim then finaly admitted it was about lil kim! i have no sympathy for nicki minaj fake ass she been dissin female rappers since 2007. you media people are a trip! but REAL people that are out in the streets know the deal.

  • Don Catalog

    Kim has no competition, she is the female version of big, Foxy Brown was the female Hova. Now unless Foxy want to battle, Kim should just play big sister to all the female emcees. Just play nice Kim and get more money. That's what Big would've did.

  • G

    those lyrics are disgusting. like litterally sickening. i dont wanna think about lil kim shitting on anybody.. let alone diarrhea.

  • Joshua Williams

    them bars go hard, but she need to hang it up on that beefing shit anywho, I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE!

  • Tasha

    she just cant except the fact that Nicki is way bigger then her now. LMFAO! xD

  • Terronce

    WOW this just goes to show you lil kim has nothing better to do with her self then to be on Nicki's ass. Nickis platnum now and dont need you now kim move on! make a come back for yourself, stop making your self look like a jealous fool.

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